Shadow of his Heart: Oops All Smut!

BY : Catspeaker
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Lincoln kicked off his spats after he entered the hotel room behind Lucy. Following this, his hands went to the tie he had on and started to loosen it, pulling it open before he went to unbuttoning his dress shirt.


Ahead of him, Lucy was already reaching down and unzipping the thigh high faux leather boots she had on for her own costume.


Both teenagers were quiet as they went about the business of undressing and getting out of the costumes they had worn during the day. There was a heavy air between them, an aura of uncertainty that affected them both and neither was feeling brave enough just yet to break the silence.


Lincoln's costume being far less elaborate required far less of his brain power to focus on removing, and therefore all he could do focus on was the anxious unknown that was permeating both of them.


But why was he feeling this way? Why did he feel so nervous in this room alone with his little sister? Well, he knew part of the reason. He was still feeling ashamed over what he'd done the night before.


He couldn't help but look over at her, watching as she pulled her gloves off next, and remember how he'd taken her panties and used them to jerk off to an earth-shattering climax. That he was now alone with her, and she wasn't aware of this sick action on his part only made him feel more anxious and guilty.


Of course, he didn't know Lucy was completely aware of it, and had in fact purposefully left her panties for him to find, hoping he would do something like that. But even Lucy was feeling more and more trepidation fill her heart as she approached the culmination of a plan that had been going on for a month now.


Not only was she dealing with the anxiety of trying to seduce her brother tonight, but the matter was, Lucy was a virgin. She'd never had sex before, and she was planning on changing that tonight. In any other circumstance just one of these factors would be enough to make a girl nervous, but both combined together were making her almost shake a little.


What if he said no? What if he rejected her and thought she was gross? It would ruin the beautiful friendship they now had, the one she was so very happy to share with him right now. The idea he would look at her with disgust or avoid her made Lucy uncertain and start to second guess herself.


But she also knew she couldn't keep this secret in her heart any longer. She had loved Lincoln for all of her life. She might not have understood what that love meant when she was younger, but she was fully aware of it now and it was only consuming her moment by moment. She needed to unburden herself at the very least. He deserved to know her feelings.


Even if he said no.


But Lucy was determined to make sure he DIDN'T say no. She had gotten him this far. She had made him jerk himself to her at least twice she could recall, and she was fairly certain he had probably done so a number of other times.


No, her brother just needed to be dragged past the finish line. That's what the wine was for. She just needed to calm her heart, resolve herself and take the next actions.


Lincoln was overwhelmed by the myriad of different emotions that were flowing through his own mind during all of this. He'd cast off his shirt and had slipped one of his orange t-shirts on.


He was feeling a little self-conscious as he moved to his pants next, slipping the belt off. His eyes darting over in Lucy's direction as she was walking towards the bathroom.


He was struck by just how pretty she was once more. All his sisters were pretty. All of them were beautiful girls. From Lola who focused the most on her appearance, to Lisa who focused the least, all of them were beautiful.


But right now, Lucy was the most beautiful of them all.


Guilt filled his heart as he realized he was lusting after her again. Her pale shoulders reflecting the light in the room made him want to step behind her, lean down and start kissing her skin.


He had to look away. Those unnatural feelings were gripping him, and he needed to get a hold of himself. Lucy was pretty yes, but as he'd said time and time again, she was also his sister.


He hated himself for having sexual thoughts about her. Sexual thoughts which had only come more and more as of late.


But he also hated there was something else he felt too. A deep longing for her, a romantic pining within his heart that wanted to feel her wrapped up in his arms. He had romantic feelings for his younger sister, he knew it, he could admit it to himself.


There was a part of him that was reviled at his own thoughts and feelings. He knew it was wrong. On an intellectual, logical level, he knew it was wrong. There was just no way there was any kind of future in those thoughts and feelings. No chance of anything good coming of them. There was no happy ending down that road.


Lucy's voice broke him from his internal struggle. “Lincoln, could you come help me with this?”


He looked over and spotted her in the bathroom. Her hands were reaching back behind the corset she was wearing, pointing to the straps and zipper behind it, where she was having some difficulty reaching.


He nodded his head and fixed her with one of his signature chipped tooth smiles, “Yeah, no problem Luce.”


As he made his way over his hands were shaking. He crossed the distance between them and brought them up to start undoing the multiple leather straps that made up the corset. He idly wondered why women put themselves through dressing like this in the first place, but he also knew he was really thankful they did. Lucy had looked amazing in the corset all day.


He furrowed his brow in concentration as he went, unclasping each one, seeming to recall the time when he'd helped clasp her bra a year ago. Each strap undone was like unwrapping a gift. His eyes were drawn to her shoulders and her slender neck.


He had such an overpowering urge to kiss them. He wanted to lean down and pepper her skin with kisses so much, even as he felt ashamed of himself.


Lucy stood silently as her brother helped her work the corset down. It would have shocked both siblings if they knew they were thinking the same thing at that moment. How much Lucy wished she were feeling his lips running over her skin.


As Lincoln finished getting the last strap unclasped, he reached up to take hold of the zipper, and Lucy spoke softly. “Did you like the way I was dressed today Lincoln? I know it was probably a little surprising, but I hope you didn't find it too weird.”


Lincoln felt himself swallow at the statement. His hands hovered at the top of the zipper. When he slid it down the corset would come loose, and he would see her bare back. More the subject matter was making him question just what was going on between them.


Lincoln wasn't blind. He knew Lucy's behavior had been a little strange lately, but he would never imagine a scenario where she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. But maybe he had been lying to himself this whole time. Maybe he had been ignoring the signs and signals she was giving him, because he was so desperate to cling to the innocent relationship they still had.


Maybe he didn't want to entertain the idea she wanted this sinful and taboo relationship as much as he did.


He responded just as softly. “I liked it a lot Lucy. You looked great, and I was happy you decided on it.” It was an admittance, he didn't elaborate further, but it was enough to cause his cheeks to flush.


He took that moment to slowly unzip the corset, sliding it down, as more and more of her pale alabaster flesh was revealed to him, until the corset came completely open. He realized she wasn't wearing even a bra underneath.


Lucy turned, slowly, even as the corset became loose around her form. She turned until they were facing one another, and only her arms held at her sides caused the black leather material to stay up and prevent her from being completely exposed in front of him.


