The Care and Breeding of a Vampire Bunny

BY : Sbeewun
Category: -Misc Cartoons > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: Bunnicula belongs to Deborah & James Howe/Warner Bros. and I make no profit from this.

         "Oh, my poor little bun-bun!" Mina lamented as she tended to her bedridden pet rabbit. Bunnicula, Mina's cherished lagomorphic companion – who, it bears mentioning, was actually a thousand-year-old vampire with supernatural powers, unbeknownst to her – had suddenly come down with a nasty fever. All day, he had been warm, salivating everywhere, and was far from the usual bundle of energy he once was – yet in spite of how hot and woozy he was, couldn't seem to relax or calm down at all, if not outright resisting it. At the moment, he was getting some rest, though this was not necessarily by choice. Earlier, the vampiric bunny was trying to go about his day as normal, until Mina, while greeting her beloved pet as she did every day, noticed he was acting stranger than usual and was warm to the touch. Mina immediately took his temperature using the thermometer her dad kept in one of the kitchen drawers, and upon finding his temperature was a staggering 106 degrees Fahrenheit, quickly realized something was definitely wrong and took it upon herself to nurse Bunnicula back to health.

         Now, Bunnicula was laying down on the armchair in their apartment's living room wrapped in blankets as his owner hovered over him all day. But as restless as he had been acting earlier, he was perfectly content with remaining in this convalescent state as long as it meant Mina was there to dote on him. His undying love for his owner made all of this worth it – especially since Mina would be going off to college soon, meaning Bunnicula would have to savor what precious time he still had with her. Mina laid the palm of her hand over Bunnicula's forehead to check his temperature again.

         "Hmm, still feeling pretty warm, buddy," she observed, to which the bunny emitted a sad, feeble whine in response.

         "Aw, it's okay…" Mina consoled, giving Bunnicula a small belly rub, which perked him up considerably. "Tomorrow, Dad and I will take you to the vet and hopefully they can figure out what's wrong with you. Until then, Dr. Mina will nurse you back to health!" Bunnicula responded with affectionate babbling as his owner wrapped him in his blanket.

         "Now, you just stay here and relax while I go get your medicine," she continued, preparing to leave, only for Bunnicula to sit back up and motion towards her longingly, babbling sadly.

         "Aww, don't worry, I'll be right back!" she reassured, tucking him back in. "You just sit tight and watch TV, while Chester and Harold keep you company." The cat and dog, who were seated on the floor in the corner of the room, respectively nodded their heads as they were called, while Mina flipped the TV on to an old horror movie, leaving the remote by Bunnicula's side, before leaving for the kitchen. Bunnicula gibbered endearingly as he watched his owner leave, sighing a soft "Mina…" as she disappeared from view. Meanwhile, Chester and Harold kept watching their ailing friend with a mix of concern and a bit of fear.

         "Gosh, Chester, do you think Bunnicula's gonna be okay?" Harold finally asked, breaking the silence.

         "I don't know, Harold," Chester replied. "We still have no way of knowing whether this is just a regular old flu or if it's some kind of supernatural condition, and considering Bunnicula, I'm inclined to believe the latter…"

         "Well, whatever it is, I really hope we can find a way to fix it," Harold worried. "I think Mina would be devastated if something were to happen to him…"

         "I know, I'd be too…" his feline companion conceded. "Especially considering she's gonna be leaving soon, I can't imagine how awful she'd feel about not being there for him…"

         "Yeah, I'm really gonna miss her…" the dog replied, hoping to change the subject to something slightly less somber.

         "We all will…" Chester added. "At least when she's gone, we won't have to worry about her getting into any more supernatural danger." With that thought, the cat took a moment to look around, noting how oddly quiet and serene it was in the normally hectic and besieged-with-paranormal-activity Orlock Apartments. As his mind began to clear in what felt like the first time in ages, Chester quipped, "Say, now that I think about it, when was the last time we had a quiet night at home?"

         "What are you saying, Chester?" Harold asked.

         "Well, for once in our lives, we can have a nice, calm evening with no crazy supernatural hijinks," Chester explained. "With Bunnicula temporarily out of commission, we can actually enjoy a quiet, relaxing night all to ourselves!"

         "But Chester, don't you care about Bunnicula?" the dog gasped, motioning towards the bedridden bunny. "How can you think of yourself at a time like this?!" Bunnicula briefly began coughing and hacking, almost on cue, as if he were trying to guilt trip Chester.

         "Look, Harold, I want Bunnicula to get better as much as the next guy, but we rarely get a break from the wild adventures he drags us into," Chester explained. "And until he recovers – or gets worse, in the event he has some weird vampire disease – I would like to savor this moment of peace and quiet and enjoy some much-needed R&R." With that, the cat hopped onto the couch and pulled out a book entitled The History of Yarn and began reading.

         "Oh, alright Chester…" Harold sighed, looking back over to his bereaved best bud. "I'm just really worried about him, you know?"

         Chester looked over at Bunnicula, scratching his chin as he observed the rabbit's behavior. "He has been acting pretty strange lately," he conceded, watching Bunnicula toss and turn from within his blanket. "I've never seen someone look so sick yet act so restless at the same time…" Bunnicula continued to fidget around in discomfort, before tossing off the blanket and pacing back and forth from upon the chair cushions.

