Creek Dreams

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Creek Dreams

by George Glass

Summary: Exhausted from an afternoon of excavating treasures from the Creek, Craig, Kelsey, and JP fall asleep at the Stump and have some delightful dreams.

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Part 1: The Dream of JP

“Man,” Craig said as he, Kelsey, and JP collapsed on the floor of their hideout beneath the stump, “collecting treasures is hard work.”

“Seriously,” JP agreed. “Hauling that cred- credens- that big, arch-y, desk-y thing out of the Creek really took it outta me.”

“How did somebody even chuck that thing in there?” Kelsey asked. “It was half a mile from the road. Upstream!”

“S’gonna look great in here when we get around to that remodel, though,” said JP. “Give the place a real post-zombie-apocalypse office-space look.”

“Yup,” Craig said, yawning. “It’ll be cool.”

“Dude, don’t do that,” Kelsey said, also yawning. “It’s contagious.”

JP, yawning in turn, added, “Yeah, and it’s catching, too.” Slumping against the wall, he went on, “I think…I need to…close my eyes for…a sec…”

And then all three were asleep.


JP was in a grassy meadow. Surrounded by patches of wildflowers, their many colors amplified by the bright sunshine, he lay on his favorite fleece blanket, which was decorated with spaceships and characters from the TV series Space Squad.

Utterly at peace, JP gazed up at the clouds, deciding what each one looked like.

“Bunny rabbit…” he murmured to himself. “Banana…Mortimer…four-door pickup with no tailgate…my pediatrician if she was a vending machine…”

JP was stirred from his reverie by a whinnying sound. He sat up and looked around, and soon he spotted someone trotting toward him, her long, dark hair flowing behind her.

It was always good to see Maney. She was nice, and JP liked her blue t-shirt with the giraffe on it, and her big teeth, and her face in general. Although seeing her often made his own face feel kind of warm for some reason.

He waved at her as she approached. She came to a stop at the edge of his picnic blanket.

“Hi, JP.”

“Hey, Maney. Your trottin’ looks real good today. Like, graceful, or somethin’.”

“Thanks.” She blushed a little. 

“So,” Maney went on, “I was wondering…if you’re not totally committed to being a monster truck…the other Horse Girls and I had an idea. You know, if you want to hear it.”

“I’m all ears. I mean, I’m really only, like, two percent ears, but my sister says that’s more than most people. Anyhow, what’s your idea?”

“Welllll…since boys can’t be Horse Girls, we were thinking of starting a separate but, you know, affiliated group for boy horses.”

“So, it would be like, the Horse Boys? The Stallions? Ooooh, could it be the Space Squad?”

Maney’s face turned a bit pink as she replied, “Actually, we were thinking it would be called…the Studs.”

“Um, what’s a stud?”

“A stud is a male horse whose job is servicing female horses.”

“You mean, like, checking their oil, wiping their windows, stuff like that?”

Maney giggled. “No, servicing means helping them make little horses.”

“Hold on, is this one of those ‘facts of life’ things? ‘Cause my mom explained all that to me.” Soberly, he added, “I did not get it.”

“Don’t worry, I can show you how. You know, if you want.”

JP’s eyebrows rose. Then his face got even warmer than it had when Maney first arrived.

“Um, okay,” he said sheepishly. “How do we, uh, do that?”

Maney blushed and said, “Well, we start off with some nuzzling.” Then, before JP could ask, she said, “Like this.”

She leaned forward and put her cheek against his. Then she moved her head up and down a little, gently rubbing her face against JP’s. 

“That’s…kinda nice,” JP said, blushing. “And your hair smells like grass and flowers and…oooh, is that BrightShine Anti-Dandruff Shampoo? I use that, too!”

Maney giggled. “This is how horses show they like each other.”

They nuzzled for a little while longer. Then, when JP pulled his face out of Maney’s hair to catch his breath, he saw how pink the girl’s face looked, and how big the little black dots in the middle of her eyes had gotten. Something about all that made him feel really funny inside.

“Sooo, for this next part,” Maney said, “we have to take off our clothes.”

JP’s eyes grew. “Um, my mom says I’m not supposed to do that in front of people. She’s real specific about it.”

