A Possible Bondage Christmas

BY : lilo1013
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Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or any of the characters. I do not make money off this story. This is for entertainment purposes only.

A/N: I know it's too early to think about Christmas, but I heard of this thing called Christmas in July, so why not try it? Enjoy.

Anne frowned as she headed for the living room door, Jim and Tim already bundled up and
standing in the entryway. The last few days had been rather stressful for the family, which was not
uncommon for most during the holiday season. Anne and James had decided that the family were going to
spend the holidays with Nana Possible but after ordering the tickets realized they were two short. After a
few calls, the airline had apologized and offered to buy their tickets back. Nana Possible had been so
excited for the family to come down that Kim had offered to stay home. Anne had been about to offer to
stay home as well but James had decided to stay and now only Anne and the twins were going. "Please
make sure your dad doesn't eat too many sweets," Anne said as she pulled on her scarf. Kim laughed
before nodding and Anne smiled at her before sighing heavily. She was a little worried but oh well.
Shaking her head, Anne grabbed her coat and pulled it on, looking to Kim in worry. She knew
that Kim and her father shared the same work habits so Kim was likely to forget to eat along side her
husband. "Please don't get distracted with your missions Kimmie Cub," Anne said, moving over and
kissing Kim's forehead. Kim smiled and preened slightly under the attention before moving back as Anne
moved away and kneeled. She grabbed her bag and then looked to the twins, rolling her eyes when she
found they had run outside and begun playing in the snow. "Jim! Tim!" She called, sighing when they
ignored her. Sometimes she wondered why she bothered. "I'll see you after New Years," Anne said before
heading out.

Kim curiously watched as her mother tossed her bags into the car before heading over to the
twins and grabbing them by their hoods. The two whined and groaned about it but allowed their mother to
tow them to the car and shove them inside. Kim laughed lowly and watched as the car took off, moving
back and clapping her hands excitedly. She was finally alone! Daddy wasn't due back for another hour or
two so we was going to be left to her own devices for a while. Giggling, Kimmie Cub headed out of the
living room and to the front door, checking to see if it was locked. After trying the door a few times and
nodding in satisfaction, Kimmie headed out of the living room and to her own, walking to her closet and
opening it. She looked around and quickly located a red and green box that had been pushed into the
corner. She quickly knelt and grabbed the box, sliding it towards herself before nodding.

During a mission just three days ago, Kim and Ron had been in France trying to stop Drakken
and Shego from destroying the city of love when Kim had kicked Shego into a store window. Shego had
paused to look at the clothing and Kim herself had jumped into attack during her distraction but had
paused herself when she realized they were in a lingrie shop. Kim had been a little embarassed but after
being taunted by Shego, done some looking around herself. She had seen the perfect little pink christmas
themed nightie and vowed to come back for it. After that, the two had returned to fighting and Ron had
somehow gotten Drakken to surrender so Shego had grabbed him and made a quick escape. After that,
Kim had told Ron to go call GJ while she searched for what Shego and Drakken had stolen. After a quick
search, Kim had located the item in the lingrie store and grabbed it. The owner had not been happy about
the damage but after a promise of repair, he had been happy.

As a thank you for saving France, he offered anything in the store and Kim had jumped at the
chance to get the nightie. The man had laughed and given her he item before wishing her farewell.
Kimmie Cub shifted in place as she opened the nice box and beamed. It still looked amazing. She scooped
up the box and stood, walking over to her bed and placing the box down. She tugged off her shirt and
pushed her pants and panties off before unclasping her bra and dropping it. She smiled excitedly as she
began feeling aroused, shaking the thought from her head. She kind of wanted the night off. She took and
seat on her bed and grabbed her Kimmunicator then the thigh high pink stockings from the box. She
quickly called up wade, making sure the webcam feature for the device was off. "Hello? Kim?" Wade
suddenly said.

"Hey Wade! Can you make sure I have the night off? I feel like I'm due for one," Kim said,
Wade laughing softly.

"Sure Kim! Have a nice night!" Wade said before hanging up.

