Danny Phantom Victory Party

BY : PhantomPerv
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Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, American Dragon Jake Long or Death Battle. And I'm not doing this for money.

A reward for Danny Phantom during his fight against the American Dragon: Jake Long. Don’t expect a version were Jake wins, because I don’t want to. Wish you enjoy my first fanfic. This is rated M for a reason, so don’t blame me if you got offended.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters.

Waiting in a lavish room provided by Death Battle, Danny Fenton was lying on a big, soft bed, wearing only boxers, grinning excitedly. Suddenly, he heard a knock.

“Come in,” he said. When the door opened, he smirked widely, staring at the four visitors, who were all blushing. “Good, got tired of waiting.”

“We’re sorry for keeping you waiting,” the oldest one said. “Please, enjoy the spoils of your victory.”

Standing there were Susan Long, Jake Long’s MILF of a mom, Haley Long, who drank an aging potion to become fourteen years old, Rose, Jake’s girlfriend, and Trixie Carter, Jake’s female best friend.

The two boys agreed that the loser, who was gonna die, would let the winner have the loser’s closest female companions. If Danny have lost, then Jake would be spending time with his mom, sister, clone cousin and girlfriend.

But since Jake was now trapped in the thermos as a spirit, then Danny has earned the right to fuck the females in front of him.

Susan was wearing hot pink lingerie with crotchless panties and pad less bras, revealing everything, pink stockings, and a pink collar. Haley was wearing a purple string bikini that was enticing her new teenage body with a matching purple collar. Rose was wearing rose-shaped pasties, a green garter, and a pink collar. Trixie was wearing a small T-back and star-shaped pasties, purple stockings, a purple collar on her neck. All were wearing green makeup, from the eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Danny said, gesturing at them to come. “Let’s start.”

The girls climbed up on bed and surrounded Danny. Susan and Haley pulled off his boxers, tossing it to the side of the room. They all stared at his dick, blushing an unhealthy red as his 12-inch dick and orange-sized balls, throbbing in anticipation.

They then began servicing him; Susan kissed and licked his dick, Haley was kissing and sucking his balls. Rose and Trixie were kissing and licking his chest, focusing on his nipples. Danny moaned and groaned, enjoying the feeling. Soon, his body was covered in lipstick marks Soon, the girls started moaning as well, starting to enjoy the humiliating experience.

Rose and Trixie suddenly moaned as Danny grabbed their tits, pinching their covered nipples. Mother and Daughter Long teamed up to give him a double titjob, mashing their tits together as they massaged his dick while licking, sucking and kissing it, causing him to buckle his hips. Danny could feel his first ejaculation, grunting and groaning, making Rose and Trixie moan loudly as he pinched their nipples hard.

“Get ready,” he grunted, bucking his hips harder. “I’m…cumming!”

With a loud groan, he spurted white, hot semen, hitting Susan and Haley on the face, causing them to moan, white semen covering their faces and breasts.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” Danny said, looking at the two. “Clean each other up.”

Susan and Haley looked at each other before they started licking the cum off each other. Danny smirked as his hands went to Rose and Trixie’s asses, causing them to fall on him, moaning as he squeezed their asses.

Susan moaned as she licked the cum off her daughter’s face, getting turned on by the forbidden act. She suddenly gasped when Haley grabbed her breasts, using her dragon’s tongue to lick her clean, focusing a little more on her nipples.

Soon, the two started licking each other, cleaning themselves from Danny’s cum. Soon, the two started tongue wrestling, now doing it for pleasure rather than cleaning themselves.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Danny said, causing the mother-daughter duo to stop, who blushed when they realized what they were doing. “Now, I want all four of you on your knees and raise those asses.”

Obeying, the girls gathered in front of him, lifting their asses towards him, showing him their wet pussies. He rubbed his hand on Susan’s ass, making her moan as he spread her cheeks, showing her twitching asshole.

He then raised his hand and smack her fat ass, making it jiggle as she released a surprised yelp. He started spanking her ass, making her cry and moan as her ass turned red. Danny noted that she seems to be enjoying it, since her pussy was leaking.

Soon, he switched to the girl next to her, who was Haley, making her yelp loudly. He spanked her ass till they were red, enjoying the moans she was releasing becoming one of pleasure. She was also getting wet.

