Love For Lindsay

BY : lilo1013
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"I can't believe this…" Lindsey complains to herself in her usual attire; making her way up towards her home with sorry in her person. "It's already Valentine's Day and I don't even have a single date…not even Tyler was available…I'm begging to think no one wants me…" She complains to herself as she slowly made her way up the staircase to her home.

Another sigh left her lips despite feeling the warmth of the sun and the light air around her person. She lean up to the door to her home; sighing against heavily in disappointment then lift her head slowly against the material. A light push away from the door had Lindsey reaching into her large chest. Slowly, she pulls out her keys with her right hand and thrust them into the door's lock.

It didn't take long for her to step inside with her eyes shut and the darkness surrounding her. However, when she steps forward, she hears a light sound that confuses her. She blinks several times then looks down at her feet at the sunlight that peer into the room with her. To her shock a large amount of rose petals were present among the floor that changes her entire demeanor to a positive one.

"Oh! OH!" She exclaims loudly; jumping in place then bouncing up and down on one of her feet. "Someone did this for me! But who!? She exclaims thoughtfully as the sight of the rose petals interest her further. Quickly, she shut the door and turns on the lights to her left. From the lights overhead shining down, she notices a trail of rose petals leading towards the stairs leading to the higher area of her home.

The living room in front of her grant a great deal of space before and around her however she didn't take her attention off the sight of the rose petals in the distance among the carpet. Slowly, she made her way forward, staring down at the flower petals while at times looking upward at times. She continues to move forward until she reach the staircase and turn to her left.

The desire and anticipation build inside of her as her heart beat increase. She continues to look up and down among the floor and forward with each step she takes. The fragment smell of roses builds in her nose that gives warmth to her that craves more and more. A dimness cloak her the further she move as she look ahead rather than at the flower petals still among the floor.

When reaching the top of the staircase she looks to her right with more of the petals leading towards her bedroom. The sight of this made her smile greatly and narrows her eyes to the sight of this scene. "I wonder what's behind my bedroom door…" She thought quietly to herself while moving forward towards her shut bedroom door.

Gently, she grasps the handle of her door the moment she was close and pushes it forward. The open space of her bedroom hit her hard; hosting numerous amounts of scents that she breathes in. The scent of warm, sweet candles hit her along with more smells coming from the rose petals, but the smell that catches her attention the most was the smell of feminine musk among the air.

She opens her eyes and step forward only to turn to her left in surprise and building joy. On top of her bed sitting side by side were Bridgette and Leshawna, both smirking together and wearing unique underwear that brought out much of their sex appeal. Lindsey shifts her attention back and forth between the two of them, the candles surrounding them and array of toys littering the bed about their persons.

Before her left, Bridgette was sitting in a see-thru pink nightgown which had her wearing a bra and panties that barely hid anything about her. With deep red lipstick on her lips she continuously stares back at Lindsey, blinking from time to time at the sight of her which made Lindsey blush a little. The standing female take in Bridgette's person more, noticing her half opened eyes of allure, the way the bra barely covered the bottoms of her breasts; exposing her harden pink nipples and the panties on her that seem transparent much like the rest of her attire.

Leshawna however laid everything to bear before Lindsey's right, sitting on her knees with her arms across against her large breasts. It excites Lindsey as she takes in much of the larger female's body. Unlike Bridgette, she wasn't wearing a see-thru nightgown; rather she simply wore a frilly bra and a matching thong on her person of pink coloring. She didn't have any lipstick on her like Bridgette did as she wanted every bit of her natural appeal to come out. Due to the way the bra was design, it appear that Leshawna's large breasts could pop out at any time if she did anything unnecessary.

"Happy Valentine's Day Lindsey." Bridgette and Leshawna calls to her sweetly, both staring at her person happily. "You two did all this…for me?" Lindsey asks curiously, but happy as it show in her demeanor and building excitement. "You know that we wouldn't leave anything to chance with you honey." Leshawna replies proudly with her eyes narrowing a bit.

"After all, the guys are gone, there isn't anyone around and we don't have to keep this a secret. We have a lot in store for you Lindsey…so why not get undressed and join us? It's gonna be a long afternoon." Bridgette explains. "Unless you want us to come to you and get you completely naked for this show." Leshawna counters playfully as she shifts herself back and forth a little.

Without a second thought, Lindsey bent herself over and unties her left boot first. She seems focus on it allowing a clear view of her large breasts. The sitting females watch closely as they take in the sight of Lindsey removing untying herself her other boot. Afterwards, she slide out of them and stand up properly, her large breasts bouncing in the process.

She smiles at both of them happily, but with her eyes shut as she moves her hands to the bottom of her top. In one go, she pull it up over herself, revealing that she was completely braless and her large breasts bounce freely before the eyes of the two sitting females. They smirk at this happily completely understanding Lindsey's choice to forgo any bra on her. She moves her hands to her skirt and in one pull, allow it to fall; revealing that she was free from any form of underwear as well.

"Well, you're sure gonna make this easy for us won't you sugar?" Leshawna praises at the sight of Lindsey's naked body. "Let's just hope she holds out with what we have planned for her. After all, if she doesn't we'll just take full advantage of her." Bridgette adds happily as the two narrow their eyes at her in want. Lindsey offer the same gaze as she slowly approach their persons.

Together, Bridgette and Leshawna scoop up some of the rose petals lingering on top of the bedsheets as they lift their hands up to their faces. They blow the petals towards the approaching Lindsey who stop in her tracks the moment they did this. She savors the feel of the petals, the scents they provide as well as knowing that two women who care for her were doing this for her.

She shut her eyes and basks in it more with Bridgette and Leshawna watching her closely as the last set of petals land among the fronts of Lindsey's chest.

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