Phinabella Threesomes

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Phineas had no idea what he was in for when he went to Isabella's house. Isabella had invited him over while her mother was out of town for the weekend. Phineas was surprised that the door was unlocked, but he thought nothing of it as he went up to Isabella's room, he was about to knock on the door when he heard Isabella arguing with someone, he assumed she was arguing with someone on the phone, until he heard another voice in the room. It was a girl's voice and it sounded familiar, but Phineas couldn't quite place it. Phineas was pulled from his thoughts when he heard something else coming from the room, it sounded like...kissing. Curious what was happening, Phineas opened the door and looked inside.

Phineas went wide-eyed as he stared at Isabella and Holly making out. Both girls' eyes were closed as they melted into the kiss. Phineas saw how the girls' breasts squished together, Isabella's 38DDs squishing against Holly's 36DDs.

"Ahem" said Phineas

The girls opened their eyes and looked towards Phineas.

"Um, how long have you been standing there?" asked Isabella

"Since the arguing turned into a hot make-out session between my hot girlfriend and her hot friend" said Phineas

"Well, did you like what you saw?" asked Isabella

"Oh, definitely, what guy doesn't like seeing 2 hot girls making out?" asked Phineas

"Well then, why don't you join us?" asked Holly

"Huh? Holly, you can't be serious" said Isabella

"Oh, I am, I'm really fucking horny right now, and I can tell you are too, and I'm sure Phineas would love the idea of a threesome with us" said Holly

"But, I don't think..." said Isabella

Isabella was cut off by Holly crashing their lips together. Isabella gave in and allowed herself to enjoy the kiss. Phineas got hard watching the girls kissing for a minute before Holly pulled away.

"So, threesome?" asked Holly

"Sounds good" said Isabella

Isabella and Holly got started removing their clothes, taking off their tops and pants, leaving Isabella in her sexy black lacy bra and panties with pink bows and Holly in her sexy white lacy bra and panties. The girls saw Phineas undressing too, until he was only clad in his boxers with a very visible bulge.

"Damn, Isabella, that bulge looks huge, how do you handle that?" asked Holly

"It was difficult at first, but I got used to it" said Isabella

"Well, before he gets to use that, I want to see how good he is with his mouth" said Holly

"What do you mean?" asked Isabella

Holly whispered something into Isabella's ear and Isabella smiled at the thought.

"That sounds so hot, go right ahead" said Isabella

Holly turned to Phineas and removed her bra, showing off her large boobs.

"Go ahead, Phineas, I want you to play with my tits with your mouth" said Holly

Phineas didn't need to be told twice, he lowered his head and began to lick Holly's right nipple, making her moan. Isabella looked on and bit her lip, the sight of her boyfriend using his mouth to play with her friend's boobs was incredibly hot, but she wanted to do more than just watch, she got down on her knees and pulled down Phineas' boxers, exposing his 10 inch dick.

"Wow, Isabella, that thing is a monster" said Holly

Isabella smiled and wrapped her hand around her boyfriend's cock and gave him a soft hand job.

"I know" said Isabella

Isabella then took Phineas' cock in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down, Phineas moaned while sucking Holly's nipple, causing her to let out a squeal of pleasure. Holly pushed Phineas away and got on her knees to join Isabella.

"Need any help?" asked Holly

"Not really, but feel free to join in if you want" said Isabella

"Thanks" said Holly

Holly stuck out her tongue and started to lick the side Phineas's shaft while Isabella kissed the other side. The girls occassionally met at the head and kissed eachother. Phineas couldn't hold it anymore and shot his load over both girls' faces, some of it dripping onto their busty chests. The girls licked the cum off of each other's faces and Phineas got hard once again.

"Mm, yummy" said Holly

"Phineas, that was great, I can't take it anymore, I'm so horny and I need you to fuck me, right now" said Isabella

"With pleasure" said Phineas

Isabella dropped her panties down her legs and pushed Phineas onto his back on the bed, before she impaled herself onto his erection. Isabella wasted no time riding Phineas fast.

"Oh fuck!" moaned Isabella

Holly slid her panties off and leaned over and kissed Isabella, licking her lips to request entrance, which was granted. Their boobs crashed together and their nipples rubbed against eachother, making them harder and making the girls moan into each other's mouths. Holly straddled Phineas' face, and he wasted no time sticking his tongue into Holly's pussy, making her moan even more into the kiss with Isabella as his tongue twisted inside her, she had never felt this much pleasure before in her life.

"Fuck, he's so good with his tongue, why does Isabella have all the luck?" thought Holly

Phineas felt Holly's pussy spasm around his tongue, before she came on his face, the feeling pushed Phineas over the edge as he came inside Isabella, who then came herself.

"Sooo good" said Isabella

Isabella got off Phineas and tried to catch her breath. Phineas moaned when Holly started sucking his dick to clean it.

"I believe it's my turn" said Holly

"Of course" said Isabella

Holly got onto all fours and gestured for Phineas to fuck her. Phineas pounded Holly doggy style.

"Fuck, oh fuck, this is so fucking good, agh, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Phineas sped up his thrusts as Holly panted with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Isabella crawled up to Holly and pulled her in for a kiss. The girls kissed and groped eachother while Phineas fucked Holly.

"Fuck, Phineas, I'm going to cum" moaned Holly

"Me too, where do you want it?" asked Phineas

"Don't pull out, I want it to go inside me" said Holly

Phineas kept up his thrusts until he buried his entire dick into Holly's pussy as they came together. Phineas pulled out of Holly as they both collapsed. Phineas lay on the bed in the middle while the girls both cuddled up to him.

"That was amazing, guys" said Holly

"Yes, yes it was" said Phineas

"We have got to do that again sometime" said Isabella

"Yes, we do, but for now, I have to get going" said Holly

Holly grabbed her stuff and got dressed before heading out the door. After about 5 minutes, Isabella received a text.

HOLLY: Open the door

Isabella showed the text to Phineas. Phineas got up and opened the door, seeing Holly's white lacy bra hanging on the doorknob. Isabella sent a text to Holly.


HOLLY: Keep that as a memento

Isabella grabbed the bra off the doorknob and a smile spread on her face.

"What's with the smile?" asked Phineas

"Oh, just a little idea" said Isabella

"Ooh, tell me" said Phineas

"Well, how would you feel about more threesomes...with other girls?" asked Isabella

Hey, hope you enjoyed, this is all I'm going to be doing with this for now, I'll come back to it after I finish Phinabella Sex Life, but I will say, the last chapter of this will involve a mystery girl who is not part of Isabella's fireside troupe, if anyone thinks they can guess who it is, leave a review with your answer

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