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Wendy had been away for her first year of college.  But after little more than a year she was already beginning to feel a little homesick and decided to come back to Gravity Falls for the summer.  She packed her suitcase and backpack, and bought a bus ticket for Gravity Falls, Oregon. As she got on the bus with her suitcase and backpack, she was already happy about getting to go home and see her friends again.


As the bus slowed to a halt and the doors open, Wendy was the last to walk off.  And as she did, she was greeted with a huge group of both her friends and family.  Her father and brothers that for the most part didn’t change aside from her younger brothers getting taller.  Her old friends Tambry and Robbie, who were still dating, Thompson, Lee, and Nate. All of who had matured, a little, in both body and mind.  Thompson started working out, losing some weight and building some muscle. Tambry had lucked out and got a job at some big company on their social media team.  And Robbie, was still a jerk, but he had gotten a job as a grocery store clerk.


But the most obvious changes where form both Dipper and Mabel.  The two had moved permanently to Gravity Falls after their second summer vacation visit three years ago.  The weirdness of Gravity Falls must have finally gotten to them while she was gone, and it sent their hormones into overdrive.  Mabel had only grown half an inch since Wendy last saw her, putting her at 5’4”. But she had gone up two cup sizes, now rocking DD cups, completely passing Wendy’s B cups and Tambry’s C cups.  Then there was Dipper, he was an inch shorter than her when she left, being 5’9. Apparently he had hit his second growth spurt and shot up four inches, now standing at 6’1”. She was going to have to get used to looking up at him whenever they talked now.  Also it was very obvious he had still been going on adventures, his muscles weren’t big, but she could see that they were very defined.


She greets everyone, giving a hug to her father and brothers, and catches up with her friends.  When she reached Dipper, he opened his arms and she came in for the hug. But this one was different then the hug she shared with her family, there were two things different about this one.  The first was how strong his arms were as they wrapped tight around her and pulled her in close, and the second was just how close he had pulled her into him. To the point where their hips should have been touching, but her hip was stopped by the big bulge going down his right leg.


Time almost seemed to slow down the second she felt it hit against her.  He must have been raging hard, she couldn’t know for sure but the bulge felt like it was around seven inches.  That combined with the feeling of his firm, strong, and yet gentle arms holding her close and caringly made it hard for Wendy to be completely unaccepting of the situation.  She knew he used to have a crush on her and that he would always hold her in a special place of his heart. But based on what she felt rubbing against her midsection, he must have been thinking about them doing more than just hanging out during her time back in Gravity Falls.  


Wendy wasn’t sure how to feel, or react to this, she didn’t want to embarrass him, much less herself, and she didn’t want everyone to see the huge bulge in his pants.  They’d talked about his feelings for her before when he was twelve, but he was a kid back then and didn’t know how to deal with crushes. Now he was a teenager filled to the brim with hormones, his body waging chemical warfare with itself.  He probably had no control over the, in her opinion, big package between his legs. She still couldn’t blame him for feeling this way for her, so she decided that she would just do her best to play it off as if he didn’t just shove his huge hard on into her torso. 


The hug only lasted for a second or two, so no one was going to get suspicious about it, so long as she and Dipper didn’t give it away with the blushes on their face.  It was only after Wendy pulled away from the hug did she see Dippers face and the lack of any reaction to having just dry humped her. While yes that’s what she was trying to do as well, but he looked as if he wasn’t even aware of it even happening.  Had he actually not noticed his hard on stab her stomach, or did he just think she didn’t notice it?


She didn’t have much time to think about it because the second she had stepped back from Dipper she was all but tackled by Mabel wanting her hug too.  She was so caught off guard by Mabel, and luckily Mabel’s huge boobs covered her face so much that it hid her blush and gave her time to calm down. And with her mind now clear she pushed her thoughts on Dipper and their hug out of her mind.  Her family and friends had revealed that they had planned a little welcome party for her at a new restaurant in town that had already grown in popularity.




First off, Gravity Falls had changed a lot in the one year she had been gone.  She learned that that new popular restaurant used to be “Greasy’s Dinner” but was rebuilt and renamed by the new owner as “Susans Dinner” and Susan was the new manager.  Apparently she had taken a new grasp on life, became her own boss, had surgery to fix her eye, started working out, and just in general did a 180 with her life. The Dinner still retained its ma and pa feel, but also had an air of high quality to it.  A place where you could celebrate your kids baseball game, or have a romantic dinner date. And Susan herself looked amazing, thin but with curves, mature but not old, and her voice also sounded to have changed. Now her voice was smooth, inviting, and some might say alluring, as opposed to when her voice sounded somewhat screechy and piercing. 


