Two Blondes and a Better Time

BY : lilo1013
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The cameras were off and not a single person was among the pool area of Playa Des Loser. Within the walls of the building, tiptoeing as quietly as she could, Lindsey, in nothing but a tight white towel around her person, look back and forth carefully among her surroundings. When reaching the double doors leading out to the pool, she sighs happily and shut her eyes.

"Good. None of the boys are up. I can have some fun in the pool without anyone noticing me." She voice to herself as quietly as she could. Lifting her head up, she looks ahead at the doors, grasp the handles and lower them down quietly and slowly. "I really wanted to have a good swim, but the pools kept playing their stupid game…" Lindsey complains harshly, her eyelids lower and her rage building her person.

A sigh left her lip, she inhale quickly and calm down in a matter of seconds. She smiles to herself and open her eyes to the outside beyond the door she was holding onto. In a second, she push the door open, the atmosphere of the outside hitting her with the cool air behind her push behind her. She step out into the open and drops her towel to the floor with a single pull of her towel with her right hand.

She steps away from the towel, leaving the door open in the process and clearly not caring. Every bit of her naked body was exposed to the air, her large breasts bouncing with each step she took though her pink nipples harden from her exposure. Her shapely backside had much to offer that complement her hourglass figure, slender legs and natural beauty. Among her crotch was a well trimmed amount of pubic hair, bikini waxed and smooth to the touch along the outer sides of her hairs.

She reaches the edge of the pool and lean down at the sight of it. Her reflection appears from the moonlight above as she stares at herself with a blink of her eyes. "Hello sexy." She announce; posing with her left hand against her side, her right arm behind her back and her eyelids down halfway over her eyes. She bucker out her lips then drops the act and giggles to herself.

After calming down, she turns her focus back to the water and dips her right hand into the water. "Nice and cool. Just what I needed. I'll get in the hot tub later after a good swim." She states to herself. Rather than pull her hand out from the water, she shut her eyes gently and dive directly into the waiting pool; making a small splash in the process.

She didn't open her eyes as she moves among the still water. It proves easy for her as she savor every moment of being below the surface. She swim a bit faster among the water, keeping her arms slightly away from her and kicking her legs up and down to help propel her. For a second, she open her eyes to the area before her then surface quickly before reaching the opposite side.

A gasp left her lips and she inhale a great deal of air in the process; laughing with some of her hair now over her face. "Lindsey!?" Bridgette calls out behind her in surprise; staring at her closely. Lindsey tease from hearing her fellow competitor's voice and shift to her left at a slow pace, her eyes fully wide from hearing her. "Um…hi Bridgette…" Lindsey replies mousy in tone and wave with her right hand, reflection her inner emotions.

Bridgette was standing close to the edge; a towel was around her torso tightly tied as she was blinking at the sight of Lindsey in the distance from her. Similar to Lindsey, Bridgette had an alluring body, more athletic than hers and with a smaller bust. However, she had a beauty of a surfer girl with her hair down similarly to how Lindsey had hers.

"So…you thought about coming for a swim without the guys out here too?" Bridgette points out kindly, losing much of her shock and crossing her arms against her chest. "Yep." Lindsey replies with a smile on her face. Bridgette giggles from this then move her hands towards the folds of her towel. In one pull of the folds in each of her hands, Bridgette reveal her naked body to the air; dropping her towel once she feel the full amount of the area on her.

Bridgette lower her arms behind her; exposing her tight ass to the air, her well groomed crotch of matching blonde hair, not as well as Lindsey's, her slightly pink nipples getting hard as she move her arms down to her sides. She then lifts her arms high above her head and dive into the water; making a splash that fills Lindsey's ears, but didn't echo into the building.

"Wait…did anyone follow you?" Lindsey asks; averting her gaze to her upper right at the star filled sky. Bridgette emerges from the water's depth with a deep exhale when she surface. Shaking her head back and forth with a smile on her face, she turn to Lindsey and answers, "No silly. I shut the door when I found it left opened. You really should have shut it behind you. Not to mention your towel."

"Oh yeah. Sorry about that." Lindsey replies then shift onto her back; letting the waters move her along in the direction towards Bridgette. Bridgette swims away from her current spot and watch Lindsey closely. Her smile never left from her face though she lowers her eyelids in a relaxed form. "So still made at Heather and Tyler?" Bridgette asks calmly, still moving about the water with light waves of her hand and kicks under the water.

