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by George Glass

Summary: Lynn Loud has an exciting new hobby, and it involves her brother Lincoln—whether he likes it or not.

- - -

It was just after five o’clock on Saturday, and Lincoln was returning from the bathroom to his bedroom to get a little quiet comic-reading in before dinner time. At least, that was the plan the eleven-year-old had in mind as he walked down the hall past his various sisters’ rooms.

Wearing her usual red-and-white shorts and jersey, Lynn appeared in the doorway of her bedroom. She looked at Lincoln in a way that stopped him in his tracks, freezing him with her gaze like a cartoon cobra freezing its prey. At thirteen, she might have been only his fifth-oldest sister, but these days, there was no one in the family whom Lincoln found more intimidating.

“Hey, Linc,” the girl said, her tone casual yet subtly commanding. “Get in here.”

Lincoln paused, looking around nervously for anyone in the hallway who might see what was about to happen. There was no one. Then Lynn grabbed his upper arm, pulled him into her room, and shut the door.

“Uh, what’s up?” Lincoln asked, his voice quavering. Lynn smiled at him toothily.

“You are, in about half a minute, ‘cause I’m going for a new record. Now get ‘em off.”

“You know, I was actually about to-”

“C’mon, Lincoln, you know there’s nothing you’d rather be doing. Lose the pants.”

He knew he had only two choices: He could take off his jeans, or Lynn could pin him down and yank them off of him. The latter option was by far the less comfortable one. So, hesitantly, he unbuttoned his fly.

“Just hurry up and whip it out,” Lynn said impatiently. “Hell, I bet it’s already hard AF.”

Lincoln’s face flushed red, because even as he unzipped his fly, he could indeed feel his penis stiffening. He could practically feel Lynn’s eyes on the bulge in his tighty-whities when his pants fell to the floor.

“Yeah, there it is,” Lynn said, grinning sharkishly. “Now show it to me.”

Lincoln no longer saw any point in delaying the inevitable. Instead, he shoved his underpants down rapidly, just wanting to get the reveal over with.

“Ha-hah!” Lynn declared, watching Lincoln’s erect cock spring out and then bob from the violent motion. “Look at that baby jump out of your undies! Damn, you want this so bad. Now, get in position; time for Round One.”

They’d done this enough times that Lincoln knew exactly what his “position” was supposed to be. So he stepped out of his underwear and walked over to a spot at the edge of the room’s single throw rug, facing away from the door. Lynn came and knelt in front of him, grabbing his bare ass with both hands as though to remind him not to try to run away.

“Okay,” Lynn said, not even bothering to look up at Lincoln’s face but instead talking directly to his penis. “Let’s start with the warm-up.”

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, holding it as firmly as she would a football she was about to throw in a spiral pass. Then she started licking the head, slowly but deliberately, looking up at Lincoln’s face. He could see the smirk in her eyes when he involuntarily let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you, boyslut?” Lynn taunted. “I’m gonna get so much juice outta you today.”

She resumed her licking. Now she was more thorough, the tip of her tongue teasing the complete circumference of Lincoln’s glans, then the flat of her tongue running over every millimeter of his cockhead. When she was finished, she looked up at Lincoln.

“Time to get serious,” she said.

She opened her mouth wide, then closed her lips around the head of Lincoln’s cock, just shy of his glans. Slowly, she moved her head forward, her lips traveling partway down his length and then back up again. Lincoln couldn’t help but close his eyes at the deeply erotic sensation Lynn’s movement elicited. She looked up at him and chuckled before taking his cock out of her mouth, holding it as casually as a smoker with a cigar.

“Hah, one head-bob and you’re already halfway to Splooge City. I rule at this.”

Getting no response from Lincoln except a wide-eyed look of horniness mixed with fear, Lynn put his cock back in her mouth and continued bobbing her head. 

At first, she paced herself, maintaining a steady rhythm and degree of suction, ensuring that her lips passed over Lincoln’s glans on every single stroke to maximize the stimulation. And it was working; whereas Lynn’s movements remained consistent, Lincoln’s breathing grew faster and louder until he was nearly panting.

When Lincoln almost couldn’t stand it anymore—when he was at the point of breaking down and begging Lynn to go faster, however much he would humiliate himself by doing so—Lynn’s head-bobs sped up. 

