Stuck At Home

BY : WarrenConey
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Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with the series, The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan (1972). The following is a non-commissioned work created for entertainment purposes only.

Man, I really hate it when pop has to leave us behind like this. Anne Chan thought lying on her bed. She imagined the exotic locations and stimulating intrigue her master criminologist father, Charlie Chan, was most likely enjoying while away on business.

Recently Anne had been feeling restless, having more energy than she knew what to do with. She had even noticed a change in the things that interested her. Anne started to pay more attention to her older sister Susie and just about everything she did. She'd sometimes talk to Susie, just as an excuse to watch her put on her make up or style her hair. It wasn't just her older sister that she started to watch, but her older brothers Henry and Stanley as well. She had even started eavesdropping on her older siblings, wondering what they said and did when they weren't with the family. Anne had her own friends, but she would only spend time with them once in a while. Normally she wasn't the kind of person to sit around, but as she grew older, she wondered if she needed to learn to relax more often. So here she was, lying on her bed trying to relax, if only for just a moment.

I wish something interesting would happen at our house. She thought. Anything to make hanging around this place less boring. It was late in the day and evening was approaching, so she didn't want to go out. She got up off her bed. I have six brothers and three sisters, one of them has to be doing something interesting, right? She thought as she left her room to see what the others were doing.

As she stepped out of her room, she heard her brother Henry through his door that was barely cracked open.

He was talking on his personal phone. “No, don't worry baby, I'm gonna be home all week and I'm gonna make time for you, I promise.”

Anne wasn't surprised he was talking to a girl. Her brother Henry was tall, handsome, smart and athletic. In her mind, he was the definition of the ‘all American boy’. She listened in carefully, wondering how he talked to his girl.

“Oh-ho, don't worry about that either!” He laughed. “I've got protection, you know, condoms.”

Anne was surprised to hear her brother was talking about sex. Her olive cheeks turned a deep rose red. She walked away quickly, deciding the conversation was too private to listen in on.

She stopped for a moment trying to put the thought of young people having sex out of her head. She felt her cheeks burning hot and her stomach fluttering as she thought about it. So I guess, Henry is one of those teens that, has sex before getting married. She thought shyly. But those things happen, some teenagers just, do that. They do that in the backs of cars, or in their rooms when no one else is home. She thought, almost fantasizing about it. I wonder if I'll, do that, before I get married? She felt weak, as she imagined what it would be like to have a boy put his hands on her. She sighed and tried to clear her mind. Stop it Anne, only a pervert would stand around thinking about, that.

She took a few more steps down the hall and heard her brother Stanley in his room. Maybe hanging out with Stanley would be kinda fun. She thought as she grabbed his doorknob and peeked inside quietly, making sure he wasn't up to anything personal.

He was looking in his mirror, wearing a white dinner jacket with his hair slicked straight back. “‘Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.’” He said trying to sound gravely and sophisticated.

“You actually do a good Humphrey Bogart.” She complimented as she walked in, glad to see her lighthearted, eccentric big brother.

“Hey, thanks.” He turned to her with a smile. “So Anne, come to watch a master of disguise practice his craft?”

“Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to do something with me?”

“Sorry, but I wanna get some practice with a few new disguises and after that, Henry wants to practice a new song before dinner. Of course, you could stay and I could give you some tips on how to disguise yourself.”

“Thanks, but I think I'll see what the others are doing.” She smiled with a wave as she left.

Making her way out of the hall, she found her younger siblings in the living room. Mimi was arguing with Flip and Scooter in the middle of the living room, Nancy was sitting on the floor in a corner on her own with her back to them.

“He's too young for that kind of show!” The seven year old Mimi complained to Flip.

“It's fine, these crime shows will give us a good look at the things detectives see all the time.” Flip assured.

“Yeah, we could see the kind of stuff that pop won't tell us about.” Scooter the youngest of the kids said backing his older brother.

“Absolutely not!” Mimi huffed. “If it's something pop won't tell us about, then it's because we're too young to hear about it.”

“Umm, you guys watching TV?” Anne asked as she approached the group.

“We could, if Mimi would stop changing the station.” Flip complained glaring at his little sister.

