Comforting Lisa

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Buttercup's mouth felt like the savannah: deathly dry. As she reluctantly raised herself from the comfortable confines of the duvet covers, she not only felt the instant chill that was in the house, but heard the sounds of Lisa crying downstairs.

Lisa had come to babysit, whilst the Professor had recieved an urgent notification, regarding a revolutionary concept he had brought into Townsville's scientific community, that required his immediate attendance. Lisa, a gorgeous teen just outside of their own collective suburbs, had been hard to get ahold of, but finally submitted to the pleas of the man who promised a handsome bribery for handling his frequently reckless tykes for the night. She had been permitted to stay over, having the couch as a fold out bed in the living room, and would be driven home in the morning.

It was awkward, to say the least, as the tomboy hovered downstairs quietly, seeing the poor girl hunched over the arm of the sofa sobbing. Before the girls had fully gotten to sleep, the raven haired rebel was consistently prevented from doing so by angry hushes and fierce whispers with someone on the telephone downstairs. From what she had gathered, it was over with 'Jeffy'.

Getting some water from the kitchen, the nonchalent babe quenched her thirst, groaning as she picked at the white gummy crap that started building at the corners of her mouth. When she attempted to escort herself back upstairs, she was halted as she approached the kitchen doorway.

"God, I'm so useless... I'm sorry for waking you".

Sighing, Buttercup turned to face the teenager, who dried her eyes with kitten patterned tissues and brushed out and neatened her skirt. She figured she'd get a drink too.

"What's up?" pried the kid, unenthusiastically, rolling her eyes. She knew everything, but figured she'd try to help resolve the problem. She didn't want the older girl going home with a dim expression, leading the father to concur that something bad had happened, pin pointing her as the culprit, as usual.

Sighing, after her mouthful of tapwater, Lisa wondered back to the couch, with the adorable, pouting puff following closely behind. Lisa fumbled about in her handbag for something, her misery clutching to her beautiful features like a dreadful mask. "It was just Jeffy... he was just... too much..."


"He's ... I don't know what's happened to him. Ever since I babysat some nerdy dweeb and his weird sister, he's had problems with trusting me. He makes claims that I've said things when I haven't and... he's become such a control freak"

"Sounds like paranoid nutcase" Buttercup emmitted frankly.

Blowing her nose, the older girl's eyes widened ecstatically at the confirmation of her own conclusions "I know, right? I dunno what his deal is. He doesn't smoke weed anymore, so that rules that out... and... the only other thing I can think of is... he's seeing someone else"

Squinting her eyes, trying to understand, Buttercup drifted closer, allowed to accompany her at the side, when the teen patted the seat next to her. "So, you think because he's seeing someone behind your back, he's anxious you're doing the same to him?"

"But, I haven't!" she exclaimed, trying not to be too loud.

"I believe ya"

"But HE doesn't... that's the problem so,... I've... just decided to let him go. I can't live with that constant suspicion anymore"

Sniffling, the older girl dried her eyes, as the kid sat there, rubbing the back of her own head distractedly. She hoped her siblings were still in slumberland, otherwise she wouldn't hear the end of this.

"Well, for what it's worth, I think you did the right thing. You gotta put yourself first sometimes. You need to remember you matter too and if he doesn't believe you, then tough bazungas on him. That's his loss that he can't see beyond his delusions and appreciate that he's got himself such a great girl" said the tomboy, catching herself a little and blushing. "I mean... well, some people really don't understand how great things are and how special someone or something is to them until its gone"

It was a funny, enlightening, thing for such a young girl to say, but Lisa couldn't help but smile at the gesture for comfort and reassurance. Amidst some last sniffles, an adoring giggle left her lips. "That's real sweet. I didn't think of you as such a smooth talker"

The blush deepened on the heroines cheeks, as she let the older girl reach to stroke and play with her hair. She's be seen dead letting any of her sisters do that to her. "I was kinda ignorant and just took you for the boisterous, hard headed type when I looked after you earlier, Buttercup, but you prove to be pretty caring when you wanna be"

Feeling her heart throb, lunging up to wedge in her throat, the tomboy gulped, but saw the tender moment spoiled as the airheaded gal fished out a small bottle of wine from her handbag. "I guess I should celebrate then. I had brought this, because I was hoping to see Jeffy tonight, but screw him and all"

"Well, I guess if you wanna go party and see some friends or whatever, I'll cover for you in the morning" the hero smiled, getting ready to vacate the room. However, she was snatched out of the air and into an embrace, pressing her still burning face snugly against the teens perky tits.