“True, but right now, we’re horses, not people. We shouldn’t even be wearing clothes in the first place.”

Pointing a finger at Maney, JP said, “You make a valid point. I shall undress immediately.”

JP pulled off his extra-long-sleeved shirt and was about to take off his pants, but his hands didn’t even make it to his belt buckle before he found himself transfixed by the sight of Maney pulling her blue t-shirt up and off to reveal her bare torso. Her shirt was so loose-fitting that JP had never before noticed the little swells of her just-beginning breasts, even though he always looked pretty closely at her whenever she was around.

“Wow,” JP said. “Your body is…”

He paused, hoping that good words would come, as they sometimes did. Not this time, though.

“…real nice,” he concluded.

“Thanks, JP.”

She blushed—not just with her face, but all the way down her neck and onto the top part of her chest, just above where those nice little swells began. Which was funny, because as Maney turned sideways to him and he saw her body in profile, JP began feeling very warm in those exact same places.

Now Maney was wearing just her dark-brown shorts. JP had noticed before how tightly they fit Maney’s legs, but because of her long shirt, he had never seen how the shorts clung to Maney’s narrow little bottom, showing it in almost as much detail as if she were nude.

There sure is a lot of nice stuff under that giraffe shirt, JP concluded.

Maney smiled demurely at him, as though she had heard JP’s thought. Then she pushed her tight-fitting shorts down to her ankles, revealing her underwear. Not surprisingly, her white panties were decorated with running horses of various colors and markings. Then she pushed the panties down, too, and now her bottom was bare to JP’s eyes. Seen from the side, it had a rounded shape that JP found very pleasing. Pleasing to the point that there was definitely some stuff happening in his pants.

“Wow, Maney,” he blurted. “You look…wow.”

“Thanks, JP,” she said, blushing deeply this time. “But…you’re not going to make me be the only one who’s naked, are you?”

“Huh? Oh, right!”

JP yanked down his jeans and underwear simultaneously and flung them away. Now he and Maney were naked in front of each other. JP felt kind of funny about that, but in a good way. For some reason, he was glad that his penis was partly hard, making it look like an actual thing instead of a fleshy peanut like usual.

“Wow,” Maney said, looking him over, “you look really nice naked. You should be naked all the time.”

“That’s what I’m always sayin’!” JP replied. Then, taking another appreciative look at Maney’s body, he added, “You should be naked all the time, too.”

“Thanks,” the girl said, blushing again. Then she pointed downward. “I especially like your peenie. Can I touch it?”

JP glanced down at his penis, which felt like it was getting even harder now that Maney was looking at it.

“Um, sure!”

JP came close to Maney, and she put her hand on his stiff member. She explored it with her fingers, then moved her hand slowly up and down its length. Now, it was getting so hard that JP worried it would start hurting if Maney kept touching it like that. Thankfully, a moment later, she stopped.

“Now we do the really important part,” Maney said.

She let go of JP’s penis, took him by the hand, and led him over to a weathered old wooden fence that JP somehow hadn’t noticed was there until now. While JP stood next to her, Maney leaned forward, bending at the hips, and put her hands on the sun-warmed fence rail. The pose made Maney’s bottom look especially nice from the side view that JP currently had of it.

“Now, JP,” Maney said, “get behind me.”

“Okay,” the boy replied, entranced.

Unable to look away from Maney’s naked body, JP walked sideways, making a quarter-circle until he was directly behind Maney. Now, down underneath her butt, he could see her girl-thing. It wasn’t hairy like his mom’s or his sister’s—he’d seen both by accident at one time or another—but was instead just lightly fuzzy, like a peach made of skin. Which wasn’t as weird or gross a thought as he might have expected.

Breathing a little heavily, Maney said, “Now, come up real close behind me and put your front on my back. Make sure your peenie is as close to my nu-nu as you can get it.”

Still looking at Maney’s “nu-nu,” JP felt as though close to it was the only place his peenie wanted to be. So he did what Maney said, laying his chest down on her back and snugging his hips right up against her butt. Her nu-nu felt really warm, even though no part of him was actually touching it.