And It didn’t stop there, next she had learned that her father's timber company had seriously grown thanks to the help of some wealthy investors.  It had nearly tripled in size and quadrupled in productivity now that there was a huge boom in the want for the almost supernaturally strong pine trees of Gravity Falls.  They still lived in their small log cabin, but now that was out of respect for her mother rather than it being all they could afford. In fact, with all the money her father was making now, he had refurbished their entire house with high quality homeowner appliances.  A lot of businesses had been doing really well in Gravity Falls. It grew a little in size but it was still small enough to feel like the small town she had left a year ago.


The second thing on her mind, that really shouldn’t be, was the hug she had with Dipper.  It was two weeks ago and she still couldn’t get the thought of Dippers bulge rubbing against her hip out of her head.  The more she thought about it the more she was flattered by it, Dipper still getting hard over the thought of her. And them dating back then would have been crazy, but now that she was older she realized that there was less than a three year difference between them and in a few years no one would give a second glance at their age difference.  She decided that she was going to stop acting weird around him and at the first chance she got, she was going to talk with him in private. She would let him know how she now felt about the possibility of them being in a relationship in a few years when he graduated high school.


The only problem was that she hasn’t spent a lot of time with him sense she got back.  While she hadn’t been avoiding him, she hadn’t been going out of her way to see or talk to him.  She had only seen him when hanging out with her other friends and she never really talked to him so much as just acknowledged his questions or statements.  But now she was going to hangout with him and Mabel at “Susan’s Dinner.” 


Luckily Wendy got a ride to the dinner from Thompson on his way to work, and it was a little past seven P.M. when Thompson dropped her off.  She made her way in and the dinner was filled with people, this place was the most popular restaurant in town and it showed with this crowd. A waitress asked if she was here with a part or alone.  Wendy responded, saying she was with the Pines. The waitress checked the list, smiled, and lead her to a booth in the less crowded area. As they got closer though she noticed that one of the twins was missing, there sitting in the booth was only Dipper.  


Dipper seeing Wendy walking up smiles at her, she sits down and the waitress left giving them some time alone.  Wendy smiles back at Dipper and asks where Mabel was. He responded that she had to cancel last minute, something about a pig sty needing some remodeling done.  Wendy stares at Dipper in complete silence for several long seconds. She then started to laugh saying how that sounds exactly like Mabel. Dipper chuckles as well, agreeing with Wendy about the wacky tendencies of his sister.  


After a few more minutes of icebreaker conversation a waitress walked up to their booth.  Wendy looks at her, and for some reason felt a little self conscious all of a sudden. The waitress was about Dippers age, with smooth flawless chocolate brown skin, cute curly brown hair, soft plump lips.  She had on her cute tight outfit with a mini skirt pulled up higher than the other waitresses, and the top two buttons of her uniform undone showing off cleavage to her perky D cups. She looked to Dipper to see how he would react, paying very close attention thinking that he would try to hide his attraction to the waitress.


The waitress looked at the two and started her greeting.  


“Hi, my name’s Tiffany.  I’ll be your server this evening.  Are you two her for the couples special?”  


Wendy’s eyes widened as she started stuttering about how they weren’t a couple and how their third party member had to leave.  The waitress apologized for her assumption and asked if she could start them off with any drinks. Dipper laughed to himself and continued giving the waitress his order, and then Wendy with her face all red with blush quietly gave her order as well.  


And as the night went on they got back on track with their previous conversation, and continued on and on enjoying each others company.  They talked about a lot of things that Wendy had missed out on in Gravity Falls. About how the town's first nightclub was just beginning construction, all the adventures he had on his own now that both his gruncels were out exploring the world, how technically Soos owned the Mystery Shack but sense he and Melody moved away, that left Mabel in charge.  


They had ended up talking about Wendys time at college, and how it was going.  Her response was mixed in that she had met a lot of fun and cool people, but none of them became friends.  About how she felt so homesick and lonely, and missed all the mystery and adventure in Gravity Falls. Dipper responded with how his grades were good enough and that he had been considering early enrolling into college.  Maybe he could apply to her college and join her by the next spring semester after she went back.