She had a strange expression on her features. Her lips were set, as if determined. He couldn't see her eyes, but he knew she was staring directly into his own. She spoke with a sense of purpose and finality.


“I did it for you.”


Lincoln didn't know how to react to hearing that. His heart was beating faster than it ever had before, and he was fighting the overwhelming urge to lean down and kiss her. His mind was screaming to him this was his sister, not his girlfriend. Yet Years of familial sexual aversion were being scoured away in moments.


Lucy brought her arms up slowly and placed both of her hands on Lincoln's cheeks. The action caused the corset to fall away completely. Her soft, full heavy breasts bounced free, exposed in front of him, capped with pink nipples that stuck out so brightly compared to her pale skin.


Yet Lincoln could barely concentrate on them, as Lucy leaned up and kissed his lips. It was a chaste kiss, but one that almost made him collapse. It was over just as soon as it began, and she turned away from him afterwards.


The brief sight of her enticing chest was seared into his mind, as was the sensation of her full lips against his own. He couldn't help but feel himself get aroused, as much as he didn't want to. His cock was so hard now.


With her bare back facing him, standing in her skirt, she looked over her shoulder in his direction and spoke once more, “I'm going to put on my Pajamas and clean up a little. I'll see you out in the room in a few minutes Lincoln.”


Lincoln could only nod in reply. He didn't know what he should say, what he could even say after what had just happened. Slowly he stepped back out of the bathroom and brought his hand up, closing the door slowly. He never took his eyes off her until the door was completely closed.


He turned and slid his back against the door afterwards. Bringing one hand up to his forehead, his mind and emotions racing. He hurt so much right now. He was in emotional agony. He wanted to cry at the sheer frustration he was feeling.


He briefly entertained a fantasy of a life with her as his girlfriend. How much he knew she would love and support him, how much he knew he would do the same for her. The fun they would have together, the adventures they would take together. The child they would have.


He brought both of his hands up to his head, fingers grasping his scalp in frustration. It wasn't fair. He knew it was wrong. He knew it was impossible, but it still wasn't fair. He didn't know why he was being put through this torture.


He stepped forward and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He was the older sibling, the older brother. He had to be the responsible one. He had to set the example, the last thing he could do was violate his little sister's trust. He needed to be someone she could always rely on.


He began to feel low again. His self loathing returning. This was just like him. To be such a loser to fall in love with his own sister. That he was completely incapable of attracting another girl, so he had grown some sick obsession with one of his own family. But he needed that loathing. It was the only thing keeping her safe. Safe from him.


He took off his pants finally and slapped on a pair of shorts. Clad in an orange t-shirt and black shorts he made his way over towards the bed he decided he would claim and fell on it hard. Bouncing a little he buried his face in the pillow and tried to sort himself out.


In the bathroom, Lucy had changed into her own nightwear. Despite how much her plans had revolved around seducing her brother, her night attire was completely innocent. She wanted him to see the familiarity as part of the last step. As much as she had thrown him off by returning to her blonde look, she needed him to know it was her when they took action together.


To that end she'd pulled on her black and white striped pajama pants, hearkening back to one of her favorite looks as a child, and a plain over-sized white t-shirt. Her plan wasn't to have them on for very long, but she wanted to put him partially at ease.


There was one last item she was adding though. Something to really let him know tonight was going to be special. She reached over into her bag and pulled it out. It was a black hairband, with an emblem of a skull wearing a cute pink bow.


She slipped the hairband up and through her bangs, pulling them up and holding them in place as she settled it onto the middle of her head. Her eyes were revealed completely now. She would not hide them from him at all tonight.


She took one last look into the mirror at herself and summoned up all her courage. She was still so nervous. But one way or another, Lincoln would know she loved him.


She turned and made her way to the door, opening it slowly before stepping out.


Lincoln, lying face down on the bed, turned and brought his attention up to the bathroom door when it opened. The sight before him was familiar and comforting, part of him having been afraid he'd see her in some form of nightie or lingerie. No, she was in her normal cute and innocent pajamas, just with one new addition that made his heart stop.


His gaze was brought up to her beautiful blue eyes, the same ones she shared with him, and he saw the shy bashful smile that crossed her lips when their eyes met.


Slowly he rose, sitting up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed as he looked towards her. He wanted to ask what was brought this about but was too afraid of the answer he might get. So, he stayed silent for the time being, just watching her, meeting that gaze.


Lucy continued to grin, before she stepped over towards the bed she was supposed to sleep in tonight. The bed she had no intention of using and knelt down next to it. A moment later she came up with the bottle of wine, and two red party cups.


That took Lincoln by surprise, eyebrow raised, he questioned her, “Lucy, what do you have there?”


Lucy smirked, as she walked around the bed to the other side and took a seat on it, facing Lincoln. She placed the cups down on the little nightstand between the bed, as well as the bottle before she uncorked it, “It's exactly what it looks like Lincoln. It's wine.”


Lincoln wasn't much of a drinker. He had sampled Alcohol at a few of the parties he'd gone to with Melanie, but it wasn't something he'd partaken of very often. He frowned a little. “Luce, come on now, you know we shouldn't be drinking that, we're not old enough.”


Lucy only grinned at him again, as she poured first into one cup, then another, paying him no heed, “In Canada you'd be legal age, and in Europe I would be. Drinking laws are completely arbitrary Lincoln, you should know that.”


Lincoln fixed his sister with a frown and slightly un-approving gaze, “Come on Luce, you're playing semantics at this point. I'm supposed to be responsible here and setting an example as your older brother.”


Lucy set the bottle down, and placed the cork back in it before she was already picking one of the cups up and handing it to him. Despite his protests, Lincoln took the cup from her, as Lucy responded. “Just what trouble am I going to get up to in the company and care of my big brother?”


He sighed, looked down into the cup and at the dark red liquid inside of it. He looked back up at her and noticed he wasn't protesting all that much. He didn't even know where she'd gotten the wine, but today had been so surreal and the evening already off to an even more strange start he didn't know if he should even question it.


He rolled his eyes and looked away, “Fine, fine, alright. But we're not finishing that bottle. Just a couple glasses.”


Lucy's grin increased, showing off her teeth once more as she tilted her glass back and took a sip, “That's all I wanted Lincoln. Just to share a couple glasses with my beloved big brother.”