Like mother, like daughter.

He then turned to Trixie, who screamed from the sudden slap. Her cheeks moved left to right, responding to which ass cheek he was slapping. Her chocolate-colored ass swinging in rhythm from his slaps, moaning loudly as her pussy started leaking.

He then switched to Rose, who grunted as she felt the stinging pain on her ass. Danny kept spanking her, but she bit her lip to stop herself from moaning. He smirked at her resisting form, rubbing her reddened as, making her shiver a little.

Without warning, he plunged his finger in her asshole, making her scream from the sudden intrusion. Danny pumped his finger in and out of her tight asshole as she squirmed and screamed, begging him to stop, moaning loudly. Danny finally pulled his finger out as Rose fell on her face, panting lewdly with her tongue out.

“Okay, enough foreplay,” he said as he presented his raging boner. “Whose pussy am I gonna wreck first?”

The girls remained quiet, avoiding eye contact. Danny just smirked before he grabbed Susan and threw her on her back, making her squeal. She watched as Danny grabbed her legs, spreading them to reveal her wet pussy.

Licking his lips, he gave her pussy a few kisses and licks, making her moan. She screamed when Danny sucked on her clit, making her cum, covering Danny’s face with her juices.

“Hm…yummy,” Danny said before he aligned his dick to the entrance of her pussy. “Now, let’s get started.”

“W-wait!” Susan exclaimed, changing her mind.

But Danny didn’t listen as he pushed his cock in her pussy, surprised by how tight it is. Susan screamed as she felt him enter, stretching her out in a way her husband never did. He started moving his hips like a piston, enjoying how her warm, moist walls coiling around his dick.

“Oh yeah! You got a nice MILF pussy there!” Danny grunted as he held on to Susan’s legs. The poor woman just moaned and screamed as she felt the head of the dick hit her womb.

“Ugh! Ahn! Ah!” Susan cried as she started wrapping her arms around Danny’s neck. “So…rough!”

“Guess as a Dragon, you want it rough,” Danny teased as he increased his speed. “How’d you like my Ghost dick?”

“It…It…It feels good!” Susan cried, feeling her pussy tighten. “Your dick feels good!”

“Better than your husband?”


Danny smirked before he grabbed her lips in a kiss. Surprised, Susan simply surrendered, her tongue wrapping around Danny’s as she matched her hips movements with his.

The rest of the girls watched, being turned on by the scene in front of them, especially Haley, seeing her mom turn into a slut. They started fingering themselves, moaning slightly.

“I’m going to cum now,” Danny grunted, feeling his balls tighten. “Well, I owe you a son, after all. So have mine!”


Susan cum as she felt Danny fill her womb with his hot semen. Her body spazzed as he kept filling her up before he finally pulled out, cum dripping out of her pussy. Susan lied there, panting heavily with a stupid smile on her face.

“Mommy’s done,” Danny said, turning to the girls, who were masturbation. “It’s her little girl’s turn.”

Offering little resistance, Haley let Danny carry her to bed, putting her down gently. Lying on her back, she spread her legs for him, blushing with a wanton look on her face.

“My, someone’s eager,” Danny said, licking and sucking her pussy, making her moan loudly. “Just like her mom.”

“Ahn! Agh! Aah!” Haley cried, buckling her hips to his face. Suddenly, Danny moved back, making Haley look at him with a desperate expression. “W-wait! I’m so close!”

“Then I’ll make you cum with this,” Danny said, showing her his dick, making her excited. “Now, are you a good girl?”


“Then beg for it.”

“P-please put your p-penis in my v-vagina,” Haley begged.

“Those aren’t the right words,” Danny teased, rubbing the head of his cock to her entrance. “Say it more maturely.”

“Hn…” Haley groaned, shaking her hips to rub herself with Danny’s cock. “P-please f-f-fuck my v-virgin pussy with your b-big hard cock!”

“Good girl,” Danny said, petting her head before pushing his cock in her pussy, making her scream as she felt her hymen break. She dug her sharp claws on Danny’s back, making him wince a little. “Damn, you’re tight! As expected of a virgin!”

“Too big!” Haley cried, feeling like her body was being torn in half.