         "My guess is he's just really sad Mina is leaving…" Chester continued. "Pretty much every time someone mentions it, he just gets so low…"

         "And he's been pretty irritable lately," Harold added, watching as Bunnicula grabbed hold of the arm of the chair and began thrusting his abdomen forward.

         "Yeah, and he's been doing… whatever that is a lot lately, too…" Chester observed. The feline couldn't quite put his claw on it, but there was something oddly suggestive about Bunnicula's activity. He knew there was a term for it, he just couldn't place the name. And was it just him, or were Bunnicula's ears also moving around in a rather… phallic fashion? Chester quickly shook his head – he must have been trying too hard to see things that weren't even there…

         "Yeah, Chester, he kinda looks like you when you're playing with your pillow with that girl from Japan on it!" Harold quipped.

         "Wha-?! Hey, that's private!" the cat snapped back, his face turning bright red. Words could not describe the embarrassment he would feel if people knew he, a cat who prided himself on his taste in highbrow culture, secretly liked those goofy, horny cartoons from the East. Especially Bunnicula, who would never let him hear the end of it…

         Lucky for Chester, Bunnicula did not hear a word of his and Harold's conversation. But that was mostly because he was too sad to really care about anything. Bunnicula's thrusts slowly began to dissipate, until he dejectedly flopped down onto the arm of the chair, still feeling restless. He looked over towards the TV and began aimlessly pressing the "channel up" button on the remote over and over again, in the vague hope he might find something to watch, but in truth, he knew he was only doing it to vainly cope with his current boredom and depression. In just a few short weeks, Mina, the light of his life, would be leaving him for the Deborah Howe University of Arts and Sciences in Georgia, leaving him all alone with Chester and Harold. And as much as he genuinely enjoyed their company, it just didn't compare to the unbridled joy and love he felt when he was together with Mina. Before she came along, he hadn't had a human companion in nearly two centuries, and he felt as though there was finally someone who truly loved and cared about him, with whom he felt complete. But soon, that would all go away, and Mina would be miles away, making new friends and moving on to new opportunities, leaving him behind to eventually outlive all his friends and family. Even ignoring all that, Mina's absence meant he, Harold, and Chester no longer had a common goal – to keep her safe from supernatural harm – to unite them. Sure, Mina's dad would still be around, but he was usually at work most of the day and was so absent-minded and oblivious to the frequent chaos in the apartment that he didn't really need protecting. As such, with no driving motivation, Bunnicula had nothing to keep him going, and the other two pets wouldn't have their owner around to justify tolerating him. Thinking about all this only sunk Bunnicula deeper into his depression and worsened his already-debilitating condition, making him bury his head into the arm cushion in despair as he continued mindlessly pressing buttons on the remote.

         Bunnicula was so lost in his thoughts, he hadn't even thought to pay attention to how close the remote was to the edge, and after a few more clicks, he ended up accidentally tipping the remote over, making it fall to the floor below. Bunnicula reached out his arm, straining himself as he tried to grab the remote, before sighing in defeat. Obviously, he was too small to be able to reach all the way down from his current position, and although he could have gotten up to retrieve it since it wasn't that far away, he was simply too tired to move a muscle. He also found himself unable to use any of his bizarre supernatural powers to stretch his arms longer or levitate the remote, as trying to use his powers had consistently resulted in a huge migraine all week. With no other desirable options, Bunnicula whined distressingly to try and catch the attention of either Harold or Chester.

         Just as Chester had managed to defuse his argument with Harold before it could escalate further so he could get back to his book, he cocked his head to the side upon hearing Bunnicula's whines, while the bunny motioned towards the fallen remote. "Ugh, fine, you big baby…" the feline groaned as he went to retrieve the remote. Chester grabbed the remote of the floor and was about to hand it back to his sickly friend, only for a thought to suddenly cross his mind. He was suddenly reminded of the many, many times he had been pestered, frightened, teased, tricked, and tormented by Bunnicula. Every single day for the past several years he was placed in mortal danger because of that troublemaking rabbit's supernatural mischief, more often than not caused by Bunnicula literally sticking his teeth into something he shouldn't. Bunnicula had put him through utter hell both figuratively and literally, and yet here he was waiting on him hand and foot. Now, for once in the feline's life, Bunnicula was incapacitated and helpless to do anything other than lie down and rest; he couldn't go find mischief this time because he was too sick to even look for it. And once he recovered, the cycle would no doubt start back up and keep on repeating until Chester's inevitable demise, and all without Mina around to give him a reason to put up with it. For one brief, shining moment, Chester had a chance to finally be the alpha cat, and make Bunnicula (and to a lesser extent, Harold) actually listen to him for a change, and he wasn't about to let that go to waste…

         "You know…" Chester began, pulling back the remote, just as Bunnicula was about to reach for it. "Seeing as how you're sick and need to get as much rest as possible, wouldn't it make more sense that I, as your caretaker, tell you what to do instead?"

         Bunnicula let out a quip that vaguely resembled a "What?", before jabbering in an annoyed tone and motioning with his hands to tell the cat to hand him the remote.

         "No, of course, you're right," Chester sarcastically replied. "You are very sick, and we want to help you relax as you recover…" The sly feline held out the remote again, Bunnicula slowly reaching for it…

         "Then again, didn't we watch what you wanted last night?" Chester continued, yanking the remote back again. "So wouldn't it be fair if I decide what we watch tonight?"