In Wendys mind she knew that this was the time to talk to him about all of her thoughts and feelings she had been having for him since she came back home.  How she would love nothing more than for him to come to college with her, and in a year and three months when he turned eighteen, start a relationship with him.  But she didn’t. She smiled and said that it would be awesome, but never said a thing about her feelings or want to further their relationship in the future.


Their waitress had come back with their food and they continued on with their conversation.  The more time went by the more Wendy had wished she had told Dipper. The more he talked about her or complemented her the more she wanted to start their relationship right now.  But she knew that it was wrong, for now, and that she needed to wait for him to turn eighteen before they could start dating. But that would only matter in the public, even though their waitress had already thought they were a couple.  Behind closed doors, where no one could see them, they could have any kind of relationship they wanted.


While Wendy was having her internal conflict she had her body running on autopilot, and while doing so had finished her food.  Dipper had also finished his food and payed for both of their bills, this was when Wendy had come back to her senses. She told Dipper that he didn’t have to pay for her, and that she would pay him back.  Dipper denied her and simply countered with that it was his way of letting her know he was happy she was back in Gravity Falls again. Now she really wanted to hug him like last time, only this time she would be shoving her hips into his.


As they got out of the dinner Dipper stopped her and asked if she wanted to keep hanging out for a little longer.  She answered a little faster than she wish she did, smiling wide and nearly shouting yes. Dipper told her that there was going to be a meteor shower later tonight if she was willing to stay out that late.  She again agreed, but this time with some more control over herself.


Dipper usually drove his jeep, it was best for off road adventuring and get away driving from monsters in the woods.  But the car he walked up to and unlocked was not a jeep. He had opened the door for her to a white BMW i8 Coupe with blue highlights along the sides and wheels, as well as a blue pine tree symbol on the front hood.  She couldn’t believe that it was his, this was a one hundred fifty thousand dollar car. That could pay for her entire degree and still have enough money left over to buy a used car. How could Dipper afford this car?


As Dipper got in the driver’s seat he saw Wendy’s surprised face still staring at the car’s insides.  He gave a slight chuckle which caught Wendy’s attention, she stared at him eyes still wide before she asked in a rather loud tone.  




Dipper laughed all the harder at her response, and when he finally stifled his laughter, told her that there were a lot of people who paid big bucks for the more genuine supernatural things that he’s found.  Wendy just looked at him wonder what “genuine supernatural things” did he sell, but more importantly, how much money has he already made?


Dipper started the car and shifted it into gear as he drove away from Susan’s Dinner.  They had been driving for about thirty minutes and were heading down a dirt road into the woods.  Dipper said there was a nice clearing at the end of a dirt road that he knew of that would be perfect for watching the meteor shower.  


Wendy was so excited yet nervous at the same.  She was thrilled because this felt like a date for her, but at the same time terrified because she didn’t know if she could control herself around Dipper.  Ever since they had left the Dinner she couldn’t keep her eyes or thoughts off Dipper. She couldn’t stop looking at Dipper, and think how handsome he had become even though he was only sixteen.  Though in about two months he would be seventeen she thought to herself, but then corrected herself about how that still made him a minor. Why couldn’t he be the same age as her, everything would be fine if he was nineteen, she had concluded.


After another 20 minutes Dipper slowed to a stop, and Wendy finally took her eyes off Dipper to see where they were.  She saw a wide open field of grass and a beautiful clear night sky, devoid of any light pollution from the town. She was so encapsulated by the stars that she didn’t notice Dipper get out of the car and set up a blanket on the hood until he opened her door for her.  They walked to the front of the car, got comfortable on the hood, and waited for the show to begin.


Not ten minutes later the sky was full of meteors flying through the sky.  It was such a beautiful sight that Wendy had wondered why she had never looked up at the night sky before.  Three minutes in Wendy had turned her head to look at Dipper. His smile gleaming brighter than any meteors, his eyes sparkling like the stars themselves.  Then Dipper turned to her and gave her the most caring look she had ever seen, like he simply wanted to make her the happiest she could possibly be. She had finally come to a decision about letting Dipper know how she felt. 


“Fuck it.”




