the belcher's sexy adventure

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Disclaimer: this is a fanfic. i don't own Bob's Burgers or any of these characters and I make no money from this story. this an act of sexual content.

Chapter 1:the Juice Combust.

So... you all want to have sex? Bluntly, Finally, somebody said it. Louise is starting to be exposed as a hold-up. Tina said, "What if we get caught?" Live a little, Tina. Tammy said, discarding her shirt. Ya, Tina Zeke said she was clutching Jimmy Jr. while half-naked. 

Well, okay, I suppose if every other person is doing it. Gene and Louise are Too young for this Tina asked if we're very young. Zeke answered. Jay Ju, I suppose this is the most evident opening to let you know since I'm over you half exposed, I'm bisexual and I love you. Zeke Confessed Wow, Zeke, I didn't know how you felt along these lines. 

So are we doing this, Jay Ju? I, ahh, don't know. Reveal what you need. Jimmy Jr. "You are completely naked," Tammy said, "you do me first, then you let Zeke Fuck your ass."


I can live with that... he answered, meanwhile, Gene Louise Rudy Oh, what are you three doing? Oh, you are as of now stripped. Ahh, I'm okay with the sex part, but with one another? fine Ms Buzz Kill Rudy and come here. Louise said, "effectively exposed." 


As he walked over, he said, "Um, okay."Louise loosened Rudy's jeans, revealing his dick, making Louise's mouth water. Louise had obtained an epithet on Rudy's manhood and initiated to jerk it, making the child moan in pleasure. Louise couldn't believe it. She was wielding "Louise, we shouldn't do this," grunted Rudy while Louise touched his balls. 


"Other than Rudy," continued with the horny youngster slanting in close to the dick in her grip, "doing this will feel extraordinary."Louise took in the smell of Rudy's dick before giving the head a light kiss; the taste assaulted the teenagers' senses on a very basic level, making her mind run clear with want. Rudy moan riotously as he felt Louise's tongue move wherever on his Dick as her head ricocheted to a great extent as she brought his dick into her mouth and began to suck on it with excitement.

After two or three minutes of sucking Rudy's dick, Louise evicted it from her mouth, lifted it, and began to tongue and suck on his balls, making Rudy moan and groan significantly more. Soon it became too much satisfaction for the child. 


Louise, I'm going to cum, "he shouted unobtrusively, so nobody would hear. Just before Rudy started shooting, the horny youngster pointed the dick at her face, and his cum burst out of his Dick, and more than a couple of shots of cum clung to the young woman, some on her forehead, cheeks, mouth and catch. Louise then licked her lips, brought a bit of the cum that verified it into her mouth, and swallowed it. "Kind of salty," she said, getting together some more and setting it in her mouth, "anyway, very yummy."


Rudy's dick began to go limp after he came anyway, watching his classmate scooping his cum into her mouth and swallowing it, causing him to be hard again. Louise quickly took the hardening dick into her mouth and started to tidy it up, sucking up any cum that still clung to it before setting down on her back and spreading her legs, giving Rudy a sensible viewpoint of her wet exposed cunt. 


"Get down here and eat me," advised the horny youngster, approaching her and spreading her pussy so Rudy could see inside.


out the anteroom to guarantee no one could hear them. Not holding up, twice, Rudy got down on his knees and put his face straight up to Louise's sprinkling wet hole. The smell was intoxicating, but then so inviting, 


"Please Rudy, eat me," asked Louise, "please lick my pussy". 


When Louise felt Rudy's tongue continue running along with her cut, she yelled delicately, "My God," as Rudy continued licking her pussy. "Don't stop, sympathetically don't stop," Louise began to pound her little chest and shake her hips to meet Rudy's licks.




Rudy saw her clit punched out and used it to bliss Louise. 


Louise's psyche exploded. Her classmate sucked on her clit, sending an over-weight of delight coursing through her body to her cerebrum, and without recognizing it, she squirted straightforwardly into Rudy's face, sprinkling it in her pussy juices. Rudy was stunned by the squirt and got some in his mouth, yet he valued the taste, so he came back to lick up some more. "


Rudy please," moaned Louise, "that's incredible. I need your dick in me now. If it's not all that much of an issue, Fuck me". She began to slide down his body before he could fight, bringing his manliness into her hot, wet mouth.




Rudy's pleasured cry resonated through the room as he back-calculated again. kicking his hips hard, pushing his throbbing dick increasingly into Louise's mouth, moaning around his thumping Cock. Rudy tilted her head so Louise could see her cheek expanding out while she stroked the base of his manliness with one hand, giving the other a chance to pursue the durabilities of his chest and paunch.

Rudy exclaimed as his darling's tongue touched every part of his Dick that it could, feeling him throb against her tongue beginning now. Louise mumbled at the sensation, sending glad vibrations along his length and reverberating through his groin. 