         Bunnicula chattered angrily at Chester, who was smugly scratching his chin as he considered his next move. Harold, meanwhile, looked over to his two feuding friends. "Uhh, Chester, I'm not so sure you should tease Bunnicula like that…" he cautioned.

         "You're right Harold, Bunnicula's sick, it's only fair," Chester falsely conceded, extending his arm again. Bunnicula quickly reached for the remote, but Chester was quicker. "Though, if we want Bunnicula to recover, having him watch TV might be counter-intuitive to helping him rest," he continued as Bunnicula growled in irritation.

         "Besides, watching this vulgar, mindless tripe can't be healthy for a recovering mind," the feline prattled on. "Why don't we watch something a bit more wholesome instead? I hear there's a nice, relaxing nature documentary on Channel 9…"

         "Uh, Chester…?" Harold spoke up, pointing at the increasingly incensed Bunnicula.

         "In fact, why don't we just turn off the TV altogether? It rots the brain, you know…" Chester smarmily continued. "Maybe we could put on some of my jazz records and zone out to that instead…"

         "Chester…" the canine stammered, shaking in fear as Bunnicula was starting to get up.

         "Or maybe, we could all read about the captivating and riveting history of one of life's greatest joys, the ball of yarn!" the pretentious cat mockingly added. "There's a great section in chapter 28 about the use of silk…"

         "Chester…!" Harold sputtered, watching as Bunnicula seemed poised to lunge at the cat.

         "Okay, alright, that's enough…" the cat chuckled, offering the remote to the bunny. "Here you go, Bunnic." Bunnicula happily reached for the remote, only for Chester to pull it away once again with a taunting "Psyche!"

         Bunnicula returned to his previous state of rage and tried to swipe the remote out of the cat's hand, but Chester continued pulling it away and then baiting the rabbit again and again, creating an infinite loop of agitation.

         "Oops! Nice try! Gotta be quicker than that! Oh, almost!" he taunted, his cockiness only pushing Bunnicula further and further over the edge.

         "Uh, guys…!" Harold spoke up again, pointing desperately towards the other room.

         "Come on, just let me have this!" Chester huffed, now dangling the remote above the enraged bunny's head. For a brief second, it seemed as though the cat was finally done taunting the poor bunny as he lowered the remote… and then promptly yanked it away again. As Chester continued playing keep away with the remote, immaturely "nyeh-nyeh"-ing his victim all the while, Bunnicula finally reached his breaking point. No matter how unwell he felt, he was done with this nonsense. The vampire bunny flashed his fangs and lunged forward, hissing with rage…

         As Chester continued laughing at his petty act of cruelty, he was suddenly pushed away without warning by another figure. As he tried to collect himself, his eyes suddenly went wide with horror…

         "Excuse me there, Chester…" Mina belatedly added, now carrying a spoon and a large jar of black liquid in her hands. "Okay, open up, here comes the- YEEEOWCH!"

         Mina dropped the spoon she was carrying and looked down at her arm in horror. Right before her eyes, her beloved bunny Bunnicula had his fangs sunk deep into her arm, blood emanating from the wound. Bunnicula himself looked down, equally horrified, as he stopped biting Mina and attempted to explain himself, but all anyone could hear was incoherent gibberish.

         "H-how… how could you?" Mina cried, almost with tears in her eyes. Bunnicula continued to jabber pleadingly, but there was no point. "You're a BAD bunny! Bad, bad, bunny!" Mina scolded, as she started to leave, holding her arm in pain. "You too, Chester! You know better than to stand in peoples' way like that!" she added, before finally leaving the three pets alone, whimpering as she left to alert her dad of what happened.

         Bunnicula, Chester, and Harold could only stare silently as Mina's echoing footsteps began to fade out. The bunny forlornly held out his paw, softly whimpering "Mina…"

         "This is bad, this is very, very bad!" Chester panicked, grabbing Bunnicula by the chest. "What did you do to Mina?!" Bunnicula loosened himself from the cat's grip and shot back in accusatory gibberish.

         "Well, Bunnicula says this wouldn't have happened in the first place if you had just given him the remote, Chester!" Harold translated, taking the rabbit's side.

         "Look, I'm sorry, okay!!" Chester snapped. "I've just been through so much crap and I just wanted to enjoy one…" The cat stammered as he struggled to find the words, until he finally took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

         "Alright, alright, I did a bad thing…" he conceded. "I'm sorry for the way I acted, Bunnicula, but right now, we need to find out what's happened to Mina!"

         "What are you talking about, Chester?" Harold asked. "Mina's fine… no, wait, she's not fine, but she might be fine later. There's a first aid kit in the cellar that could probably-"

         "Um, hello?! Have you forgotten that we live with a vampire rabbit?!" the cat raged. "For all we know, Bunnicula has just placed Mina in fatal danger, and only two weeks until she goes to college!" The bunny looked down at the floor in guilt, still feeling a little bad about what happened. (Emphasis on "a little"…)

         "Aw, c'mon Chester, it's not like she's gonna turn into a vampire or something," the dog reassured his friend. "Remember that time you got bit by Bunnicula? You didn't turn into a vampire! He doesn't have those kinds of powers," Bunnicula nodded to that last part; unlike most vampires who feasted on blood, Bunnicula's bite could mostly only suck fruits and veggies dry.

