Fall of Kim possible

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"now what am I going to do with you?" lamented sheko with a satisfied smirk on her face as she eyed Kim, who was lying on the cold floor heaving and barely conscious. All her muscles twitching from pleasure and her body drenched in sweat as she was barely holding on to her consciousness. 


"hmph" sheko grunted as she thrust her hips into Kim's one final time. After all she knew that's all it would take to push this "heroine" over the edge. And she was right. "aaa...hnng...mm" 

Kim let out a moan as every muscle in her body seized in a wave of ecstacy and she slipped into unconsciousness, moments after which her limbs flopped to the ground. 


*****Several months ago*****


Kim was a super spy by night and a high school cheerleader by day. Her school life was typical, she had a few friends, and a bully/rival named bonnie. At night she stopped international supervillans, of which her rival whose plans she constantly had to stop was sheko. 


But one day her peaceful and exciting life was suddenly altered when she found out that bonnie was planning on cheating in a test and went to confront her in the girls locker after cheerleading practice. 



Bonnie had had a weird week. The last month she started noticing strange things happening around her. It started with funny dreams of snakes, then her dreams evolved and she saw herself in her dreams with a head full of snake like medusa. Then she noticed her hair growing really quickly. She would go to bed one night with a short trim but wake up the next day with hair down past her shoulder. Then she noticed that it was getting harder to cut her hair, even the trimmers and siccors would break as if her hair was made of steel. Then one day she noticed she was able to control her hair almost like tentacles. At first she was creeped out and even scared but today when she was worried about the chem test that was coming up tomorrow she noticed that a small strand of her cut hair had snuck into the teachers lounge and stolen the answers for her and left it in her locker while she was in gym class. 


Just when she was looking at the answers in disbelief, she heard Kim exclaim


"is that the answers to the chem test tomorrow?!" 


"so what is it is?" 


Bonnie retorted. She could never stand Kim, the stuck up bitch who acted like she was better than everyone. 


"Well you better return that and confess" 


"or what bitch, you gonna rat me out?!" 


"yeah if you give me no other choice" 

Kim replied as she grabbed the answer sheet out of Bonnie's hands and started to head out towards the teachers lounge. 


Furious bonnie grabbed at Kim but Kim expertly slapped her hand away and pushed her to the floor. 


"stop you bitch!" 

Bonnie's anger finally reached a boiling point and she felt a power surging through her uncontrollably and light started eminating from her hair. 


"What the?!.." Kim turned around when she saw the light. 



The next thing Kim could remember she was walking up in the nurses office at school. She couldn't remember what had happened. Last thing she remembered she was going to the locker to get changed after practice and apparently she had fainted and had to be brought here. Kim didn't feel any different apart from a bit of pain in her head and back. She decided to f forget it and go about her day as normal but little did she realise that this was the beginning of her downfall. 




Bonnie couldn't believe her eyes. In front of her was her rival Kim who she was just fighting with completely frozen mid sentence  like a stone statue. 


Not knowing what to do as her powers had just gone out of her control due to her rage, bonnie gathered her things and her answer sheet and quickly ran out of there. 


She spent the next week in her room trying to make sense of what had happened. Luckily she got news that Kim was fine and didn't remember anything from her friends in school. But she didn't want to go back to school until she was sure she knew what she was and how to control her powers. 


While she was researching she caught a lucky break as she came across the journals left behind by her great great grandmother. From her accounts bonnie learnt that she was decended from an ancient like of gorgon women. While not all descendants manifest their powers, once in a few generations a girl from her family manifests. This was long forgotten since it had been many generations since someone like her manifested. 


"Their powers involved steel like hair that they could control even at a distance, temporary petrification when others see the light emitted from the hair and a long term  seductive charm where others who see the light emitted from her hair would be charmed by her. People who are charmed slowly develop a lust for the gorgon that they are unable to control or quench on their own. The touch of the gorgon that affected them will provide them great pleasure and temporary relief from their lust but the more they give in to those list the stronger it will become until they ultimately lose their life. The only war to break this charm is to kill the gorgon."


As she read this a sinister smile appeared on her face. 


" this is going to be fun " she exclaimed as she laughed to herself imagining the many ways she can finally humiliate Kim. 




Kim hadn't noticed anything different initially but now 2 weeks after her fainting spell, even she couldn't deny that something was wrong. When she was alone it felt like there was something missing, and while she had never had any sexual thoughts, now a days her every waking age dreaming moment was filled worth lust filled thoughts. Stranger still the object of all these fantasies was bonnie! Bonnie! Of all people. 


Every time she saw bonnie at cheerleading practice in her short skirt, drenched with sweat beads rolling down her perfect bronzed skin along her perfectly proportioned body her heart started to race, her breathing became haggard and her legs started to feel weak. 


Trying to find what was causing this she came to her spy head quarters to get a complete diagnostic. After hours of grueling tests however it was concluded that nothing was wrong with her. 


As she was getting changed to hear back home however suddenly the intruder alarm started blaring. 




She quickly ran towards the side of the alarm. 




Sheko had planned this perfectly. She surveyed the spy head quarters for a month before deciding that tonight was the night to make her move to steal the quad serum collection. 


Sure picked the day when the security was the lightest and her rival Kim would not be present to virtually assure her success. 


Which is why she was surprised to see that Kim was the first agent to respond when the security alarm sounded. 


She grabbed the vials and called her glider. As the green wings of the ghost pulled alongside the building she made a jump for it. She managed to successfully grab onto the glider but just then she felt a pair of hands grab hold of her legs. It was Kim! She had jumped down with sheko that crazy bitch! 


Not all hope was lost, at least the both of them were gliding away from the compound and the other agents won't be able to follow them. All she had to do was shake off Karen. 



Sheko tried to kick Kim off but just then Kim pulled out a emp grenade and tossed it at the glider


At the grenade exploded the glider stalked and deposited the pair of them is the woods several miles from the compound. 




"give it up sheko. You know you can't beat me and I'm a few hours these woods will be swarming with agents" 


Sheko realised that her only choice now way to fight


She launched herself at Kim but Kim expertly deflected. However sheko herself was no stranger to hand to hand combat so she parried and got behind Kim and wrapped her arms around her neck to come her out. But Karen used her arms to block and Kim was definitely stronger. 


They both tripped and fell to the ground and Kim used that opening to reverse the grapple and put sheko in a choke hold. 


Sheko was quickly losing consciousness and it seemed like any struggle was fruitless. But just when it all seemed hopeless


"a.. u.. ng.. hhhh.. mmmm" 


Kim started moaning! In her struggle to break out sheko had grabbed onto Kim's breast. This took sheko by surprise. She quickly tried to figure out what was going on. 


The breast she felt in her grip was soft and plump but the nipple was rock hard! The more sheko moved and squeezed the more Kim seemed to moan. Her muscles under her breast were tense and Kim's choke hold seemed to be loosening. On closer inspection her hands seemed to be trembling! 


"no way!" 

"it can't be!" 


Sheko thought to herself. But she wasn't going to let this chance slip by. She expertly broke out of Kim's grapple and she manoeuvred herself behind Kim and wrapped one arm around her in a partial choke hold and with her other hands gently caressed Kim's left breast. 


From behind she had a clearer view of Kim and her suspicions, however absurd, were proven true. Kim's face was red and her breathing was uneven. The usually proud and cocky Kim was now squirming and moaning in sheko hands. 







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