Those words of hers sank into his heart and made him feel so warm. He found himself unable to bring his gaze up from the cup he currently held. Suddenly the alcohol seemed like a perfect idea to help calm and settle his nerves. He brought it up and tilted it back, letting the acidic vaguely fruity drink slide down his throat.


Looking up afterwards he noticed Lucy stand up from the bed she had been sitting on and cross the few steps it took to reach him, before she slowly settled herself down right next to him. He couldn't help but notice how happy she was.


Everyone was so use to Lucy being stoic and emotionless, it was only now he was realizing how much she smiled when she was with him. To the point he had almost forgotten her usual seemingly emotionless nature. It was like she felt she could share a part of herself with him that she couldn't with anyone else.


She leaned her head against his shoulder as she took another sip, and then he did the same. He stared forward at the wall as if it were the most interesting thing in the world, so afraid to bring his gaze back to her. So afraid of his emotions over taking him if he did.


They stayed like that, neither saying anything, drinking slowly, just aware of one another's presence, something heavy in the air between them neither was ready yet to address.


Lincoln found his cup empty, and Lucy did the same. This time he reached forward to take the bottle and spoke up, “Nother one?”


“Please.” Lucy responded, holding her cup out.


Lincoln popped the top again and poured them both another glass. Placing the bottle back, he took a deep breath, staring into his cup, afraid to speak, unsure of what to say, but feeling like he had to do something. He couldn't ignore what was happening right now.


But it was Lucy who beat him to the punch before he could say anything.


“Lincoln. Do you miss Melanie?”


Lincoln felt a little surprised at the mention of his ex-girlfriend. He hadn't thought about her at all the last couple weeks. He'd almost forgotten about her in the span of just over a month.


He shook his head, “No, I don't. I'm actually glad I'm not with her now. She was terrible.”


He could feel Lucy nod against his shoulder before she took a sip. “She was. But you're free of her now. A boy like you, if you really applied yourself, you could find a girl who really loved you. Who accepted all of you, and wanted to be with you.”


Lincoln didn't know where this was going, but suddenly the idea of him finding another girlfriend was the last thing on his mind. The idea that he would come across another girl, and then stop being able to spend time with Lucy caused actual distress to him.


He took another sip and replied, “I don't know if I want to go out and find another girl right now Luce. I think...I think I'm really happy right now with the way things are.”


Lucy brought her cup up to her lips, and almost downed the rest of her drink in one long series of gulps, before she sighed, coughed a little and then rubbed her lips with her wrist. Her response caused goosebumps to raise up on his flesh.


“I don't want you to find another girl either.”


Lincoln froze, his body felt so hot, and it was getting harder and harder for him to focus. The alcohol was having an effect now. His sister's words were playing havoc on his mind. He placed his half empty cup on the little nightstand between the two beds and turned to look at her.


She was casually holding her mostly empty cup in her right hand, but she was staring right back at him.


They looked into each other's eyes silently, staring back at one another. Lincoln's body began to move without him even telling it to. The powerful urges that he'd been fighting against for so long now had won and broken through his last resolve.


Lucy was moving up too, they were closing the distance between them both.


Neither said a word as they passed those last few inches, and their eyes closed as if on reflex. Before he knew it, his lips had met Lucy's own.


The kiss was soft, and sweet, but it was not the kiss that siblings shared with one another. It was the kiss one gave to someone they deeply loved. Their lips met, pressed so firmly and yet softly, mouths partially open as they basked in the moment, finally allowing their hearts to have what both had wanted for so very long.


It lasted far longer than both had intended it to, but the sensation was so tantalizing and felt so nice, felt so right, felt like an itch that had for so long gone unscratched it was held longer than either thought it would.


When finally, they both pulled back, Lincoln's eyes opened wide, and Lucy's own fluttered half lidded.


She was smiling serenely, looking so at peace, as if she had been waiting all her life for that particular kiss.


Lincoln looked shocked, as if he couldn't believe what his body had just done without his permission.


He found his words before she did, “Lucy...I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me I--”


She hushed him, “Shh, no Lincoln, this is what I want. This is what we both want. It's okay.”


He was feeling so overwhelmed now, so confused, but before he could say anything else, Lucy was leaning up towards him again, and once more her lips met his, his eyes closed, and he melted against her.


His hands came up and gently settled on her upper arms, her soft lips caused any and all protest to die in him. Her own hands had come up and slipped over his cheeks, holding them as she tilted her head ever so slightly to kiss him better.


He felt her warm, soft, wet tongue press against his lips, and reflexively he opened his mouth and slid his own out to meet hers. Before he knew it, their tongues were sliding over one another as the kiss deepened. A soft whimper of delight coming from his sister's lips as they kissed one another.


Lucy's passion was clearly growing by the moment, as she finally took what she'd been wanting for so long, the kiss and actions she'd wanted for years being fulfilled in these moments. She continued to kiss her brother sweetly, lovingly, but with growing desire, her tongue sliding further between his lips and into his mouth.


Lincoln was leaning back onto the bed, his hands sliding over Lucy's arms to her back, wrapping his arms around her as she climbed atop him.


When they both pulled back from the second kiss, panting softly, lips wet with one another's saliva, Lincoln had time to try and take stock of things once more. Lucy was currently straddling him. His sister had spread both of her legs on either side of his hips and sat herself down.


His body had reacted on instinct. He was hard and ready, his body had reacted with no reservations to what was going on.


All it knew, was there happened to be a beautiful young woman atop it, one that was soft and firm in all the right places and felt so nice against him. His heart was so conflicted. A part of him wanted this so very much. It wanted this so much he wanted to cry tears of joy over it finally happening. But another part of him knew how wrong this was, and they were heading more and more towards a point of no return.


Lucy went in to kiss him once more, but Lincoln stopped her this time. He put his hand up, panting, pleading with her, “Lucy, Lucy wait, you're drunk, we can't do this.”


Lucy shook her head, she brought her gaze back, looking firmly into her brother's eyes. Her hands came down and gripped his shirt, pulling up at it as she spoke firmly, “No, I'm not drunk Lincoln. This is what I want. This is what I've always wanted.”


Lincoln felt panic seize him, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was grasping at straws, trying to ignore the truth he had already known but had consciously ignored. Lucy did want this, he knew she had wanted it for a while. For a long time. He had just refused to accept it.