         "Yeah, I do remember that…" Chester replied. "But that was years ago, and Bunnicula wasn't sick then! We have no idea what he's come down with, and on top of that, he's never bitten a human before so we have no idea what kind of horrible things will happen! For all we know, Mina may actually become a vampire, or have rabies, or… vampire rabies!"

         Upon realizing the severity of the situation, Harold gasped and turned to Bunnicula. "Oh no! You don't have vampire rabies, do you?" he worriedly asked. Bunnicula babbled some nonsense in response, to which Harold replied, "Oh, thank goodness!"

         "What does that mean? Does he not have rabies?" Chester asked, nearly hyperventilating.

         "Nope, he's clean!" Harold confirmed, with Bunnicula nodding as well.

         Chester breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, that's a bit more reassuring…" he panted. "But we still don't know what Bunnicula's bite would do to a human. Does it have any kind of effect?"

         Bunnicula let out a long "Uhh…", eyes nervously darting across the room, before shrugging sheepishly with a half-discernable "I dunno?"

         "What do you mean you don't know?!" Chester growled. "Well, do you at least know what kind of disease you have? Is it supernatural in any way, shape, or form?"

         Bunnicula turned to Harold and babbled some more gibberish. The dog turned back to his cat companion and explained, "Bunnicula says it's more like supernatural side effects…"

         "Side effects? Of what?" Chester inquired.

         "What was that thing you said it was, Bunnicula?" Harold asked the rabbit, who gave a small quip in response. "'Mate-ey Season'?" Harold repeated, only to suddenly excitedly ask, "Ooh! Does that mean Mina's gonna turn into a pirate?"

         "'Matey season'? Matey season, matey season…" Chester pondered, trying to comprehend the strange statement. "Matey season… mate-ing season?!" A look of fury soon formed on Chester's face.

         "You're not sick at all, are you?!" he scowled. Bunnicula nervously responded with a semi-coherent "Surprise!" as Harold slowly backed away from the fuming feline.

         "Why you little…! I ought to strangle you!" Chester screamed as he lunged towards Bunnicula before Harold tried to hold him back. The cat clawed angrily at the target of his rage, struggling in vain to release himself from the big dog's grip.

         "This was your plan all along, wasn't it?" accused Chester. "You did all this on purpose, just so you could enlist Mina into your army of bloodsucking monsters, and then have her recruit even more at DHU!"

         Bunnicula made a halfway motion with his hands in response, letting out a squeak that almost resembled an "Eh, kinda…"

         "Huh, what's that supposed to mean?" Chester questioned, to which Bunnicula replied with more of his trademark gibberish.

         "Bunnicula says he's not trying to make a vampire army…" Harold translated.

         "Oh yeah? Then what is your little plan, then?" Chester asked.


         Meanwhile in the bathroom, Mina was still recovering from her bite, waiting for her dad to return from the cellar with the first aid kit. She had managed to stop the bleeding using a dry cloth, but the pain still stung like a wasp. Though as understandably afraid as she was of her own safety, she was even more worried about Bunnicula. She still didn't know what he had come down with, and on the off chance he had given her something extremely lethal, she and her dad couldn't just let it slide. She couldn't bear the thought of having to put him down, but she knew full well they would never be allowed to keep a dangerous animal in the apartment. She was still in disbelief that Bunnicula had done such a thing, he was normally so well behaved… Then again, maybe he was just getting ornery in his old age. She had known him for a little over half a decade now, which is an awfully long lifespan for a rabbit. And she'd be leaving him for college in Georgia a few weeks from now, she didn't want this weighing on her conscience considering she may never see him again…

         "I-it's gonna be alright, Mina…" she said, trying to calm herself. "At least it's stopped bleeding, and if it gets any worse the ER's only a few blocks down. And with any luck, whatever it is Bunnicula has won't kill you or him…" Mina inspected the bite once more – while Bunnicula hadn't pierced her skin that deep, the bite marks were still pretty big, almost enough to stick the tip of your pinky into. Mina turned on the sink so she could wash the wound before it could get infected. As the water heated up, the mirror in front of Mina began to fog up, making it impossible to see anything in the reflection. Mina wasn't really focused on that, though, as she dampened the cloth and began tending to the wound.

         "Yeesh, he got me pretty good there…" she mused as she rinsed the bite. "Heh, maybe he actually is a vampire and now I'm gonna turn into one…" Mina chuckled lightly at her joke, trying to inject some levity into a bad situation as usual. And even now, she was still impressed with the way Bunnicula could drain the juice from carrots like a vampire – it's where he got his name, after all. As Mina continued scrubbing, she couldn't help but notice her nails seemed a bit longer than usual.

         "Hmm, that's odd, could've sworn I just filed these…" she observed, but ultimately didn't think much of it as she continued rinsing her arm. She inspected it again and noticed some faint white strands around the bite marks, which she at first thought was just some stray fuzz from the cloth, which she used to try and wipe them off. However, to her bewilderment, not only were they still there, but they seemed to have multiplied.