Kimmie Cub let the device fall and land face down on the bed before she began rolling the stockings up her legs. They settled high on her
thighs, her hands running over the material before she giggled. It felt like velvet! She leaned forward and
grabbed the panties next, standing and pulling them up. She hummed happily and patted her bottom
before grabbing the frilly and lacy straps that connected the panties to the stockings. She strapped them up
before pulling out the nightie top and slipping it on, standing and looking at the lacy see through top in
awe. She wasn't one for sexy clothing but it felt so nice she was tempted to spend any money she came
across at the shop in the future. Shaking the thought from her head, she reached into the box and pulled
out a pink santa hat, giggling at the item.

She placed it on her head before getting up and twirling. She felt sexy and turned on, her thighs
rubbing together as she thought about the personal time she was going to have with her daddy later. She
grinned and headed out of her room, padding downstairs and to the kitchen, looking into the fridge and
beaming when she found the food her daddy had left for her. She pulled it out and popped it into the
microwave, walking to the living room and pausing infront of the large mirror in the living room. Her
eyes widened when she saw herself, turning this way and that before giggling. She looked amazing! She
made a face at herself before laughing then jumped when the microwave went off. She sheepishly smiled
at herself before heading back into the kitchen and grabbing the plate, wincing at the heat. She placed the
plate down on the kitchen table and walking over to the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water.

She took a seat, shivering at the cold of the wooden chair under her. She shifted in place before
opening the meal and beginning to eat. The action didn't take long and after she was full, she quickly
cleaned up and headed into the living room. She had time before her daddy arrived from work, a small
pout crossing her face at the thought. She wish he was done with his work now but she knew that if she
was paitent he was going to have at least a week away from the lab to be with her. She headed into thr
living room to relax and paused in the entrance way when she saw the Christmas tree. It seemed like her
mother had left it on. Biting her bottom lip, she headed into the room and looked around. She knew her
daddy had gotten her something really nice for Christmas and she wanted o know if it was the newest
cuddle buddy. She had heard from DNAmy that they were going to be creating a new mythological line
of the dolls, with a rare griffin cuddle buddy being limitedly produced.

Kimmie Cub had gone looking for it but it seemed the other woman had already gotten all of
them. She had been very disappointed and complained to daddy about it in frustation and she knew that it
was a slim chance but she hoped he had found it. Shifting in place, she glanced at the clock before
heading over to the Christmas tree. He still wasn't due home for another hour and she had been good all
year! She deserved a peek. She looked to the door again before walking over to the tree and kneeling next
to it, frowning when she didn't see her gifts. She looked around the tree before realizing that her gifts had
been pushed to the very back. She grinned to herself before reaching out and beginning to try to grab the

While Kimmie Cub fished around the tree for her gift, James had just driven up and shivered. He
had blitzed through his work and had bid Vivian Porter a farewell, the other scientist teasing him about
escaping the office. He had had teased her about getting piled with her own backlog. She had rolled her
eyes and continued to work as James had packed up and sped walked his way out. He had another reason
to be excited. For the next week, him and Kimmie Cub were going to be alone! James smiled before
taking a deep breathe and heading outside the car, grimacing when the harsh winds hit him. He shook off
the feeling and stomped his way to the house, grinning when he noticed the snowman that had been built
in the front yard. Either the boys had managed to scrape one together or Kimmie Cub was feeling silly.
James shook his head before quickly heading for the door, pulling out his key and pushing them into the

Meanwhile, Kimmie Cub moved out from under the tree and beamed, her hands tightly holding a
bright pink package. She had found the present that was most likely to hold the cuddle buddy. She shook
it hesitantly before jumping when she heard the front door opening. She felt a little disappointed but
excitement slammed into her right afterwards. Daddy was home! She placed the present down and
quickly stood, moving out of the living room and looking towards the entrance, beaming when she saw
James walk in and toss his briefcase to the side. He was still bundled up from the snow outside andlooked
up, his eyes widening when he saw her oufit. James paused and rolled his eyes up and down Kimmie
Cubs figure, Kimmie Cub blushing as he did so.

