Christmas with the Plumbers

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Christmas with the Plumbers

“Another Christmas, another boring party” Ben sighed internally as he wandered the hallways of the Mann residence, trying to find Gwen who had disappeared a couple of hours earlier

Heading upstairs to the large houses second floor Ben then caught sight of Lucy, the blonde smiling coyly at him as he approached only to turn and walk away briskly from him, stopping as she reached a corner in the hallway to turn back towards him and beckon him to follow

Grinning at the implications of the beckoning Ben was quick to follow her, heading down the long winding hallway until he reached Lucy’s room

Upon entering the room Ben was more than happy with what he found, Lucy straddling Gwen who was tied to the bed with her wrists bound at each post at the head of the bed, the redhead being dressed in what could only be described as a slutty Elf costume, the clothing having been modified and cut in a way that her tits, cunt and ass were exposed

Lucy on the other hand had stripped out of the formal dress she had been wearing for her parents Christmas party and was now completely naked save for a headband adorned with Reindeer antlers whilst holding a sprig of mistletoe above her head “look what I found, a naughty little Elf” the blonde beamed as she looked back at Ben over her shoulder “she needs to be punished” she cooed as she shook her ass at Ben

“Merry Christmas to me” Ben grinned as he swiftly stripped down and jumped on the bed to join the girls, moving to straddle Gwen’s face as Lucy moved to kneel next to her, Ben and the blonde making good use of the mistletoe as Ben cupped the back of her to pull her into a fierce kiss, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth making her moan and simper around it whilst Ben shuddered as Gwen in turn started to make out with his cock and balls

Moaning against her cousin’s genitals Gwen leaned forward as far as her wrist bindings would let her before sucking Ben’s balls into her mouth, letting his cock rest between her eyes as she sucked hungrily, her cheeks bulging around his balls as she ran her tongue around every inch of them making Ben groan into Lucy’s mouth

Breaking the kiss Lucy then moved down to take Ben’s cock into her mouth, both girls orally worshipping his cock and balls making him groan and shudder in ecstasy, reaching forward to grip the headboard to balance himself as Lucy and Gwen put everything into worshipping his genitals

Releasing his balls from her mouth Gwen started to hungrily lick at them as Lucy released his cock, the blonde then taking hold of it to push it deep into Gwen’s mouth before pushing on Ben’s lower back encouraging him to fuck the redhead’s face which he eagerly complied with, pushing his weight forward to further rest it on Gwen’s face as he then proceeded to face fuck her into the pillow

As Ben’s cock started to plunger her throat Gwen opened her mouth as wide as she could to grant him better access, her legs kicking and writhing as her bare cunt dripped with need, luckily for her though Lucy took notice and moved down to take care of her, lying down between her legs to put her tongue to work on her weeping slit making the redheaded slut moan louder around Ben’s dick

As the vibrations of Gwen’s moaning ran along his cock Ben hit his first limit, burying his cock balls deep into his cousins mouth and throat as he came, force feeding her his thick seed making Gwen’s toes curl and her pupils turn into hearts as she happily took his load, Lucy giggling against her slit as she felt her get even wetter against her tongue “fuck she’s so wet and ready for you” the blonde breathed, rubbing Gwen’s clit making her shiver and arch her back as Ben moved down to her level

Gripping Gwen’s legs Ben spread them wider before sliding into her needy slit with total ease, despite still being virgin tight her sheer arousal allowed him to push in balls deep without resistance, Gwen throwing her head back with a cry of bliss as Ben filled her insides before her cry was cut off by Lucy pressing her cunt to her mouth, the blonde proceeding to ride her face as Ben started to plow into her pussy as fast and hard as he could

“Oooh yes that’s it, work that tongue” Lucy moaned as Gwen eagerly ate her out, the blonde sitting on Gwen’s face facing away from Ben allowing him to wiggle her ass at him as she gyrated her hips, looking back at Ben as she did so with a look in her eye that purred ‘this ass is yours when you’re done with her pussy’

Egged on by this Ben pounded Gwen’s cunt harder, making her groin bulge with every thrust as she was soon cumming again, the redhead screaming with bliss into Lucy’s pussy making her arch her back with pleasure

“God damn!” Ben then grunted as he came soon afterwards, Gwen’s vice like pussy not letting him even think of holding out as he flooded her insides with his seed, making her hips buck wildly as sheer ecstasy ran through her body before he then pulled out to finish all over the front of her body and on Lucy’s ass

Cooing at the feeling of his hot cum on her ass Lucy bit her lip as she then dismounted Gwen’s face and moved back to lie on top of her, the blonde teasingly licking Gwen’s face as she wiggled her hips at Ben making her ass shake for him in obvious invitation, Ben’s still hard cock twitching at the sight as he promptly mounted Lucy and pushed deep into her tightest hole

“Ooooh fuck yes, fuck that ass deep” Lucy moaned burying her head in the nape of Gwen’s neck and biting down as Ben started to thrust deep into her ass, Gwen gasping at the pleasurable sting of being bitten to which she wrapped her legs tight around Lucy’s waist in response, holding her in place as she felt Ben’s thrusts through her, each thrust making their clits rub together making both girls moan and pant with slutty pleasure along with the rhythmic claps of Lucy’s ass against Ben’s groin

From the pressure of Lucy pressing down upon her and the feeling of their clits vigorously rubbing together it didn’t take long for Gwen to cum again, her eyes rolling as she let out a babble moan of bliss, her tongue hanging out as Lucy let out muffled cries of bliss against her neck, the blonde orgasming barely a minute later as Ben’s cock hit all of her deepest sweet spots

With both girls orgasming and mewling beneath him Ben didn’t last much longer either, Lucy’s ass being the tightest hole he had ever fucked borderline dragging the cum out of him as he sank balls deep inside of her to unload his cum, the action warming Lucy’s insides and turning her pupils to hearts just like Gwen’s as Ben then collapsed on top of her further pinning Gwen beneath them

Luckily for them none of the party goers were leaving until the morning giving them several hours of privacy to remain lying in that position before they had to move

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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