“You said it Chief.” Scooter huffed.

“If you try to watch one of those terrible shows again, I'm gonna get Susie!” Mimi threatened.

Flip seemed to back down. “Alright fine, you pick the station.”

“Good, we're gonna watch Rin-Tin-Tin.” She said happily.

“Awww.” Both boys sighed.

“Well Chu-Chu likes it.” She said with her hands on her hips. “Don't you Chu-Chu?”

Their small dog Chu-Chu was lying on the floor close by, watching them lazily. “Awww.” He sighed mimicking the boys disappointment.

Anne wasn't interested in watching TV and at the same time, she was very curious about what Nancy was doing. Nancy seemed lost in her own little world, tapping away gently at a bongo drum. Anne walked over and as she got close, Nancy practically smothered the drum with her whole body.

Nancy turned around nervously and saw Anne. “Oh, hey, I thought you were Susie.” She sighed with relief.

“Any reason you don't wanna see Susie?” Anne asked curiously.

“No, I'm just getting some practice on my drum, that's all.” She said with a smile that seemed almost forced.

“That's all you're doing?” Anne asked.

“That's all I’m doing.” She said cheerfully shrugging her shoulders.

Anne thought she was up to something, but all she could see was Nancy playing her drum by herself. “Well, have fun I guess.” She said as she decided to pay a visit to her brother Allen.

She made her way to the garage where Allen liked to spend his spare time, tinkering away at his workbench making some incredible alteration to their van or piecing together some amazing device from scratch. Allen was perhaps the most odd of the ten siblings, he wasn't as smart as the younger Tom, but in his own right he was an electronic genius. Anne sometimes wondered what kind of incredible things Allen could achieve if he applied himself as much as Tom did. But it seemed Allen was only interested in the latest in electronics and fashion.

As she entered the garage, she could see him sitting at his workbench, working on something small. Never one to dress down, he was wearing his trademark round lavender sunglasses, a fiery orange shirt, scarlet corduroys and pointed black leather boots.

“Hey Allen, what are you doing?” Anne asked walking up to him.

“Hey Anne, just working on one of our watches.” He said without looking up.

“Are they gonna be able to work farther away now?”

“No, I've got as much range out of these as I can get. What I'm doing is cutting back on the power they use, that way we won't need to keep changing the batteries.”

“That's good, the batteries on those things die pretty quick.”

“So, did you need something?” Allen asked still looking at what he was doing.

“Well I was kind of bored, wanna do something with me?”

“You could help me with this if you want.”

“Nah, I've never been real interested in electronics.” She sighed leaning against his workbench. “It's hard to believe that we're twins.” She mused aloud. “I mean we're almost nothing alike.”

“I thought about that once, I think we're a lot alike.” He said putting down his small tools and looking up to twin sister with a smile.

“Name one thing you and I have in common.”

“We both like baseball, we both like racing, we both like hot dogs and that’s just off the top of my head. There's a lot of things we have in common Anne, if you think about it. We both know what we want and we both make sure we get it. I love being stylish and you love playing sports and neither one of us cares when people make fun of us for it.”

Anne gave him a smile. “You're my favorite, Allen.”

“You're my favorite, Anne.” He told her warmly. “Sorry I can't make time for you, but I promised to practice a song with Henry later and I want to get this done first.” He said turning back to his work.

“That's all right, I'm gonna see what Tom's doing.” She said on her way out of the garage.

As she walked back through the living room, she saw Susie with Nancy's drum and an open bag of potato chips.

“I knew you were avoiding me for a reason Nancy! Hiding a bag of chips in your drum was pretty sneaky. But I told you, you need to cut back on the snacks, you're gaining too much weight!” Susie scolded a sour faced Nancy.

“It was just a bag of chips, to hold me until dinner!” Nancy huffed.

“This is a full sized bag and you've already gone through half of it!”

“Fine! I guess I'll just starve then!” Nancy snapped at Susie knowing she was caught.

Anne moved quickly to the other side of the house, where Tom's room was. I know I can count on Tom. She thought as she reached his room. I never have to worry about what Tom is doing. He's always reading or studying and he's always ready to do something else if I ask. She walked straight into his room, closing the door behind her. She saw him laying down on his bed, looking up at something in his hand.