         "What the heck, is this thing really old or something?" Mina asked rhetorically, inspecting the cloth to see if it was shedding from any wear-and-tear damage. As she did, though, she suddenly noticed more white hairs had appeared on her uninjured arm as well, and not only that, more and more of them seemed to be appearing. Suddenly, white fur began sprouting in big tufts all over her arms.

         "What the he-?!" was all Mina managed to get out before she felt a wave of nausea spread all throughout her body. Mina looked on in stunned silence as she saw her hands become more pawlike, her fingers becoming more bulky and closer together. Her fingernails sharpened into a pair of small claws – not big enough to be noticeable or inspire fear in others, but just sharp enough to scratch someone with. Mina wriggled her new hands in a mix of awe and terror, as the white fur began to envelop them and spread to the rest of her body. Another layer of black fur began to spread over the back of her body and sprawl out into an almost batlike zig-zagged pattern. The girl's feet began to crack and pulsate as they slowly grew bigger and bigger, before bursting out of her shoes, reducing them to a pile of shreds. Her toes rounded out as they merged closer together, forming into a new set of paws… paws that belonged to an all-too-familiar subspecies of the Oryctolagus cuniculus…

         Mina slowly backed into the corner of the bathroom, still not sure exactly how to react to this sudden development. She suddenly dropped on all fours as she felt a painful stretching feeling in her spine. It felt like there was something inside her trying to push itself out. Soon, she could feel (and hear) the seams of her pants tear in half as a small, fluffy tail pushed its way out of her rear. Her jeans and leggings slowly slipped their way down her legs, leaving her lower regions exposed. Her hips slowly but subtly pushed outwards, accentuating her previously modest figure and giving her a somewhat curvier appearance.

         Mina slowly tried to pick herself up, but only succeeded in making herself feel even more light-headed. Her ears (piercings and all) uncomfortably crawled up her head, before growing and stretching until they were long and floppy. Her face rounded out slightly as her nose pushed out into a slight muzzle, turning small, cute, and triangular. Mina then felt her teeth painfully sharpen into a pair of fangs, seemingly finalizing the changes.

         Mina finally managed to get back on her feet. She was still feeling a bit discombobulated from whatever just happened to her. And though she couldn't explain it, she was also feeling strangely warm – so warm it was starting to make her somewhat drowsy. Without a second thought, she rolled her arms up her sleeves and slowly wriggled out of her shirt, exposing her bare, AA-cup breasts. She stumbled over to the mirror, not being used to her new larger feet, so she could both to turn off the water she had left running and see just what had happened to her. She shut off the faucet and wiped away at the fog that had covered the mirror, but was confused to still see nothing at all upon clearing it off.

         "That's weird, why… why can't I see my reflection?" she asked herself, still reeling everything in. Even stranger, she could still see the rest of the bathroom in the mirror – the shower curtains, the toilet, the door, yet not herself, despite the fact she was standing in the middle of it all.

         "Okay, this is officially freaking me out…!" Mina shuddered, her mind racing in fear. "Okay, okay, get ahold of yourself…" The girl took a deep breath, calming her nerves somewhat, as she tried to rationalize. "It's okay, this is just a dream, it's all just a crazy dream!" she tried to convince herself. "Bunnicula must have just bit me harder than I thought and now I'm just seeing things!" Mina laughed nervously, desperately trying to hold onto her sanity. But despite what logic and her own rationalization was telling her, Mina couldn't help but feel this wasn't a dream. Something about it just felt a little too real…

         And was it just her, or did it just get even hotter in here?


         "YOU BASTARD, I'LL KILL YOU!" Chester shouted in unbridled fury, desperately clawing at Bunnicula, whom he had backed into a corner in the kitchen. Thankfully for the bunny, Harold had managed to restrain the mad cat using the leash Mina would use to take them on walks. Any time Chester tried to lay waste to Bunnicula, Harold was sure to reel him back in.

         "I should have known you were up to something!" Chester continued, still fruitlessly trying to get his claws on Bunnicula. "You couldn't accept that Mina was leaving, so you set this whole thing up… just so you could have her to yourself and, and… and make more of you!"

         Bunnicula shot back in irate gibberish, to which Harold translated: "Well, Bunnicula says it wasn't supposed to go like this. If you hadn't been teasing him with the remote…"

         "Oh, so now it's MY FAULT?!" Chester fumed, desperately trying to free himself from the leash. "Oh yeah, because if it hadn't been for me, then Mina would have just been turned into Bunnicula's plaything at a slightly later time!" Bunnicula replied with more angry gibberish, pointing angrily at the cat.

         "Well, Bunnicula wasn't trying to hurt Mina!" Harold explained. "He says he wanted to wait for the right moment, when they were alone so it would feel more-"

         "HAVE THE TWO OF YOU GONE COMPLETELY MAD?!!?" Chester interrupted, his rage all-consuming at this point. "In case you forgot, Mina has been bitten by a horny vampire rabbit faking an illness, scaring her and her father half to death and making them both think she might die, and now she might be forced to spend the rest of her life as a-"

         Chester was suddenly cut off by the muffled moans of a familiar voice. At first, they sounded fearful, even mournful, but now they were sounding oddly… pleasurable? And they were only getting louder and louder.

         "Mina!" Bunnicula gasped, realizing the bite must have taken full effect by now. He made a break for the bathroom door, only to be stopped in his tracks when Chester, finally free from the leash, grabbed him with both hands.

