Sam and Jasmine's Christmas party

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Sam and Jasmine’s Christmas party

Standing in front of her full length mirror in her bedroom Jasmine admired the outfit she had styled for herself, a simple Christmas themed corset that she wore only to cover her midsection keeping her huge milf tits and still tight cunt on full display along with her fat ass “Mrs Claus has nothing on me” she tittered to herself as she spun around admiring how the corset looked from all angle, the little bell anklets she was wearing jingling as she moved

“Holy shit, you look great mom” Jasmine then heard Sam’s voice from her bedroom doorway, turning around to find her daughter in an equal level of slutty attire, Sam wearing just an antlers headband with a red nose tied around her waist to hang over her clit in a slutty ‘Rudolph’ outfit

“Rudolph the red clit reindeer, clever” Jasmine tittered as she admired her daughters ‘outfit’

“At least you think so, Odd thought it was dumb” Sam pouted “or was he calling me a dumb whore whilst face fucking me? I dunno, it was hot anyway, it was a great way of testing how firm these antlers are” she continued reaching up to grip and tug at her headband showing how tightly it was secured to her head

“Remind me to borrow that off of you the next time your husband fucks my throat” the milf tittered already fantasising about Odd using the headband like reigns to control her head as he railed her throat, the slut then shaking away such thoughts so that she could focus “right, our guest should be arriving soon so let’s get everything ready” she beamed to which Sam eagerly agreed

(Half an hour later)

With all the drinks, food and mood music all prepared the others soon arrived in a group with the girls in equally risque and outright slutty outfits as Sam and Jasmine, Yumi’s outfit mirroring Jasmine’s with a slutty Mrs Claus corset that left her tits and holes exposed but instead of bell anklets she wear a pair of sheer red stockings

For Aelita she went with her traditional Elf costume complete with a small green Elf hat with a bell on the end, stick on Elf ears and a full stereotypical Elf uniform but with holes cut in the chest and groin to keep her tits and holes bare

Emily however had the most slutty outfit of all taking inspiration from Frosty the Snowman via wearing only a scarf and a small top hat leaving the rest of her body completely naked under her large winter coat

With everyone arrived and ready Jasmine gave them the only rules of the party, drink, fuck and have fun, encouraging each couple to find their own spot in the house and to christen it as much as possible, something they were all eager to do since Odd and Sam were moving out soon and leaving the house to Jasmine

(Ulrich and Yumi, living room)

Downing the last half of her beer bottle in a few deep gulps Yumi then slammed it down to the floor next to Ulrich as she straddled his waist in front of the roaring fireplace, grinding her bare cunt down on his clothed bulge as he took a swig from his beer bottle “so hard for me…” she purred as she felt him throb through his pants “I’m going to ride you until your dick falls off” she then husked as she reached down to undo his pants to free his erection

Biting her lip at the sight of her husband's rock hard cock Yumi didn’t waste time teasing herself before she slammed herself down on Ulrich’s dick, taking him balls deep making her eyes roll back and her jaw fall slack as a wave of pure ecstasy crashed through her body, his cock stuffing her pussy completely as the head pushed through her cervix and into her womb “oooooh fuck yes that’s it!”

Grinding down on Ulrich’s cock Yumi reached back to spank herself before setting her riding pace, slamming her hips up and down Ulrich’s fat cock as his hands went to grip her ass, helping guide her pace as her ass bounced and clapped against his thighs “fuck yes! Fuck I love your dick! Fucking take that cunt! You fucking own it!” she cried out, the alcohol in her system ridding her of what little inhibitions she had to go loud and proud right from the off

“Damn right I do bitch” Ulrich grunted back spanking Yumi’s ass hard to encourage him to ride him harder, her huge tits bouncing in his face as the Geisha put everything she had into riding the cock she worshipped, her breathing coming out in shameless pants as her cunt clamped tighter every time she brought her cunt down to the base of his cock

“Fuck yes...fuck me...take that fucking slut hole!” she goaded him as her groin tightened, her orgasming coming hard and fast as Ulrich forced his cock deeper into her womb, her body seizing up and her back arching as she threw her head back with a scream of ecstasy

“Fucking tight bitch!” Ulrich grunted wrapping his arms around Yumi’s midsection in a bear hug as he rode out her orgasm, her cunt borderline strangling his cock near dragging him over the edge with her, holding onto her until Yumi’s climax ended and she pushed away from him to break his hold on her

Grinning down at him Yumi then swivelled round to start riding him reverse cowgirl style, gyrating her hips to grind down on him loving how hard he throbbed inside of her “come on...cum in me! I need it!” she outright demanded and as she slammed herself down again Ulrich obliged, his cock erupting and flooding her insides making her cry out in bliss as he warmed her insides, her hips never stopping throughout his climax showing that she meant what she had said when they had started

(Jeremie and Aelita, front porch)

Having dragged Jeremie outside to the front porch to sate her exhibitionist urges Aelita had Jeremie sit down on the old chair that was on the porch whilst she kneeled between his legs, her head pumping along his cock whilst her fingers worked her dripping slit, rubbing her herself as hard as she could as her lips worked her husbands dick, her moans joining the jingling of the bell on her hat as she worshipped Jeremie’s cock