Now she looked up at him as she blew him. She couldn’t speak, of course, but somehow the look in her eyes communicated her thoughts very clearly: C’mon, gimme that hot load. You know you need to.

Lincoln did need to. He needed to cum, and he needed to do it right now.

“Ah,” he moaned. “Ah! Ah! AH! AHHHHH!”

Lynn grabbed hold of the base of Lincoln’s cock with both hands, forcing him to stay in her mouth as he shot his load. The girl swallowed repeatedly and eagerly.

When Lincoln’s climax was over, Lynn released him from her mouth and licked her lips before swallowing down the last drops of her brother’s seed. Then she grinned at Lincoln triumphantly.

“Wow, that didn’t even take five minutes! You are one horny little bitchboy. Although, in your defense, I am crazy good at this.”

The first time Lynn had dragged Lincoln into her room and subjected him to this humiliating pleasure, Lincoln had asked at this point if Lynn was finished. Now he knew better than to ask.

She reached over to her side table, grabbed a sports bottle, and took a few swallows. Then she rose up from her knees and looked Lincoln in the eye.

“Time for Round Two.”

It wasn’t a command per se, but it didn’t have to be, because Lincoln already knew what Lynn expected from him. He went over and lay down on Lynn’s bed, scootching toward the head so that there would be room for Lynn at the foot.

“Now spread ‘em,” Lynn commanded.

Lincoln opened his slim legs, and Lynn lay down between them, her head hovering above his crotch. He could feel her hot breath on his penis, and of its own volition, it started to harden again.

“Yeah, that’s my little slut,” Lynn said. “You can’t wait to get your dick in my mouth again, can you?”

There was no right answer to this question, and Lincoln knew Lynn wasn’t really expecting an answer anyway, so he remained silent.

Lynn parted her lips and took the entirety of Lincoln’s mostly flaccid member into her mouth. She suckled it rhythmically, letting it grow longer and harder in her mouth. It didn’t even take a minute for Lincoln to get fully hard again.

“All right,” Lynn said, releasing him from her mouth but taking hold of his cock by the base. “Let’s do this for real.” She cupped Lincoln’s balls in her other hand as she added, “Mama needs her protein.”

This time, she went straight to the head-bobbing, although she started slow as she had before and sped up only very gradually. Lincoln lay there passively, eyes closed, trying to imagine that it was someone other than his sister doing this to him so that he could cum and get this over with, or at least get closer to getting it over with.

Even though Lincoln was imagining his cock in the mouth of Paige, the blonde girl from the arcade whom he’d been crushing on for a while, it took him more than ten minutes to even get close to his climax. He reached down and imagined that it was Paige’s braided hair he was touching as he moaned.


When that final cry reached the peak of pitch, Lynn forced her head down and took Lincoln’s cockhead in the back of her throat so that his cum jetted straight down it. She squeezed his balls gently and rhythmically as if milking him, even as she swallowed again and again until the last drop of his semen had gone down her throat. Only then did she release him from her mouth.

“Ahhhhh,” she said, like she’d just taken a refreshing swig of her favorite sports drink. “Another Lincoln-load down the hatch. Now, sit your skinny ass up and take your position for Round Three.”

“Lynn,” Lincoln said, panting, “can I… just rest… for a min-”

“No!” the girl interrupted. “I’m in the zone here. Taking a break will throw me off. Now get up and get hard.”

Lincoln could only manage to fulfill half of Lynn’s request. He managed to move to the edge of the bed and sit up, but his cock was utterly flaccid when Lynn dropped to her knees in front of him. She eyed his limp dick with a frown.

“Hmm,” she said. “Guess it’s time to put some more players on the field.”

She grabbed the hem of her red-and-white sports jersey and pulled the garment up and off. Then her fingers hooked the bottom edge of her gray training bra and pulled that off, too—giving Lincoln an eyeful of her very small but perky little freckled breasts with their conical, pale-pink nipples. Lincoln felt his dick start to get hard again.

“Yeah, there we go,” Lynn said, watching her brother’s cock rise. “I know how much you love to look at titties, even your sister’s.”

She put her hands under her little breasts, showing them off to Lincoln. The boy couldn’t help but stare.