"Umm?! Hah!" Tom noticed his sister had walked in, at the same time that Anne realized his pants were down and his hand was on his penis.

“Umm!” Anne was so embarrassed she didn't know what to say. For a brief moment she got a look at his bare penis, looking young, hairless, straight and hard, just before he pulled up his pants.

“Anne!” He said sitting up with a bunch of small pictures scattered around him. Soon he frantically grabbed every picture around him and stuffed them under his pillow to hide them from sight. “In the future, I would appreciate if you would announce your arrival.” He said awkwardly with a red face.

“You're not supposed to be doing that kind of thing, Tom.” She scolded, trying to act the way she thought a big sister should in this situation.

“Regardless the of social taboo, there is nothing wrong with the act of masturbation.” He defended boldly.

“You were doing, that, while there were other people in the house.” She huffed.

“There are always people in this house.” He reminded bluntly.

She looked at the pillow that hid his pictures and he put an arm over it as if guarding it. “All right Tom, you're caught, give me those pictures, I'll get rid of them and no one has to know.” She said with her arms crossed and a smile.

“I'll get rid of them, I promise.” He said looking nervous.

“Tom, how do I know you aren’t lying?” She asked walking up to him.

He smothered the pillow with his back. “Anne, you'll never see me doing that again, I swear.” He said nervously with puppy eyes.

She knew then, there was something about the pictures he didn't want her to see. “Give me those pictures or I'm telling Susie!” She threatened.

“Anne, please, let me get rid of them.” He begged holding his hands up to halt her.

“Hand them over, Tom!” She said grabbing his hands and pulling him down off the bed.

“Ouch!” He whimpered landing on his butt.

She quickly reached under his pillow, grabbed the pictures and stepped away. She was shocked when she looked at the one on top. “Susie?!” She practically yelled.

“Anne, please let me get ride of them!” He begged on his hands and knees.

She looked through them, angry with her brother. “And Mimi! And Nancy! And...” She shuffled through the pictures angry at first, but soon she was distracted. He had a few pictures of each girl, but not a single one of her. “You, don't have any of me?” She asked looking down at him.

“No, absolutely not, I swear!”

She looked through them again. She could see the girls in swimsuits or naked in the bathroom. It was clear to her, the pictures were taken with one of Allen's mini cameras, without the girls knowing. “Why didn't you take any pictures of me?” She asked with an odd feeling, like she was somehow left out.

“I, I don't know.” He said with red cheeks, afraid that she would tell Susie or their dad. “I guess I didn't think of you like that.”

The words stuck in her mind, she started to feel strange that her perverted little brother was interested in all of his sisters, except her.

“Anne, please…”

“I won't tell anyone.” She said looking down at him unimpressed. “Give me the camera that you used and I'll get rid of these myself.”

“Okay.” He sighed in relief, then went to a nearby drawer and pulled out a tiny hand sized camera. “It belongs to Allen.”

“I thought so.”

“You promise you won't tell anybody?” He asked awkwardly.

“I said I wouldn't!” She snapped at him, with an odd feeling, like he didn't appreciate her.

She left Tom's room in a huff. I can't believe that little pervert, ‘I didn’t think of you like that!’ I'm cute, I'm just as cute as the rest of our sisters... right? She started to think about herself as she walked. She thought of her baggy shirt, her pants that were too long and her beat up orange cap. She thought of how she took care of herself, her hair was messy, her fingernails had bits of dirt in them, her skin and lips were a little dry. Maybe I should clean myself up more often. She thought beginning to doubt herself.

She walked into the garage and found Allen still at his workbench. “Hey, this is one of yours right?” She asked him rhetorically.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah I lent that to Tom.”

“I'm giving it back, don't let him borrow any more cameras without telling me.”

“Is he spying on someone or something?”

“No, just let me know if wants to borrow one of these again.”

“Alright then.” He said taking the camera and putting it aside.

“Allen, do you think I should try to be more, stylish?”

“I think whatever style someone wants, is the style they should have.”

“Do you think I should try a new look?” She asked with a hint of concern.

