Unscheduled break

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Unscheduled break

Odd sighed as he drummed his fingers on the counter of the bike repair shop he part timed at, since the Winter months were quickly creeping in less people were going out for bike rides which in turn meant less patronage for the store leaving Odd stood around doing nothing for hours on end making him wonder if he could get away with closing early

Before he could go for the keys however the bell above the door rang drawing his attention, looking up to see Sissi walking in wearing an extremely tight sports bra and far too small pair of spats, a sight Odd very much approved of despite the dropping temperature outside “you must be some kind of masochist going out dressed like that in this weather” he pointed out making Sissi titter

“You know me, no pain no gain” she replied to which Odd raised a skeptical eyebrow “ok fine I didn’t listen to the weather report, I thought it was going to be warmer”

“It’s winter”

“We’ve had warm winters!” Sissi bit back in her defense before sighing “ok you got me, Sam told me that you were working today and I came to surprise you, really should have put a jacket on or something though, my tits can cut glass right now” she moaned cupping her large fake tits and jiggling them as Odd could see her nipples poking through the fabric of her sports bra before lifting the bra to let her tits fall free, sighing in relief as they had been chafing her nipples

Thankful that the store had yet to install the new security cameras Odd took a moment to ogle her tits as Sissi continued to jiggle them for him “I guess I could take a break, it’s not like anyone is gonna come in anyway” he ‘relented’ bringing a perverted smile to Sissi’s lips as the bimbo proceeded to pull down her spats then and there to stand naked in the middle of the store save for her sneakers

“How much room is there behind that counter?” Sissi asked as she sauntered towards it, Odd simply stepping back to let her slip behind the counter before she slid down his body to squat in front of him, her heads immediately going to his belt starting to undo it “this way you can serve someone whilst I suck your dick if someone comes in” she told him as she undid his belt and started tugging his pants down

Biting her lip as she pulled Odd’s pants and boxers to his ankles Sissi then eagerly stuffed his hardening cock into her mouth all the way to the base, her eyes rolling back as she felt him become fully erect down her throat, the whore moaning loud around his shaft sending vibrations through it before starting to briskly pump her head along his cock from base to tip sucking like her life depended on it

Moving to rest his elbows on the counter for balance Odd tried his best to keep a straight face on the off chance that someone else came into the store, his hips bucking lightly as Sissi hungrily slurped along his dick, her huge fake tits starting to jiggle in tandem with her bobbing head as she moaned shamelessly around his shaft

Groaning as she throated him to the base Odd then reached under the counter to retrieve his cellphone before opening the camera on it, slyly taking several pictures of Sissi sucking his cock before setting the phone to record as she noticed what he was doing, the slut just purring around his cock as she winked for the video, mumbling something like ‘make sure to get my good side’ around his dick before sucking his cock with even more vigour

With how hard she was sucking him and the general taboo of the situation Odd was quickly blowing his first load hard down the sluts throat, Sissi’s eyes widening at the sudden rush of cum before she started swallowing, greedily gulping down every shot of cum he forced down her throat all whilst maintaining perfect eye contact with the camera on his phone before pulling away and opening her mouth wide, the whore waggling her tongue to show that she had swallowed everything

With his cock still hard and Sissi hungry for more Odd was soon leading her into the stores break room after quickly locking the front door and turning the open sign to closed, the walls of the break room soon reverberating with Sissi’s cries of pleasure as Odd fucked her from behind in a standing full nelson, the blond deceptively strong despite his lithe frame as he bounced Sissi along his dick making her tits bounce almost cartoonishly

“God yes, use that fucking hole!” Sissi panted as she was folded into a tight little fuck hole for Odd to use, her eyes crossing every time his cock plunged deep into her dripping cunt making her toes curl tight “fuck me like you own me!”

“You know full well we own you” Odd husked in her ear making Sissi gasp and tighten up even more, the once proud Queen Bitch of Kadic Academy now nothing more than a walking set of holes for the Lyoko group to enjoy and she couldn’t have been happier with that arrangement, the mixture of Odd’s dominant words and his cock hammering against her cervix quickly having the slut climaxing hard making her body lock up even tighter in his grasp

Shuddering as Sissi got even tighter on his cock Odd decided a change of position was in order, pulling out of the slut for a split second before suddenly spinning her around, making her yelp as he suddenly balanced her on her shoulders and neck in a jackhammer position before taking her further by surprise by shoving his cock straight up her tight ass rather than reclaiming her cunt

“Oh fuck you fucking pervert!” Sissi shrieked in delight taking the sudden anal in her stride, pressing her hands to the floor to further steady herself as she watched how her tits jiggled and bounced in tandem to Odd pounding her tightest hole “you better not fucking pull out when you cum! I want to feel that load for the rest of the fucking day!”

Smirking Odd aimed to do just that, his pace getting harder and faster as he held onto Sissi’s legs to hold her up, watching how her groin and lower abdomen bulged out with every thrust and how her cunt spasmed and twitched with pleasure as he reshaped her insides

As Sissi began to moan and babble about cumming again Odd quickly joined her, slamming balls deep into her tight ass to unload deep into her insides, making Sissi’s eyes roll back in bliss as he pumped her ass full of cum

Well his release ended Odd slowly pulled out of Sissi and released her legs letting her lie fully on her back on the floor, both of them panting heavily as Odd then heard his phone vibrate with a text message, his eyes widening at the sight of the sender “oh shit, my boss is on his way back, you gotta get outta here” he stated as he hurriedly put his pants back on

“Oh come on so soon? Is your boss a guy? Maybe he can have some fun too” Sissi purred before gasping as Odd suddenly took hold of her arm and pulled her up

“Yeah not that kind of boss, more ‘call the police at the first sign of something off’ kind of guy” Odd explained as he led Sissi towards the backdoor

“Well at least can I get my clothes fir…” Sissi replied before she was suddenly shoved out of the back door and into the alleyway behind the store completely naked, Odd shouting a quick apology as he shut the door behind her “oh come on! Don’t be a dick!” she exclaimed before sighing with a small laugh to herself “went in like a whore, got thrown out like a whore, you get what you ask for Sissi”

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