Equestria Girls: Magic & Sexy

BY : Papa99
Category: +M through R > My Little Pony
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Disclaimer: I don't own Equestria Girls or its characters. I don't make money with this story.

On a beautiful day, Rainbooms all arrive with seven boys at a cool hotel where they got plans. 

Sci-Twi: Well, here we are girls. This place has a lot of amazing things here. 

Pinkie Pie: Oh, like the buffet. Full of delicious desserts. (licks her lips)

Fluttershy: I'm just waiting to go to the little wildlife trail. And feel the breeze. 

Applejack: I would like to have one heck of the food. 

Rarity: Well, I'm going to do some fasionable shopping and the spa.

Rainbow Dash: Sweet! They even some sports games here. Can't wait to try those out. 

Sunset Shimmer: (smirk) So, Twilight Sparkle, are you planning a special date with Timber Spruce? 

Sci-Twi: (blushes) H-hey! Cut it out, Sunset. We'll might be having some private time afterwards. Besides, I could say the same for you and Flash Sentry. 

Fluttershy: Oh my. Are you two back together?

Sunset Shimmer: (blushes) Yeah, sort of. I've been feeling the same way he is. Plus, there were times he couldn't help but stare me when we get close. 

Rainbow Dash: Probably because of how hot you are to him and how big your chest is. 

Applejack: (nudges Rainbow Dash) Not an appropriate response, Rainbow Dash. 

Rainbow Dash: Sorry. I'm just playing. I mean we got seven boys with us. 

Rarity: Pfft. Well, I wouldn't mind some of the boys staring at me, especially in my outfits. I too know what it's like to be considered sexy. Now shall we begin?

The Rainbooms: (All agreeing)

Sunset Shimmer: Guess, the guys will have to wait. Probably at least until tonight.

Sci-Twi: You're right. Let's enjoy the day until then. 

Pinkie Pie: Woohoo! Vacation Weekend! 

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