He still tried, his voice soft, pleading, “Lucy...please...”


She looked back at him, her eyes filling with pain, with the need to unburden herself as she kept the grip on his shirt, refusing to let go. Refusing to get off of him, “Lincoln, I've needed to say this for such a long time. But I love you. I love you so much. I love you more than a sister is supposed to love her brother.”


Lincoln watched, listened, horror filling his heart, horror and gratitude. No, not gratitude, joy. A combination of both horror and joy. A part of him that wanted this confession to stop, to go back before it happened, and a part of him that was so happy to hear it.


His eyes reflected pain and conflict, but Lucy didn't stop. She continued. “Lincoln, you're all I think about. You're all I want. Since I was a little girl, you were the most important person in the world to me.”


She began to tear up at her confession, her pretty blue eyes becoming wet. Tears slowly falling down her cheeks. “I can't lie about it anymore. I can't pretend it's not true. I can't pretend I just love you as my brother. Just now the kiss we shared was the happiest moment of my life.”


Lincoln felt his heart pounding as her confession hit him and began to settle in. That conflict within him raging, but one side was beginning to win. As much as his logical side said there was no future here. There was no good outcome that could possibly come from this, it was slowly dying in the face of his little sister's tears.


It was slowly dying in the way he also felt about her. In the way she made him so happy, in the way she made him feel so good about himself. Nobody would ever accept him like she did. Nobody would ever love him like she did. Nobody would ever understand him like she did. She had even said so herself.


He brought his hands up to her cheeks, and slowly, tenderly began to brush her tears away. This time it was his turn to shush her. “Shh, don't cry Lucy. Don't cry. I.....” he trailed off, looking into those beautiful eyes. Looking into that pleading face that worshiped him.


He breathed out, he didn't even know if the genie could be put back in the bottle now. She had poured her heart out to him, and he knew he felt so much the same. “Lucy, I love you. I love you so much, and I want this too. I really do, but we can't do this.”


The only words that mattered to Lucy in that moment were 'I want this too.' Nothing else mattered. Everything else was her brother making excuses, trying to stop himself from having something he wanted and deserved.


She leaned down and pressed her lips to his once more in a sudden, firm kiss. He only resisted for a brief moment, before once more his lips parted and his tongue met hers, and his arms wrapped around her body again.


They kissed like that once more, for several long moments. Brother and sister locked in passion and love, Lincoln even forgetting what he'd just said as the sensation of Lucy's tongue in his mouth, sliding over his, her soft body pressed so firmly into his own knocking any and all sense he had from him.


When Lucy pulled back from their kiss, a thick line of saliva linked their lips together, one she eagerly sucked up, before she laid her hands flat on his chest. Slowly rubbing her fingers soothingly back and forth over his skin as she spoke, “Yes we can. Yes we can Lincoln. We can do this. You want this, and I want this.”


He wanted to give in to her so much. He wanted to give in to this crazy fantasy. Listening to her, part of it made so much sense. He knew he loved her, he knew he loved her with all of his heart, and wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. She made him happy, she made him so happy, and it hurt him so much to say no to her.


Lincoln hadn't even noticed, but tears had formed at the corner of his own eyes, slowly falling down his freckled cheeks. He was so conflicted. He felt so torn on this. Wanting her so much but knowing it was wrong. He slipped a hand from her back and brought them to his cheeks to rub at them as he sniffled.


“Lucy, this is wrong. I don't want to hurt you. I don't want us to hurt one another. You mean so much to me, you mean everything to me, and this... It could change all of that, it could ruin it Luce.”


Seeing her brother's conflict, Lucy wanted nothing more than to kiss away his tears, and that's exactly what she did. She leaned in so close, and kissed just below his eyes, at the freckles on his cheeks, one than the other. She slipped her arms around his neck, and continued to kiss him so sweetly, and lovingly.


She whispered reassuringly to him, “Nothing will change how I feel about you Lincoln. Nothing will change between us. I've always felt like this. I will never not love you, no matter what happens.”


She said it with such certainty, with such absolute firmness, Lincoln knew she wasn't lying. He had to accept what she was saying. His sister had always felt this way about him. He was the one she was trying to convince, not the other way around.


His hand came up, and his fingers were sliding through her hair, giving into something he'd been wanting to do for so long. Caressing her scalp, his voice almost cracking as it came, still fighting against everything that told him this was wrong, “We could never tell our family. They would never accept it, Lucy. They would think I was hurting you, that we were sick.”


Lucy shook her head. She Leaned in and she kissed her brother's lips sweetly once more, A soft, chaste and yet loving kiss, one to reassure him. She followed this up with a kiss to his chin, and then one to his neck. She could kiss him over and over, she had wanted to kiss him over and over for so long. She was weakening his resolve. She knew he was just trying to be responsible, to watch out for her. But she would make him cave soon enough.


She laid her head on his chest and kept her arms wrapped around his neck, listening to the beat of his heart, “I don't care Lincoln. I'll hide it, I'll hide it forever for you. I'll never tell, no matter what happens. I'll never tell on you, I'll never let you take the blame for any of this. This is what I want, and I know it's what you want. So please Lincoln, please don't deny yourself.”


She slowly sat up over him again, her crotch was pressing down firmly against his own, and she could tell he was hard. She knew his body was excited, but she dared not take advantage of him. She wanted his consent, she wanted him to accept this was what they both wanted before she gave in to her own desires and let him give in to his.


“Lincoln, I'll be a better girlfriend to you than any of your other girlfriends have been. I'll love you and take care of you better than any other woman you meet. You know this.”


Lincoln nodded his head. He knew it was true. He knew no other woman would ever treat him the way Lucy would. His resolve was crumbling, and in the face of her certainty his doubt was fading away. He spoke barely above a whisper.


“I know Luce. I know you would. I would do the same for you. But I'm scared.”


He was so frightened at what he was feeling, and what could be, more afraid than he'd ever been in his life. This threshold was still one he was reluctant to cross, even if part of him wanted too so very much. Absolutely nothing would be the same ever again if he took one more step.


Lucy gave him a soft reassuring smile, she slid a hand to his cheek, and stared deeply into his eyes as she responded, “I know your scared Lincoln. But I'm not. You don't have to be scared, I'll always be your little sister. Even when I'm your girlfriend too.”


