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Speed it up

“Oh fuck Ben...harder...faster!” Gwen shamelessly begged and panted as Ben roughly rutted her on the table in the Rust Bucket, the redhead naked save for her shoes and her top that was bunched up over her tits to leave herself as exposed as possible for Ben as he bounced her sweet teen cunt, her arms above her head as she grasped at the edge of the table whilst Ben held her legs open by her ankles

Panting with both pleasure and exertion Ben pumped his hips faster, burying his cock balls deep into his cousin’s needy slit with every stroke as she continued to beg/demand for it faster “you want it faster?” he panted as sweat ran down his brow, Gwen nodding enthusiastically as Ben then released her legs and brought his hand to the Omnitrix, setting it to a specific Alien and activating it

In a flash his body started to change and transform, his body becoming more slender and sleeker as his skin turned a jet black with stripes of green, his head elongating to look like a streamlined bike helmet, a long thick tail emerging from his lower back, his fingers forming into three clasping talons and his feet becoming wheel-like protrusions as he finished his transformation into XLR8

“Oh fuck yes!” Gwen keened as she felt Ben’s cock change shape inside of her, getting longer and thicker inside of her making her toes curl as her eyes rolled back “fuck me! Fuck me fucking faster!”

“Ok, you asked for it” Ben replied as he then closed his faces visor and began to piston his hips so fast that they became a blur turning Gwen’s moans of pleasure into almost distressed screams of ecstasy, her pussy struggling to take the violent and sudden increase in speed as the sounds of XLR8’s body colliding with her sounding more like a loud vibration than regular sex

Gripping the table tighter as XLR8’s cock pistoned into her dripping cunt Gwen started to drool through gritted teeth as her eyes crossed, her tits bouncing cartoonishly as her body started to shake harshly in orgasm, her pussy squeezing even tighter around the Alien’s cock as her back arched as far as it could go

Suddenly grabbing Gwen’s waist XLR8 flipped the redhead over making her yelp as her face and breasts pressed against the table before letting out garbled babbling moans, openingly starting to drool on the table as the Alien reset his near supersonic pace, making her bubble ass clap and ripple in waves

As XLR8’s cock reached an even deeper angle from the new position Gwen’s mind quickly devolved into mush from pleasure overload, constant waves of orgasmic bliss running through her lithe tight body as she just let herself go limp for XLR8 to use as he pleased

A few minutes later the Alien’s pace got even faster for a few seconds, beating Gwen’s pussy black and blue before he suddenly stopped with a few low grunts as he came inside of her, Gwen’s eyes rolling back as she let out a shrill keening whine of bliss as his cum flooded her pussy to the point of overflowing

Pulling out of Gwen’s still clenching pussy XLR8 backed away a couple of steps before transforming back into human form, Ben wiping the sweat off of his brow as he admired his work watching Gwen’s body lightly twitch as she continued to babble under her breath “that fast enough for you?” he smirked stepping forward to give Gwen’s ass a good firm spank when Gwen’s arm suddenly snapped back to grab his wrist

With the same delirious smile on her face Gwen then slowly sat up and turned the dial on the Omnitrix so that it showed Diamondhead, looking to Ben with a devious glint in her eyes


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