Timmy & Mac’s Summer Camp Adventure:

BY : Wendell Urth
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Online Friends

We had been chatting online for a while. I don’t even remember how we first met, must have been a chat room (duh!) but I’m not sure which one. He seemed like a nice kid, he lived in some small town on the other side of the valley.

He told me some stuff about himself. He had a babysitter he hated. I told him about my brother. I thought I had it worse because my brother was a bully and a psycho and around all the time. He thought he had worse because the baby sitter was, like, really, really mean, crazy-mean and his parents didn’t do anything to stop her.

My brother liked setting fires, but he was so stupid he always got caught. He carved his initials into the door at Fosters then covered it in gasoline so the letters were burned in permanently. Then actually asked a cop how they figured out it was him!

He said his babysitter tried to hit him with a baseball bat and his parents gave her a tip for trying to teach him sports. Well, that topped my story.

We traded some other stories, I guess we both told some lies. His seemed bigger and wilder, but that’s OK. It was kind of a guy thing. I liked him.

We lost touch after a while. It’s like that with friends you make online.

So I was surprised when I saw him at summer camp that first day. I got off the bus with a billion other kids. I was waiting in the registration line when an old green convertible pulled up, blowing exhaust fumes on everyone. A red-headed teenage girl with wild pink eyes and a nasty smile was driving and there was my friend in the back seat, sitting between a blonde cheerleader and a really cute Asian girl with black hair.

Making out! Every kid in the parking lot was suddenly silent.

I think my jaw dropped open. The four of them were really going at it. The girls were fighting for his attention! The way they were touching him, no way they were family! The teen driving them finally had enough. I thought she was going to smack the other girls, but no. I didn’t hear what she said to the two girls, but she grabbed my friend by the collar and planted this kiss on his lips. I mean, he was maybe a couple of years older than me, but she was slobbering all over him and I could see the two girls in the back seat were jealous but scared of her!

I realized that this had to be the evil babysitter! I mean this kid, Timmy, had to be biggest liar I had ever met!

I felt a little embarrassed. Maybe I exaggerated about a little about Terrance, but I mostly told the truth. Like that fire story was 100% true. I was pissed off and jealous too. I thought the kid was a loser like me. Well, there were a lot of other kids in the camp, I hoped we wouldn’t run into each other much.

So of course, they made us bunk mates. His on top, right over mine. Waiting for orientation, I was in my bunk reading a comic. Goo and Frankie had chipped in to buy me some, a going away present. Nice of them! That’s when the kid leaned out his bunk and looked at me for a few moments. He was wearing a dumb pink hat. I could tell he recognized me. I guess I smiled back at him. I didn’t want to make any enemies, not the first day and he was already the most popular kid in our hut. Probably in the whole camp!

“Hey, you’re Mac! Awesome!”

“Hiya Timmy.”

That’s really all it took. We did actually have a lot in common, we’d rather stay in the bunk and trade comics. We were both bad at most sports. I was a better swimmer; he was better at mini golf. We played some practical jokes on the other guys in the bunkhouse and steadily became disliked.

We both admitted to being super in love with older red headed girls. Mine was a lot older than his. I think that impressed him. He was shy talking about the girls I saw him with, blonde, brunette and red head. I really wanted to get that story, so did every other guy in the camp.

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