“C’mon, I thought Dragons are tough,” Danny said, unrelenting in his hip movements. “Then again, I beat your brother, so I understand why you’re struggling against me.”

After a few minutes of pained grunts, Haley started feeling the pleasure, her cries replaced by moans. She wrapped her arms tightly around Danny, he started bucking harder.

“So, what’s better? Dragons or Ghosts?” Danny asked, looking at the moaning Haley.

“Ghosts!” Haley cried out with her tongue out. “Ghosts are way fucking better than Dragons!”

“Good girl!” Danny exclaimed, making Haley cry out in pleasure from his intense fucking. “And good girls deserve rewards! So, get ready for your reward!”

With a loud scream, Haley’s pussy clenched tightly as she felt Danny fill her with his semen. She felt her body spasm as she was filled to the brim. Danny pulled out, causing some semen to spill. She leaned towards him, giving him a sloppy kiss, before falling, cuddling next to her mom.

“Alright, who’s next?” Danny asked, turning to the last two girls. “Hm…I’m in the mood for some chocolate. Get that ass over here.”

Trixie walked towards Danny, filled with excitement and fear. When she was closed enough, Danny grabbed her and put her on all fours, raising her ass up. He licked and sucked her pussy, making her moan and scream.

“Hm…tasty,” Danny said as he lifted his head, licking his lips. “Now, let’s see how it feels.”

Lining his dick to the entrance of her pussy, Trixie looked excited, panting heavily. With a smirk, Danny thrust his dick, enjoying the tightness. Trixie screamed as she felt him inside her. Due to her skateboarding hobby, she had an accident that already tore her hymen, so she doesn’t have one despite being a virgin.

“Oooooh~! Yeah, baby!” Trixie screamed as she pushed her ass towards his hips. “Fuck me! You’re bigger than the dildos my momma use!”

“I’m flattered you say that!” Danny exclaimed, gripping on her hips. “An honest girl like you deserves a rough fuck!”

“Oooooh~!” Trixie moaned as she felt him piston his hips harder. She grabbed a fistful of the blanket, drooling from pleasure. “You’re in deep, baby! Spank that ass!”

Danny smirked and spanked her hard, making her moan loudly. He kept spanking her ass, noticing that every hit made her tighter.

“I’m about to cum!” Danny exclaimed, grabbing both cheeks.

“Then fill this chocolate cake with cream, baby!”

With a smirk, Danny smacked both cheeks, making Trixie scream, before filling her up. Trixie fell face first on the bed as Danny fills her up. He then pulled out, the cum spilling from her pussy, pooling on the floor.

“Alright, last one,” Danny said, turning to Rose, who glared at him. Smirking, he gestured at her to come, which she did reluctantly. “Come on, don’t stay mad at me? Not my fault your boyfriend was weak.”

Rose glared at him as he stood up and walked towards her. He grabbed her chin, smirking as she kept her glare. He then kissed her, forcing her mouth open as he explored her mouth with his tongue. He grabbed her ass and pulled her towards him. She glared defiantly at him as he sucked on her tongue.

Groping her ass, his hands moved up her athletic body, from her hips, narrow waist and then her perky tits, making her moan as he grabbed them.

“Man, you have nice tits,” Danny said, tweaking and groping her. “Too bad Jake won’t be playing with these anymore.”

He grabbed her and threw her on the bed, landing on her ass. She just sat there as Danny grabbed her legs and spread them, revealing her wet pussy.

“Let’s see if roses have sweet nectars,” Danny said as he licked her pussy. Rose gritted her teeth as she endured his mouth technique. He kissed and sucked, focusing on her clitoris. Seeing how tough she was acting, Danny smirked before he nibbled her clit, rubbing it between his teeth.

Rose screamed from the surprised attack, squirting all over his face. He lifted his face, letting Rose watch as he licked the fluid off her lips. He then grabbed her hips and pulled them up, causing her to fall on her back. Soon, Rose could see her own pussy above her, making Danny’s intention clear; he wanted her to watch.

Rose saw his dick, which still hasn’t softened, much to her shock, line up with her pussy. She saw him smirk at her before he pushed his dick through her tight pussy. Rose watched as the big cock violated her virgin pussy, watching it go in and out of her.

“Well, you’re tightening up pretty good!” Danny exclaimed as Rose bit her lips to stop herself from moaning. “Try to resist all you want, soon you’ll be like them, addicted to my cock.”

