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Disclaimer: This is a story for adults due to graphic sex.Disclaimer: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.


This is a story for adults due to graphic sex. Hope you enjoy

Disclaimer: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Chapter 1: The Cast-Iron Tub

It was quite the largest antique cast-iron bath tub Frankie had ever seen. There were similar claw-foot tubs back at Fosters, none quite this large… or inviting.

Frankie leaned back in the warm water and drank the tea that Miss Afra had provided. It was hot and spicy and so relaxing and between the tea and warm water, her aches and pains began to subside. There was smell of spicy lemons.

She looked at Goo facing her across the tub, their legs barely touching. She didn’t see the little girl as she was, all skinny arms and legs, big hands and feet. She saw her as she would be in a few years, a tall statuesque woman. Strong, powerful. She could see how her breasts were just beginning to form. “She will be bigger than me. Her breasts. She’ll carry them well.”

The child was embarrassed to be naked in the tub with her. That was obvious by the way her eyes darted around, coming to rest on Frankie’s breasts, then at her pussy, then at the ceiling, round and around.

Frankie called to her. “Goo, your hair is a mess, come over here, let me wash it.” The only person who had ever washed her hair before was her mama. She turned her back to Frankie, scooted back till she was almost sitting in her lap in the water, her legs between Frankie’s. She could feel Frankie’s breasts pressed up against her back. She hadn’t bathed with her mother since she was a child, then just showers. This was different. She missed those showers with her mom, but Frankie wasn’t her mother. She was a grown woman.

“Your braids are hopeless,” they were hanging down, drowned. “Do you mind if I uncurl them? It will be easier to wash.” Goo nodded, the tea and warm water had relaxed her too, she was practically boneless in tub. “I’m not going to be able to re-braid them, is that OK? It’ll have to wait for your mother.” Goo said. “Yeah I know, it’s OK.” She was speaking very slowly. This bath was no place for speed.

Frankie eased the clips and many bands out of her braids. “Your hair is so beautiful like this.” The long black streamers of curls seemed so much thicker freed from the braids. They covered the girl’s back and shoulders. Frankie rinsed her. She loved running her hands through the long black locks. Between her fingers, stroking the long back curls. She had never felt hair like this before. So very fine between her fingers.

Goo melted into her arms.

They both dreamed.

Goo liked the feeling of Frankie’s full breasts against her back so much. Frankie enjoyed the sight of Goo’s developing shoulder muscles moving under the surface of her skin. She was going to be a strong woman. Frankie admired that. She kissed Goo’s shoulder. Her dark skin glistened in the water, a sprinkling of dark freckles across her skin.

“When did she become so beautiful?” Frankie wondered, suspecting that it had been there all along and she just wasn’t observant enough to notice before.

Trembling, Goo took Frankie’s right hand and gently kissed the palm. Then she took it and placed it against her left breast, the nipple under Frankie’s fingers. Frankie had been with women before, even had shared a bath with one or two… But never in such a luxurious tub. And never with a girl so young yet so strong.

She could have stopped. She could have rejected the child’s advances. She knew she should have! But she couldn’t. She closed her fingers, trapping the nipple between second and third finger. Cupping the breast to be. Ever so gently rubbing, feeling the nipple harden under her touch, her manipulation.

Frankie had to stop this! But instead she brought her other hand down to the soft cleft between Goo’s legs. The girl let out a pent-up sigh as Frankie began kissing the back of the Goo’s neck. Frankie played with Goo’s pubic hair which was soft in the bath water, teased her folds, feeling them grasp at her finger as she probed the young girl.

Frankie had been just a little older than Goo her first time, but it had been with a girl her own age. “We had no idea what we were doing,” she remembered. Fumbling advances, there hadn’t been much pleasure beyond two lonely girls looking for some comfort. But that wasn’t the case here. A second finger in the tight virginal slit. Frankie wouldn’t take her virginity. But there were things they could do.

They looked at the door at the same time. There hadn’t been any noise, but something attracted their gaze. Miss Afra stood there. Her arms on the shoulders of a naked boy. He was young. His penis stood stiffly at attention. He had been watching them. Frankie had no idea for several moments who he was or why he was there. She only knew she wanted him. Needed him, too

Then she remembered. “Mac, it’s Mac,” she whispered. Of course! Must be the concussion. Yet she had the feeling that Goo also hadn’t known who he was until she said his name.

Miss Afra guided him to the tub. Mac looked scared. He glanced up at Miss Afra. “I don’t think I…”

“Shhh, my dear-ah. It’s fine. Plenty room in that tub. My grand babies all bathed together here-ah. Always room for a friend, right-ah Miss Frankie, Miss Goo?” She winked at them.

Frankie didn’t remember telling the woman her name. Mac must have. She was still playing with Goo’s nipple. Unashamed. Unconcerned.

She reached out with her other hand to touch Mac’s face, to show him she loved him. Instead, somehow, she found herself cupping his hairless, smooth balls instead. Then gently took his stiffened penis and guided it towards Goo’s open, waiting mouth.

After a few moments Miss Afra lifted him into the tub.

She was right, there was plenty of room.

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