         "No, no, no no NO! You have caused enough damage for one lifetime!" the incensed feline yelled. Bunnicula struggled to break free, trying to trigger one of his supernatural powers that could easily let him slip out of his clutch, but his migraines hadn't completely gone away yet. Chester dragged Bunnicula over to the windows separating the kitchen from the outside world, which he wasted no time in opening up.

         "Now why don't you go ruin someone else's life for a change?!" Chester grunted as he forcefully hurled Bunnicula out the open window, making him plummet all the way to the ground. Harold gasped in shock – it wasn't like Chester to get so violent.

         "Chester, how could you?!" the dog cried in shock. Even if Harold wasn't entirely sure of Bunnicula's intentions, he was still their friend, and a callous act like that was going too far for him.

         "Oh, he'll get over it, he's immortal!" Chester scoffed, shutting the window. It admittedly pained him to do what he just did, but Chester's concerns for his owner far outweighed any sympathy he had left for that bad bunny. "Right now, we need to make sure Mina's alright!" he continued, changing the subject.

         The cat and dog cautiously crept towards the bathroom door. Mina's moans had dissipated somewhat, but were still highly audible in the otherwise dead silent apartment. Chester shakily grabbed the doorknob and slowly creaked the door open. He and Harold peeked through the crack in the door, trying to get a good look at just what happened to Mina. Unfortunately, the lights in the bathroom were still turned off, so Mina was just barely visible.

         "What do you see, Chester?" Harold whispered. "Is Mina still Mina?"

         "I can't tell, it's too dark!" Chester replied. "What is she even doing in there?"

         Whatever it was she was doing, she was currently sprawled out on the floor, moaning softly to herself. One of her hands was repeatedly fingering at something near her pelvis… and whatever it was, she was enjoying it far too much for Chester's liking.

         "Ugh, what the heck is she doing to herself?" he gagged.

         "I dunno, but she kinda sounds like you when you play with your pillow with th-" Harold started to reply, before Chester grabbed his muzzle, forcibly shutting him up. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Chester nervously began to open the door further. He was able to get it about halfway open, at which point Mina – or whatever she had become – noticed she was being watched. The female figure slowly rose to her feet, but before anybody could get a good look at anybody, a rush of panic came over Chester and he slammed the door shut, breathing heavily as he backed against it.

         "What is it, Chester?" Harold asked in concern.

         "M-Mina…" was all the cat was able to sputter. "Too late… Gotta change her back!"

         "Change her back? But how?" the dog questioned.

         "I-I… I don't know, alright!" Chester admitted. "This is happening to me all at once and I need time to formulate a plan…"

         "I wish Bunnicula was here, he'd know what to do…" Harold lamented.

         "Bunnicula is the one who got us into this mess in the first place!" Chester snapped.

         "Well, you didn't need to tease him about the remote, Chester!" Harold shot back.

         "Well, I'm sorry, but can you blame me?" Chester retorted. "For the past five years, that stupid rabbit has turned my life into a living hell, and once, just once, I had a chance for vindication, so I took it! And if you think I'm gonna run around in the streets all night looking for that little cretin after everything he's put us through, well then you've got-!"


         An enraged Bunnicula stood before a half-conscious Chester and Harold lying on the floor, having bashed their heads together during their argument before either of them noticed he was there. Mere moments before he would have splattered all over the ground outside the Orlock Apartments, his migraine managed to go down just enough for him to change his ears into bat wings and float back up to Mina's apartment just in time; turns out Chester wasn't the only one whose love for Mina could overpower any feeling.

         As the cat and dog were still dazed and confused, Bunnicula dashed over to the fridge and grabbed a handful of specific vegetables, as he'd be needing them very soon. He then bounced back over to the door and cracked it open slightly to see how things turned out. Bunnicula's ears shot right up – he practically had his heart in his throat. It might have been dark, but his enhanced night vision let him see all he needed to see, and already he was feeling much, much better than before. Suddenly, all of his funny feelings and restless aching went away. And his love for Mina had become so intense, it was no longer just simple affection; it was full-blown lust.

         Harold and Chester had just regained their senses and picked themselves back up, barely remembering what happened mere moments earlier. However, Chester nearly had a heart attack when he saw a certain someone standing in the bathroom door.

         "Wha?! How did you get back here so fast?!" the cat yelped, mere seconds away from strangling Bunnicula. The vampire bunny replied with an audible "Bye-bye!" before slamming the door shut. Chester desperately pulled on the doorknob, trying to pry the door back open so he could stop him, but his efforts were all in vain, as Bunnicula had locked it from the inside.

         "No, no no no nooo!" Chester cried, hopelessly scratching on the door, no way to get in.

         "Now what, Chester?" Harold asked, watching as his cat friend was now pounding on the door.

         "I don't know, I don't know! How are we even supposed to-?" Chester began, before a thought suddenly crossed his mind. "Mina's dad! We can get him for help! He's our last hope!" With that, the two pets made a break for the cellar door, only to discover it too had been locked tight.

         "Oh, you've gotta be kidding me, that slippery little weasel!" Chester griped as he pounded on the door.

         "Are you sure Mina's dad didn't just lock it by mistake?" Harold theorized.