“If you wanna try a different look, go ahead, you don't have to stick with it, if you don't like it.”

“Thanks Allen.” She said starting back into the house.

“No problem.” He said returning to his work.

Anne made her way to the kitchen, she could see the younger kids in the living room were quietly watching Rin-Tin-Tin. As she walked into the kitchen she noticed that Susie hadn't started cooking dinner yet. She walked up to the stove and turned on one of the burners. She took out a small steel pan and put it on the stove. She took Tom’s pictures from her pocket and set each one on fire, one at a time, dropping them into the pan to burn away completely. She turned off the burner and watched Tom's dirty secret burn away.

After a moment Susie walked in and saw Anne with a smoldering pan. “Couldn't wait for me to start dinner Anne?” She joked as she walked up to the stove.

“I'll get this out of your way.” Anne smiled at Susie’s joke, as she took the pan off the stove and started washing it in the nearby sink.

“What are you doing anyway?” Susie asked as she moved around the kitchen grabbing the things she would need to cook.

“Just taking care of something for Tom.” She said casually. “Hey Susie, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.” She said warmly.

“Do you, really think I'm too much of a ‘tomboy’?” She asked looking worried.

“What do you mean?” Susie asked giving Anne her full attention.

“I mean how I dress and how I talk; I just don't feel like much of a young women.” Anne said in one of her rare vulnerable moments.

“Anne...” Susie said with as much reassurance as she could give. “I know I've called you a ‘tomboy’ before, but it doesn't mean you aren't feminine enough. How you dress and how you talk, does not make you a woman.”

Anne thought to herself. “Well why do you make yourself up the way you do?”

“I'm the way I am, because I like it and that's the only reason. Dressing different or acting different isn't going to make you more of a woman.”

“But I told you, I don't feel like a young woman.”

“You're a young woman, that's what you are, how you act is how a young woman acts, how you look is how a young woman looks. Acting differently or looking differently would be like putting on one of Stanley's disguises, it won't make you any different at all. I really think you should just be what you are and who you are.”

“So, you don't think I should do anything different?” Anne asked.

“Well, you are getting older, I, think you might want to consider wearing a bra?” Susie answered delicately.

Ann realized, seemingly for the first time, the shapes of her young breasts were actually visible through her shirt. “Oh, yeah, I, think I'll give that a try.” She said a little embarrassed.

“You're more of a woman than you think Anne.” Susie smiled with encouragement before she went back to what she was doing.

“Thanks Susie.” Anne said as she started out of the kitchen.

Anne had an idea from the advice she received from Allen and Susie. Maybe I can try being as pretty and feminine as Susie and if I don't like it, I just won't worry about myself anymore. And if changing my look, really is like one of Stanley’s disguises, then I guess it's time to learn from the ‘master’ himself. She made her way back to Stanley’s room and walked right in. Stanley was still in front of his mirror, but this time he was just putting his hair back in order.

“Hey Stanley, if you still have time, I think I wanna take you up on your offer.”

He turned to her with a big smile. “Really? Hey that's great, I don't even know where we should start.”

“How about we try making me look extra pretty like Susie?” She gave a ready reply.

“That's not a bad idea, how about we try a dress and some lipstick, I don't think I've ever seen you in those. I don't have much girl stuff, but I think I have a dress that can fit you.” He said as he started looking through a nearby closet. “Here we go, let’s try this.” He pulled out an orange sun dress with a red floral pattern on it. “Alright lets see how you look in this.”

“Okay, but turn around while I change.” She said taking the dress.

“Sure.” He said turning around. “Try to change as fast as you can, you’ll need to learn to slip in and out of your disguises quickly.” She took off her pants and then her shirt. “Woo-hoo, looks like this little cutie forgot her bra.” Stanley teased when her shirt came off.

Anne looked at him but his back was turned. “How-?”

“The mirror.” He pointed at her reflection as he looked at her in the mirror.

“Always make sure no one can see you, when you put on or take off your disguises.”

She felt embarrassed knowing her brother was looking at her topless, but she also felt kind of nice being called a ‘cutie’. She slipped the dress on and adjusted the little straps to her size, it seemed to fit her well.