Placing one hand on his chest and the other behind his head, she leaned down, and this time he leaned up to meet her. Their lips met again, and their tongues slipped forward to dance together once more. Her brother was giving in. Under the assault of her argument, under the pressure of her body, and under the force of her love he couldn't resist anymore.


She could tell when his hand went to the small of her back and slipped up underneath her shirt. His fingers began to trail over her soft skin as they kissed one another so sweetly and lovingly, yet with growing intense passion. Her brother was losing himself in her kiss, as he began to suck on her tongue, as his hips pressed up and she felt the sensation of his firm hard length sliding against her ever-wetter core.


Her hand in his hair tightened, gripping his snow-white hair more firmly, possessively as his own hand slid down from the small of her back, down over the swell of her ass. His fingers clamped down over her pajamas, squeezing her soft rear, and she responded by cooing into his lips while their tongues were entwined.


She pulled back from the kiss, panting, gasping. He leaned back, looking up at her, catching his own breath, his eyes half-lidded, full of lust, love and passion for the girl which was straddling him.


Lucy grinned at him, leaned in and brought her lips to his neck. A soft kiss was given, and he groaned. She followed this up with a firm bite, causing him to gasp. Her hands were on his chest again, sliding back and forth, until they slid down to take hold of his shirt and pull it up and over his toned stomach and chest, raising his arms up, and tossing it completely aside.


She continued to kiss her way down him. Down his neck, her lips leaving a trail as she went to his chest, kissing his pecs each in turn. Lincoln could only watch, paralyzed with uncertainty as his little sister rained kisses on his body. She kept going lower and lower, and he knew where she was approaching, all of him becoming more and more self-conscious.


She was kissing down his tummy, her nose grazing his skin, feeling so happy, so giddy at the two of them and what they were doing. At finally getting to give in to the desires she'd harbored for so long. Her lips went past his navel, and down to the hem of his shorts.


She could see the thick outline of his bulge. How hard he was, jutting upward making an obvious tent in the shorts he was wearing. It filled her with such glee to know she was the one that caused this effect in him. She was the one making him feel this excited.


He looked back down, meeting her eyes as she slid her fingers up to the waistband of his shorts, sliding them in, hooking her fingers into his underwear as well. He spoke up, weakly protesting, “Lucy...wait...”


She gave him a mischievous grin in reply, “No.”


And then yanked his shorts and underwear down over his cock in one smooth motion. His erect and hard manhood bounced free then, right in front of her. So thick, so hard and long, it bounced up against his stomach before it settled to point upwards in the air.


She gave a long soft low sigh at finally revealing her prize taking it in now that she was close to it. Admiring the shape of it, the length and thickness, and even how his balls rested below it.


Lincoln looked embarrassed at the way she was admiring his most private area. Clearly still feeling some shame over doing this with his little sister.


Lucy was fully intent on stomping that shame out completely and thoroughly. Her slender pale fingers slid around the base of his member, taking a firm hold of it. She marveled at how it felt, how something could be so hard, firm, and yet soft all at the same time. How she could feel his pulse under her fingertips through it.


She leaned in close and brought her nose up against his shaft, breathing in the heady masculine scent of her brother's cock, before she playfully nuzzled it with giddy affection. So happy she had managed to get to this moment with him.


To Lincoln, the sight was one of the most arousing things he had ever seen. To see his beautiful and sensual sister almost worshiping his cock, it was making him even harder, even more excited. It was getting harder and harder to think of those misgivings he had. Harder and harder to think of any consequences.


All he could focus on was how much he loved Lucy. How much he truly, passionately loved her, and just how fucking hot she was right now. How sensual and seductive the goth girl was being. He brought his hands down to the side of the bed and took hold of it, gripping firmly to keep himself in check.


Lucy looked back up to him, before she brought her lips to the side of his shaft and placed a soft, sweet, wet, kiss on it.


The action caused a gasp to come from her brother's lips. Lucy giggled as she gave another playful squeeze to his dick, before she gently stroked her hand up the length to the tip, then down against his balls.


He was completely in her power now, unable to do anything else but watch her, and hold on as she had her way with him. He couldn't even think to protest. Lincoln didn't consider himself a submissive, he typically took control in these situations. He had with Ronnie Anne. But in this moment, with it being Lucy, he could only let her take the lead. The situation was too taboo, to uncertain, and the energy she gave off said this was currently her show. She was the one taking what she had been waiting for after so long.


She leaned in once more, and he felt the touch of her soft lips against his shaft again. This time she continued to give sweet, sensual, slow kisses up his length. Kiss after kiss, sending shivers of delight through him, up until she met the tip of his head. She was being so gentle and yet so sensual as well, as if she truly loved the fleshy instrument in front of her. Her voice was a purr when she spoke, and brought her half-lidded eyes back up to his own, “You have a beautiful cock, Lincoln.”


Her grip firm around the base, she casually batted it up against her cheek, causing another groan and sigh of pleasure to come from him. The erotic sight enthralling him as he watched her giggle at his reactions. “Now let me take care of you big brother...” She whispered, and emphasized the last part, as if the taboo nature of their relationship were now a further turn on to her.


Her soft pink lips parted and enveloped the head of his cock. Lincoln moaned softly as he felt his length entering her. It was wet inside of her mouth, wet and so very warm, she kept her blue eyes focused on his own, making sure she never lost eye contact as she slid further, and further down his shaft.


Lincoln could only watch and grip the sheets of the bed tighter as more and more of his cock vanished inside of Lucy's mouth. As he felt more and more of himself be enveloped in such soft sweet wet warmth. He could feel her tongue pressing against the underside of his cock, against his glans. Her tongue acting like a welcoming carpet as his length slid over it, accepting more and more of him.


He didn't know how experienced she was in this endeavor, he didn't know how deep she could or would go. But she wasn't showing any signs of stopping, she continued, taking more of him, and he could feel himself brush up against the roof of her mouth, and then into her throat. She was swallowing all of him.


Every inch.


This is what she had prepared herself for with those other boys. This is what she had practiced for. This moment, as her lips touched the very base of his cock, and she fixed him with her half-lidded lust filled gaze. A gaze that showed absolute delight in having fit all of her brother in her mouth.