"Naw…Tyler and me aren't hitting it off too well…he keeps making more and more mistakes." Lindsey answers as she shuts her eyes. "And as for Heather, karma will get her soon enough." She continues proudly with a wide smile. Bridgette giggles from Lindsey's words and follow after her calmly; swimming at a slow pace to mirror the pace of the drifting Lindsey.

"What about you and Goeff? Aren't you two having fun together?" Lindsey asks as she open her eyes and lifts her head up among the water. She watch Bridgette getting closer to her then witness her spin in place and lay on her back on top of the water. She floats in a drifting manner similar to Lindsey among the water; taking in the stars as Lindsey stare at her.

"He's really sweet, but we're taking it slow. After all, he did get eliminated and while he's taking it well, I know he needs some space." She explains which Lindsey nods to. "That's good." Lindsey points out then turns her attention back to the sky above. "This is really nice Bridgette." Lindsey complements. "It is. I really do enjoy this kind of peace. No one to bother us, the pool all to ourselves and the sky keeping us company." Bridgette answers sounding more relaxed in her tone.

Lindsey nods in turn then shut her eyes. "So…have you done anything naughty since you got to the camp or inside the mansion?" Lindsey questions with a little bit of red forming on her cheeks. "Aside from kissing on Goeff? Not really." Bridgette answers without hesitation. "You?" Bridgette asks. "Nope. Only kissing on Tyler from time to time. He didn't hit the spots I needed…" Lindsey answers.

The two women remain silent then sit up among the waters; keeping themselves afloat. They turn to one another and stare at one another's faces and chest with interest. "We could do something about that until the guys get their acts together." Bridgette offers with a wanting look on her face. Lindsey offers a similar one and comment, "I have a few ideas I wouldn't mind doing…if you're up for them."
Without another word, the two young women swim towards one another, press their chest against one each other and stare deep into the others' eyes. Slowly, they shut their eyes and lift their arms up from the surface of the water. The two loop their arms around each other, Lindsey holding onto Bridgette's shoulders, and Bridgette holding Lindsey among her waist.

The two young women shut their eyes, lean closer to one another and press their lips softly against one another. Lindsey press harder against Bridgette; deepening the kiss and making her moan in the process. Though some of Lindsey's hair lingered against her face, it didn't bother Bridgette. She craves more of Lindsey's kiss; pushing herself harder against her and feeling her large breasts smashing against hers.

Knowingly, the two sink into the water quietly; further embracing one another and focusing only on what they had currently. Once under the water, the two let out light bubbles from their noses, but never break the kiss they were sharing. They hit the bottom of the pool, continuing to indulge in their kiss with their eyes shut gently. Lindsey move her hands along Bridgette's shoulders and back from the pleasure gently. In turn, Bridgette move her hands about the lower space of Lindsey's back.

Bridgette pulls away from Lindsey embrace and swim away from her; keeping her eyes shut. No longer feeling her in her embrace, Lindsey opens her eyes in the water and quickly swims after her. She watches Bridgette surface from the water's depth and sit on top of one of the active jets. A loud moan left her lips when feeling the jet hitting both her pussy and asshole as Bridgette spread her legs in the process.

Lindsey emerges from the water's depth; gasping out and rapidly taking in air. She blink a few times from the blur in her vision until she witness Bridgette across from her; lightly wiggling from the pleasure of the jet. "Naughty girl…" Lindsey points out which Bridgette smirks and giggles in response. Slowly, Lindsey approach Bridgette's spread legs, never taking her eyes off of the woman before her.

When close to Bridgette's person, the sitting female lean back in place, not allowing the jets to fully leave from under her. In turn, at the same time, Lindsey lowers herself down into Bridgette's crotch, never breaking eye contact with her. She drops the lower parts of her face into the water, stick out her tongue and lick against the waiting pussy of Bridgette's.

A loud moan left from her lips from feeling Lindsey pressing her tongue against her. The touch quickly change to light licks against the top of her pussy; pleasuring both her clit and the flesh under it. Bridgette moans out from feeling Lindsey pleasuring her, with the jets aiding in her desire. It didn't bother Lindsey when feeling the jets hitting her, her eyes never moving away from Bridgette's frame. The only thing that matter to Lindsey was giving and gaining pleasure from Bridgette; despite not touching her own aching pussy.

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