“You look great in that, I knew that would suite you.” He said stepping away from the mirror. “All right Anne, time for a little make up.” He patted the chair inviting her to sit. She felt nervous, she had never worn make up before. She sat down and Stanley opened a case with different types of make ups that she didn't even recognize. “You don't have any blemishes so we can skip the vanishing cream. I think we'll give you some mascara, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and just a hint of rouge.” She was dead still as Stanley worked on her face, she worried it would look bad on her no matter what he did. “Okay you're ready.” He said as he finished and turned her to the mirror. She was amazed, she barely looked different, but at the same time she looked much more attractive. The few little touches he gave her, were just enough to bring out her natural beauty. “Let's clean up your hair a little.” He said as he ran through her hair with a wide toothed comb. He took a pair of scissors and trimmed a few odd ends, until her naturally bobbed hair was perfectly set. She was amazed at how much a few small changes had on her appearance. “With a look like that, I think you could easily give Susie a run for her money.”

“I do look good.” She said as she stood and stepped back to get a better look at herself in the mirror.

“Here, try these on while you're at it.” Stanley gave her a small pair of red sandals that looked much better then her big and dingy white tennis shoes. The sandals barely fit her, but they made her new look complete.

“Hey Stanley are you ready?” Henry called as he opened the door. “Hey, who's this?” He asked looking at Anne.

“It's Anne, she's in disguise.” Stanley told him proud of his work.

“What do you think?” Anne asked Henry.

“You look real good, maybe too good.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well looking that good, you're probably gonna draw too much attention.” Henry cautioned. “Grab your guitar and meet us in the living room Stanley.” Henry said as he left.

“Right.” Stanley answered. “Now that you look the part Anne, you should practice getting into character.” He said as he grabbed his guitar from a nearby corner and started for the living room. “For now just try doing your best Susie impersonation.”

“Sure.” She said smiling as he left the room. She looked at herself in the mirror. “Hello, I don't think we've met before, my name's Anne.” She tried to sound gentle and kind like Susie always did. Although she liked how feminine she looked, it seemed Susie was right, it didn't make her feel more like a woman. Well. She thought. At least I know I can look and sound just as nice as Susie does. I bet that little pervert Tom would probably drool over me now. She mused. It might be fun to tease him a little, for passing me over when he was ogling his other sisters. He's not practicing with the others right now. Why not pay him a visit and show him what his dirty little picture collection was missing? She smiled to herself as she made her way to his room.

She opened Tom’s door without knocking and stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips, trying to look like Susie. Tom was on his bed again, this time he was innocently reading a book. He looked up to see who was there. When he saw Anne, his book slipped out of his hands, he was so awestruck by the change. He could hear the other boys practicing their new song as he admired his beautiful sister.

"I thought I knew what I was looking for,
But it's like I've never seen this girl before.
The way she set her eyes on me,
She gave me a look I thought I'd never see.
From then I knew she was more than a friend,
I couldn't guess how this night would end.
I hand no way to tell what you would do,
That crazy moment when I saw you.
When I saw youuu, at the sceeene,
When I saw youuu, at the sceeene."

Anne closed the door behind her, gently muffling their song. “Hey Tom.” She said softly.

“Anne?” He asked breathlessly as if he couldn't believe it was really her.

She walked over to his bed and sat down facing him. “So, what do you think?” She asked with a smirk.

“You look incredible.” He sighed.

She leaned closer to Tom. “I'm glad you like it.” She said with a sultry look. “I did this just for you.” She lied with a smile.

“Really?” He asked amazed.

“Yeah.” She teased.

Just then he leaned in and gave her a kiss.

“Mmm?!” In that moment Anne was hit by storm of emotions. She was angry and shocked that her perverted little brother stole her first kiss. But there was something else, a tinge of arousal. He was holding onto her shoulders firmly as he kissed her full on the lips. Anne swooned, almost going limp. She felt delicate as he gripped her tightly, she felt desirable as the kiss became deeper and more humid. In that moment, she felt like a woman. Tom broke the kiss to breath. Ann was shaking a little, her heart was pounding and her body felt weak. That's it. She thought. I finally feel like a woman, because of that pervert Tom. She was just going to tease Tom, but now she wondered what she wanted to do. Tom would probably do anything with me if I asked. If a kiss felt that good, would doing something else feel better? I could try some, stuff, with him, if I wanted to. She looked at him seriously. “Don't you even care that I'm your sister?” She asked.

