Phinabella Sex Life

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Disclaimer: I do not own Phineas and Ferb, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

NOTE: I know nearly nothing about how living situations for American college students works (I'm from England), so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies.

Isabella was the happiest she had ever been in her life, after years of waiting, she finally had the guy of her dreams, Phineas Flynn, the only problem? She had to wait another week before she could see him again. She still had that memory of Phineas meeting up with her while she was driving to Tri-State State and pulling her into that amazing kiss. She always imagined that her first kiss would be brilliant, but that one couldn't have been more perfect, not just because it was a brilliant romantic gesture, but it was with Phineas.

"Another week without Phineas, if only time could go faster" thought Isabella

Now that she had him, she wasn't going to let him go. Not only that, she was going to make sure everyone on campus knew that Phineas was HER man, hearing other girls on campus talking about rumors of Phineas attending Tri-State State, along with comments of "He's so hot", "I bet he's VERY creative in bed", "I'd let him do whatever he wants to me" etc. She would also make it clear that she was Phineas' girl, since she had also heard some male students (And a couple female students), making similar comments about Isabella, a couple of them even approached Isabella, there was some annoying Italian rich boy called 'Antonio', who walked up to her when she was writing in her diary and actually said "Those clothes look really nice on you, but I bet they'd look better crumpled on my apartment floor", needless to say, that earned him a kick in the balls.

Isabella finished her morning jog around campus and returned to her dorm room. Isabella liked having a big dorm room to herself, she didn't have any roommates leaving their stuff all over the floor or...


...Or keeping her up with their night time antics. The girl next door was Bea, Isabella met her when she arrived on campus and they became quick friends, Isabella only had one complaint about Bea...


...Bea was a major slut. Isabella wouldn't have minded as much, if only Bea wasn't so fucking loud. Bea slept with a different guy each day, and her nightly escapades had kept Isabella up 3 times in the last 7 days, the only reason it wasn't 7 times is because 2 times, Bea went to the guy's room instead, 1 time was in the middle of the day and this was the 7th day. Isabella tried her best to ignore it. Isabella got slightly distracted by a bad smell, which she immediately realised was her, sweaty from her morning jog.

"I should get cleaned up" said Isabella

Isabella went into her private bathroom, where she started to run a bubble bath before she stripped off her pink tank top and her cute white shorts, leaving her in her sports bra and her plain white panties. Isabella removed her underwear and, when the tub was full, she turned off the tap and climbed inside, loving the feeling of the hot water on her skin.

"WAIT! I wanna be on top for a bit!" said Bea

Isabella really wished Bea slowed down when it came to her sex life. Isabella didn't have any problems with people having sex, heck, she even liked listening to some of Bea's stories of her 'conquests', she just didn't like being kept up all night.

"FUCK! You're so good!" said the guy Bea was with

Isabella tried to ignore the sounds of moaning, panting and Bea's bed creaking as she tried to relax in the bath, to no avail. She then started to think again of her kiss with Phineas and how it made her feel, but her thoughts kept getting interrupted by Bea and her latest lay.

"OH GOD! FUCK ME" screamed Bea

Isabella couldn't stop listening to Bea's screams of pleasure, she had to admit, it was pretty hot listening to others having sex in the room right next to her.

"I wonder if Phineas would make me scream like that" thought Isabella

Bea's moans kept getting louder and louder. Isabella couldn't deny, she was getting horny, but not from listening to Bea, but from imagining Phineas doing the same things to her. Isabella slowly moved one hand lower and lower towards her pussy. She started to rub her pussy, thinking back to her kiss with Phineas, Isabella imagined Phineas slowly moving his hand to her ass and giving it a playful squeeze, before his other hand slid up her shirt and gripped her DD breast through her bra.

"Oh fuck, Phineas" moaned Isabella

Isabella had masturbated before, she had done it when watching porn and reading erotic fanfiction, but nothing made her cum like imagining Phineas taking her virginity. Isabella cupped her own breast with her free hand as she started fingering herself. She imagined Phineas ripping off her clothes before bending her over the hood of her car. In her mind, she could hear the zipper of his jeans being pulled down. Isabella pinched her nipple and fingered herself harder, imagining Phineas roughly shoving his cock into her pussy.

"Oh Phineas, I want you, fuck me, make me yours" said Isabella

"You've always been mine" said the imaginary Phineas

Isabella kept fingering herself as, in her fantasy, Phineas began to fuck her like there was no tomorrow, the only sounds being Isabella's moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin. It didn't take long for Isabella to cum.

Isabella stayed still for a few minutes before she heard a knock at the door.

"Hang on, I'm coming" said Isabella

Isabella got out of the bath and put on her bathrobe before answering the door, seeing Bea, dressed only in her bra and panties.

"Oh, hi Bea" said Isabella

"Hey Izzy, I came to see if you were okay" said Bea

"I'm fine, I was just in the bath" said Isabella

"With your boyfriend?" asked Bea, with a grin

"Um, no" said Isabella

"Don't lie to me Izzy, I could hear you moaning, you were begging Phineas to make you his, I'm happy for you to lose your v-card, but I wanna see the guy that took it" said Bea

"Bea, Phineas isn't here, he isn't coming for another week, I was in the bath by myself" said Isabella

Bea seemed disappointed, but still excited.

"So you were..." said Bea

"Yeah, I was" said Isabella, starting to blush

"Thinking of Phineas" said Bea

"Yeah" said Isabella, blushing even harder

"Well, when you two end up doing it, make sure to give me all the deets" said Bea

"Alright" said Isabella

"Awesome, well, I'm gonna get back to my room, I just fucked Tyler and he really wore me out" said Bea, with no shame

"Okay, see you later" said Isabella, closing the door

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