Doing a Sinful Favor

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It was a Thursday morning and the sun was rising and the birds were chirping. The air was nice and cool and there was a suttle breeze in the background, but in the Smith household there was trouble brewing.


"GOD DAMN IT STEVE!" Hayley yelled.


"What are you going to do about it loser!" Steve replied.


"YOU LITTLE BRAT, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Hayley yelled back.


"Hayley if I was the one to take your laptop, what purpose would I have for it? I have my own computer in my room with all the free internet PORN I can watch!" Steve said as he moaned and rubbed his stomach and chest.


"You are fucking DISGUSTING!" Hayley screamed back.


"That's right, you're a girl and stuff like that doesn't turn you on."


"No, you idiot! It does turn me on, but the stuff YOU watch is fucking gross!"


The two argued some more until Francine slammed the door open in frustration and yelled.




"Steve took my laptop and won't give it back!" Hayley pleaded.


"No Mom, Hayley THINKS I took her stupid laptop so she can blame me and get me in trouble!"


"Just STOP IT! Both of you! Now Steve if you took your sister's laptop then would you plea-"


"I DIDN'T TAKE HER FUCKING LAPTOP!" Steve interrupted and screamed.




Without a single word being exchanged Steve walked out of Hayley's room and slammed the door. Francine then sat on the end of the bed and bowed her head. Hayley looked over and was concerned so she sat next to her and put her arm around Francine in comfort. Francine then began to cry and put her head on Hayley's shoulder. Hayley rested her arm around Francine and her hand on top of her head. A couple of minutes had gone by and Hayley asked Francine something.


"Mom? Why are you crying?" Hayley said in sorrow.


Francine wiped her nose and eyes and took a couple deep breathes. She collected herself and then told Hayley.


"I just don't understand why Steve and your father have to be so mean to me!" She shouted.


"All I do for them is cook, clean, wipe their asses and what does Francine get in return? A big old 'Fuck You!' it is so frustrating!"


Francine then began to cry again, and Hayley felt petite for her mother, but now more hatred towards her little brother. Haley was determined to make Steve pay for hurting his mother's feelings. She comforted Francine for a while longer and told her she needed to go 'check the laundry', when she was actually going to talk to Steve. Haley left her room and walked down the hallway. As she headed towards Steve's room, she was greeted by Roger. Of course, Roger was drunk and could barely stand up straight. Hayley rolled her eyes and lightly pushed Roger out of the way, of course it being Roger, he reacted very dramatically. He flung himself into the way knocking over a stand and lamp sitting in the hallway. Haley turned around and screamed at Roger.




"I barely even touched you and now you go and start breaking shit all over the house. Typical Roger I suppose."


Roger's jaw dropped and tears began to fill his eyes. Hayley had hurt his feelings, but this was Roger being more dramatic as usual. He then threw himself on the floor and started thrashing around like he was a child. Hayley got upset and yelled again at Roger.


"DAMN IT ROGER! Why do you always have to act like a child?"


"Because Hayley!" Roger yelled back.


"Just because I'm an Alien doesn't mean I don't have feelings can act how I want!"


"Yes, Roger it does. Because you are an Alien means that you SHOULD act more mature and loving. You know like Mom or someon-"


Before Hayley could finish Roger pushed Hayley then ran away. She shook her head in anger and balled up her fists. He wanted to run after Roger and make him pay for pushing her, but she had other matters to attend too. She proceeded to walk toward Steve's room. As she neared close, she could hear music playing. Hayley wondered if it was coming from Steve's room or somewhere else in the house. She was now standing in front of Steve's bedroom door and could hear the music playing. She went to open the door, but it was locked. Hayley shook the handle and pushed on the door, but it wasn't budging. She thought to herself that she could come back later, but before she could even turn around the door flung open. There was Steve, dressed up in some wizard costume.


"What do you want Hayley?" Steve asked.


"First off, why are dressed like that?" Hayley asked.


"Well if you MUST know, Snot, Toshi, Berry and I are going to the new wizards and zombie’s movie tonight and if you dress up you get a coupon!" Steve replied.


"Wow sounds pretty gay if you ask me, but that's not why I'm here." Hayley replied.


"Then why are you here?" 


"Because you and Dad treat Mom like garbage! What's your deal? Why do you treat her like shit?"


"Hayley in what way do you THINK I treat Mom like shit?"


"You are always nasty to her, you never help out around the house, you never do wha-" Again Hayley was interrupted.