“It's taboo, of course. But the only true concern with incestuous relations, is the possibility of deformity in children that result from those relations.”

“So, would you do something like that, if you had the chance?”

“I think the question is, would you do something like that?” He said looking at her with a knowing smile. “I mean you are here to experiment in having an incestuous relationship with me, aren't you?”

Not even close. Anne thought. But it did feel nice. Well, I could try it and if I don't like it, I could always just stop. “Yeah, I wanna experiment.” She decided aloud.

Tom pulled her in for another humid, passionate kiss. “Oh Anne, it's astonishing that there are two individuals in this family who are willing to engage in clandestine incestuous liaisons.”

“Tom.” Anne huffed annoyed. “If you want to do this with me, you have to try to sound like a normal person.”

Don't worry Anne, I understand what you want from this. Tom thought. For you Anne, I'll be downright romantic. "Anything for you." He told her, cradling her in his arms and kissing her neck.

“Hahhh...” She sighed as he kissed his way down to the edge of her young breasts, caressing her teasingly. She was almost limp in his arms, her blood was running hot and her heart was beating fast. I can't stand it any more! She thought. “Tom!” She gabbed his shoulders and pushed him back. “I want you to make me a woman!”

He was dumbstruck by what he heard. “Anne! Do you know what you're saying!?”

“Yeah, I want, sex.” She admitted with a hot red face.

Tom couldn’t imagine that Anne would be willing to go that far. His heart was racing and he felt too nervous to say yes. “Anne, we can't try something like that, you might get pregnant.” He blurted out the only excuse he could think of.

Anne thought for a while, letting her amateur detective mind seek out a solution to her problem. Henry! She thought. “Stay here, I'll be right back.” She told him hopping off the bed and practically running out the door.

Tom sat nervously, wondering what Anne had in store for him. He felt strange, he finally had a chance to do the one thing he had obsessed over constantly since he hit puberty and now he felt too nervous to go through with it. Anne slipped back into his room quietly.

She walked up to him with something in her hands and showed him a small shiny square. “You know what this is right?”

“Yeah.” He answered shyly, recognizing the wrapper of a condom.

“Do you know how to use one?”

“Umm-hmm.” He nodded yes nervously.

She noticed how nervous he was, she decided to try to calm him down. “What's the matter Tom?” She asked gently as she sat on the bed next to him. “I know you wanna do this, are you nervous?”

“Yes...” He said with red cheeks, shying away from her.

She held his hand, again trying to sound the way she though a big sister should. “It's okay Tom, you're just worried because you've never done this, that's all.”


“Shhh... you're gonna be fine.” She said giving him a few gentle kisses on the face. As he tried to pull away, she nudged him down onto his pillow. He turned onto his back as Anne laid her athletic body on his more delicate counter part. “Touch me.” She commanded seductively. She forced a deep kiss on him as he reached beneath the hem of her dress with both hands and grabbed her shapely ass.

Tom was surprised, Anne's athletic backside was firm and barely yielded at all to his grip. He found her skin was as soft as her panties, while he tried to squeeze her firm cheeks in his gentle hands. Something about how fit her body was, was big turn on for him. He was nervous but the more he felt her, the more he wanted to feel her. His lust started to take over, as he felt her tongue begin to play in their kisses. He brought his hands up and grouped for her youthful breasts, in his small hands they were perfect handfuls.

Anne pulled away from the kiss and looked down on him as he massaged her. “Are you ready?” She asked softly.

“Yeah.” He panted hotly, his nerves now overcome by young lust.

“Alright.” She sighed. “You're the expert, how should we do this?”

He closed his eyes trying to think through the heat of his body. “The best position for a woman would be, for her to set herself on top of a man who's lying on his back, almost as if she was riding a horse. Of course most people don't do that for a wide range of reasons.”

“We can't get hurt like that, right?” She asked.

“Not that I know of.”

“Perfect, put that thing on and let's do this.” She huffed shifting to her side as she took off her panties.

