Conqueror's Paradise the honeymoon centuries

BY : KnightmareKingUnlimited
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Staring at the immense stack of paperwork on his desk the young dragon lord sighed in frustration. While he enjoyed being the leader of his own planet where the people all got along and the king enjoyed having many slave queens it did mean a lot of paperwork. Countless trade agreements and other such boring papers were dumped before him every day and it seemed as if each day it got worse. Grabbing the top sheet he began reading it aloud knowing that it was probably something stupid.


“After much deliberation we have decided that our people would like to share the land and need your direct approval.” Ravi grumbled feeling his anger slowly rising. Why on earth did they need his direct approval they had already agreed to share the land so why not just make a treat and sign the damn thing. Grumbling as he wrote his signature on the form he placed it in the completed pile before grabbing another one.


“Don't worry your highness only six hundred more to go.” Sillena explained as the dragon lord just about smashed his head against the table. Growling as he felt the anger welling up inside him the king decided he would rather just pour himself into the work get it done early and make it back to his bridal slaves. Writing his name of the paper which was another stupid one about how the baker needed to order more flour making the king just about breath fire something he only did when really pissed he shoved it into the completed file knowing there was more to come. Grabbing another sheet he decided to read this one aloud but closing his eyes for a second to calm down he began to slowly read it out loud.


“Just a reminder today is the anniversary of when you tamed me so get off your ass come get me and stuff my pussy with your amazing cock already- Love yang.” Ravi read aloud nearly signing his name on the paper before he realized what it meant. She'd just gotten him out of a day full of boring papers and slamming the paper down he rushed from the room and into the nursery looking for his wife. Considering she'd recently delivered another set of twins he was almost certain he'd find the golden haired woman in there but instead he found the younger cat girl feeding their daughter.


“If you're looking for the first slave you ever tamed she left you a note.” Blake explained as the king noticed that her surely yet cute attitude was slowly coming back. Now that he thought about it most of his slaves were getting their original attitudes back which thankfully wasn't diminishing their obedience just allowing him to be with their real selves. Surprised by the fluttering of a note being waved in front of his face and snapping him back to reality the king grabbed the note ripping it open.


“Ravi dear you're getting slower this year now hurry up and find me here's a hint I'm near water and it's somewhere that's been under construction for a while.” Ravi read aloud before shoving the note into his pocket. Glancing over at his wife the young woman shrugged before giving him a look that said well don't stand here all day looking at me get a move on. Deciding it was better if he didn't keep the golden haired girl waiting the king took off sprinting down the hall. Making his way out of the castle he ran straight towards the girls favorite lake wondering where the construction she had been talking about was.


Glancing around he couldn't find any trace of his wife only the beautiful lake and the large red and black building currently covered in caution tape next to is. Smacking his forehead as he realized he was in exactly the right spot the young dragon lord stared up into the sky looking for any clue as to where she could be. Without any warning there was a loud cry and the dragon lord instantly went into defensive mode. Moving with an impressive speed for a woman who'd given birth only a few months ago the golden haired maiden leaped off the massive building a landed in his arms giving him a kiss.


“What took you so long honey?” Yang questioned as the dragon lord gave her a look that said was the entrance really necessary the golden haired maiden shrugged. Bombastic was the word Nora had used to describe her on more than one occasion and with each passing year he saw a little more or that personality coming out. Grabbing her leash the king yanked her down into a seated position making it clear he didn't enjoy her little stunt.


“Not funny what if you'd been hurt?” Ravi questioned making the golden haired woman kiss the tip of his dick in apology. Sighing in mock frustration the king pulled her upwards so he could look into her eyes. What he saw inside them made him feel like he could take on the entire world because within them he saw not just love and dedication but genuine lust. Moving closer to the building the girl smiled as she stood up next to it and began tapping her fist against it.


“Curious what this place is master?” Yang questioned as she continued tapping on it with her fist. At first the dragon lord had been extremely controlling making the girls stay on hands and knees at all times as was his people's culture. Slowly but surely over the last three years he'd relaxed on some of those rules allowing the girls to walk on two legs. Clutching at the leash around her neck the golden haired maiden was reminded that while some of his rules had been changed others would stay in place forever.


“More about how this gigantic monstrosity escaped my gaze for so long.” Ravi explained as the girl winked at him before sliding over to the building's entrance. Waving a hand in front of the doors it sprang to life lighting up and giving what he could only assume was a chipper greeting. Motioning for him to come over to the doors he walked over nearly jumping out of his skin when the door lighted up in about ten different colors while playing a fanfare. After the initial excitement finally died down the king looked into the room wondering why it was empty.


“Welcome master to our new holo-room name still a work in progress. Nevertheless it's a special room where anything can happen for instance we could revisit the day you tamed me.” Yang explained as the room sprung to life and she was back in her old clothes from back on that day. She also had much wilder hair back then since it was only after their marriage that he'd asked her to start making more of an effort on her appearance. Much as he wanted to deny it seeing her in that outfit brought back some really good memories of their battle and his subsequent taming of her. Still today was a celebration meant for his wife and the king was about to shock her with a nice little present.


“Alright dear it's your special day so you can pick out whatever scenario you want.” Ravi explained as the golden haired girl smiled and ran over to a nearby computer. Clacking in several different commands the young woman's outfit changed from that of her old warrior clothes and that of a more tribal look. Watching as symbols that looked like they belonged on a wall painting started appearing on her body the young king didn't know what to expect next. Suddenly his outfit changed as well now instead of just a loincloth he was wearing some kind of metal harness with spikes on it. Watching as the young woman's leash changed into a leather looking rope she approached her husband and smiled.

“Seems a dragon has conquered my village and now the elders are going to sacrifice me to his insatiable lust in hopes that it will keep him from destroying us all.” Yang explained as the dragon lord rolled his eyes. Why her setup sounded like something from a bad porno story was anyone's guess but if it was what she wanted then he'd go along with it. Motioning over to where there appeared to be some kind of stone table with a throne behind it the young woman slowly gave him the come here big boy look. Slowly making his way across the room worried that any step might cause the image to fail the dragon lord had made it only about half way before the golden haired slave pulled on his arm dragging him over to the throne and asking him to sit down on it. Giggling when he did as she asked the young woman ran back over to a computer typing in some more commands explaining that she was getting the last few minor details set up for their session. After she'd finished typing on the computer she left the room explaining she'd be back in a matter of seconds leaving the dragon lord to wonder just what his bridal slave had cooked up for their day of lovemaking.

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