KP and DP Smut One-Shot

BY : fuckoff666
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It was late afternoon and Kim was in her cheerleader outfit, seeing her reflection in the mirror. Her mother got called in for an emergency out of town, her father is away at a conference, and her brothers were at a sleepover, so she had the place completely to herself. With no new missions from Wade or Global Justice, Kim decided to call her boyfriend, Danny Fenton, so that they could hang out, but she had other plans in mind. They have been dating for exactly three years now, becoming very close, even before she knew his secret as being Danny Phantom. And the more time they spent time together, the further she wanted to take their relationship, even now that they're both 18.

Of course, she knew how shy Danny can be, so she knew that she had to make the first move which is why she is in her uniform. She could always feel his gaze on her whenever she wore her purple midriff and skirt. She even instructed him to phase through her window for a little "surprise" for Valentine's Day. But he was running a little late, most likely another ghost problem.

The more she waited, the more anxious she was feeling, already imagining how amazing he would feel on and inside of her. Images of her and Danny flooded her thoughts, making her core wet, aching with need. But she had to keep it together before Danny came. As a half-ghost, she didn't know what to expect. Will it be great? Will it be odd? No! She couldn't think like that. She had to stay calm and collective. She was confident enough to know that their first time will be the best.

As for Danny, he just finished taking care of Skulker after escaping the Ghost Zone again. He was now on his way to Kim's house, thinking that it would be one of their usual movie dates for Valentine's Day. He was also curious about this "surprise" she mentioned. Maybe it's that new video game he told her so much about, but he had no idea what was really in store for him. Phasing through her window, he sees Kim on her bed wearing her uniform, hair draped over her face, and biting her lip in a seductive manner. His eyes were glued on her uniform, taking in her curves, exposed waist, and slender legs.

"Uh, Kim? Why are you still in your uniform? Did you have another late practice?"

Kim giggles, "Actually, I was hoping you could see my new cheer routine."

Danny blushes and transforms back to his human self, "Yeah, sure."

Kim leads him on the bed, giving a quick peck on his lips, "I have a feeling you're really gonna like this one."

Danny's voice cracks, "Ok," he clears his throat, "I mean, cool. Show me what you got."

Kim grabs her pompoms and begins to do her "cheer" which was only the start of her plan. She would do leg lifts exposing her wet panties, bend low so that he can get a clear view of her cleavage, jump so that her breasts were bouncing, and seductively move her hips. All this made Danny blush profusely, trying to cover the growing bulge in his jeans by crossing his legs.

"Are you feeling alright?" Asked Kim, pretending to not notice his timid look, "You seem tense."

"What? Me? Tense? No, no way. I'm totally fine."

Kim smirks, "Oh, so would you be fine if I did this?" She sits on his lap, leaning in, passionately kissing him. Danny adjusts himself so that Kim can sit, but unknowingly gives her the opportunity to move her hips on his hard member. Danny immediately stops, "What's wrong? Why did you stop?"

Danny stammers, "Well... You see... It's just that... You... You're so... I mean, what I'm trying to say is that--"

"It's just that what?" Kim kisses down his face to his neck, sucking and biting. Danny's breath hitches, closing his eyes, "Don't you like this?"

Danny does want it to keep going, but he had to put a stop to this before they went any further, "I do, but I don't know if we should go any further than this."

"Is that what you really want?" Kim brings her hand to his cock, "Because I think otherwise."

Danny looks down to see his boner pressing against her hand, "Oh, my God! Kim, I am so sorry. I should have left when I had the chance," Kim giggles, "What are you laughing about?"

"It's ok, Danny. I want this. I want you."

"You do?"

Kim smiles, "Surprise. This is your gift."

"My gift? Ok, I'm a little confused right now. What's going on?"

"I want us to finally have our first time together as a Valentine’s Day gift."

"First time?"

"Yes, as in have sex."

Danny gulps, "Sex?"

"Yeah. I've been wanting you like crazy. I've even been dropping hints for a while now. But since you still haven't picked up on any of them, I had to take a more direct approach," she gestures to her cheerleader outfit, "So, what do you think?"

Danny was completely speechless due to shock and disbelief. Here he is with Kim Possible, the most beautiful, kind, smart, heroic girl he has ever met who has taken down tough bad guys and evil geniuses, on his lap and throwing herself at him, a half-ghost that everyone thought was a loser before he told everyone his secret.

"But why choose me?"

"Because I love you, not just as Danny Phantom, but as Danny Fenton. I am willing to give myself to you, body and soul."

"Kim, you know I love you too, but are you sure about this? I don't want you to do anything that you would regret later on. I mean, this is kind of a big deal."

"It's ok, Danny. I want this and I know that I will never regret it because I trust you."