Tom pulled his pants and underwear down just enough to let his hard and ready penis out, he tried to ignore Anne as she stared at it. He unwrapped the condom, rolled about an inch out and squeezed it between his fingers making sure there was no air in the space. He pulled back his foreskin, pressed the condom to his tip and rolled it down carefully. Anne watched nervously as he moved his penis back and forth, making sure the condom rolled all the way down his length. “Okay Anne.” He said nervously. “I'm ready.”

Anne felt anxious as she straddled her brother, but she also felt an odd sense of modesty since they both had on some clothing. The fact that they weren't completely naked, made what they were about to do, feel a little less embarrassing to her. She shuffled on her knees, over his waist and gently began to sit down. Her aim was perfect, she felt his tip spread her vulva and slip into the small, hot space within her. “It's perfect!” She sighed sounding more gentle then she had ever sounded before. Her heart was pounding and her breath was hot. This is it, this is what it feels like to be a woman! She thought as she enjoyed the feel of being filled completely between her legs. “Tom, you're so big.” She panted.

“I'm not, it's just the position you're in.” He sighed enjoying her warmth. “Folding your legs up makes your vagina shorter and bringing your thighs closer together will make it narrower.”

“What if I laid on top of you?” She asked as she swayed her hips around as if she was trying to stir herself with his rock hard member.

“Mmmh, it wouldn't go as deep inside, but you would be able to rub your clitoris on me.” He enjoyed the gentle squeezes her inner muscles gave him, as she shifted from side to side and played her hips back and forth. Just as he was beginning to wish he could feel more of her, she put her hands down by her sides, lifted herself up slightly and dropped down. “Hah...” He sighed as he felt a warm supple squeeze, stroke his shaft.

“That felt good Tom, am I doing it right?”

“Whatever feels good to you is probably fine, as long as you don't hurt me.”

“I'll be careful!” She panted as she started bouncing up and down on him.

“Haaa...” He enjoyed her constant hot bouncing as he held on to her tight smooth ass.

Anne on the other hand, felt strange. She had no experience with sex at all and although she enjoyed the constant prodding her inner space was getting, her whole body was starting to feel tense. She felt like her lower muscles needed to relax, but at the same time she absolutely did not want to stop and so she kept bouncing on him. If I don't like it I'll stop-if I don't like it I'll stop! She thought as she bounced on, ignoring the tension building within her.

Tom was feeling good, but not good enough, at some point he realized he wouldn't feel any better than he was already feeling. These latex condoms are too thick! He thought in a pleasure filled huff. It's preventing me from receiving more stimulation. I suppose that's good for Anne, she can enjoy herself all she wants. But I don't think I'll be able to finish with this thing on. His thoughts were distracted by the anxious look on Anne’s face. He could feel her muscles gripping his member tightly, as she held a look in her eyes as if she was going to cry.

She began pounding down on him as fast as she could. “Huh, huh, huh-ooohhh!” She sang out the sweetest note he had ever heard from her. “Huh, huh, hummm!” Her chest heaved up and down with her breathing, as she panted in an almost graceful way. “Hmm... hmm... hmm…”

“Already?!” Tom was surprised, knowing the gentle convulsions he felt around his penis, had been Anne reaching her very first orgasm.

“I never thought sex could feel so incredible. I feel so sensitive all over, like a real woman.” Anne said partly to herself. “I feel just like a woman.” She leaned forward and slid her legs back until she was laying on top of her brother. “...Alright... one more time.” She shivered.

“Aren't you very sensitive right now?” Tom asked, surprised she didn’t want to rest.

“I am, but I can do it, just one more time.” She huffed as she started rubbing herself against him.

Their clothing gave each push an oddly enjoyable sensation, as they felt the caresses of soft cotton against their chests. Maybe it was the angle or maybe the fact that Anne had started kissing him passionately, but Tom was feeling much more pleasure than before. He caressed her smooth legs and firm ass, as she pushed herself back and forth against him. The new position put more pressure on his shaft. Every hot stroke from her supple folds felt firmer and much more teasing. Tom started to feel the tension building in his penis. He tried with all his might to push into Anne as she ground her pelvis against his.