Starting to taste his Ceva, Louise, by then, pulled away, displacing her mouth with her hand, stroking him easily to keep his approach to manageable top steady before she superseded her hand with her chest, moaning as her darling's throbbing Dick disappeared between them.

 leaving only the crying head before she understood Rudy was basic seconds from the top by the animating of his breathing and how much Ceva was flooding out, covering and warming her chest, mumbling at the sensation Louise took the forerunner of her playmate's Cock in her mouth, sucking hard as she siphoned her chests along with his Cock, causing his pinnacle to immediately close.


Exclaiming out her name, Louise calculated his back to the degree that it could push a more prominent measure of his dick between her superb chest and mouth as he purged where it tallies in her throat, mumbling around his Cock head while he released his heavenly seed in thick spurting streams. Louise enthusiastically swallowed all that he gave her. She would never admit to anyone precisely how much sexual satisfaction she got from drinking Rudy's cume.


Keeping her lips squeezed together tight around the tip of Rudy's manliness, Louise kept sucking considerably after he had stopped spurting his addictive seed, displacing her chest with her hand again to agreeable stroke, guaranteeing she had gotten each drop of his release out of him.

When she finally removed her mouth from him, despite everything, she continued working him, running her tongue along with every single piece of him that it could reach while her hand worked the rest. Rudy heaved vivaciously as his chest replicated from exertion, making Louise essentially titter.


"I don't see you griping." The 11-year old smiled dirtily, taking a couple of jerks of his Harden Dick by and by into her mouth, giving it two or three, even more, hard sucks beforehand, coming back to licking Rudy let out a shuddering moan of fervour. 


Licking her lips at the significant thunder that escaped from Rudy's chest, Louise moved into her most adored position when she expected to unequivocally torment her playmate. Rudy turned so Louise could situate herself laying in a pretty much sixty-nine position, her stomach zone laying on Rudy's stomach region while her lower body lay on the cold floor by his stomach region, absolutely inaccessible in his restricted state. 


In every way that matters, she is prepared to hear her darling's disappointment as he fights more tenaciously against the ice ties on his wrists."Louise," Rudy said, as his fights incapacitated understanding that there was no way to show signs of improvement halfway since she had started, smiling around his Cock as she felt him yield and slack up. Louise came down to hold his balls as she sucked a lot harder. 


Since he had freed and empowered himself to acknowledge Louise's mouth on him, Rudy didn't last long, spilling cumin onto Louise's tongue after a few minutes before cumming hard again in a matter of seconds, filling her mouth with his second hot burden, which Louise swallowed vigorously, gulping down each spurt of Rudy's seed. Do you want some of Gene's questions? Eww, she began to say as Gene loosened his jeans, revealing his titanic part...

Beneficent My God, you're more critical than Darrel. 

I, ahh, need this, the blondie said, licking her lips. 

Gene laid on his back as Jozzline 

moved her head over his hard-on. In an alert, she licked her lips in an alert, yet in the meantime, please. She reliably hacks down her head and brings the shaft into her mouth. She licked around the best, by then sucking in two inches. She rubbed her eyes all over his Harding Dick, taking in more and more with each attestation.

Gene was discovered resting, completely unaware of how unusual she was. Her tongue scourged him as her sensitive lips wrapped emphatically around his manliness. "Gene, no helplessness about it," he moaned. Jozzline 

pulled off and scoured him with her hand. That was stunning

. She was cautious at how extraordinary she was up 'til now, found napping. Her tongue scourged him as her touchy lips wrapped relentlessly around his masculinity. "Gene, no vulnerability about it," He groaned. Jozzline pulled off and scoured him with her hand. That was a lot of fun, Jozzline laughed.

I'm gonna cum, right? Gene grins and embeds the beginning of now. Cuming dick in reality, into her mouth, taking the entire weight immediately. Gene groans in joy. 

I'd like to think I'm not pregnant, so I'll enable you to continue anyway on my backside. 

I'm happy that Gene addressed getting into a position to sink her Doggy Style Ass. 


While those two were enjoying themselves, the rest of the gathering began.

Louise Rudy, up 'til now. Recovering from their memorable events


Are we going to fuck Jimmy Jr. without a doubt? Tammy asked, "Lying in position, sure Tammy," he said, getting revealed. 

We ought to maintain a strategic distance from all that penis knead nonsense. I need you inside of me. By and by, No

complaints here. Jimmy Jr. said, removing his warriors. Furthermore, getting over Tammy is the top priority. Tammy had a hold of Jimmy Jr. and was set up to present the starting point of Cement Dick to her. She felt the tip go in and she was, in each utilitarian sense, another pinnacle starting now. "Fuck yes, Jimmy Jr!" Tammy said while she was still sorted out, taking each inch of Jimmy Jr. inside her, "My God, Jimmy Jr, you are so freaking gigantic! God, I was hoping for this day and now it's finally happening.