“Okay,” Maney said. “Now move your peenie so that it’s poking my nu-nu.”

Somehow, this sounded to JP like the best idea in history. He took hold of his member and prodded Maney’s little skin-peach with it. After a few pokes, he found one place where it was wet as well as hot. That spot was very, very interesting, so he poked it some more, and then the end of his peenie slid right into a gap in the middle of Maney’s nu-nu. What was even more interesting was that there was something there, a little hole, and he found himself poking it and pressing against it with his member.

“Now,” Maney said, breathing harder, like she was running while she was talking, “push your peenie right into that little hole.”

Oh, gosh, yes, this was exactly what JP wanted to do. In fact, it felt like some part of him had been wanting to do it for a while now, maybe even since the first time he met Maney, but the rest of him just hadn’t figured that out until now.

He switched from poking to pushing, trying to make his peenie go into that little hole, but not wanting to force it. That was how stuff got broken, at least if his one attempt to put a model ship in a bottle was any indication.

“Remember,” Maney said, “you’re a stallion, so you don’t have to be gentle. Just shove it in hard!”

“You got it!” JP cried, and thrust into Maney as hard and deep as he could.

Maney let out a whinnying scream, and JP somehow knew that it was a good kind of scream. So he thrust in hard again, and again.

“Yes!” Maney cried. “Yes! You really are a stud!”

Maney’s tight peach-hole felt so good around JP’s cock that there was nothing he could even compare it to. He thrust in hard over and over, and every thrust felt as good as the one before. At that moment, he didn’t want his penis to be anywhere but inside Maney ever again.

As JP thrust, Maney thrust against him, using the leverage of the fence to shove her butt against his hips again and again, helping him go as deep inside her as possible every time. Their rhythm felt like a gallop, one that got faster and faster as they went. And as Maney snorted and whinnied with pleasure, JP found himself doing the same thing. He felt less and less like a human boy and more and more like a wild animal, thrusting, fucking, breeding, his instincts driving him while his mind was simply along for the ride.

Soon they were moving crazy fast, coming together so hard that JP’s hips and Maney’s butt made a slapping sound every time they hit each other. JP grunted with the effort of pumping as hard as Maney seemed to want him to, as hard as his own body wanted him to. But even though it was hard work, it felt so good that he didn’t want to stop, not even for a second.

Now, a feeling was rising up inside him. It was kind of like a tickle but much, much better. And while it felt really good, it also felt like it wasn’t enough. He needed it to be stronger. He needed to make it stronger. 

So he started shoving his thing into Maney as hard and as fast as he possibly could. Maney bucked wildly against him, grunting and whinnying at the top of her lungs.

And now that tickle inside felt better, and better, and better, and then it felt so good that JP couldn’t stand it anymore, and he hollered “AAAAAAAAAAAH!” as something inside him busted open and flooded out of him and went deep into Maney’s body which was where he wanted it to go and needed it to go and even when Maney started screaming high and long he held on tight to her to make sure it all went in there until it finally stopped and JP was standing there exhausted, half-leaning against Maney’s back, breathing raggedly, listening to Maney do the same.

“That was…so great…” JP panted.

“Oh yeah…” Maney puffed in reply. “You really…rode me…It felt…so good…”

For a moment, JP puzzled over the notion of a horse riding another horse. But he was feeling too nice to worry much about that, or anything else. 

After a minute or two of catching their breath, JP and Maney, still naked but somehow clean, went back to the blanket and lay down on it together, looking up at the clouds. JP nuzzled Maney again, and she snorted happily.

Just then, JP heard a faint whinny in the distance. He sat up and looked in the direction the sound had come from.

The other Horse Girls were approaching, coming down a path through the meadow in a single-file line. Little blonde Mackenzie was leading them at a trot, with Melissa behind her, the girl’s big brown hair flowing in the breeze. Behind them, Marie sauntered along in her usual gray sweatshirt. She wasn’t trotting or otherwise behaving in an equine manner, but she nonetheless seemed more enthusiastic than usual—at least in the way she looked at the naked JP.

“Uh-oh,” Maney said teasingly as she sat up. “Hope you’ve got your energy back, JP. You’ve got more mares to service.”


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