“Daaaamn,” Lynn said with a grin. “If these featherweight tits get you going, I can’t wait to see what your dick’ll do when I’m sporting a couple of bantams. I wonder if Lori or Leni ever notice you looking at theirs? ‘Cause I’ve seen you do it, a bunch of times. I bet they’d freak if I told them.”

“No!” Lincoln cried. “Please don’t!”

“Oh, chill out. Your secret’s safe with me…as long as you keep cooperating.”

Lincoln’s cock had stirred at the sight of Lynn’s breasts, but her subsequent threat had scared him soft again. Now, Lynn put her hand on Lincoln’s cock and started stroking it. After several seconds of this, it showed no sign of hardening.

“C’mon,” Lynn griped. “You got hard again way faster for the last Round Three.”

“It’s not like I can control it,” Lincoln protested.

Lynn eyed him accusingly. “Hey, you’d better not be jerking off between our sessions! You know you’re not allowed to. All your boy-juice is for me, not your dirty socks.”

“No, I haven’t been, I swear!” Lincoln cried. “I just need a minute, that’s all.”

She smiled at him wickedly and said, “Bet I can make it less than a minute.”

Lynn closed her mouth around Lincoln’s limp cock and swirled her tongue around it again and again. As she did this, she put her hands on her little breasts and massaged them, making sure Lincoln could see. Between that relentless tongue and the sight of Lynn’s fingers squeezing and rubbing her small boobs, Lincoln felt his cock go hard again. Lynn released him from her mouth and looked up at him with a triumphant grin.

“That’s my little slutboy! I’m gonna get so much juice out of you today, you’re gonna have to drink your weight in water so you don’t just dry up and blow away.

“But,” she added slyly, “just to make sure you’re good and ready…”

With one hand, she lifted up his hard cock to expose his balls. Then she began to tongue them gently. A sigh escaped Lincoln’s lips, making her snicker before she continued licking.

“C’mon, Linky,” she said between licks, “fill these up for me. It feels better for you when you shoot a big load, I can tell.”

She opened her mouth wider and took his balls inside, massaging them with the length of her tongue inside her mouth.

In his mind, Lincoln had switched gears and was now imagining that it was Ronnie Anne giving his balls this oh-so-pleasurable treatment. He felt his cock get harder in her hand, and she released his balls from her mouth.

“There we go,” she said, the sound of Lynn’s voice interrupting his fantasy of Ronnie Anne. “Now, let’s get to work.”

She put his cock back in her mouth and once again started bobbing her head. From their previous sessions, she seemed to have learned how to choose the right pace: fast enough to move him toward orgasm, but slow enough to keep from overstimulating him and ruining her progress.

Lincoln closed his eyes and tried to imagine it was Ronnie Anne doing this to him. But now and then, he couldn’t help but open his eyes for a moment to look at Lynn’s little breasts, which jiggled slightly as she blew him. So far, Lynn was the only girl who’d ever been willing to show Lincoln her boobs, and much as it shamed him, he liked looking at them.

Again, Lynn sped up gradually, but she took it even slower this time, her lips sliding up and down the length of his cock for minute after minute after minute. The girl’s stamina was borderline-inhuman.

He again opened his eyes to look down at her tits—and found her looking up at him. He nearly panicked, then started to actually panic when she released his cock from her mouth and grabbed his wrists.

Then she put his hands right on her little breasts.

“Go on,” she said breathlessly. “Feel ‘em. Squeeze ‘em. I know you want to.”

She put his cock back in her mouth and resumed bobbing her head. Seemingly of their own volition, Lincoln’s hands squeezed and fondled and explored Lynn’s small, soft, pliant breasts for the first time.

Lynn sped up her bobbing to the point that her brunette head was nearly a blur. And that, plus the feel of her firm little breasts in his hands, was more pleasure than Lincoln could handle.

“Ahhhh,” he moaned. “Ah! Ah!” Then he clenched his teeth in a desperate attempt not to make a racket as he cried “NnnnnNNNGGGGGHHH!”

Lynn threw her arms around Lincoln’s waist as though to keep him in place as she swallowed and swallowed his load. The loud gulping sounds that issued from the girl’s throat just made Lincoln’s orgasm that much more intense.

When it was over, Lincoln felt literally drained. Lynn sucked the last of the cum from his body, then sat back and grinned at him open-mouthed as she caught her breath.

