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Lincoln yawned and stretched before opening his eyes and staring at the blue box floating in front of his eyes.


You have slept in a bed, all status effects have been removed and all physical stats restored to 100%.


He didn’t even hesitate to reach up and click the X in the upper right corner to dismiss it.


“Well, either my life has become a video game or Lisa is pulling a prank on me,” Lincoln said addressing the readers, ”and it’s less likely that Lisa is pulling a prank, though I suppose Luan could have bribed her.”


For thinking things through gain +1 INT.


“Cool,” the white haired boy said with a grin, hoping this was real because being able to raise stats was a lot easier in games than real life. “Actually, it’s probably easier in real life, but since it raises in fractions and we don’t have a convenient stat sheet it’s hard to motivate yourself to change something you could never see.”


For showing a deep understanding of human nature gain +1 Wis.


“Stats,” Lincoln requested and examined the page that opened in front of him.


Lincoln Loud

Age 11








“I don’t know if these stats are good or bad,” Lincoln said as he looked them over, “but that does mean the +1 to intelligence and wisdom was a big boost and the best thing about RPG’s is being able to raise stats to ridiculous amounts through grinding. Seems kinda bare though, I’m not seeing a health or stamina bar at all, much less mana or… psychic points or something.”


Health and Stamina bars unlocked, mana and psychic stats locked until certain conditions are met.


“Eighty stamina and seventy health,” he read off. “None of this is going to make sense until I get some experience with what these numbers mean, but they look pretty good for starting stats. How do I unlock mana and psychic stats?”


Certain conditions must be met to unlock additional features.


“Can you tell me what they are?”


The MC must discover unlock conditions on his own.


“That’s fair,” he decided, “while I’d love to have a walkthrough manual it does ruin the fun of a game. Can I get a level indicator and XP bar?”


Level and XP are not available stats.


What kind of game doesn’t have level and XP?” Lincoln asked himself.


He waited but there was no response.


“I’m not really sure what I expected there, since I seem to have to discover all the answers myself, but lets try throwing out commands and see what I can find out.”


Ten minutes later


“Okay, no inventory, but I got a character doll for quick change and equip. Pause works, but I can’t change anything while paused and I jump back to where I was when I unpause, and my skill list is massive which really isn’t that surprising,” he listed off. “Save and Load work, but I only have one save file.”


His alarm went off and he reached out and shut it off. “Time to get up. It’s the first day of summer and me and Clyde plan on hitting the arcade early as it’s six tokens per dollar today.”


He quickly snatched up his shower bag and towel before venturing out into the hall and joining the line for the bathroom.


“You’re unusually alert for this early in the morning,” Lisa noted from in front of him, the little genius looking adorable in her rumpled onesie.


“Me and Clyde are going to hit the arcade,” he explained.


Lisa nodded. “Elevated serotonin levels from those skinner box derived games would explain it.”


“Morning twerp,” Lori said with a yawn as she got in line behind him.


“Morning Lori,” he automatically replied as Luna exited the bathroom and the line moved forward. A thought occurred to him as Leni joined them. “Hey, Lori? Since you are the oldest and most responsible, don’t you think mom and dad would let you use their bathroom to ease up on the congestion up here?”


“I hadn’t thought of that,” she said thoughtfully. “I think I’ll go ask. If this works out I’ll owe you one.”


+5 Affection Lori Loud, +1 minor favor with Lori Loud.


“Morning Lincy,” Leni said as she took Lori’s place in line. “Sleep well?”


“Very well,” Lincoln agreed. “Why do you ask?”


“Cause I’m trying to think of a sneaky way to get ahead of you in line,” Leni replied absently, “but I’m having a hard time coming up with one that isn’t mean and I’d totes never do that to you. Can you help me come up with one?”


“Sure,” Lincoln said with a grin.


+1 Affection Leni Loud.


“You could try buttering me up-” he stopped, realizing that using euphemisms was a sure way to confuse his older sister and changed what he was going to say, “and by that I mean giving me a compliment and then asking nicely for my place in line.”


“That’s a good plan,” Leni said with a bright smile as Luan got into line behind her. “You are very handsome,” Leni told him, “may I please have your place in line?”


“I’d be honored,” Lincoln said, giving her a formal bow and letting her in front of him.


“Your plan worked perfectly,” Leni told him as she turned and gave him a great big hug, burying his head in her chest.


