An Interview At Northwest Mining Co.

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„Alright, thank you for your time, we’ll call you if you got the job. Goodbye!”

The man with the diploma in arts finally left the office, and Pacifica Northwest could lean back in her chair, hands on her cheeks in desperation. Four interviews today. Four of them, each a bigger loser than the last. Sure, the job is urgent, but that doesn’t mean she should settle for… these people. She could practically feel her long, blonde hair turning white from just listening to them. She should have been stricter in the advertisement, she really should have…

She rested her hands on the mahogany wood desk, thinking. There was a stack of resumes still on her right, while on the left, a neat golden sign exclaimed: “Pacifica Northwest, CEO”. Behind the sign, out of sight, was where she kept the intercom, for quick commands to her secretary. In front of the desk, there was a simple chair facing her, intended for the applicants.

Pacifica groaned, glancing towards the intercom. Delaying it won’t accomplish anything, but… ugh. She spun her chair around to look at the wall behind her, where various diplomas and certificates in all kinds of fields were being displayed. Business, geology, sports, fashion, philosophy, and so on. They were intended to be the second thing anyone saw when entering the office. The first thing should, of course, be Pacifica herself. On her left and right were two display cabinets filled with all kinds of different trophies, medals, and some personal items. ‘Excellence In Business’, ‘Female CEO Of The Year’ two consecutive times, ‘National Minigolf Champion’… Though there were clearly still spaces left empty, deliberately so. More awards to be won. They were, as you’d say it, a ‘work in progress’.

She sighed, turned her chair back towards the desk and glanced up at the clock hanging above the door. There’s time for one more, she thought... Maybe a quick one. She was losing hope for the day, but she could probably just hurry this last one along so she could at least say that she tried. Keep her conscience clear.

“Send in the next one,” she said after pressing the button on the intercom. Let’s get this over with… She adjusted her purple blouse and knee-length skirt – stylish yet professional –  and put her hands together as the door opened.


Two voices rang out in unison as a man stepped into the room. Short, messy brown hair, checkered red shirt, semi-slouched stance… all that would have already made Pacifica want to have nothing to do with him, although the handsome face with the stubble, and the wide shoulders would probably have given her pause. It didn’t matter though, as she already recognized him the moment he entered the office.

“YOU’RE the boss here?” The man said with a doubtful voice. Pacifica was already rummaging through the pile of resumes, her eyes going wider and wider.

 “Wait, no way…” She knew the name sounded familiar the first time she read it, but she didn’t think much of it at the time. It can’t be him, right? He was a dork, and this guy actually looks… decent. From the neck up, at least. And maybe the waist down… Finally she found the paper, pulling it from the stack as a few other resumes gently floated down onto the floor. “You… Mason? YOU’RE Mason?! Mason Pines?!”

“What, you thought Dipper is my real name?” The man looked like he was about to laugh out loud. At the same time though, he was clearly just as surprised. “I’m not gonna write that on a resume, come on! And you? Northwest Mining Co.? I didn’t even think to put it together...”

“What’s wrong with that? It’s my company, I can name it whatever I want.” Pacifica put down the resume and stood up to grab the ones that fell down.

Dipper shook his head and grabbed a stray resume from the floor as well, putting it on the desk. “Yeah but… mining? That’s so unlike you.”

“Hey, it’s an honest business!” She got up, throwing the resumes back onto the table. One of them slid right off the other end. “Besides, gold and gems will never be out of fashion.”

“So when it said you’re looking for an inspector…”

“It was for the mines, yes. Check for structural and… other dangers.“ Pacifica walked up to him, pushing Dipper onto the interviewee chair. “Now sit down and let’s just get this over with, pretty boy. I literally don’t have all day.”

“Personal space?” Dipper smirked up at the girl. “Still very handsy, are we? You haven’t changed a bit since that night at the manor…”

“Hey!” Pacifica leaned in close, a slight rosy color on her cheeks. “I thought we agreed to pretend that never happened.”

“I didn’t take your money.” Dipper shrugged, staring back at her. “No agreement, blondie.”

One could practically cut the tension with a knife as they stared into each other’s eyes. For a few seconds, not a single sound broke the silence. Even without the exchange of any more words, the longer their staring contest went on, the more and more red their faces became. Their eyes were filled with hostility, but also… something more. Something from a long time ago…

Neither of them expected what happened next – Pacifica’s hand on Dipper’s collar, his hands on her shoulders. Who started it? Neither knew, but neither could stop themselves either, and before they realized, their lips met, pressing together into a wild makeout session. Their tongues intertwined harmoniously like they already knew each other inside and out, wrapping into a wild dance. Closing their eyes, they wanted to focus on nothing but that sudden passion, even if they would have never admitted it. Her hands wrapped around his shoulders, his slid down onto her waist. Her palm-sized breasts pressed up against his chest as she practically sat in his lap, letting him feel every single breath she took.

After a lingering minute, Pacifica finally broke the kiss, pulling back with a silent gasp. Dipper, panting for air, looked up at her with a confused smirk. “So handsy…”

“S-shut up…” She frowned, her eyes practically piercing his as she quickly stood up again.

Dipper smiled, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked away. That joke was not worth the glare. “Hey, sorry… Can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it at least a little…” After a few awkward seconds, he added, “It’s an interesting way to greet an applicant.”