“Yeah-heah,” she said triumphantly. “You came something fierce! You looooove my little titties, don’t you?”

Seeing that Lincoln was too out of breath to answer, Lynn said smugly, “Wow, I did all the work, and I still recovered faster than you.”

“Y- Yeah,” Lincoln panted in an effort to appease her. “So…are we…done…now?”

“Done?” Lynn replied in apparent disbelief. “No way!”

“But,” Lincoln gasped, “but I-”

“Damn it, Lincoln, I didn’t drag you in here to tie my record. Now hurry up and get hard again.”

Lincoln’s eyes widened. “Lynn, I, I can’t. You already- I mean, I already-”

“Can’t?” Lynn replied. “’course you can. You just need motivation.”

Lynn stood up, then turned away from Lincoln and bent over, pushing down both her red athletic shorts and her plain gray sports undies as she did so. Suddenly, Lincoln had a full view of his sister’s freckled ass and wet, as-yet hairless pink pussy.

“Bet you’ve never seen one of these in real life,” Lynn said. “Not up close, I mean.”

Lincoln had, of course, seen vaginas before—when you had ten sisters, including a toddler who enjoyed being naked, it was impossible not to catch a glimpse of one once in a while. But indeed, he never gotten such a good look at one, or seen one that was shiny-wet like his sister’s was now.

Lynn looked back at him, then reached a hand back between her thighs to pull her pussy open with her fingers, exposing the little hole between the folds.

“I bet you’d like to stick that dick of yours in here, wouldn’t you, perv?” she taunted. “You wouldn’t even care that it’s your sister, as long as you got into this wet, virgin pussy.”

Against his will, Lincoln felt his cock twitch, both at the sight of Lynn’s pussy and the thoughts she was putting into his head.

“Maybe,” Lynn continued, straightening up, “the next time we go for a new record, I’ll let you put it in and take a few pumps to warm up before we get down to business.”

Lincoln’s cock was definitely stiffening now. Lynn turned around and looked him in the eye as she finished, “You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Getting to fuck, even a little?”

“I- The- It-” Lincoln stammered.

“Relax, Linc, you don’t have to answer.” She looked down at his hardening cock and smugly added, “Not with words, anyway. Now get up on Lucy’s dresser.”

Lincoln thought this was a bizarre request. But Lynn was a consummate athlete, and this was probably part of some strategy of hers. So Lincoln went over to Lucy’s dresser—whose mirror was covered over by a piece of black velvet, as the young vampire fan didn’t like being constantly reminded that she had a reflection—and awkwardly hopped up onto it. The wood beneath his naked ass was cool but warmed up quickly.

“This way,” Lynn said, “you can look at my tits from the front, and also see my ass in the mirror.”

Lincoln looked across at the mirror above Lynn’s dresser, and indeed, he could see almost all of Lynn—who was now fully naked except for her red sneakers—from behind.

Lynn squatted just enough to put her head at the height of Lincoln’s crotch. Then she took the base of his cock in her hand and licked her tongue all up and down his shaft and head until his member had gone fully stiff.

“I knew you had it in you,” Lynn said. “Now, just keep thinking about my pussy.” She reached back and caressed her ass—which Lincoln could see clearly in the mirror—as she added, “Think about putting your cock in there. Sliding it all the way in there. It’s so hot and tight inside, I know you’d love it.”

She put one hand on his cock and stroked him slowly. “What if I let you take more than just a few pumps, huh? What if I let you really fuck me?”

Lynn straightened up and put her lips close to his ear. “I bet, if I lay down on my bed and spread my legs right now, you’d fucking jump on top of me and shove this dick inside me and just pump and pump for as long as I let you. You wouldn’t even be able to help yourself. You wouldn’t care that you were fucking your own sister’s pussy, would you, you perv?”

She didn’t wait for an answer before she bent down, took his cock into her mouth again, and began slowly bobbing her head as before.

It was almost over. Lincoln needed only to cum one more time, and then he would be off the hook, at least for a while. So he closed his eyes and conjured up his favorite and most elaborate sexual fantasy. 