“What did you sa-” Dipper tried to ask before he was interrupted by Wendy reaching over and pulling him into a kiss.  Not a simple kiss, this was a kiss of pure passion, of both love and lust. She didn’t just put her lips on his, she shoved her tongue in his mouth and around his own tongue.  She held him close as she climbed on top of him, putting her legs on either side of him and proceeded to grind and gyrate her hips against his groin.


She was surprised when Dipper put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her in, deepening the kiss, and started to fight back for dominance in their tongue fight.  She was caught off guard when Dipper used his other hand to grab and squeeze her ass, pulling her hips harder against his. Dipper used her moment of weakness to take complete control of their makeout session.  He flipping her over and took the top position, then he started grinding into her. She could really feel his bulge now, and it was just as big as when she had felt it the first time. Until it started growing even bigger.


But when Dipper stopped and pulled away from Wendy she looked up at him with wanting eyes and almost let out a small whine.  Dipper just stared deep into her eyes and asked her if she wanted to go further? Wendy moans yes while very wantonly trying to press her hips against his.  But Dipper stops her and asks just how far they were going to go. Wendy in an act of sexual desire answered him by grabbing one of his hands and shoving it down the front of her pants.  Dipper could feel the heat burning between her legs and the flood running down her thighs. Wendy leans up next to his ear and sensually whispered to him.


“Take me Dipper.  All the way.”


At hearing this Dipper pushed further away from Wendy.  She audibley whined this time, letting Dipper know how much she didn’t like his actions.  That was until she saw him unbutton her jeans and pull the zipper down. Dipper pulled down her pants, Wendy trying to help speed along the process, started wiggling her hips.  When Dipper had her jeans off he slowly made his way back up her smooth legs, planting small kisses the whole way up. Wendy let out light moans every other kiss and would have been wiggling more had Dippers strong arms not been holding her down.  When Dipper had made it to the tops of Wendy’s thighs, planting kisses on the inside of her right thigh the whole time, he notices Wendy's teal panties with a flannel pattern on them.  


Dipper looks up to meet Wendy’s eyes, he can see her want and desire for him to continue.  And without breaking eye contact dipper licks her lower lips through the panties, and Wendy moans so loud that the surrounding wildlife ran away thinking she was a dying animal.  Dipper liked what he was hearing so to get more of a reaction from her, he pulled her panties to the side and dived face first into her uncovered pussy. Sticking his tongue as deep as he could get it, Dipper started moving his tongue around her insides exploring every fold and wall.


He worked his tongue expertly through her, hitting all the right places.  Wendy bent her legs down over Dippers back and wrapped her fingers through his brown hair trying to pull his hace further into her.  Dipper could tell when he was doing something Wendy liked by the way she would puller his hair harder when he ran his tongue over her g-spots.  He was teasing her, finding a spot that she liked, built her up and right before she came he would move on and let her come down before starting over again. Then after he had built her up Dipper pulled his tongue out, Wendy whining and trying to pull him back in, and he slightly bit down and sucked hard on her clitoris.


Wendy whipped her head back, arch her back, and scream Dippers name at the top of her lungs.  Losing all her strength from the overload of pleasure coursing through her body, Wendy lays back down on the hood of the car grabbing the blanket as a hand hold.  Now looking up at the sky, she sees the meteor shower is still going on. Seeing the beauty of the shooting stars and feeling the unmeasurable pleasure from Dipper eating eating her out finally pushed Wendy over the edge.  As she gave out one last moan of pleasure she also wrapped her legs tightly around Dippers head holding his mouth tightly against her pussy, she came straight into his mouth.  


Wendy dropped her body limply against the hood of the car and just staired up into the night sky thinking about what had just happened.  She had just cummed ,in Dippers mouth, on the hood of his car, in the middle of the woods, and under a meteor shower. This was like some sort of weird kink or fantisy she never knew she had.  She was barely able to lift her head up to look down at Dipper, who even though her legs had fallen and released him, still had his face in her crotch and mouth on her pussy. He was still licking away at her, lapping up her juices and cleaning her up.  She nearly came a second time just from the thought of Dipper drinking her cum. Then Dipper looked up at her with his checks slightly puffed out, full of her cum, and made an audible gulp as he swallowed. And Wendy came a second time.


Dipper stood up, after getting sprayed in the face from Wendy’s second orgasm, and for a  second looked down at her. Just looking at the sexy lady, who was three years his senior, that he just ate out laying on the hood of his car.  He leaned over her and kissed her on the lips, Wendy got a good taste of herself. After their kiss Dipper asks Whendy if she was ready for what comes next.  Wendy’s response wasn’t what Dipper was expecting though, she said that before they got to that part, that she wanted to repay the favor.