Panting with pleasure Jeremie could just sit back and watch as Aelita then wrapped a hand around his cock and fluidly stroked him whilst teasing his cock head with her tongue, her eyes glued to his with a loving and almost worshipful gaze as she tasted precum prompting her to stroke him faster

“Cum for me Jeremie, I want it all over me” she breathed before taking his cock head into her mouth and sucking harder, her hand working his shaft harder whilst pumping three fingers into her dripping cunt, the taste of his cock and the sounds of his pleasured breathing quickly tipping her over the edge as her fingers brushed against her g-spot

Moaning loud arounds her husband’s cock head as she brought herself to orgasm Aelita was quickly rewarded with his own climax, his cum flooding her mouth before she pulled back and stroked him harder as she took the rest of his load all over her face, moaning like a good little slut for him as she let him paint her face with his seed

(William and Emily, kitchen)

Gripping onto the edge of the table above her head with one hand whilst the other held her hat on Emily shamelessly screamed with ecstasy as William railed her cunt with almost hateful force, his pace making the entire table shake and creak across the floor making the empty beer bottles around Emily fall and roll around “fuckfuckfuck! Harder! Break me you big dicked bastard!!!” she demanded as her tits bounced almost cartoonishly “I’m not your wife! I’m your fucking whore!”

With sweat running down his chiselled frame as he stood shirtless between Emily’s legs with his pants at his knees William held his wife’s legs open as he railed her slutty cunt, his cock making her groin bulge all the way to her navel as it opened and reshaped her womb with every thrust turning her pupils into hearts as she suffered her upteenth orgasm having lost count after the fifth

Moving one hand from her leg William then reached up to grab and grope at his wife’s tits making her moan harder “you want me tits? Want to fuck them?” she panted before pushing him away from her, making him pull out as she slid off of the table to kneel in front of him, the slut encasing his fat throbbing cock between her breasts and starting to pump them along his shaft to jerk him off with them “god I love your cock! Fat fucking bitch breaker…” she moaned openly drooling on it and her tits to make the tit fuck smoother

Growling lustfully William then forced Emily’s hands away from her breasts to grab at them himself as he started to thrust hard and fast between them, fucking her cleavage almost as forcefully as he did her cunt making her gasp and keen, biting her lip as she looked up at him with worship in her eyes until his cock erupted between her tits, showering her with his cum making her cry out blissfully as the feeling of it on her skin and covering her face made her orgasm yet again

(Odd, Sam and Jasmine, master bedroom)

Lying back on the bed Odd groaned in bliss as Sam and Jasmine gave him a double blowjob, the mother and daughter team running their lips along either side of his cock before sharing a kiss around his cock head every time their mouths met there

“Enjoying the show babe?” Sam purred as she then pulled away to let her mother take over the blowjob completely “you like when mom sucks your dick?”

“Fuck yeah I do” Odd groaned back making Sam titter before reaching up to remove her antler headband, placing it on Jasmine’s head and fully securing it before taking Odd’s hands encouraging him to grip the antlers so that he could properly fuck her mothers face, Jasmine moaning in approval as he pulled on them silently ordering her to deepthroat him “fuck...that’s bitch...all the way down”

Humming as she effortlessly throated her son in laws cock Jasmine let out a gasp around it as Sam spanked her ass, making it jiggle for Odd’s enjoyment whilst admiring how her mother’s throat bulged around her husbands girth

Holding Odd down for near a minute Jasmine then tapped his thigh to signal him to release her before pulling out “got him all lubed up for you baby” she panted taking a moment to spit on Odd’s cock before moving away so that Sam could straddle his waist, the dark skinned slut eagerly guiding her husband’s cock to her ass before slamming down on him taking his cock balls deep into her tightest hole

Watching with pride as Sam took Odd’s cock up her ass like a good whore Jasmine took the chance to get in on the action, coaxing Odd to lie back fully before moving to straddle his face, facing her daughter as she pressed her milf cunt to his mouth letting out a soft gasp as his tongue quickly got to work

“Yeah that’s it, put that tongue to work” she moaned before gasping as Sam suddenly leaned forward to press her mouth to hers, the milf quickly melting into the kiss as the mother and daughter team then linked hands to further steady themselves as they rode both ends of Odd, pure pleasure running through all three of them as they lost themselves in the depravity

With how heated they were getting it wasn’t long before both Jasmine and Sam were suffering rolling orgasms, their hips never stopping as they moaned shamelessly into each others mouths, their tongues wrestling before Sam suddenly broke the kiss with a cry of ecstasy as her eyes widened and dilated, Odd’s cock erupting deep into her ass flooding her insides with his hot load making her fall forward into her mothers tits as her body shook and thrummed with bliss

Holding Sam tight Jasmine smiled as she let her daughter ride out her well earned orgasm, her own body basking in its own afterglow as she rubbed Sam’s back

She made not have been a traditional mother in any way but she had something most mother’s didn’t

She could throw one hell of a party

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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