Simple intimacy

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Simple intimacy

Abbey sighed as she sat in front of the roaring fireplace soaking in the heat of it, the petite girl dressed in a sheer set of azure blue lingerie as she waited for Josh to come downstairs, the couple having been lucky enough to ‘borrow’ the use of Odd and Sam’s home whilst the couple were out for the night with Jasmine leaving them all alone for the night

Biting her lip as she heard Josh coming downstairs Abbey sat up on her knees to better present herself, the lacey corset clinging to her slender frame showing off every subtle curve of her body as she gave him the best sultry smile she could muster “want your gift early?” she breathed as Josh walked into the room catching him completely off guard

His shock quickly melted away as the sight of Abbey’s corset and stockings, a devious grin gracing his features as he borderline prowled towards her before whisking her up in his arms, holding her bridal style as he turned to carry her upstairs only for Abbey to raise a hand to stop him

“No, here” she whispered running her hands down his chest “take me in front of the fireplace”

Grinning down at her Josh obliged, carrying her back to the fireplace and setting her down in front of it, his hands going to her thighs to spread them grinning as he found that her arousal had turned her sheer blue thong near completely translucent

With his hands on her thighs to keep her legs spread Josh leaned in to take hold of her thong between his teeth, looking up to lock eyes with his lover as he then tore off her thong with his teeth

As her thong was stripped from her Abbey started breathing heavily, her pussy quivering with need as Josh then leaned back between her legs and slowly ran his tongue along her slit, making the petite girl cry out with pleasure as his tongue flicked across her clit “oooh Josh”

Growling lustfully against her core Josh gave it a couple more slow lazy licks before moving back up her body to kiss her possessively, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth as he undid his pants letting his erection slap against her dripping fuck hole, one hand holding one of her legs spread whilst his other hand pulled at her lingerie until he freed one of her tits

Panting with lust Abbey watched wide eyed as Josh then slowly teased her pussy with his cock head making her shake and shiver before he finally slid in balls deep making her gasp and moan loudly in ecstasy, her free leg wrapping around his waist as tight as it could whilst he held the other one spread

“Fuck...fuck so big…” she mewled as her pussy clenched tight around her boyfriend’s dick, her hands pulling at her lingerie to free her other breasts so that Josh could watch them bounce in tandem to his pace, her toes curling as his cock drove balls deep into her with every thrust hitting all of the right spots over and over “fuck...I fucking love you!”

“I love you too” Josh husked back as he leaned forward to press his forehead to Abbey’s, staring deep into her eyes as he picked up his pace, the sounds of their moans and pants filling the living room along with the crackling of the firewood from the fireplace, their skin soon glistening with sweat as Abbey felt her groin start to bubble and tighten as her orgasm approached

Leaning in to capture her mouth again Josh groaned into it as his climax struck first, his cock pushing deep into her cunt and womb before he unloaded deep inside of her, the feeling of his hot load flooding her insides making Abbey twitch and shudder under him, her toes curling tighter as she quickly followed him in orgasm, her pleasured scream muffled by their kiss as her body gave into ecstasy

When their passion eventually faded the couple laid beside each other in front of the fireplace naked and dripping with sweat as they basked in their post climax afterglows “ was that for an early Christmas gift?” Abbey purred as she leaned in to lap up a trail of sweat from Josh’s neck

“Oh it was great, not going to lie but I think I can do one better” Josh replied with a cheeky grin as he then reached into his pants pocket, Abbey watching with eager glee wondering what he could mean before her heart nearly stopped at the sight of a small block box that he pulled out

A ring box

“So Abbey, what do you say?” Josh grinned as he then opened the box to reveal the engagement ring “will you marry me?”

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