“No, I-ng!-won’t!” Rose grunted, grabbing on to the sheets, trying to resist.

“You know, you seem pretty sensitive here,” Danny said, fingering her clit, making her jump in shock. “I wonder what would happen if I do…this!”

Green sparks erupted from his finger, zapping Rose’s clit. She screamed in shock as her pussy tightened around Danny, who groaned from the sudden tightness. Unable to help herself, Rose squirted, some getting on her face.

“Ngk! Cumming!” Danny exclaimed as he ejaculated in Rose’s pussy, filling her to the brim. When he pulled out, the white semen spilled all over Rose’s face, who unconsciously licked the cum.

He looked at the four girls, now full of his cum, marking them as his spoils of war. Grinning, he grabbed a bottle of sports drink, downing it on one go, throwing the empty bottle on the ground.

“Well, you bitches ready for more?” he asked with a smirk as the girls slowly looked at him, tired. “Going Ghost!”

He transformed into his Ghost form, his eyes glowing green and hair turning white. With a grin, he glowed before three more Danny’s appeared. The girls all backed on the bed as the four Dannys walked towards them, eyes glowing with lust.

The girls screamed as the Dannys grabbed them and had their way with them; Susan was on all fours, her pussy being pounded as a Danny squeezed her breasts, Haley was on a Danny’s lap, bouncing on his cock as she wrapped her arms around his neck, Trixie was being carried by a Danny, who was holding her by the ass as she was bounced off his cock, and Rose was leaning on a wall, one leg resting on Danny’s shoulder as he fucked her.

The room was filled with the girls moans and squeals and Dannys’ groans and grunts. Soon, screamed echoed through the room as they got filled with Ghostly cum.

But the fun didn’t stop there.

Haley was on top of Susan as two clones fucked them. Susan was lying on her belly as she was being fucked by Danny while her ass was being penetrated by Haley’s Dragon tail while she was sucking on a Danny’s cock. Rose and Trixie were in a 69 position, licking each other’s pussy while being fucked by two Dannys. Soon, the girls were covered in cum again as the four Dannys ejaculated.

Then Susan was on her knees, straddling a Danny who was squeezing her tits while jerking off two Dannys, tongue out. Haley, Trixie and Rose were on all fours, a Danny behind them. Haley, who was in the middle, was being pounded by Danny’s cock while he fingered Trixie and Rose. Soon, the girls came as Susan was covered in semen.

The girls were in a circle, being fucked doggystyle as they had a four-way tongue kiss, moaning and groaning. The Dannys looked at each other, before they smirked and nodded. They pulled out, surprising the girls as they turned to look at the Dannys.

Suddenly, they felt him spread their asses, revealing their assholes to them. Realizing their intentions, they tried to stop them, but they couldn’t get a word out as they felt their cocks penetrating their assholes.

They screamed as they felt their asses penetrated. The Dannys grunted, since it was way tighter than their pussies, almost crushing them. Waiting for them to get used to the feeling, the Dannys slowly moved their hips.



“Not there!”

“It’s dirty!”

They ignored their pleas as they kept bucking their hips. Thanks to all the sex they did earlier, their dicks was lubricated, so they could push deeper. Soon, the girls weren’t grunting in pain anymore, replaced with pleasure-filled moans. They soon restarted their four-way tongue kiss with renewed vigor.

“C-Cumming!” the Dannys exclaimed as they filled the girls’ asses with cum, making them scream in pleasure.

Soon, the clones disappeared as Danny rested on the bed, sighing contently, arms crossed behind his head. He looked at the front, seeing Susan, Haley, Trixie and Rose cleaning his cock with their tongues, their hair frazzled and make up smeared, even their lingerie was torn up.

“Damn, that awesome,” he said as he pulled Susan towards him, sucking on her tits, making her moan. “This is going to be a Long weekend. Hehehe.”

Hope you enjoyed my first fanfic. I might make more like this, who knows. Don’t forget to leave a review, fav and follow. If this was a comic, which I hope someone would make, it would have Danny sitting on a chair while Susan, Haley, Trixie and Rose dance around him in harem outfits, smirking lewdly while he held the thermos where Jake’s soul is.

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