Pleasure Between Father and Daughter

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The Pleasure between Daughter and Father

Episode 1: Ring around the Booty

"Ron…Sometimes I can't believe you in the slightest…" Kim lament to herself; staring off at the moving road ahead of her. I had no idea you could get hurt from hula hooping…but it seems that I got proven wrong today…" She continues in a lower, bored tone the further she drives on the road. After a few minutes, she turns to her left and made her way towards her home.

It didn't take long for her to get out of her car and venture into her home, taking great notice of the lack of activity and sounds around her. "Guess everyone left…" She thought calmly looking about her home. In her lime, sleeveless top that exposed her midriff, her dark blue cargo jean pants, and onyx slip in shoes on her feet, she made her way upstairs and carefully looks about each room.

Upon looking in her parent's bedroom, she notice her father, laying on his back, eyes shut and breathing calmly through a nap that brought a welcoming smile to her face. "Guess he was busy today. I'll let him sleep." She thought to herself then gently pulls the door behind her. It didn't take her long to move back downstairs until a thought pop up in her mind.

She blink her eyes a few times from the possibilities of her thought, blushes a little bit then smirks with interest building in her face. She made her way to the back of the house and venture out into the wide space that was her backyard. A well cared for lawn fill her eyes along with an assortment of other things present before her. The large wooden fence surrounding the area prevent anyone from looking in unless from high above.

A fun smile form on Kim's lips as she turn to a large shed to her left and venture inside of it after pulling the door open. "Where is it…where is it?" She states to herself while rummaging through the various items present. "Here you are." She exclaims happily now grasping a pink, large hula hoop in her hands. Stepping back from within the shed and smiling widely, she takes in its shape and care much to her delight.

"It's been a long time since I've seen you. I remember using you for that cheerleader event me and the girls went to." She express to herself in delight while continuing to take in the sight of the toy in her grasp. "If Ron hadn't had done that stupid stunt of his I wouldn't have remembered I had this." She thought happily. Lifting her right leg up, she inch the toes of her shoe towards the open door. Swiftly, she slam it shut and turns around towards the open area of her backyard.

Once settle in the middle of the grass, Kim place the hoop down before her and step into it afterwards. She crouches down in the center of it, grasp it along its side then pull the toy up to her waist. She pull the toy more to her right; keeping her hands along it firmly as she narrow her eyes a bit. She spins it around on her person and in turn moves herself about to keep it from falling down on her person.

As fast as she could, she pull her arms up into air and watch as the hoop circle around her body with each sway of her frame. Light giggles left from her during this, but hoop begin to lose momentum causing some panic to form in Kim's being. "Oh no!" She thought sharply then spins herself around faster to prevent the hoop from reaching the ground.

The movement of her hips made it easier for her to do this despite her keeping her legs together. However, it proves to be a failure with the hoop dropping down to the grass. Without it around her body, she crouches down towards it and repeats her previous process. Once again, she spins it around then moves her body about to keep it from falling off of her.

The speed she offer this time was a bit slower compared to before allowing the hoop to move easily around her, much to her enjoyment. She continues to sway back and forth though she had her arms apart from her person; keeping her palms flat and facing the ground under her. She move herself generously around to keep the hoop going, feeling parts of herself sway and jiggle in the process.

"Now we're getting somewhere!" She thought happily; continuing to move her body in turn with the hoop. "My, I didn't think you'd be using that thing again. I thought it would only be used for your cheerleading shows." James calls out to her, much to Kim's surprise. She turns upper body around right, witnessing her father watching her in the distance with a smile on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

He wore the attire many had known him for and from Kim's lack of focus the hula hoop drop back to the ground beneath her feet. "Dad? You're up. When did you wake up? I was just here for only a few minutes at best." Kim inquires curiously shocked at her father's presence behind her. "Oh, I woke up a little bit ago. After you shut the door I snapped out of my nap and got up. I'm surprised you didn't hear me honey." James answers kindly.

Sighing from his words, she turn around towards him and states, "Sorry daddy. I didn't mean to wake you up." "It's alright Kim. Besides, I didn't want to sleep the day away." He counters with his eyes shut and holding his hands up in a fatherly manner. Opening his eyes, he stare back down at the hula hoop and suggest, "So, are you going to keep using it?" Kim nods in response and lean down to pick it up once more.