Lincoln could only return her gaze for a moment, before the pleasure was just too much, and he threw his head back, groaning in pleasure, so overwhelmed he had to shut his eyes. He grit his teeth as he felt her sucking then, staying at the base with his dick buried in her throat, listening as she moaned around his cock, making small whimpers of delight as if the action was filling her with more joy than anything else in the world.


After what felt like forever, he felt her mouth, lips and tongue sliding back up his shaft all at once. Tickling the sensitive area around the base of his head before he slipped free from her mouth with a wet popping sound.


He managed to open his eyes up then and look back to her. Thick lines of spittle linked her mouth to his cock, as she hovered over it, panting, catching her breath, smiling. “Mmm, Lincoln, you're such a big boy...”


Lincoln flushed, horribly. His hands came up from the bed to his cheeks, he couldn't believe what he was witnessing, what he was experiencing. He didn't even know what he should say in response to that.


Lucy watched his reaction and giggled softly, she leaned down, extended her tongue, took hold of his shaft...and then began to playfully bounce it against the flat of her tongue, letting the head of his dick catch in the crevice of the pink organ, before she would lick up and lap at it like a lollipop...or an ice-cream cone.


Finally, Lincoln managed to speak up, his voice croaking, “Lucy...You--”


But Lucy cut him off once more, pulling his dick away from her tongue long enough to respond, “Shh...Lincoln, just lay back and enjoy. I want to do this. I want to show you what I'm capable of.”


With that, her mouth opened again, and she dived over the mushroom head of his cock, lips wrapping tightly around the top, sealing it. Her tongue did swirls over that tip, as her hand took hold of his shaft and began to pump him up and down.


Lincoln watched her, panting, grunting, groaning at the erotic display in front of him. There was a part of him that still couldn't believe any of this was happening. That Lucy, his younger sister, was indeed sucking his cock right now. Just after confessing her love to him.


She began to slide her lips down lower over his shaft once more, moaning softly as she did so, the erotic sound of her voice only heightening the pleasure that Lincoln was experiencing. Lower and lower she went, surrounding his throbbing length in that wonderful, sensual, wet, slick warmth.


When she reached the base, she pulled her hand away, and once more her lips touched his pelvis, her chin pressed into his balls, and he was faced with the sight of his little sister having completely deep throated him again.


This time though, Lucy began to slide herself up, sucking as she did, her tongue continuing to swirl over his sensitive flesh in a circular pattern. She pulled herself up until only the head of his cock was stuck between her lips, and then she shoved her face back down over it once more, slamming it back into her throat hard and fast enough he actually did hear her cough and gag, before seeming to catch control of herself once again.


Lincoln's back arched. He had never been sucked like this before. Not even Melanie had been able to match this. He felt completely at her mercy, and Lucy seemed to bask in this newfound power over him. Looking up and narrowing her eyes playfully at him, her mouth full of dick still.


She began to bounce herself then, up and down. Slamming her face down to the base of his crotch and then back up again, rapidly sucking his cock, fucking it with her lips really. Lincoln continued to watch helplessly, moaning as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm him. He knew he wouldn't be able to last long under this kind of assault. It just felt too good, and the surrealness of the situation was pushing him closer and closer to the edge.


He managed to finally pant out, “Lucy, Lucy, I'm close. Please, I'm close. I'm gonna..”


Only for her to pull off his cock completely all at once. Then for her hand to take hold of it, running up and down his slickened spit covered length, fingers delicately and firmly running over the most sensitive places, ticking the underside of the head, and grasping down to the shaft as she grinned up at him and replied... “Then cum in my mouth Lincoln. Cum in your little sister's mouth. She's waited for you to for so long.”


Her mouth slid back over his dick within moments, and he could hear her whimpering, moaning as she continued to suck, as her head bobbed up and down. She seemed to be taking just as much pleasure from performing the act as he was getting from receiving it.

Her blonde head bobbing back and forth, up and down, suckling him, holding him in that warm wet vacuum, the swirl of her tongue so perfect. Combined with those horrifically dirty words that somehow turned him on so much, 'Cum in your little sister's mouth.' He knew he couldn't hold back anymore. He couldn't hold on.


His whole body tensed, and his hips went up, causing a sudden gasp of surprise to come from between Lucy's lips. Her eyes wide as she felt her brother slam his cock home into her throat again. Lincoln erupted within her mouth.


The first thick load was shot right down her throat, and Lucy didn't hesitate to swallow. Lincoln could feel her throat work, taking down the sticky substance, only for him to continue to cum. It was the hardest orgasm of his life, he never came so thoroughly or so long. But he didn't hear or feel his sister swallow after that first load. He continued to paint the inside of her mouth with his thick hot seed. Only being spent after what felt like forever to him.


After he'd pumped more of his cum into her mouth than he even thought he was capable of, he collapsed back on the bed, panting. His cock popping free from between her lips, half softened, flopping against his thigh.


He looked up at her as the rush of endorphins flooded his body, a look of complete disbelief on his face.


She was holding her mouth closed, and working her throat, seeming to be in concentration. A moment later, with her soft pink lips firmly closed, she brought her gaze back towards him, and then got on all fours in front of him.


Slowly she opened her mouth, tilting her head back.


As if possessed, Lincoln began to sit up, rising so he could get a better view. He had an idea of what he would see, but his body was working without his permission again, as if it needed to confirm it.


Her mouth was open, and her pretty pink tongue was drowned in a lake of thick sticky white. His cum had coated the inside of her mouth, and she was showing it off to him proudly. His eyes went wide, and a shiver ran down his spine at the sight.


She closed her mouth, and he saw her throw her head back, and heard as well as saw her neck work as she swallowed. Afterwards she opened her mouth again, showing him how clean it was, how she had swallowed everything he had given her.


Lincoln was overwhelmed at the action. He had never had a girl do anything like that in front of him before. Never anything dirty. So depraved. The fact it was his own little sister doing it made it even worse.... or even better.


He fell back again with a groan, both of his hands coming up to his face at what he'd just witnessed. Lucy seemed to giggle at his reaction, before she leaned down against him, and nuzzled her cheek into his bare chest.


She placed another soft little kiss on his chest, followed by another, before settling her cheek back down against it and smiled. “That was fun.” she stated simply.


Lincoln's hand came up instinctively over her shoulder, holding her close as he stared up at the ceiling in disbelief, his mind trying desperately to process what had just happened. “That was, I don't know what that was. I.. I don't have the words Lucy.”