“Don’t think I do this for everyone, idiot…” she mumbled, glancing away… her eyes settling on the growing bulge on his pants.


“Nothing.” She found it difficult to look away: the sight made her quiver inside, feeling a heat growing in her loins. Maybe this is what she needed right now, and… he just might be the right person for it. “You are lucky I had a bad day… and need… something to…”

“You don’t have to explain it, Paz.” Dipper shook his head with a chuckle. “I know you can’t resist me.”

“God, you’re so infuriating...” Pacifica groaned as she slid down onto her knees. “What-ever. What comes next will never leave this room, got it?”

Dipper had no time to react at all before she had his pants down. Her eyes went wide as she gazed at his erection. “Wh-“

Pacifica was just staring at it for a short while. She wasn’t exactly new to seeing a man’s dick, but this one was way bigger than she would have ever given him credit for. The length of an entire stretched-out hand, if not longer…

“Impressed?” Dipper asked, trying to keep up the witty exterior, though his voice was a bit shaky. He looked to the side as he could feel her breath on his sensitive skin, feeling her soft fingers slowly and gently close around the base…

Pacifica looked up into his eyes. She wanted to say something, berate his confidence, talk down his involvement in all this… but she decided otherwise. She was beyond giving a damn. She looked back at his sizeable manhood as it was twitching in her hand from the warm air, then parted her lips, and without another thought, wrapped them around the head. Her tongue quickly found the tip, licking at it a few times for a salty appetizer before leaning her head down, taking more of that large rod into her mouth.

She soon found a rhythm, her head bobbing up and down along the length of his manhood. Her lips tightened around it as her tongue brushed against the shaft again and again, getting a taste each time as if she couldn’t have enough of it. Dipper has long lost his composure, moaning silently at the sudden but pleasant treatment. His dick couldn’t lie, twitching eagerly in response to each wave of pleasure. One moment she was giving the tip a kiss, the next her tongue was running across his sack, egging his balls on as she took the entire shaft into her mouth and throat. She wanted to be the best, THE BEST, at everything she did, so of course she had to be amazing even in this...

“P-Pacifica… too… good…” Dipper groaned. His cock was twitching in anticipation, telling her that he won’t last much longer… but after a few seconds, Pacifica pulled her head up, looking at him with a gasp. He looked down to return her stare. “W-wh-…”

With a stern expression, Pacifica put a finger on his lips before he could say anything. She then got up and stepped back until she reached her desk, sitting onto the mahogany and spreading her legs. “I don’t care what you think right now. I need it. So take it or leave it.” Please take it, come on, just take it, she thought… She was acting tough, but her eyes betrayed her desire for him.

For a moment, Dipper just sat there, still dumbfounded as if he’s contemplating whether he’s just dreaming, then stood up. “Well, alright… works for me...” Without question, he lined up his still-eager shaft against Pacifica’s waiting, wet slit, pushing in with a confident thrust. She couldn’t hold back a moan, the act almost making her go cross-eyed right away.

He leaned forward, giving her a brief, romantic kiss before settling into an even pace. Eager but restrained, each push sent a wave of pleasure through both their bodies as if they were becoming one in the act. Pacifica could practically feel its shape, every vein rubbing against her insides as she eagerly welcomed the sexual invader. Her bra couldn’t stop her perky breasts bouncing up and down from the rhythmic yet aggressive motion, and when Dipper put a hand on them, she didn’t react to it beyond an approving moan, too lost in that feeling… Pacifica’s entire body was melting into the ecstasy she hadn’t realized she needed. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, urging him to keep going harder, faster… or maybe demanding that he do not stop. Ever.

‘Ever’ came sooner than expected though, as just after a few minutes, Pacifica suddenly pushed Dipper back. “N-not… done yet,” she moaned as he flumped onto the chair, with her quickly getting on top of him. The surprise only lasted a moment though. She had no intention to stop, taking control as she saddled his crotch eagerly, pushing her entire body down onto his stiffness. She took it all inside, stopping for a few seconds to enjoy having it so deep, feeling it twitch and quiver from her grip down there… before she slowly moved up again, just barely keeping the tip in her grasp before plunging right back down. She quickly gained speed, using his shoulders for support so her shaking legs wouldn’t give out on the spot. Her lower lips were burning with desire, lapping up every bit of pleasure she could get out of the act. It urged her to go faster, bounce on it even more aggressively, focus on nothing but the tip piercing into her deepest sanctum time and time again.

She had no idea how much time had passed, but soon she could feel something building up inside. In a final surge of lust, she picked up the pace as much as she could, greedy for more, before peaking into a blast of pleasure rushing through her entire body. Her eyes rolling up, her tongue hanging out, she had nothing else on her mind at that point. Her head empty, Pacifica’s insides tightened around that shaft eagerly, riding out the orgasm as if it was her ultimate reward for existing. Dipper tried to hold on, but it was too much – his arms wrapped around her waist and his head cocked down as he thrusted all the way in... The next moment, he began to fill her with surge after surge of his own climax, painting her insides white while he let out a few satisfied groans, basking in the intense pleasure.

When Pacifica finally came down from the high of her orgasm, she collapsed onto Dipper, her chin resting on his shoulder. She let out a few gasps as she moved, panting, trying to gather her bearings. Dipper still had his arms around her, feeling her warm breath on his neck. After a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke.

“…So uh… do I… do I get the job?”

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