"Let me asks you something…would you be interested in humoring your father?" He asks slightly sly which Kim picks up on; halting her actions to grasp the hoop. "What do you mean dad?" She replies in question; playing along to his current act. "Well…how about we play a little game like we do when we can…if you drop the hula hoop at any time…you have to take off a piece of your clothing for me…" James explains in a lewder tone.

Hearing her father's suggestion brought a welcoming smirk to Kim's lips though she kept herself from exposing her face to her father. "But that's unfair…don't I get something if I can keep going?" Kim counters sounding a little childish from her father's offer. "That is true…how about this…if you can go for a bit without dropping that hoop I'll do something nice for you…anything you want." He offers which made Kim's smirk widen even more.

"Alright…that sounds fair." Kim replies as she grasps her hoop tighter in her grasp and rise up in place. Sighing heavily, she places the hoop around her waist as she did before, shut her eyes and breathe gently through her nose and out her mouth. James lower his arms in wait of what Kim was about to do then smile more watching her sway her body back and forth in place with the hoop moving with her.

Kim remains calm during what was happening with her arms high above her head rather than away from her like before. The hoop move around her continuously, but James' eyes remain on his daughter's ever moving frame. The way she move her hips about, how her waist sway from side to side, even how her breasts would move accordance with her movements, James absorb everything her child was doing and devour the sight of her body.

The moment her father's gaze on her body change, Kim's entire being tremble in need of what he had. The small moment of weakness cause her pattern to end as the hoop spin down to her feet. "Oops…looks like someone drop her hoop." James points out playfully though Kim reaches down for her top. In on swift grasp of the bottom lining, she pulls it over her head until it was completely off of her hair.

She tosses the top to her right revealing the strawberry colored bra on her chest. It had an appeal that made it easy for Kim's supple, curved breasts to move and sway about which James take it without his devouring demeanor. "He's going to do it again…" She thought in weakness, guilt, frustration, but most of all want. She leans down to the fallen hoop and pick it back up in her grasp.

Rather than spin it clockwise, she spin it counterclockwise along her body as she went in the opposite direction of its spinning. In doing so, she purposely sway her chest back and forth in turn with the movement of her waist. James during this savors the sight of his child's new movement. The way her breasts sway back and forth were more prevalent to his eyes as were her moving her hips and waist in a tempting manner.

Light moans escape from James' lips the longer he watches his daughter swaying about and the hoop moving with her. It didn't take long for the man to narrow his eyes and focus solely on Kim's chest rather than the rest of her. His devouring gaze cover her chest in seconds which Kim struggle to ignore. "If you keep…looking at me like that…daddy I'll…I'll get weak…" Kim thought then shudders as she stand up and hug herself tightly.

The hoop swing around and drop to the ground though Kim didn't let any of her emotions get to her other than desire as she pant out from her father staring at her. "Um…Kim…you drop the hoop again…" James address as he points down at the hoop with his right hand. Slowly, Kim opens her eyes in response then stares back at his frame in weakness.

Before her eyes, she was able to see the outlining of her father's slacks. A familiar sight of his bulge pushing along his zipper and crotch area that made her eyes narrow in want and her mouth water from what she want. Both calm down from their feelings of one another with James sighing and Kim shutting her eyes again. She leans down to her shoes and slip out of them, now standing a pair of white socks.

She reaches for the hoop again, but turns herself away from her father's front. He snickers from the change in her posture as Kim lean down to the hoop and step away from her discarded clothes. Kim again moves the hoop to her waist and spins herself normally instead of counterclockwise. A great deal of focus was now on her face with her eyes shut as she sway herself back and forth feeling the coolness in the ground and more of the air blowing along her chest.

James watches closely at his daughter resuming her movements much to his enjoyment as he didn't waste time devouring her body and how she move. The moment it hit Kim's person, she shiver a bit, but didn't stop her movement. James focus more along her lower back along with her moving hips and asscheeks that Kim whimper in weakness from.

"Daddy…stop…" Kim begs in sexual weakness which James simply replies, "I have no idea what you're talking about honey. I'm just watching and waiting. I almost forgot, you need to hold that hooping up for a two minutes…I've got my phone out now and I'm timing you." Kim nods in response despite her previous pleas to her father. Each movement she offers with the hoop was getting worse until it fall down from her lack of focus.

Due to her father's gaze on her body, she blushes a bit from the sensation of her father's gaze, the knowledge of their past and the building arousal within her being. James shakes his head back and forth now holding his cell phone in his right hand. "Too bad Kim…you barely even made it a minute." James addresses which Kim nods in response.