Lucy slowly brought her gaze up to his, the hair band still keeping her bangs free from her eyes, still letting him see directly into her soul, “All that matters is if you enjoyed it, Lincoln.”


He looked back to her, lost in her gaze, almost feeling swallowed up by it. He was the older one and yet right now he felt like the prey caught in the gaze of the predator. Slowly he nodded his head, “I did.” It was all he could think to say.


Lucy smiled and then slowly sat up alongside of him. She brought her right hand down to his chest and began to gently slide her fingernails down over his skin. She was marveling at the newfound freedom she had to touch him now. To touch the boy she loved in any way she wanted to after being denied for so long.


Once more she looked to him, “Good. Because that's what you should expect from now on. That's what you deserve. That's what a girlfriend is supposed to do for you Lincoln.”


It felt so strange to be lectured by her. His younger sister was telling him what a girlfriend was supposed to do. As if he had been getting it wrong all this time, when he was fairly certain he had more experience than she did.


But butterflies were in his stomach at the attention she gave him, at the affection she so readily offered, as he wanted so desperately to return the favor to her. He brought his hand up and slipped his fingers to her cheek, gently grazing her skin with the back of his digits.


Lucy brought her hand up from his chest to take hold of his hand as it brushed her, she held it still, leaned over and kissed each of his fingers tenderly and affectionately.


Lincoln found his voice again, feeling as if he had to say something in response, give her some kind of reassurance that he wasn't selfish, “Lucy...I like to... go down too. It's hard to keep up with you though, but I don't want you to feel--”


She cut him off again, “It's not a contest Lincoln. I'm not Lynn. You don't have to beat me. I'm not trying to beat you. I'm just showing you how much I love you.”


Overwhelmed at the selfless, giving act of love she had just performed, Lincoln rose up and seized her lips in his own once again. His hands slid up to her cheeks, taking hold as he shoved his tongue into her mouth. Where her mouth had just been didn’t matter to him, he needed to do something, anything in response to everything she had just done, and a kiss was the least he could do.


Lucy hadn’t expected the affectionate action, her eyes going wide. No boy had ever kissed her so soon after she’d performed such a lurid act on them. She could feel love coming through his lips and she kissed him back without reservation.


After their tongues had entwined and danced together once more, she was the one that broke the kiss. She placed her hand on his chest and gently pushed him back down to the bed. He looked up at her questioningly only to watch as she reached down to the hem of her large white t-shirt.


Taking hold of the cotton material her arms lifted it up, and over her head in one smooth motion. Lincoln watched, transfixed as he saw the bottom of her heavy breasts catch in the material, be pulled upward, and then bounce free before him as she threw the garment over the side of the bed. Her pink nipples sticking out hard like little erasers.


Despite having just cum a minute ago, Lincoln felt his loins beginning to stir all over again, eyes wide as he drank in the sight. A smirk crossed Lucy’s lips as she sat up on her knees and brought her hands down to the waistband of her pajamas.


Hooking her thumbs in, she held his gaze with her own, before she slowly pulled them, along with her panties down. She was so excited she couldn’t stop to try and make it sensual like she had planned to, instead giddily sliding them down.


She had to stand up partially when they reached her feet and bunched up, and Lincoln caught sight of his sister now almost completely in the nude. He was keenly made aware she kept herself clean shaven, and her plump petals were already glistening with her honey.


More panic and anxiety began to seize in Lincoln, even as his cock began to slowly rise to attention once more. Slowly raising as blood filled the organ, a flagpole being lifted by the sight in front of him.


Lucy’s eyes gazed down at what was awaiting her, she glanced up at his own, then reached down to take hold of his shorts and underwear once again. She yanked and pulled them completely off of her brother’s legs, casting them aside. Now the two of them were completely nude.


Lincoln knew what was coming, but even as a small part him was screaming to stop this, screaming to prevent this from going forward, his passion, desire, and romantic love for the girl in front of him was too strong to resist.


Lucy crawled over his form on all fours again. She leaned down and began to kiss him once more. Her lips starting down at his thighs, reaching over to kiss each one in turn. Lincoln was treated to the sight of her pale soft tits hanging down in front of her as she did so, and the sensation of them dragging up his skin. Firm nipples teasing his flesh.


She purposefully slid up his body in a sensual manner, letting his thickened length catch between her tits, enveloping his dick in delicious soft warmth. The action caused Lincoln to hiss softly in pleasure, back arching.


Lucy smiled so eagerly, giggled and whispered, “I’ll remember that for later.” Before she was leaning down, kissing her way back up his body. Up his flat tummy, to his pecs once more, until she was completely straddling his body again.


She sat up on him, trapping his length between her legs. His cock was pressed up against those plump pale lower lips, parting them ever so slightly. The action caused indescribable pleasure for both, with the promise of yet more to come.


As she sat upon her brother, her hands came down to his chest, fingers sliding over the outline of his toned muscles. Her hips began to move slowly, back and forth, gently massaging his length with the sensation of her wet petals. Each pass of her hips added more and more lubrication to his length.


Lincoln looked up into Lucy’s eyes with no small amount of trepidation. This was it, this was really it. The point where they would completely cease being just brother and sister if they went forward.


Lincoln spoke softly, “Lucy. Are you sure?”


A simple question, but one that carried so much weight.


Lucy’s response was to reach below herself, take hold of her brother’s shaft and line it up perfectly with the entrance to her warm, wet vice. “More sure than I’ve ever been in my life Lincoln.”


Before he could say anything else, Lucy pressed her hips down, as her core swallowed her brother up, pressing him inside of her waiting, tight wet warmth. Lincoln’s eyes closed tightly as he felt his length enveloped in the most pleasurable sensation he’d ever experienced. There was a brief moment of resistance, and then suddenly he was past it, sliding deeper and deeper inside of her.


Lucy felt a sudden brief instance of pain, but one that didn’t hurt nearly as much as she thought it would. Little more than a brief pinch, before she was overwhelmed with a sudden sensation of being so wonderfully filled, as she finally became one with the most important person in her life.


They were connected now, their bodies entwined, they had crossed the final taboo as siblings together. Lucy had buried her face into Lincoln’s shoulder, arms wrapped around his neck. Lincoln had done largely the same, his own face pressed to Lucy’s neck, arms wrapped around her body, holding her so close and tightly.