Dipper said that if she was sure then she could try, but he wasn’t to sure if that was such a good idea.  Wendy didn’t know what he meant but he had laid down on his back next to her. She stood on shaky legs, almost falling on her first attempt to stand.  She grabbed at Dippers pants, noticing the bulge from earlier was way bigger than she had imagined. She stared at it for a few seconds before Dipper asked her if she was ok.  She looked up at him and asked, in a somewhat loud tone, how big he was. Dipper just smirked at her and said that there was only one real way for her to find out.  


Wendy continued to unzip Dippers pants and tugged them down.  She was surprised when a huge dick flung up and nearly hit her in her chin, it was huge, like a tower as it rested against her forehead.  Dipper’s smirk grew as he saw Wendy’s face of surprise as she saw just how big he truly was, he figured now was a good time to tell her. 


 “10.5 inches last time I checked. And 2.5 inches wide.”


At hearing that Wendy’s jaw dropped, she was already looking at how big he was but to actually hear how big he was, was still shocking.  


Wendy wasn’t a virgin but she had never dealt with anything this big.  She didn’t know how to proceed, she tried to wrap a hand around the base of his shaft but couldn’t completely and had to use her second hand to complete it.  She looked at the head of Dippers dick and realized that she would have a hard time trying to get her mouth around him. Instead she tried to use her breasts to get him off, as she pushed her chest into his member her tits were nowhere near to wrapping around him.  Wendy started to move her chest up and down his shaft, giving little licks every now and then.


Dipper let out a low guttural groan at the pleasure of Wendy’s hands on his cock, and again when she started to us her breasts.  Wendy looked up at him, seeing his face slightly contort as she stroked him, pleased in the knowledge that she was making him feel so good.  She speeds up her movements trying to get more of a reaction from him, squeezing harder with her hands and pressing her breasts more against his shaft.  Dippers moans and slight thrusts into her hands told her everything that she wanted to hear, she was in control now. Now feeling more in control and assured in her actions Wendy slowed down, to give a long, slow, sloppy lick up the bottom side of Dippers cock.  As she made it up to the tip of his head, licking all 10 and a half inches, Dipper let out several long moans and groans as she did it, and arching his back as she finished the tip of his head. This made Wendy feel that it was working pretty Damn good in getting Dipper off. 


Now feeling like the dominant partner again, Wendy decided that she was ready to try and start working on this massives cock’s head.  Bending Dippers huge member so that the tip is at her mouth hight, Wendy starts swirling her tongue around his head, every now and then maneuvering the tip of her tongue on his piss hole, teasing it ever so slightly.  Wendy looked up at Dipper, this time it’s her giving him the sultry eyes as she goes wild on his cocks head and him grunting like an animal.  


Wendy full of lust and confidence tries to take it a step further as she tries to shove Dippers dick into her mouth.  It was a little reality check for her when she couldn’t fit more than just past his head into her mouth before realizing her jaw felt like it was about to be dislocated.  Though not wanting to lose her edge, she tried to force a little more of Dipper’s dick down her throat. As Wendy did she felt that she was going to gag soon before she felt Dippers hand pushing her head off of his cock.  


As Wendy pulled her head back and let Dipper member come out with a very audible “Pop”, and she had realized just how long she had been sucking on Dipper cock as she took a deep, and much needed, breath.  Dipper looked down at her, breath ragged and face covered in sweat, and said that he was ready for the next step. Wendy, now horny beyond belief, didn’t think twice about it and climbed up on top of Dipper thinking she was still in charge.  She didn’t expect for Dipper to grab her by the arms and flip her on her back in the way that he did. But she didn’t care she was ready for him to penetrate her to her core, and to spread her walls farther than they had ever been before.


Dipper looked down at Wendy, his eyes asking one last time if she was really ok with what would come next.  And she was, so long as it was her that came next. She gave a slight nod, and looked down between them as she watched Dipper guide his head slowly into her.  Wendy flinched slightly when his head had spreaded her walls apart, luckily Dipper had stopped about halfway in to let her get used to his size. After a few moments Wendy had gotten used to Dipper size and told him to continue.  As he did he thrusted in another inch before pulling out to start his thrusting rhythm, keeping it nice and slow so Wendy can still get used to his girth.  