Reaching down to the front of her jeans, she unbuttons them then pulls them apart without touching the zipper. In seconds, she lowers her jeans down to her person almost in a trance with James devouring the sight of her exposed body eagerly. The strawberry panties on Kim's ass hug onto her cheeks allowing the outer parts of her cheeks to be seen by the older man across from her. Along with the sight of Kim's slender, soft skin and tempting legs that made him breathe a bit harder than before.

What fully caught James' attention was the stain along the center of Kim's crouch, though he wasn't able to fully take in everything he was seeing. As she stands up in place, Kim smirk knowingly and happily from the situation as her body tremble a bit. The air around her made her shake a bit along with her nipples getting hard inside of her bra.

She crouch down carefully towards the fallen hoop, not allowing her crotch to be seen though she made sure her ass was visible to the eyes of her father. He continues to devour what he was seeing before him with his eyes narrowing and his breathing picking up. Kim grasps the hoop again, rise up in place, but pull her legs together rather than apart.

The change in her posture caught James off guard slightly and from it, Kim spins the hoop around her waist once more. She slowly sways her hips back and forth while keeping her arms above her head. The change in her movement with the hoop gave the illusion of a belly dancer swaying herself in a hypnotic manner that fully caught James' attention.

The allure of Kim's movements and the sight of most of her skim made James moan in want as his cock throb inside of his slack. Each second that he devours Kim's movements and body made his desire for her rise. At the same time during this, Kim drops her head a little and pants from the knowledge of her father's gaze on her body. She continues to sway, but weakness slowly creeps up on her being causing her to stumble forward for a slip second.

As fast as she could, she sway her hips about from the hoop dropping down to her hips, but it proves too late as the hoop spin around down to her knees then to the ground. In disappointment, Kim move her hands to the straps of her bra behind her back and in minor motions, she unhook it. Her bra easily falls onto her front which she moves her hands forward to catch it.

She looks down towards her now exposed breasts seeing her rose colored nipples, harden from the things that happened to her as well as the knowledge that her father was still watching her from behind. She tosses her bra to her left with her father following it as her shift his eyes back to the back of his daughter. He watches her lean down once more to the hoop and like her previous actions; pick it up to her waist gently.

Silently and with building emotions inside of her, Kim spin the hoop along her body; purposely sticking out her hips and ass in the process. James watches closely while getting a nice sight of her breasts swaying again from her movements. He take in how she kept her arms above her head again, stuck out her sides whenever she move as well as the shape of her asscheeks.

He didn't waste time staring at her in his devouring manner however he seem to be stripping her of her panties with his eyes. Unlike the previous times he stares at her, Kim lost herself instantly and drops to her knees. A deviant smile form on her lips as she shudder on the grass while crossing her arms along her chest. She rests her hands along her shoulders; shuddering more as the sensation of her father's gaze on her body didn't fade from her flesh.

Shutting her eyes submissively and knowingly, she move her hands down to the sides of her panties then swiftly drop them down to her knees. Much to James' shock, he watches her still; taking in the sight of her bubble butt and its shape. The familiar sight of Kim's exposed asscheeks made his erection throb harder than before as he focused on it during her movement.

Kim rise up onto her feet and during his movement, she lower her panties down to her ankles. Purposely, she sticks her ass out and shakes it before her father's hungry eyes as he continues to take in the sight of her cheeks. Much of his male instincts build the longer he stares at what his daughter had to offer. From the way her crack was to how tempting her cheeks were, James absorbs everything that she had before his gaze.

Kim step out from her panties left foot first then her right as she toss them towards her discarded bra. Before she could react, she squeal out in shock then playfully giggles now feeling herself in her father's arms. "I think we need to move this inside. Don't you agree honey?" James suggests with a wide smile on his face and his eyes now focused on the front of his child.

"Oh daddy…you're not playing fair…I know some of those times weren't shorter than two minutes." Kim protest childishly despite the wide smile on her face. "You can check on my phone once we get inside…as for now…you're coming with me…" He replies sporting a wider smile as she turn towards the house and step towards it as fast as he could.

"What about my clothes!?" She exclaims now kicking her legs up and down though made sure not to allow him to drop her or for her to fall from his grasp. "Oh, we can come back and pick them up later. For now you and I need to have some private time." James answers while continuing to advance towards their home. "But I still have my socks on." Kim points out cutely now ending her leg movements.