"Yeah, you seem confident enough, but I'm still a virgin, so I'm not as experienced as you might think."

"So am I and I don't care. I want you, Danny. I want all of you. That is if you'll have me?"

Danny smiles, "Of course," just as they're about to lean in for another kiss, he stops, "Wait, but I didn't bring any protection."

"It's ok. I'm on the pill."

Kim leans in, continuing their make out session. Danny melts into the kiss as he tangles one of his hands into her long, red, soft hair, holding her by the waist with his other hand. Kim holds onto his neck with one arm and plays with his messy raven black hair with her other hand. Feeling confident, Danny licks her lips, asking permission. She allows him access and their tongues battle for dominance.

Kim moans as his hand makes his way to her lower back and no more. Danny was not only shy but he also wanted to take this slow, relishing every second of it. Even though Danny's tongue won dominance over Kim, she moves her hips over his already raging boner, weakening his stance. Kim lies him down on the bed and sits up, bringing his shakey hands up to her chest, taking off her midriff to reveal a pink lace bra underneath. Danny's eyes go wide, seeing Kim without a shirt on for the first time. Only in his deepest thoughts has he pictured her like this.

Kim looks down with concern, feeling a little self conscious, "Um, are you ok, Danny?"

Danny realizes that he's been frozen for a while. He sits up and brings her gaze up to him, "Sorry, I was just shocked is all. I never really would have known that I would see you like this. Beautiful in and out."

Kim smiles and reaches down the hem of his shirt. Danny gulps and nods for her to proceed. She pulls the shirt over his head to see that he's slightly toned, especially with all the training they've been doing together. Danny leans in to capture Kim's lips as her fingers roam down his chest to his stomach. He kisses down her cheek to her neck, making her moan in pleasure.

"Oh, Danny."

Danny smiles in her neck, kissing the center and sucking on the other side. Kim closes her eyes and bites her lip as he sucks on her sweet spot, leaving a dark mark, making her his. He then reaches her bra strap. Kim nods in approval. Danny smiles and kisses her shoulder to her chest, taking down her bra straps. Kim helps him unhook her bra, allowing her breasts to fall freely. Danny catches his breath at the sight of Kim shirtless with her chest heaving. She pulls his hands to feel her breasts, massaging them.

"You don't have to be scared, Danny. It's ok." With that said, Kim allows him to massage her breasts on his own, causing her to moan. "Yeah, just like that."

Danny goes a step further and sucks and licks on one of her nipples while teasing the other with his fingers, making her moan more, tugging at his hair. Once her bud was hard, he switches, continuing licking and sucking. As he was sucking on her breasts, Kim unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. She bites her lips, seeing his size through his tight boxers, rubbing his hard member through the fabric, making Danny growl.


Kim lays him down on her bed as she kisses down his chest, stomach, to the hem of his pants. Leaving a little love bite on his hip to mark him as hers, she pulls down his pants and boxers, revealing his long hard dick.

"Wow, Danny. Looks like you being half-ghost wasn't the only secret you were keeping from me."

Danny blushes until he feels her kissing his tip, gasping, "Oh, Kim."

Kim smiles as she licks his shaft, taking in his pre-cum, pumping one hand up and down, and caressing his balls with the other. Danny leans his head back and closes his eyes tight as he enjoys her mouth sucking on his balls and pumping his dick in her hand.

"Oh God, Kim!"

It wasn't until he heard her gagging that he saw her trying to take his entire size in her mouth.

"Kim, you don't have to take all of me in. Just do what you can."

Kim places a finger on his lips, "Shh. Anything is possible for a Possible."

Kim goes back down to his dick, taking in all his size as it reaches down her throat. She takes a moment to breathe then bobs her head as she licks and sucks him all the way down, moving her tongue along his long shaft. Danny had lost his senses as he bucks his hips into her, grabbing her hair. She was enjoying Danny dominating her like this. She then went faster, gagging a little, but kept going, tasting his sweet juices, feeling his tip entering her throat. Kim takes him out, gasping, spitting on his dick, and pumping faster.

"Oh, God, Kim!" He moans then pulls her up, "I don't want to come just yet."

Danny flips them over so that he was on top. He bends down to capture her hungry lips, not caring if he could taste his pre-cum. All that matters is her. As he brought their bodies closer, Kim could feel his hard cock against her leg.

"Danny," moans Kim, "I need you."

Just as Danny about to oblige, he had another idea, "Wait, you already pleased me. Now it's my turn to please you."

Danny kisses down her neck, sucking on her breasts, down her toned stomach, stopping at her waist, noticing that she was still wearing her skirt and panties that were dripping wet with desire. With a mischievous grin, he turns her skirt and underwear intangible, leaving her bare on the bed.

Kim smirks, "Show off."