As Dipper started to speed up Wendy started to moan, felling Dippers fat cock scrape along the sides of her walls as he thrusted in and out of her.  She was falling more and more in love with Dippers dick as she was with Dipper himself. She wanted to experience this pleasure every day for the rest of her life, but then she corrected herself, she never wanted it to end.  As she continued to moan her eyes started to glazed over, her tongue lolled out, and she wrapped her arms around Dippers neck, letting herself fall to the overwhelming lust she felt for Dipper.  


Dipper, still only thrusting about six inches into Wendy, looked to her and said that he was down going easy on her, and that he was ready to get serious.  Wendy was confused until Dipper nearly pulled all the way out of her, she let out a little moan of displeasure wanting him to keep going. And then she let out a glass shattering scream as Dipper thrusted all ten and a half inches into Wendy’s cunt, his head pushing on the entrance to her womb.  She screamed his name at the top of her longs, as her head whipped back, her legs stretched out and slightly spasming, toes curling, and her back arching so much she was actually pushing more of Dippers huge cock snuggly into her.  




Wendy was having a multiple orgasm as she continued to spasm and squeeze her vagina around Dippers dick.  Her juices were spraying out and going everywhere after splattering against dippers groin, even hitting Dipper in his face with the force at which she had cummed.


She didn’t have time to come down from her orgasmic high, because after her pussy had released her clamp from around Dippers dick, he started to thrust in and out of her again.  Thrusting his whole length into her at speed greater than what he was going at before, Wendy could feel the car bouncing up and down in time with Dippers thrusts. And with each thrust Wendy came a little, again, and again, and again.  Dipper leaned his head beside Wendy’s ear and whispered to her that he only need a little long to finish and that he’d cum soon.




Dipper had been plowing into her for thirty eight minutes straight, not once did he ever slow his tempo or lose power in his thrusts, he actually was pumping into Wendy harder and faster.  Wendy had two more mind breaking orgasms in that time and was fast approaching her forth. She had lost all feeling in her legs, her eyes were rolling into the back of her head, tongue still lolled out and now had a trail of drool.  But she still held onto Dipper, never letting go or losing her grip, even when she had almost fainted. Their bodys were covered in a thick layer of sweet as it dripper from their body's onto the soaked blanket beneath them.  


Wendy could feel her fourth multiple orgasm cumming, and when Dippers thrust became more sporadic and forceful, Wendy had hit her limit.  As Wendys pussy clamped down around Dippers dick yet again, he had finally reached his limit as well. He sheathed himself into Wendy as far as he could go and cummed.  


DIpper gave an earth trembling groan as he shot load after load into Wendy, it lasted a little over a minute.  Wendy gave a loud moan as she feet Dipper filling her womb to the brim, almost causing her stomach to bulge a little.  After about a minute Dipper finished cumming, his cum overflowing from Wendy’s pussy. He slowly started to pull out of Wendy’s cunt, but both of them were very sensitive, and they shivered, moaned, and grunted as they separated.  Wendy still felt full with Dippers cum in her, but she also felt a little empty now that he had removed his girthy, large member from her.


Wendy still holding on to her consciousness looked to Dipper as he laid next to her on the car. They held each other close as they started coming down from the sex high.  Wendy, starting to regain her coherency, was trying to say something. Dipper looked at her as she tried to talk, her head slightly swaying while she tried to stay awake, and her mouth opening as if to say something only to breath in heavily and try again.


Dipper put his hand up to her check and held her head steady, he then leaned in and planted a simple kiss on her lips.  No tongue, not making out, this was just a pure and loving kiss between two young lovers. It lasted only a hair more than a second but it brought her back to her senses.  She was still out of breath and exhausted, but now her mind was back on earth. Wendy, now fully coherent, looks to Dipper and tries to say what she was trying to say earlier.


“Dipper, that was...that was...”  


But then a voice from behind Wendy finished her statement for her.


“Amazing, right?”  


Wendy snapped her head towards the new voice as she tried to covered her body as much as she could, using her hand and what little of the blanket she could.  There standing next to the car was Pacifica Northwest, the blond princess of Gravity Falls, smirking down at them. Pacifica widening her smirk at Wendy’s reaction before talking again.  


“Like your first time all over again.”  


The End

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