She cuddle up to her father's chest; staring at his face in eager desire as he stare across the lawn towards the door James left open when he departed earlier. "Well…we can make an exception for that this time right?" He counters as he blinks once and looks down towards her face. Lewdly, Kim lick her lips and nod in agreement with the two venturing back into their home; leaving behind the items that were once on Kim's body.

James continues to move throughout the home while at times, he would pause in place and spin with Kim tighter to his chest. The act made her giggle happily and childish the more he did this. He moves up the stairs once close to them and carefully carries Kim to the top where their respective bedrooms were. Once on top, James spins her again in place while advancing towards the bedroom door he had left opened.

Kim again giggles from what he had done and from it she shut her eyes this time in pure enjoyment. The spinning stop as James step into the open bedroom with Kim opening her from his footsteps. He stops in the doorway, allowing Kim to see the familiar space that he and his wife slept in. She nods in approval as James move towards the side of the bed he had slept on previously.

When he reaches the side of the bed, he gently places her down on top of the sheets though the covers were pulled back towards the footrest of wooden material. Kim shift herself onto her right side, rest her head along her right hand and stare up at her father the moment she was comfortable. The face she offers towards her father was a truly lewd one as she focuses on her father's entire being.

A single blink of her eyes made James smile more towards her as he moves around the bed towards his dresser in the distance. Kim follow his movements as she shift onto her left side; never allowing him to leave from her sight. "Daddy…why did you cheat like that?" She asks playfully until she blinks watching her father toss his cell phone onto the center of the bed.

Lowering her gaze towards it, she picks it up while James begins to undo his tie. "I didn't cheat honey. All I did was watch you. That's all." He replies; pulling his tie from his neck with his left hand. He drops it to the floor and moves his fingers towards the top of his shirt, unbuttoning the first with ease. At the same time, Kim had picked up the phone in her right hand then carefully looks over the records of the timer.

True to his words, Kim had failed each time though coming close on a few occasions much to her delight. She shut her eyes, sighs in defeat then slides her phone to the other side of the bed. Her lowered demeanor quickly fades the moment she witnesses her father taking off his shirt and placing it on the floor. "What made you want to use that hula hoop anyway honey?" He asks playfully which Kim replies lustfully, "I don't know…I just wanted to play with it again that's all…did you like how I looked while using it daddy?"

"Of course…it was quite the sight to behold…" He answers in a welcoming tone; much to Kim's delight. She take in the features of her father's back as her eyes narrow a bit towards his person. In on time, her eyes drift down to his ass as he drops his slacks and underwear down to his feet. With ease, he step out of them, his socks and shoes as he pick up each item of clothing he had discarded, excluding his shoes.

Carefully, he uses his left hand to pull out the top drawer to his dresser as he places his shift haphazardly within it. He follow suit with the two drawers under the first he pull out as he carefully put his clothes away as best he could. "I could help you with that daddy." Kim calls to him childishly thought James replies in his fatherly tone, "No honey, but thank you. You know that I have a way that I fold my clothes."
She giggles playfully from his response as she continues to observe her now naked father's actions. He rummages through the last drawer he left open as he lean down and place an item within his shoes. "What was that daddy?" Kim questions curiously as she sit up a bit from her father's actions. "A little surprise for you after a little bit honey." He replies much to Kim's delight.

She giggles playfully and wiggles in place as James rise up to his feet and turn around towards the bed. The two stare back at one another in the deepest form of want as James slowly made his way towards the bed. "You aren't too mad at me for not making you take off your socks are you honey?" He inquires. Kim in response use her left foot to lower her right sock off then with her free right foot did the same for her left.

"Not at all daddy…I just want to spend some time with you for awhile…I mean…we have the house all to ourselves…" She insists as she takes in more of her father's frame. "Speaking of which…" He points out then quickly makes his way towards the opened bedroom door. He shut the door hard causing Kim to wince a bit as she look back at her father from over her right shoulder. He lock the door and turn around towards his daughter which Kim gain the sight of his hard cock.

She stares closely at the sight of his cock with images of him taking her from behind playing in her mind. Including from taking her doggy style, she accepted him in froggy style, standing up, upside down, and doing splits which made her scent seep out heavily around her. James step closer towards her person, but stop the moment he breathe in her naughty smells.