They stayed like that, connected as one, unmoving for several moments. Holding one another, saying nothing, breathing softly. Trying to adjust to the overwhelming sensation both were experiencing.


Eventually they both moved again, sliding their visages from where they had been hidden, until they faced one another again, leaning their foreheads against one another, their noses brushing.


Lucy’s voice was a whisper, tears of undiluted happiness gently falling down her cheeks, “Lincoln, I love you so much.”


Lincoln smiled softly in reply. In this moment he felt no shame, just a love so vast for the girl on top of him, he thought his heart might burst. He whispered back just as quietly, “I love you too Lucy. I love you too.”


Lucy began to move, slowly. Her hips having slid down fully over her brother’s length, until the head of his dick was kissing her womb, began to gently slide her body up again, feeling the intense and wonderfully sweet sensation as his cock dragged it’s way across her folds.


Her back arched softly, her teeth clenched, and she gave the softest sweetest moan of pleasure that Lincoln had ever heard. He could only groan in reply as the feeling of his dick being squeezed so much, caressed so tenderly by her core filled him. He fit within her like a key inside a lock, and he briefly wondered in his dizzy pleasurable state if their relationship was why he fit her so well.


When she reached halfway up his shaft, she let her body drop down over his again, letting gravity do the work. Lincoln was treated to his cock being gripped and massaged again, and the pleasant sensation of Lucy’s soft bottom pressing against his thighs as she dropped down.


Both sibling’s mouths hung open, the pleasure increasing for both of them, their gazes locked on one another. They were still so close, and within moments they pressed their lips together once more, to share a passionate kiss as they pleasured one another. The kiss was one full of hungry need, as Lucy’s hips increased their tempo, sliding up further and dropping down. Each drop of her hips causing Lincoln’s cock to kiss the entrance of her womb.


Lincon’s arms slid down further, down around her waist, and locked there, as he began to thrust his own hips upward in time with Lucy as she dropped herself down. The pleasure in both was building faster and faster as they made love. Lucy broke their kiss with a soft whimper, as the pleasure became too much for her. She nestled her head down into Lincoln’s neck, and hugged him so tightly, beginning to thrust her hips down herself, harder and harder.


The wet, soft, squelching sounds of sex filled the room as the two’s breath increased, as they fell into an increasingly faster and steady rhythm. They became perfectly in sync with one another, their naked bodies pressed so close, sweat forming across their skin. Lucy’s blonde hair fell over his chest, and Lincoln pressed his lips down to kiss the top of her head as he thrusted up faster and harder.


Feeling her squeeze his length so tightly, feeling how snug and sweet the sensation of being buried inside of his little sister was, he felt his orgasm building down in the base of his balls. He wouldn’t be able to keep going.


“Luce, Lucy, I’m close. I won’t last much longer.” He managed to whisper out.


Lucy lifted her head long enough to place a kiss on his chin, then his neck, as she whispered back, “It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m close too. Don’t hold back.”


Lincoln felt her lock her legs around his waist then, sliding them underneath his body, as she pumped herself up and down even harder than before. There was no thinking of consequences in his mind at this time. There was a small voice telling him not to finish inside of her. A tiny voice begging him to pull out.


But Lucy wanted his seed, on an instinctual level he knew what it meant when a woman locked her legs around your hips, and his own instincts and desire overpowered the small tiny logic begging him to stop.


His hands slid to her hips, firmly grasping hold as he yanked her down on his shaft with all his might. At the same time, he pressed himself in as deep as he could go, slamming himself so snugly within her as an orgasm even greater than the one he had before ripped through his body.


At the same time, he felt Lucy’s walls close tighter than ever before around his cock, as her own climax seemed to reach her just moments before his own did. She threw her head back, her long blonde hair cascading around her shoulders. Her eyes went wide as his went closed, and Lincoln felt his balls clench tightly.


He erupted in her with a cascade of his seed, filling his gothic lover with his essence. Lucy felt her brother’s warmth spreading inside of her, deep within her womb, filling her up with his love, causing her orgasm to crash through her even more intensely than before.


She slammed herself back down over his body, hugging him so tightly, as Lincoln reached up and wrapped his arms around her, mirroring her gesture. The two lovers embraced, and held one another through their quaking orgasms, shaking, shivering, until at last the final drops of his cum had been milked by her greedy womb.


Both siblings’ bodies untensed then, going completely slack, every muscle in their body loosening at once. Lucy collapsed over Lincoln, her legs unwrapping from his waist, her arms loosening and sliding up to lay lazily around his neck again. Lincoln’s own grasp loosened, as he kept one hand on the small of his sister’s back, and the other one flopped down on the bed.


They panted together silently, catching their breaths as the flood of hormones and endorphins from such an intense love making session filled their bodies. Their emotions had run so hot, and desires so unrestrained, that Lincoln couldn’t even feel any guilt in this moment. Just a complete sense of overpowering euphoria.


Lucy felt the intense and complete satisfaction of for once in her life, in this very moment, having exactly everything she ever wanted.


Idly, without even consciously thinking to do so, Lincoln’s fingers began to gently trace up and down Lucy’s back. The loving, comforting gesture coming naturally to him. It made Lucy smile, it made her feel even more reassured in the act they had performed.


After several moments of silently basking in the afterglow, she slowly sat up on his chest, linking her hands together over him, and propping her chin upon them. She gazed up at him, a small, soft, satisfied smile on her lips, her blue eyes practically sparkling with joy.


Lincoln looked back into those beautiful eyes, fixing him with so much love and adoration he could only turn away bashfully and blush.


Lucy leaned up and gave him a quick peck on the lips before settling back down, drawing his attention back to her. She reached her right hand up, and slipped it over his cheek in a sweet caress, drawing his gaze back to her.


The 16 year old looked back into her brother's eyes once more and spoke, “Thank you.”


She had said it with such sincerity and love, Lincoln's heart practically melted, even if he had no idea what she was thanking him for. “For what Lucy?”


She slowly crawled up him further, until she was face to face with him once more, “For completing me.”


In these moments, caution was thrown to the wind. Lincoln kissed her back, wrapped his arms around her, and began to turn her slowly until he was the one atop her. They would make love two more times this night before collapsing into a sweaty, exhausted heap in each other's arms.


For the moment, no trouble, no shame, graced either of them.

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