Danny chuckles. He then teases her by kissing her legs, going up to her thighs. He hears Kim moan with need.

"Please, Danny. I need you." Danny makes his way up to her wet folds, lightly licking them, "Oh God yes!"

Danny smiles and licks up to her clit, earning a loud moan. He continues to suck in her wet juices, putting most of his attention on her clit since he knew that it only made her moan more, especially with his fingers pumping in and out of her. He replaces his tongue with his thumb, massaging her clit as he takes out his fingers, his tongue going inside her, exploring her inner walls.

Kim arches her back, screaming his name, "Oh, Danny! Fuck! I think I'm about to cum!"

Kim releases, allowing Danny to taste her sweet juices pouring out of her. He crawls back up, hovering over her. Kim pulls out one of his fingers he was using on her, sucking the remaining juices, making Danny hiss. He leans down, kissing her, tasting both him and her. Kim over powers him, going on top, straddling him. Knowing that this is her first time made Danny feel concerned in the position she's in, but Kim gives a reassuring smile.

"Let me do this. I want you. I need you."

Danny gives in and carefully guides his penis into her tight and wet pussy, trying not to cause her too much pain. Kim closes her eyes and bites her lips to keep her from screaming as Danny enters her. Once his entire size is inside, she gives a sharp gasp, eyes wide with tears spilling out, and holding onto Danny for dear life. Danny hears her whimpering.


"No, no. It's ok, Danny. It's supposed to be like this at first. I just need to get used to it is all."

"Ok, but are you sure you can handle this? I just don't want to hurt you."

"It's fine, just give me a minute to adjust."

Danny allows her to relax as her vaginal walls accustom to his size. Kim, now more relaxed, slowly grinds her hips. Danny takes this as his cue to slowly thrust into her. He sits up, kissing Kim, and hugging her to make her feel more comfortable. Feeling her pain being replaced with pleasure, Kim moves faster.

"Faster, Danny, faster!"

Danny thrusts faster and harder as he sucks on her neck. Kim was in heaven as she felt Danny going deeper. One of his hands massages her breasts as the other squeezes her ass. Kim's nails dig into his back as he thrusts into her, making her bounce on his hips, rapidly breathing.

"Oh, fuck, Danny! Yes!"

"Oh, Kim! God you're so tight!"

"And you're so big!"

Danny bites her shoulder, keeping himself from cumming too early. Luckily, since he's half-ghost, he can sustain himself before he let's himself go. Kim leans her head back as Danny sucks on her nipples.

"Danny! I'm about to cum again!"

"Do it!"

Kim feels herself release her cum on Danny's cock, slowing herself to a stop. With Kim completely vulnerable, Danny flips them over, still hard and wanting more. He keeps his tip at her entrance. Kim nods in approval and Danny, with one hard thrust, crashes into her. Kim loudly moans and arches her back.

He goes slow so that she can get used to their new position, but then thrusts faster, harder, and deeper, making her loudly moan.

"Fuck me, Danny!"

Danny groans, "Fuck you're so wet and tight!"

She looks up to see Danny's eyes have turned from his usual blue to his ghostly green. But she didn't care. As long as it was her Danny with her, she didn't complain. She allowed him to take over as his thrusts went faster. Danny held her tight, deeply kissing her. One of her hands held onto the sheets of her bed and the other scratching his back. He brought one of her legs up to his waist, holding it there as he fucked her senselessly. They break the kiss, touching foreheads, moaning, groaning, heavily breathing. Danny's balls slapping Kim's pussy with every hard thrust, moving their hips in synch. They both feel their climax approaching.

Danny groans, "I'm about to cum, Kim."

"Cum inside me, Danny," moans Kim.

With one final thrust, they simultaneously cum, loudly moaning each other's names.



Danny's eyes turn back to their normal blue and falls next to Kim. He comes out of her with some of Kim's blood on his dick. Danny and Kim already knew what happened when a girl loses her virginity, so they weren't that scared. Kim covers them with her blanket. Danny brings her into a hug as they breathe, exhausted, with sweat forming.

Danny is the first that breaks the silence, "Wow."

"I know. Are you sure it was your first time? Because it sure didn't seem like it."

"No, that was definitely my first time," Danny looks down feeling a little guilty, "Sorry that I went too rough on you. I must have lost control."

"I can tell," Kim points to his eyes, "But you have nothing to apologize for. You were amazing."

"I was?" Kim nods, "So were you?"

Kim blushes, "Thanks," she lays her head on his bare chest, listening to his heart beat, looking up into his eyes, "Happy Valentine’s Day."

Danny smiles down at her, "Happy Valentine’s Day. But if you could do me a favor and save that cheerleader uniform for later? I might want to see you in it some more."

Kim laughs, "Of course."

They have one last tender kiss and fall into a deep sleep.

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