"Someone must be thinking of something naughty. Do you want to share with the class young lady?" James teases as he cross his arms and stare down at her person. "Yes sir…I have been…the many naughty things you've done to me before…" Kim answers as she licks her bottom lip then her top as lewdly as possible. James savors the sight of this as his cock throb from her actions.

"Are you mad that I'm being so naughty right now daddy?" Kim questions still sounding lewd as she gaze at her father. He smirks towards her then advance closers. He sit down along the edge of the bed, facing her with her scents filling his nose harder; causing much of his body to react in toe. "Not at all honey…in fact I think we need to spend some…quality time together…" He suggests which made Kim sit up in place.

As she rises up in place, she purposely sticks her check out to her father's eyes as he shift his focus between her chest and her face. When she was close towards him, James and Kim reach for one another in a wanting embrace. They pull one another close to each other then kiss deeply; staring deep into the eyes of the one before them. They press hard against one another's lips in deep delight as Kim narrow her eyes half way and James narrow his eyes only slightly.

As they kiss, Kim wiggles her legs against one another feeling her juices flowing out from the simple kiss they were sharing. Together, they part their lips and slide their tongues against one another. Eagerly, they wrestle their tongues in a wet manner feeding and mixing their saliva in the process. The taste of her father's taste mixing with her own made Kim melt in his arms as her eyes narrows a bit more towards his face.

James didn't allow himself to become weaken from their actions and the kiss as he lean over her person. In turn, she falls back onto the bed with her legs no longer moving. He remain on top of her making sure not to put too much weight on her however, Kim pull him tightly against her chest to keep him from pulling away. Their kissing went on as they pull away just enough to allow some space, but they hard kiss one another once more as lewdly as they could.

Moans left from Kim each time her tongue swirl along her father's as the two continue to enjoy themselves. Kim shut her eyes after a few more swirls of her tongue with James as he blink once from her change in demeanor. He pulls away from her lips allowing some of his saliva to drip down onto her lips much to Kim's delight. James crawl down over his child's body and in turn, Kim spread her legs apart as far as she could.

It didn't take long for James to move his face over her crotch seeing the small amount of trimmed pubic hair along the top of her pussy. Aside from the hairs that were trimmed on her being, he take in the sight of her pink, dripping, glistening pussy as the stench from her holes fill his nose once more. He take in greatly how her juices made her sticky, her entrance throbbing for attention and her clit harden from everything that they had gone through.

Words fully escape both of them with James continuing to stare at his daughter's hole and Kim watching him; eagerly in wait of him to take action. James drop down onto his daughter, grasp the undersides of her thighs and kiss along her clit. Kim moans happily as she tilts her head back. Without thinking, she reach for her ankles and pull her legs further back to allow better access to her pussy and what it had to offer.

The extending of her legs grant James better access to her pussy though he continues to press his lips along her clit. The attention towards her sensitive spot made Kim moan out and quiver as she tilt her head back in enjoyment. James' actions change to him pulling away just enough so that his lips were no longer touching her clit. In turn, he had stuck out the tip of his tongue allowing it to press firmly along the front of Kim's clit.

The pleasure made her moan out again which change to a scream as she feel her father swirling his tongue clockwise along what she had. He hit along her clit hood as well as her clit, making it twitch and causing Kim to moan out louder from each stroke. He slides himself down along the middle of her pussy and begins to move his tongue about her pink flesh.

His tongue strokes were quick, precise, and had a great amount of weight to them with James getting a face full of his child's pussy, her juices and her scent. Kim during this continues to quiver from the experience; savoring the strokes her father offers to her. Small beads of sweat begin to form on both of their bodies from James' lapping along her as Kim continues to moan.

His licking along the upper part of her pussy went on for a good three minutes before he return to the underside of her clit and slurp along the area. Kim arch up fast from her father's actions which made her lose her grip on her legs. Rather than try again to pull on her thighs, she loop her legs around his back and slam her hands on top of his head in a frenzy of need.

"MORE!" She screams out now with her head up as she rises up a bit in place. James in response moves his right hand towards her stomach and forces her to lay back down. Delighted by her father's control, Kim obeys and lay back down; accepting everything her father was giving her. The many strokes of his tongue against her clit made her tense as a strong desire to cum were building up inside of her.