Goodness Fuck, I need to ride this Dick right now! " "'No weakness' Tammy!" Jimmy Jr. replied. "Take my dick up your wet, tight pussy! I have to feel me developing you like there is no Fucking tomorrow! " Tammy kept starting to ride Jimmy Jr., and with each push, Jimmy Jr. was ever closer to refining. She started riding, to some degree, faster and Jimmy Jr. started slapping her backside. With each push from Tammy, Jimmy Jr gave her a hard slap back.

The solution behind the reality is that you have been a recolored little prostitute, haven't you? " Jimmy Jr. asked as he slapped her can and everything considered, pulled her hair. Then, while seeing her cousin having an enormous time, Gwen started to get wet.

Quivers kept running up the enthusiastic spine. "Tammy moved her hand down between her legs and rummaged her wet cut. Her wet fingers weathered the folds of her pussy decision on her clit, making her moan. By some coincidence, her finger made hover over her clit, sending significances of satisfaction through the redhead. "Oh, my God, Jimmy Jr. I think I'm going to cum! " Tammy said. 

I need you to do it for me. Tammy Moaned. 

"Fuck Jimmy Jr., you are such a Fucking goliath! I don't respect how much all-out I can take! This is so stinking hot in any case, I needn't steam this to stop! "Tammy, your pussy is so Fucked uptight! I can barely contain myself! Fuck yes, I think I am going to cum! " 

"Decidedly fuck yes! I foresee that you will come for me! I imagine that you will help me! Siphon Me Stacked with Your CUM! " Jimmy Jr., by then, yanked Tammy's hair hard and sent a tremendous weight straight up into her pussy. 

Turn over now. I have to fuck your ass next. Give me a moment, please, she said, heezing from the beating you gave me. Sorry, was I  too severe with your pussy? He inquired, stumbling his Dick into her backside. Insert your pesto hardwood into me. All right, Jimmy Jr. held his firm with Dick and presented Tammy's Tight Ass "Oh, fuckFuck that causes harm."Sorry, I'll take it out." "No, don't. That felt staggering too.

Undoubtedly, please lie over me and fuck the Fuck out of me. " They looked at each other and kissed. Jimmy Jr. got into the tendency. Jimmy Jr. started hoisting his cock inside Tammy. "Ohh no inadequacy, Dweeb." Fucking My Tammy moved with the music. She disintegrated his legs over Jimmy Jr. for help while his arms were held around Jimmy Jr.'s neck. Gene adored it. He pounds speedily and harder into the tight opening. 

After a short time, Jozzline hopped on Jimmy Jr.'s fours with his opening. "Go."Gene jammed his cock inside Jozzline. His thick manliness was attempting to get out there. Jozzline let out a fragile holler. These minutes are varied in with both gratification and torment. Gene pounds him. Jimmy Jr. continued beating her.

With much turmoil going on and in Jimmy's state of animal requirement, he would like to continue with some more. Jimmy Jr. moaned about the state he was in now. "Ohhh, I'm cumming..." He came inside the pre-teen, flooding out the semen. 

Juice running down his face, Dylan hollered, beginning from the kitchen. 

Fuck As everyone draws up your clothes quickly put a bean pack over the cum stains. 

I figured it would stimulate her in case we got caught, Tina said, restoring her skirt. 

Howdy Ahh, Dylan The youngsters said, wheezing, "no chocolate today, kids." 

We didn't do that before, Louise said, heaving. 

I know it was you, "he said, closing the entryway." Let's finish this at my house, guys. My parents will be out of town all weekend. Tammy said.

The kids rode the rest of the train in silence. This is going to be a short series, 3-5 chapters tops. My


I have a little rule. 

I don't like the idea of anyone under the age of 11 screaming "fuck me" (in this case, that would be Louise). However,so in my story, everyone is aged up to 2 years, but she will leave hints here and there that she's done things before.once I finish my loud house story, which I'm going to write 2-3 chapters at a time later today, the loud sisters and other characters will be aged according to this rule, and so on for any cartoon universe, I use.  

say if there's a character in a show that's 7, I'll still use her. She'll just be 11, which means everyone will be aged up to 4 years to match, but that's where flashbacks will kick in. Those younger characters will be used later down the line, so older characters that age up to 4 years or so can still have their fun at 11-13. 

 I know the whole laws on this stuff are iffy and it's all fictional. I just don't feel right doing that.I know people are going to possibly ask for Louise X Logan stuff and I will do that, but...

i'll have to age her up to at least 14. Again, the idea of an 11-year-old being fucked by a 15+year-old is just weird to me. I don't think I'll get into any legal trouble if I add anything like that, but my story, my rules. So those of you who want a Logan X Louise chapter, you get one. They're just a little older. In my opinion, 14 is a good age. It's also the legal age of consent in some countries.


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