Anne was moving herself as fast as she could, enjoying the rub of her clit, against his hot sweaty pelvis. She felt amazing, being teased on the inside and outside at the same time was enthralling. She could already feel the tension building in her body again. She enjoyed her brother squirming below her, trying to meet her hips half-way with every push.

As he gripped her tighter, they steadily moved faster and faster. The two were moving in harmony with one another, as they struggled to keep up their frenetic pace. They stared in each others eyes as they felt their shared tension reach it's breaking point. “Umm, hummm, huhh!” Anne sounded oddly graceful as she reached her second orgasm. This one was very different from the last, for a few brief moments, she felt a hot spritz of liquid from herself with each pulse of her muscles. Thought it only lasted a few seconds, it left her body tingling from the experience. She let herself go limp on top of her brother. “Hmm, mmm, oh Tom...” She sighed gently, embarrassed with herself. “I, think I peed a little…”

“No, you didn't.” He huffed for air, having gone through his own intense orgasm along with her. “You, ejaculated, it's rare for girls, but it happens.” He pushed against her hips and pulled himself out of her sweltering inner space.

“Aww...” Anne sighed playfully. “Can't you leave it in, just for a little while?”

“I want to, but I have to take it out.” Tom told her. “Condoms can leak when the male loses his erection.”

“Oh, well maybe I should get off you while we're at it.” She said rolling onto her back. Anne relaxed with ease, as she considered what they had done. For some reason she wasn't bothered much by what she did with him. I guess a woman can be just as much of a pervert as a man. I'm glad I'm like Tom though, if I wasn't, I would never have found out how it feels to be a woman.

“That was amazing Anne, thank you so much.” A satisfied Tom told her as he finally caught his breath.

“If you stop spying on your other sisters, I might just let you do it again.” Anne said, as if having sex wasn't her idea.

“I promise, I'll never spy on them again.”

“Good.” She said slipping her panties back on and getting out of bed. “I don't know about you, but I'm starving, I'm gonna see if Susie finished cooking dinner.” Anne was feeling very good, her doubts about her femininity had vanished and for the first time in a while, she felt like she could just be herself.

Days later, the Chan clan found themselves scattered around town. They were trying to help their father track down different angles of an overnight bank heist, that left a time locked safe completely empty.

Henry and Stanley were in the family van watching the movement's of the bank manager, convinced the heist was an inside job. “Hey Stanley.” Henry asked quietly from the driver seat. “I'm um, missing a few condoms and I was wondering if you took them.”

“No, I would never steal anything from you.” He said with his hands up.

“I'm not angry, if you needed some protection, it's no problem.” He assured. “I just wanna know what happened to them.”

“Well, it's not me, I don't even have a girl right now.” Stanley said sincerely. “Hey, you don't think it was Susie, do you?”

“No, and even if I did, I definitely wouldn't ask her. If I'm wrong she'd probably tell dad I'm fooling around. Besides you, I was thinking Allen or maybe even Flip.”

“What about Anne or Tom?”

“Are you serious?” He gave Stanley an unimpressed look. “Those two barely have friends and they hardly ever spend time away from the family. Forget I asked, I'll figure this out on my own.” He said shaking his head in disappointment.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Susie, Allen, Anne and Tom were staking out the house of one of the bank’s tellers, convinced they would be moving some of the items stolen from the safe, very soon.

“All right Anne, Tom, did you two find a good spot to watch the back of the house?” Allen asked from the radio in his watch.

“Yeah, no one will see us with all these trees in the lot behind it.” Anne answered from her watch.

“Good, Susie and I are already watching the front, check in if you see anything.”

“Got it.”

Tom and Anne were lounging on the smooth low branches of a sprawling tree. “So, you think this is gonna take a while?” Anne asked reclining on the oddly shaped branch she found.

Tom was sitting comfortably on the lowest branch. “Being that he's only just arrived, we can assume his accomplices will be along much later.”

“Hmm, You know I got a way we can pass the time, if you up for it.” Anne said confidently with a smile.

“How's that?” He asked turning to her.

“I think you know how.” She said, holding up one of the condoms she had taken from Henry.

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