         "Oh, come on, even he's not that stupid!" said the exasperated feline. "Besides, who else could have done it? The only other person who knows how to access that cellar is Lugosi, and he and Marsha moved away to the Bronx over a year ago!"


         "Well, Mr. Monroe, you've done it again…" Mina's dad mused to himself. "I come down here to this creepy cellar to get the first aid kit on a high shelf surrounded by a bunch of cursed-looking heavy objects, next thing I know a giant trunk falls on me and I get locked inside!" As he rather nonchalantly reflected on his current predicament, he suddenly felt something underneath his hand. "Hmm, what's this? A tape recorder?" he observed, pressing play on the device.

         "HAHAHAHAHA! Smelly mortal!" the voice of the deranged guinea pig Lugosi – who had dedicated his life to serving Bunnicula's divine will – bellowed from the recording. "By the time you listen to this, I will be far, far away from this accursed building, so don't bother looking for me! Nevertheless, no matter the distance, nothing will stop me from serving my great master! And you have most likely done something to defy his greatness, as you are now trapped in the Trunk of the Unworthy! This trunk has been carefully designed to be inescapable, so carefully complex that any insolent mortal will be stuck inside for all of eternity, as you await your fate at the master's hands! He will no doubt be very pleased with my preparedness, for you see…" Lugosi's voice continued to ramble on and on. However, when he had recorded said message, he neglected to take the language barrier between animals and humans into account, so all Mina's dad heard was an incomprehensible series of squeaks.

         "Ah, a mixtape of assorted rodent noises!" he noted. "Heh, only in America…" As he sat and listened to the squeaking continue, he realized, "You know, I should probably check on Mina and see if she's okay. Now, how do I get out of here?"


         Mina backed into the bathroom counter in fear. Upon realizing someone had been spying on her "exploring" her new form, she considered checking to see who it was, but hesitated out of fear of how they'd react to whatever it is she was. Though judging by how quickly they had slammed the door shut, it might have been too late for that. A million thoughts were racing through Mina's mind right now, which only accelerated when she saw someone was trying to open the door again. Mina turned and shielded herself from view, only to hear the door almost instantly close again, along with the sound of someone locking it behind them. She turned back around and was surprised to see a rather small figure huddled at the foot of the door.

         "Wait… Bunnicula? Is that you?" Mina asked. Sure enough, the small figure turned around revealing the familiar face of her cherished bunny, looking very happy to see her.

         "W-wait, you need to get back to bed!" Mina stammered. "We can't have you running around when you might have…" As she tried to explain, she noticed Bunnicula's ears droop as a look of guilt appeared on his face. She tried to continue, "Might have given me…", only for Bunnicula to jabber something in response. Obviously, Mina couldn't understand a word out of his mouth, just as before. Yet, something inside her deciphered his message as, "Sorry it had to be like this". She wasn't sure exactly how she managed to infer such a specific response from all that – pet owner's intuition, maybe?

         "Oh, it's okay, I know you didn't mean to…" Mina apologized, perking her companion up considerably. "I could never stay mad at you! But we still need to keep our distance, you could have something really bad like…" However, she saw that Bunnicula appeared to no longer be paying attention to her, and instead was now biting into the assortment of vegetables he was carrying with him.

         "Uhh, not sure now's the best time for you to do your trick, buddy…" Mina commented, confused by Bunnicula's erratic behavior as of late. As the rabbit sucked the last veggie dry, his stomach rumbled before his entire body began to pulsate. Mina watched as the little bunny shook and spasmed, until, before her very eyes, she saw Bunnicula grow several times his size. He hunched over as his arms stretched outwards, with his paws became slightly more humanoid and dexterous as well. This was followed by his legs stretching out as well, becoming more defined and pronounced as a healthy amount of muscle filled out his body. His torso lengthened and grew much more defined, with his chest, shoulders, and waist being far more discernable. Far more… humanoid. Mina watched as the strange mass that was once her pet slowly bring itself to its feet, mumbling to itself in an awestruck, pleased tone. It turned around to face Mina; she saw the same visage she associated with Bunnicula, but now his eyes were glowing red, and his head was now attached to a reasonably fit, human-like body.

         Mina shuddered, "B-Bunnicula, what have you…?" Before she could go any further, her transformed rabbit knelt down and grabbed her by the hand. He planted a kiss on her palm, making Mina blush intensely beneath her new fur. Bunnicula looked into her eyes. Even though his face still looked the same as it always did, Mina couldn't help but see it in a new light. She had always found Bunnicula to be cute, but now, she was seeing him as being cute in a whole other way, a way that utterly confused her. The rabbit-man held her other hand as he leaned in closer, a very seductive look in his eyes.

         "W-well, aren't you a little gentleman…" Mina nervously laughed, still not sure how to react. Before she could say another word, Bunnicula suddenly pulled her in closer and began to kiss her. Mina was shocked, hundreds of thoughts running through her all at once, yet she couldn't help but give in to the feeling, and passionately returned the favor. As she found herself lost in his lips, she didn't notice a warmth slowly rise up against her legs. She opened her eyes and looked down, then yelped in surprise at the sight of Bunnicula's massive, unsheathed erection.