"Hayley I would love to stay and talk, but I'm running late for my movie, now if you don't mind, I'll just slip past you really quick"


Hayley grabbed Steve by the back of his shirt and pulled him back, while also chocking him in the process. He moved back a couple of feet and was confused as to what just happened. He rubbed his throat and was trying to catch his breathe. Hayley leaned over and whispered something in his ear. Steve didn't say a word and just looked at Hayley in disbelief. He couldn't believe what she had just told him. Hayley smirked then left his room closing the door behind her. Steve felt like he couldn't breathe, and it felt like his heart had skipped a beat. He looked down at his hands and saw they were shaking uncontrollably. Steve then stood up and walked toward his bed. Still in shock, he wasn't paying attention and walked right into a desk knocking some things over onto the floor. Steve tried to gather himself but couldn't shake the feeling of what had just happened. He managed to get enough focus and sat on the edge of his bed. He kept thinking to himself.


"WOW!" Steve thought.


"Hayley is... WOW!"


"I just can't believe what just happened... Like just fucking WOW!"


"I seriously just saw Hayley's tits! They looked perfect! No, what am I saying? This is my sister I'm talking about; it's disgusting to think about things like that, but I just can't help myself. Her tits looked amazing and all I could do was stand there and watch. Nice one Steve, you fucking loser!"


Steve paced around his room for about half an hour trying to get the image out of his head, but he couldn't. He just kept thinking about what he saw and how he could see MORE of Hayley. He battled himself back and forth trying to imagine something else and trying to forget the image at the same time. He felt like he was going crazy, but also aroused, Steve was conflicted with what to do with himself. He was disgusted with himself; he was sickened with what he was thinking, but overall the hatred he also found it arousing and enticing. Steve has felt like this in the past about other girls, but something about it being his own sister just made the whole situation more erotic and sinful to Steve. Some time had gone by and as Steve was still battling the demons in his head, Francine was on the lookout for Steve. She had just finished making lunch and was going to tell Steve it was ready. As she walked up the stairs Roger was walking down the hall. Francine called out to Roger.


"Hey Roger!" She said.


Roger turned around to see who had called his name. "Oh, Francine it's just you." Roger replied.


"Yeah, who else would it be?"


"Well I may have pissed off some Mexican gang members and they may or may not be trying to hunt me down and skin me alive."


"WHAT? Roger you need to hide they might be at the front door right now!" Francine yelled.


"I see... You are as dumb as your tits are big!" Roger shook his head and said.


"What are you talking about?"


"Don't you see you dumb blonde, it's a JOKE!" Roger laughed and said.


Francine just had a straight face and walked away from Roger, he yelled some things back to her, but she ignored it and headed towards Steve's room. As she neared close Steve was unaware of what was about to happen. Francine went to knock on the door but had second thoughts. She thought to herself.


"Oh, I hope Steve isn't mad at me for yelling at him earlier."


"I hope he can forgive his mommy and we can get this whole thing past us. Yeah that's what I'm going to do!"


Francine then went to open the door, but it was locked. Francine has never been a fan of locked doors in the house and was furious when she found out Steve's door was locked. She had an idea though. She was picked plenty of locks back in her younger days and definitely knew she could unlock Steve's door. So, she went into the bathroom to find a bobby pin and then went back to Steve's door. She knelt down and fiddled with the door handle until she heard the 'click' of the door being unlocked. She stood back up and opened the door. She walked in a couple of steps and saw something ghastly. There was Steve lying naked on his bed, masturbating to a couple of pairs of women's underwear. Within moments Steve noticed Francine and let out a blood curdling scream as he reached for the nearest object to cover himself up in. Francine stood there in shock, not knowing what to say or what to do she simply turned around and walked out. She closed the door behind her and fell back into the door, slowly sliding down. Francine looked at her hands and realized they were shaking like a leaf. She was in shock, to see her own son in that state with someone's underwear on his face made her uncomfortable. That wasn't really what was on Francine's mind however, she was thinking about how big Steve's cock was. She always thought Steve was part of the 'less popular' kids and was never really going to find a girlfriend, but after what she just saw she quickly changed her mind. Francine kept thinking about Steve, she knows it's wrong to have feelings like that towards your own children, but she just couldn't help herself. The more Francine thought about it the more aroused she was getting; she could feel her vagina tingle and knew what was coming next. She rushed to her bedroom and slammed the door closed and locked it. Francine isn't a fan of locking doors, but she didn't want anyone seeing what she was about to do. Meanwhile Hayley was eating breakfast and soon after Steve walked into the kitchen. Not thinking about it, Steve walked right past Hayley and just smiled. He was thinking about what he saw earlier and almost ran into the counter. He grabbed some breakfast and sat down at the table. Hayley focused on eating her breakfast, while Steve couldn't take his eyes off of her. She quickly glanced over and Steve's head snapped right to his breakfast without blinking an eye. Hayley was curious but said nothing and continued eating. Steve once again started staring at Hayley and this shit she knew he was staring and continued to let him. She was trying to figure out what it was he was staring at. The more she focused her attention on Steve's eyes the more Steve was focused on something else. It took Hayley a minute to figure out what it was, but when she did, she leaned over and punched Steve in the arm.