Achievement unlocked: Reached 2nd base with Leni Loud.


“Happy to help,” he said when she released him.


“A compliment and a trip to marshmallow hell is all it takes to get ahead of you?” Luan teased.


Lincoln rolled his eyes. “I’m not in a big rush, it’s summer and Clyde won’t be here for at least an hour.”


“Lincoln is looking really handsome this morning, can I get your place in line, please?” Leni asked Lisa.


Lisa looked at Leni dumbfounded for a second before deciding it was much too early to deal with her. “That would be fine,” she agreed and stepped aside, getting a hug before she could escape.


Luan giggled as Leni repeated her tactic on Lana and reached the front of the line just in time for Lola to exit, allowing her in.


“I’m not sure how that worked,” Lisa admitted.


“Eh, it’s summer,” Lana replied, “none of us are in a hurry.”


“We really need another bathroom,” Lincoln said.


“You have no idea what I would do for another bathroom to speed things up in the morning,” Luan said. “I’m not a hothouse flower here, but the constant wait before watering all the time I’ve had my clori-fill of. Get it?”


Lincoln and Lisa groaned at the pun as Lynn joined them in line, looking half awake.


“Remember when the shower broke and we had to hook a sprayer to the sink in the basement for a couple of days?” Lincoln asked.


“All cold water and someone else had to hold the sprayer,” Luan said with a shudder. “It worked, but I felt like I was going to freeze my nips off.”


“It wasn’t that bad,” Lynn said, “and the cold water really helps wake you up.”


“Lincoln you are looking very handsome this morning, may I cut in line?” Luan asked hopefully.


“Sure,” Lincoln agreed, knowing she had a birthday party to perform at this morning.


“This is why you’re my favorite brother,” Luan said, leaning in to give him a hug and a comically loud kiss on the lips.


+1 Affection Luan Loud, Achievement unlocked: Reached 1st base with Luan Loud.


“Morning, Linc,” Lynn said. “Can I get your hand with something since we’re the last in line anyway?”


“Sure,” he agreed.


“Good, follow me to the laundry room,” Lynn said, grabbing his free hand and pulling him to the stairs, making him jog to keep up and quickly speeding downstairs and through the living room.


“What are we doing in the laundry room?” he asked as she closed the door behind them and led him down the  basement stairs.


“A replay of the broken shower time,” Lynn said as she set her shower bag and towel on the washer before searching for the sprayer to attach to the faucet.


“Oh,” Lincoln said, dumbfounded.


“You play shower for me, then I’ll play shower for you,” Lynn explained as she screwed the hose on the faucet. “We can be done in under ten minutes rather than waiting half an hour for the bathroom to open up.”


“That isn’t a bad idea,” Lincoln said, as he considered it. “I mean, sure the water’s cold, but after half a dozen people we were only going to get cold showers anyway.”


“Exactly,” Lynn said smugly as she quickly stripped, attracting Lincoln’s attention as it had been a couple of years since he’d seen her naked.


“Puberty has been kind to Lynn,” Lincoln told the audience, “it’s given her curves and muscle definition that look perfect on her. I know she actually gets jealous of other’s breasts or rears, but those would just get in her way and there is definitely something to be said for a slim toned body.”


+7 Affection Lynn Loud.


“And I said that aloud,” Lincoln said embarrassed, as he somehow always forgot that when he spoke like that it wasn’t an internal monologue.


“Strip so you don’t get your clothes wet,” Lynn reminded him.


“Oh yeah,” Lincoln said absently, opening his inventory and pulling all the clothes off his character doll, which appeared in his hand and he set on the washer, causing Lynn to raise an eyebrow, but not comment as she got out her body wash.


“Start spraying,” Lynn said as she stood in the middle of the room.


Lincoln pointed the sprayer and squeezed, making sure to get her from head to toe as she slowly turned before holding it above her head to make sure her hair was completely soaked.


“Okay, take five,” Lynn said, pouring a dollop of body wash into her hand and soaping up.


Lincoln stopped spraying and just watched as Lynn ran her hands over her slender frame, being sure to soap all her crevices thoroughly. In fact the sight was so riveting he didn’t even notice himself growing hard as he stared completely engrossed in it.


+5 Affection with Lynn Loud.


The sound of the nameless voice giving him additional affection points broke him from his daze and he saw the smug grin and slight blush Lynn was sporting as she worked soap into her hair, her eyes occasionally darting down to his waist, letting him know about his condition.