"You look wonderful baby," James finally said as she began pulling off his jacket. Kimmie Cub beamed at the praise before walking over and helping him,
squeaking when his icy cold fingers brushed against her side.

"Daddy! That's cold!" Kimmie Cub whined, James smiling as he moved his hands forward and grabbed her waist. Kimmie Cub squealed and James laughed loudly, moving forward and kissing her forehead.

"You're so cute Kimmie Cub," James said softly, Kimmie Cub blushing before smiling widely. "Now what were you up to before I got home?" James asked as he moved back and began sheding his boots. Kimmie Cub blinked before blushing and looking away nervously.

"Nothing," Kimmie Cub said slowly, James pausing and looking to her. She was shifting from side to side guiltily and he smiled softly before stretching.

"Oh? You weren't trying to peek at your gift were you?" He playfully said, Kimmie Cub looking down and pouting. James laughed softly before moving forwards again and kissing her forehead, walking around her as he headed into the living room.

"Sorry daddy," Kimmie Cub whined as he walked towards the tree and looked to the obviously displaced gift. James laughed softly and stooped down, lifting the gift and turning it over in is hands.

"It's alright Kimmie Cub. I used to try to peek at my gifts when I was a boy," James said before
turning and holding the gift out. Kimmie Cub looked at it with wide eyes before reaching out to take it,
pouting when James pulled it away from her. "How about I give you two things early and you give me
one thing early," he proposed. Kimmie Cub asped lowly before beaming and nodding, squealing when
James surged forward and easily scooped her up, juggling her and the present. He finally got her settled in
his arms as he bgan walking towards the kitchen, a smile on his face.

"What did you want daddy?" Kimmie Cub asked, James walking over to one of the kitchen
chairs and sitting her in it.

"Well. I want you," James said simply. Kimmie Cub blushed brightly and James placed her gift
down on the table before looking to her. "Will you let me have an early gift?" He asked, Kimmie Cub
nodding before shivering when he kneeled and kissed her gently on the lips. "Wonderful," he said, before
standing and heading for the exit. "Stay here like a good girl," he called. Kimmie Cub nodded to herself
and idly sat as James headed from the kitchen to his room and grabbed a few of his ties. He had the most
perfect idea and was excited to do it. He quickly headed back down and into the room, grinning when he
found Kimmie Cub hadn't moved. He walked over and kneeled again, tying down her arms and legs to the
chair and smiling up at her. Her face began to grow red as he reached up and grasped her panties, tugging
them down and running his hands back up.

His fingers suddenly began tickling her sides and she squealed, struggling in her seat as she
began laughing. He chuckled along with her, tickling up and down her sides as she tried to move away.
After a minute of that, she began growing an almost cherry red in her face, so he stopped and grinned up
at her as she giggled softly, shifting in her seat as she tried to relax. James then smiled wider before
moving forward, his hands pushing Kimmie Cub's thighs apart. Kimmie Cub began blushing because of
his actions, her eyes never looking away as James licked his lips and moved his head forward. His mouth
covered her lower lips and she gasped, her hips jumping up. She bit her lip as she watched him open his
mouth and began lapping at her clit. His tongue parted her lower lips and she groaned softly, his tongue
moving down then circling her clit.

Kimmie Cubs hips jerked up towards his mouth but because of her restraints she was unable to
move much further. He continued to lap at her clit, his tonuge rolling over and over the small bud.
Kimmie Cub gasped and whined, her head falling forward as pleasure rushed up her spine. She continued
to try to jerk ino his mouth, the movements causing his tongue to push down towards her entrance. She
gasped in pleasure and he smirk, speeding up his actiond and grabbing her hips to keep her still. She
whimpered as she grew clser to her orgasm, her face and chest beginning to flush a bright red. James
pulled back for a moment before surging forward as she whined.

Kimmie Cub whined then yelped as her orgasm began to build more, James running the flat side
of his tongue over her nub being her undoing. Kimmie Cub gasped loudly then moaned as she began
coming, James' tongue moving further to her entrance then inside, the older man groaing as he tasted her
juices and his cock twitched. He was already rock hard and he could barely wait to give Kimmie Cub her
next gift.

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