"Hey bitch, what was that for?" Steve yelled as he rubbed his arm.


"That was for starting at my tits you little pervert!" Hayley replied back.


"I wasn't looking at your boobs Hayley." Steve replied as he rolled his eyes and looked away.


"Well if it wasn't my chest, then what was it?"


Steve gulped and his heart started to race. He was nervous because if she does find out then she will to tell Francine. Steve was at a loss for words. Then in the flash Steve thought of something he thinks will save him.


"I was staring at the stain on your shirt." Steve said as he swallowed hard.


Hayley looked down and sure enough there was a stain near the middle of her shirt. Steve had gotten off easy this time, but Hayley was still convinced that Steve was checking her out. After breakfast when Steve went to school Hayley snuck into his room and had a little surprise for Steve. She had set up a hidden camera in his room and was going to try and catch him saying something to his stuffed animals. She placed the hidden camera in Steve's room and left. Meanwhile she walked past Francine's room and could hear moaning coming from there. She walked over and pressed her ear against the door and could hear the moans of her mother. Hayley quickly turned away and walked downstairs. Francine on the other hand had finished what she needed to get done, cleaned herself up and got dressed. She opened the door to her room and peeked out to see if anyone was in the hallway. Lucky enough no one was there so we quickly snuck out and quietly closed the door. She then walked downstairs when she saw Hayley sitting on the couch. She walked behind her and into the kitchen. Francine ate her breakfast and then cleaned up. A while later Steve's bus was making it way toward the Smith's house and he was excited to get off the bus. Within a couple of minutes, the bus arrived at the Smith house. Steve then rushed off the bus and ran toward the front door. He got up to the door and opened it. He saw Hayley sitting on the couch watching TV and noticed Francine in the kitchen. He threw his backpack on the ground and ran upstairs. Hayley turned her head then rubbed her hands together and smirked. This was her moment to catch Steve and she had to take the opportunity while she could. So, Hayley too ran upstairs and into her bedroom. She opened her laptop and put her earphones in to listen. Some time passed and Hayley wasn't getting what she wanted so she shut the computer and lied in bed. Frustrated and confused, she rolled over and played on her phone. Francine walked back into the living room and sat on the couch. She watched TV for some time then decided to go check on Steve again. She hadn't talked to him about what she saw, and it was worrying her. She headed towards Steve's room and knocked on the door.


"Yes, who is it?" Steve shouted.


"Steve honey... It's me." Francine replied.


".... Oh okay. Give me a second."


Francine waited and then Steve opened the door. Francine asked if she could come in and Steve agreed. She walked over and sat on the edge of his bed and patted her hand for Steve to come sit next to her. Steve followed and sat next to Francine, uncomfortable with the situation he didn't make eye contact. Francine looked over and then asked Steve a question.


"Steve... Whose underwear did you have when mommy found you earlier this morning?"


"Um... I would rather not say." Steve replied as he swallowed hard and started to sweat.


"Well you know your mother loves you and she care about you. And I also understand that you’re at that age where you are going to... 'explore yourself' in a sense."


"Mom I know what jerking off is. They taught us in school last year." 


"Oh, okay then, well back to my original question, who's underwear did you have this morning?"


Steve sat there in fear of telling Francine the truth. He knew he needed to tell her but knew he couldn't at the same time. Steve was conflicted with what to do, then he thought of something to say. Not his brightest idea, but one he is confident might work.


"They were a girl I knew from school." Steve fast as his eyes darted away.


"Honey... I know that's not the truth. Do you think I wouldn't notice Hayley's underwear when I see them?" Francine replied.


"Mom I swear I was only going to do it once, some high schoolers told me to try it because it was awesome, I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn't help myself!" Steve shouted.


"Steve... I'm not mad, or disappointed... I am just worried about you. To go that far as to jerk off to your OWN sister's underwear is disgusting!"


Steve bowed his head in shame, but Francine had other plans in mind with Steve. 




End of Chapter 1!

Sorry it ends with a cliffhanger, but how else would I get you to come back? Lol

All jokes aside, I hope you enjoyed this first Chapter of this American Dad Lemon. I have more in store and plan to release chapter 2 VERY soon!!!

Stay tuned for what's to come next and if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to ask.

As always 

-  Lola_BunnyLover98


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