         "Oh wow…" was all Mina could whisper. It had to have been the biggest rod she had ever seen in her life. Bunnicula leaned in closer and whispered something into her new, much more receptive ear. Something she could just barely make out as an inviting "Go on…"

         Mina's eyes darted around the room, at a loss for how to respond. Everything about this just felt… off to her. Yet some strange, primal part of her was enjoying every second of it, and only wanted more. Soon, she found the urge too strong to resist. She slowly knelt down, Bunnicula's member right in front of her. She very gently caressed his shaft, and, after shutting her eyes tightly, gently placed her lips over the head of his cock. Her eyes suddenly shot back open. She had never felt the taste of cock in her mouth before, and was almost blown away at how good it was. She quickly pulled her partner's rod deeper into her mouth as she slowly began sucking him off. The vampire rabbit moaned in pleasure as Mina continued pushing his cock back and forth inside her mouth. Her movements grew faster and faster, sucking harder and harder. Bunnicula let out a pleased cry, filling Mina's mouth with his seed as she deeply swallowed. The female gently removed her mouth from Bunnicula's dick, wiping his fluids from her mouth. He slowly helped her up as they found themselves in each other's eyes again. As Mina was panting heavily, looking Bunnicula straight in the eye, her own eyes began to glow a similar bright red color to his own. The male bunny smiled to himself; everything was going better than he could have hoped.

         As the two of them continued to stare at each other, Mina suddenly pounced onto Bunnicula, pinning him to the floor. His manhood pointed straight upwards as Mina slowly began sensually rubbing her ass over his cock, beckoning him for more. Bunnicula gave her a sly grin as she spread her anus in anticipation. Mina moaned as she felt her lover's rod penetrate her butthole. She began to ride up and down her partner's shaft, starting out slow and gradually getting faster. Bunnicula grunted in pleasure as he felt Mina sliding on his cock. She squealed in ecstasy as she felt her anus fill with his love.

         "Oh, oh Bunnicula!" Mina cried as she felt her lover fully penetrate her. The entire experience was making her wet with pleasure, something Bunnicula took note of as he retracted his member. He grabbed the female rabbit and pinned her against the wall, both of them breathing heavily in anticipation. Bunnicula grinned deviously as he thrust his cock into Mina's tight, wet pussy. He slowly rubbed his schlong up and down her uterus, making her moan softly. His thrusts soon became faster and harder, making her cries louder and louder.

         "Yes, yes, YES!" Mina squealed as she climaxed, their combined fluids splashing onto the walls and floor. Bunnicula giggled slightly as he started to slow down, gently pulling out to give Mina time to calm down. But a look in his eyes signified he was far from finished, and a look in Mina's own showed she was eager for more as Bunnicula slowly started back up again. "Oh man, if this is a dream, then I hope I never wake up!" Mina smiled.


         "Okay, ramming speed on three, ready?" Chester began as he looked Harold in the eyes.

         "Ready!" the canine confirmed, straining as he held up the armchair. You see, in the intervening time, after many failed attempts to open both the cellar door and the bathroom door, the two pets ultimately decided to cut their losses and demolish the latter by any means necessary (and decide what to do about the former situation from there). The two decided to use the heaviest object in the apartment they were able to lift, settling on the armchair in the living room. Their initial attempts at breaking down the door were less than successful, so the two decided to try ramming it from a distance – in this case, from all the way down the hall.

         "Alright, let's do this," Chester breathed in. "One… two… three!" On his count, the cat and dog charged forward while carrying the chair, yelling all the way, as the bathroom door grew closer and closer. The chair collided with the door, busting the door off its hinges and sending it falling into the bathroom floor. The two pets dropped the chair, both panting in exhaustion, as Chester surveyed the damage. To his immediate shock, he saw the silhouette of a larger humanoid figure in front of what appeared to be a portal to the underworld in the middle of the room.

         "What the heck is going on here?" the feline wondered aloud. "And where are-?" As if to answer his question, the figure turned around, revealing themselves to be someone Chester knew all-too-well, carrying a familiar-looking female bunny in his arms.

         "BUNNICULA?!" Chester sputtered. "Wh-what happened to…?"

         Before the frightened cat could finish his thought, Bunnicula silently waved to him and Harold as he stepped backwards into the open portal, carrying Mina all the while.

         "Hey, where are you going?!" Chester fumed, charging up to them. "Don't you even think about trying to-!" But alas, at the last moment, Bunnicula and Mina had fully disappeared into the portal, which instantly closed up and vanished just as Chester was about to grab Mina, leaving him alone with Harold.

         "No…" Chester whimpered as he dropped to his knees. "No no no NOOOO!" The cat flopped to the floor in anger and defeat, pounding his fists on the tiled floor. Harold glumly went over to comfort him.

         "It's too late…" Chester panted, sniffling a little. "Mina's gone, and there's no way to follow them, and it's all my fault…" He faceplanted back onto the floor, shuddering a little, almost like he was about to cry.

         "Hey, Chester…?" the dog nervously began. "Are you gonna be okay?"

         "No, Harold, just get me, get me…" the cat responded, painfully swallowing his pride. "Get me Yuki. I need something to cry into…" With that, Chester dejectedly sulked his way over to the living room couch, burying his face in the seat cushions. His canine friend could only watch in sad sympathy.

         "Well, at least Bunnicula got to stay with Mina after all…" Harold lamented to himself.

The End…?

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