“Normally, I’d be mortified by the situation,” Lincoln admitted, “but to quote Ace ‘She was hot enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window’ and while she’s my sister I’m still male and that was better than anything I’ve ever seen in the movies.”


+2 Affection Lynn Loud.


“Okay, hose me down,” the sporty girl said as she finished soaping her face and turned towards Lincoln with her eyes closed.


Lincoln focussed the spray on her head so she could rinse out the soap before moving onto her face.


She slowly turned under the water, unconsciously making a show of washing away the soap as she caressed herself.


He followed her hands with the water, slowly moving down until they reached her sex. As Lynn ran her finger though her mostly trimmed bush she let out a soft moan.


Insufficient Affection points to unlock H-scenes.


Lynn blinked and seemed to come back to herself, blushing heavily she finished rinsing off. “Done,” she announced.


“Guess it’s my turn,” Lincoln said, handing off the sprayer and taking Lynn’s spot in the center of the room over the drain. He set his soap and shampoo down at his feet. “Okay, hose me down.”


Lynn sprayed him, starting with his hair and working her way down. “I don’t know why you insist on using different things for your hair and body.”


Lincoln forced himself not to shiver in the cold as he retrieved his all-in-one shampoo. “Leni and Lola insist I need to use them. I’d rather just use a body wash like you, but I had to bargain them down just to get an all-in-one shampoo, rather than a separate shampoo and conditioner.”


“Now that’s just crazy,” Lynn said, as he shampooed his hair.


“I know,” Lincoln agreed, as he let the shampoo soak in, “but I can’t say they’re wrong, my hair is a lot smoother and easier to control using this stuff, I just… don’t care all that much about having silky smooth hair.”


“Do you think I should use it?” Lynn asked sounding a bit insecure, something Lincoln wasn’t used to hearing.


“Up to you,” Lincoln replied, “the time I spend washing is made up by the time I don’t have to spend getting tangles out. I guess it makes things a little easier.”


Lynn nodded thoughtfully, before aiming the sprayer at his head as he signalled for a rinse.


“I think I could stand to be a bit more girly sometimes,” Lynn admitted softly.


“Give me a second,” Lincoln said, pretending to get the water out of his ears as he racked his brain on how to approach this unexpected minefield. Thankfully it only took a couple of seconds to figure out what to say. “You don’t put fuzzy dice and spinning hubcaps on a race car, but you do wax it and make sure the chrome is polished.”


“Yeah,” Lynn said smiling as she got what he meant, “just because I use certain soaps and such doesn’t mean I’m getting soft, it’s just polishing the trophy.”


+2 Affection with Lynn Loud.


“Exactly,” he agreed as he soaped up his body, “only when they take them to car shows do they need to go all out and they still don’t go overboard if they have any taste, we’re there to see the engine not the paint job.”


“Yeah,” Lynn said, her cheerful demeanor returning as she sprayed him down.


“Done,” Lincoln announced, only to get a face full of water from his grinning sister before she put it down and grabbed a towel.


Lincoln laughed, knowing he’d have done the same in her place, before grabbing his own towel and drying off.


Lynn finished before him and was dressed while he was still doing his legs. She went to leave, but paused at the head of the stairs. “Hey, Linc?”




“Thanks,” she said, before darting out the door.


+5 Affection with Lynn Loud, Lynn Loud romance route unlocked.


“Romance route?” Lincoln asked himself, before he realized where he’d heard that and H-scenes mentioned before. “I’m in a hentai dating sim… with my sisters as playable routes.”


He absently finished getting ready while he considered things.


“You know I’ve often wished my life was like a video game, because I know my way around them and everything makes sense, but I never imagined I’d end up in a dating sim,” he said. “Still, a video game is a video game, so it’s still really cool. Not sure why I’m taking all this so calmly, but I’m not complaining.”


Lincoln gathered his bathing supplies. “Of course the purpose of a game is to win, unlike life, which really doesn’t give you any end goal, so what would be a win in this game?”


It only took him a second to get the answer. “In a hentai dating sim the end goal is to win all the girls, so... Harem route?”


Harem route ending Available.


“Well, that answers that,” Lincoln said cheerfully as he left the basement with a new goal in mind, fortunately he had a laptop and a good internet connection so the research would be easy.

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