Gravity Falls short stories

BY : thatguywiththeface
Category: +G through L > Gravity Falls
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Disclaimer: Gravity Falls is owned by Disney. I do not own it and I do not make money off of this.

Dipper awoke to find himself next to a beautiful redheaded goddess. Wendy was still asleep. Her breast raise and fell with each breath. Her pale mounds were marked with pink nipples. It took a good deal of willpower not to grab one right than. A sly smile spread across Wendy’s face as her left eye opened. “Happy to see me Dipper?” He realized his morning wood was very visible to his girlfriend. Wendy sat up as Dipper went to cover himself. “Ah, ah, ah. Last night was amazing but I’m ready for seconds,” she said as she guided his hands to her breasts.

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