Ms. DiMartino, subbing for Coach Pacowski in gym class and wearing those flattering white shorts, had just dismissed Lincoln’s classmates but kept him behind. She brought him into the wrestling room, locked the door, and seduced him, slowly stripping off her clothes and pulling him down with her onto the padded floor. After a great deal of kissing, and Lincoln extensively fondling the hot teacher’s perky boobs, she got on her hands and knees in front of him and invited him to put his cock inside her.

Lincoln imagined himself getting on his knees behind Ms. DiMartino and putting his hands on her bare, perfect ass. Then he imagined what it would feel like to slide his oh-so-hard cock into his teacher’s hot, wet, waiting pussy.

But as he imagined pushing his length inside her and then beginning to push in and out, Ms. DiMartino’s perfect, tan-skinned ass was suddenly replaced by Lynn’s white, freckled one. And now it was her voice he heard moaning softly as he pumped.

“Yeahhhhh…” she breathed. “Fuck me Lincoln…Fuck your sister’s tight little pussy…”

He tried to clear his mind of the unwanted image. Maybe he’d made a mistake in choosing a fantasy set in the school gym—a locale that was as strongly associated with his athletic sister as it was with his hot substitute teacher.

As Lynn continued bobbing her head on his cock, Lincoln reset his fantasy, picturing Ms. DiMartino in his bedroom instead. This time, she was on top of him, straddling his thighs as she impaled herself on his cock again and again. He reached up and fondled her firm little breasts as he gazed at her gorgeous face.

“You like this, don’t you?” she said. Her Latin-accented voice had the rich mellowness of womanhood.

“Yeah,” he sighed in his mind. “You’re so beautiful…”

Lynn picked up the pace of her head-bobbing, and Lincoln imagined Ms. DiMartino riding him faster.

“Oh, yeah,” she said—her accent gone, her voice higher. “You definitely like this.”

And now it was Lynn on top of him, riding him, her muscular ass landing hard on his hips as she forced him into her again and again. His hands were still in the same place, but now they squeezed and fondled Lynn’s little freckled boobs as they had done for real earlier, the experience having made Lincoln’s fantasy of his sister much more vivid than that of his unattainable teacher.

As real-world Lynn bobbed her head faster, mind’s-eye Lynn rode him harder.

“That’s it, little bro,” she said, breathing the words in time with her increasingly powerful downward thrusts. “Just lie there and get fucked. Big sister owns you now.”

No, Lincoln thought desperately. This can’t be what I really want. I want to do this with Paige or Ronnie Anne or Ms. DiMartino or literally anyone but Lynn.

Now Lincoln was at war with himself. He needed to cum so that this would end. But if he came now, it would be like admitting that he actually wanted to have sex with Lynn. And then everything she’d said about him during these sessions—that he was nothing more than a horny boy-slut who would fuck his own sister if he could—would be proven true, and Lincoln would never be able to look at himself in the mirror again.

No, he thought, I’m not going to do it. I’m going to get off this dresser and tell Lynn right to her face that I’m never going to do this again, I don’t care what she tells Lori and Leni or how bad she beats me up, I’m going to-

Suddenly, a sort of half-swallowing, half-gagging sound issued from Lynn’s throat, and then Lincoln felt something tight and hot around his shaft as his sister’s forehead pressed against his pubis and her chin against his balls. She swallowed again and again, and each time the stimulation along his cocklength was like no pleasure Lincoln had ever experienced before. And then he realized that she had swallowed his cock down her throat, and he slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from screaming as he came and came, knowing that he was shooting his load straight down her throat and into his stomach, and that thought made him cum even harder.

When it was over, Lynn released his cock, slick and glistening, from her mouth. She took one last, long swallow, then stood up.

“New record!” the naked teen cried, pumping her fist. Then she grinned at Lincoln. “I knew you had it in you, you little perv. You just needed the right inspiration from your hot big sister.”

She snatched her gray sports panties up from the floor and pulled them on as she said, “Now get outta here. Now that I’ve got some liquid protein in me, I wanna do some lunges before dinner.” Then she belched and laughed.

Lincoln said nothing and thought nothing. He just retrieved his pants and underwear, pulled them on, and headed to the bedroom door. He had just put his hand on the knob when Lynn spoke.

“Remember,” she said, “no jerking off. Next weekend, we go for a new record.”

Lincoln left.

- - -

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