James continues his movements then twist and turn the tip of his tongue under Kim's clit. This was the method that made Kim scream out in orgasmic bliss as she didn't hold back anymore. A large amount of Kim's feminine odor along with her juices seeps out from her pussy and against James' face from her release. She savors how much she was letting out with James remaining perfectly still.

He knew this all to wall about his daughter and how to make her feel the best possible. For the moment, he open his eyes and gaze at her body, but only gain the sight of his hand and arm, her slender flat stomach, and her breasts falling in on themselves from their weight. She shudders before his gaze much to James' enjoyment. He closes his eyes and lowers himself down to the lowest parts of her pussy.

Once close to her entrance, James sticks out every bit of his tongue then slowly lower himself towards it. The tip venture inside of what she had as more of her sticky juices cover his tongue. Kim screams in ecstasy feeling her father invading her hole while her orgasm continue to rush throughout her being. More of James' tongue invades her pussy entrance much to her delight as a powerful surge of pleasure wash over her.

The orgasm Kim was still experiencing rise to new heights as a second follow from the first she was taking in. She screams at the top of her lungs feeling her father sliding inside of her, her walls spreading apart and his heat flooding her walls. She basks in it heavily now sinking her fingers desperately within his hair as she force the man to continue.

To James, this was something that he was prepared for, but allows his daughter to grasp hold of his head. He continues to dip more of his tongue inside of her; feeling her walls spread apart more in the process. The last of his tongue fully invade Kim's pussy and with it the two shudder together; Kim from her strong second orgasm and James from the feel of her walls rubbing along his tongue.

Without a second thought, he begins to wiggle his tongue around inside of her; savoring her texture and taste. Kim moans out heavily, repeatedly and hard each time she feels her father moving around inside of her. "More daddy…keep moving inside of me more…" She begs in weakness; slightly thrashing about along the bed. James shifts himself better between her legs and continues his tongue movement inside of her.

Some pressure form along his tongue during his movement, but he simply went on with his actions rather than be bothered by Kim. The tightness from her walls made his enjoyment of her inners that much better with Kim still thrashing about on top of the sheets. They crumble under her movement until she arches up and tighten her grip around her father's person.

Her toes curl from another orgasm washing over her as she pulls a bit on her father's hair compared to before. The orgasm that hit her this time made her eyes roll into her head as she smile in the lewdest manner possible. James savors how her walls tighten and more of her juices flow out as he pushes his lips firmly against her flesh. Whatever liquid he could taste, he sucks inside of his much to Kim's weakness.

The orgasm Kim felt heightens even more as she yells out happily and lost her grip on her father. He remains still from his freedom from her grasp as Kim fall flat onto the bed. She pants heavily from the experience; staring up at the ceiling happily from what she had gained. "Thank…you…daddy…you…made…me…cum…so…many…times…" She praise through her panting.

James slowly rises up from where he was and stares back at Kim happily. "You're welcome Kim." He replies in a fatherly, lewd tone with a smile to match and his eyes half opened. "Now, do you want more of that or should I get my surprise ready for you?" He offer which Kim answers quickly, "The surprise…if you keep…eating me out…I'll be too weak…for the real fun…"

He snickers from her words and slide to the carpet to his left. "Wait here honey." He instruct as he made his way back towards his discarded clothing. He reaches them easily and crouches down towards his shoes. Reaching into his right shoe, he pulls out an object in his right hand and smirk at it in pure delight. "I have to keep this hidden from your mother for so long…if she had found this who knows what would have happened." He laments to himself.

Kim was able to hear him despite her panting though didn't voice on the matter at hand. She listens to her father standing up in place then turning around grasping the item between his fingers and thumb. "Kimberly Ann Possible…I think its time that you and I went to the next level with our relationship…" James announces proudly as he approach the bed in a leisurely pace.

Some of Kim's strength returns to her as she sits up in place with half opened eyes. Turning to her father's location, her eyes widen greatly at the sight of the object trapped within his grasp. An average sized anal plug was trapped within his grasp that shines in the light surrounding them. To Kim's eyes it looked brand new as it shines more to her gaze. It was completely pink in color from it's widen shape to the circular end that rest along his palm.

The sight of the toy made her sit up fully and shake her head back and forth at the sight of the item James had. He stop near the foot of the bed; staring at his daughter proudly. She shifts her attention between the toy and his face many times with her enjoyment and excitement building up within her. "Daddy…are…are you serious?" She questions heavily curious and wanting.

"Of course I am honey. We've talked about this before. We wanted to move onto do other things that would be enjoyable for us. I thought today might be a good day to try it…After all…you're soaking wet down there." James explains then snickers lightly as he narrow his eyes towards her. Kim narrows her eyes happily and giggles cutely towards him as she lean back along the pillows she messed up behind her person.

Once relaxed along the pillows and the bed, she spread her legs wide to make an M shape to the eyes of James. He moves closer along the edge of the bed, taking in the sight of her then move around to the opposite side. It didn't take long for him to reach the other side where Kim was with her following him with just her eyes. A lewd smile forms on her lips from his movements as James stops near the side of the bed close to her right foot.

The sight of her crotch, pussy and exposed asshole made his cock throb in attendance as he stare further at what the young woman had to offer. Kim notice this then shift in position onto her hands and knees before her father. "Oh daddy…you're suffering. I'm sorry…I didn't want to leave you unattended to." Kim expresses in care with James facing her and smiling happily.

"Oh don't worry sweetie…Your old man has plenty left in him before he goes soft." He praise with a strong slam of his left fist against his chest. "Oh…don't I know that…" Kim thought at her lewdest. "I know how long you can go…how long you can last…how long you can keep an erection…you've never failed me once daddy…you just keep going and going and going…to the point that I'm so addicted to you…" She continues in her thoughts; staring closely at her father's cock.

Her focus changes to the plug in his grasp as she open her mouth as wide as she could. James playfully step back and shake his head back and forth in refusal to his child. Not wanting to give up on the treat presented before her, Kim stick out her tongue and let out a lewd sound from deep inside of her throat. The sound made James shake a little as he knew all too well about his daughter's ways of getting him turned on.

"Now Kim…you know that we have to do things the right way and if we don't things will be bad for both of us." He explains sternly. Kim pull her tongue back into her mouth quickly, shut her mouth and pout at him in her puppy dog manner. James shut his eyes to this and step closer to her; offering his cock in turn. The sight of his cock and the stench coming from it snap Kim completely out from her pouting.

She sticks out her tongue and opens her mouth in response to his cock before her causing her to fully submit. She bask in the heat from it, its length and how well it smell to her as James open his eyes and stare down at her during this. The lewd sight of her wanting his cock and how she presents herself before his eyes made him twitch much to Kim's delight as her focus remain on his crotch.

"Okay daddy…we'll do things…you're way…as long…as I get this nice…big…tasty piece of you later…" She addresses further in her lewdness. "Alright honey…I'll keep my word…" James replies heavily aroused as his focus was on the bubble butt of his bent over daughter. He stares heavily at her backside allowing his mind to race with numerous ideas of what to do with her backside and the plug.

Kim on the other hand was letting numerous lewd thoughts rush through her mind. She slowly turns around to her right until she fully offers her backside to her father. He tenses at the sight of her backside then notice Kim lowering her upper body down onto the sheets. During her drop of her head, she reaches around towards her cheeks with both of her hands.

When she places her fingers along her cheeks, she spread them apart as much as she could; fully exposing her two holes to her father. "This is such a sight…" He thought in fully admiration of his daughter's two holes. "Come on daddy…have fun with me…I want you to enjoy my asshole and my pussy…please daddy…don't make me eight…" Kim begs in deep need.

Gently, she sinks her fingers deeper into her asscheeks and further spread her cheeks to allow the air to flow on her body. To James' eyes the sight of her dripping, wet, pink, sticky pussy made his desire rise up even more; even the scent of her naughty smells cause more enjoyment in his being. However, what he was admiring now was Kim's tight asshole.

"He's looking so hard at me…he's just staring at my asshole and…oh my God…" She thought lewdly allowing her thoughts to go further into her lewdness. "I wonder what he'll do first…will he lick me…stick it in me…suck on me…spank me…I'm getting even more turned on the more I think about it!" Kim screams in her mind then shiver heavily from making herself cum from just her thoughts.

Her entire body shivers from cumming from her thoughts with her sticking out her tongue against her face. More of her pussy juice escape and form along her pink flesh with James taking it in. He continues to stare at Kim's person as he reaches down to his cock with his free hand then stroke himself a few times in enjoyment. "Hurry daddy…hurry…" Kim let out in a slur manner still allowing herself to enjoy her situation.

"Be patient honey...daddy is just enjoying sight of you and how you're enjoying yourself right now…" He explains through a few pants then stop himself from stroking.

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