"No way, jose. You'll party with me. None of my mates are in town anyways. This here isn't my local area and noone will wanna drive out to see me at this late notice. Whaddya say we stay up? I'll let you watch one of ya horror films or something"

That invitation was impossible to decline. Beaming Buttercup grinned up at the girl, her face still somewhat planted within Lisa's cleavage. "Sounds swell!"


Burring from the outside cold, Lisa returned indoors after one of her roll-ups. Parking herself down with a little bounce, besides the girl engulfed by the tv flickering with portrayls of hordes of zombies, Lisa chuckled and poured herself another full glass.

For Buttercup, it was an alien confrontation, being faced with these new smells of tobacco and alcohol. While the Professor did smoke, it was rare, and it was usually something a bit higher quality than the easy over-the-counter in a booze shop variety. At first, the girl grimaced at the unpleasant smells, but soon found herself accustomed to them, especially when the tipsy teen started to get a bit more cuddly with her.

"Thanksh for everything, cutey. None of my friends woulda given me half a taste of the honesty I needed to hear tonight" she warmly said in a sorta hush.

"Err yeah, well, I figured it was what was best. I'd wanna face the truth too" replied the tyke, half way between irritated at the sudden clutchy, clingy nature of the girl and half aroused, as the teen was determined to press her as close as possible into her chest and stomach.

Whilst Lisa had gone outside for a smoke, the Powerpuff had taken the opportunity of her absence to sneak some of the alcohol for herself. Needless to say, she kinda liked it and was relieved when the teen returned having not noticed that she downed a hefty amount.

“God, I wished I had a little brother or sister or somethin'...” murmured the pretty young teen, tracing patterns with her finger around Buttercup's cheek.

Non flinchingly, with some spite, the puff spat “No. No, you really wouldn't...” Not for a second did she tear her eyes from the television.

Lisa's laughter was adorable. “What I mean is being able to talk to someone about this kinda stuff. I can't even tell my friends more than half the time what I think or am going through... the dillema of witholding a popular status or seen as a weirdo I guess” she continued with an amused pondering. First world problems, right?

“I'd take being a weirdo anyday” projected the tomboy truthfully. “Your friends sound like a bunch of losers”

Rather than be pestered by the laughing in responce to her retort, Buttercup found herself warming to the babe, seeing that by simply reacting to her 'problems' with her harsh opinions was helping to break down barriers. She couldn't help but smile.

“Oh god” breathed Lisa, trying to gather herself, waving her hands to fan herself. “You're too much. Too right, though. What I'd give to be as care free like you, Buttercup”

The tomboy grinned goofily, blushing more, especially when the babysitter leaned over to stroke her face, stroke her hair and stare rather dreamily into her large emerald eyes.

“You're so cute”

Gulping, Buttercup stammered for a responce, as she tried to brush off the girl apparently coming on to her. “W-well, why not be, Lisa? Life's too short to give a rats ass about what everyone thinks. You matter too ya know? What about what you think?”

Although more from the sudden dryness of her own mouth, the beautiful older girl couldn't help but lick her lips, sending shivers down the kid's spine at the 'predatory' presentation. To help maybe remind Lisa of her responsibilities, the raven haired devil slipped out from her spot and went to guzzle Lisa's drink.

“Yeah, rock on! Wooo!” cheered Lisa, accompanied by a hearty chuckle. She was wasted.

Although annoyed by the dismissal of her 'rebellion', Buttercup took the opportunity to gulp down the rest of the sweet wine, then snagged the bottle. She wasn't sure why she suddenly cared so much about the bright, blue eyed beauty, but found with their raw exchanges she was beginning to have more of a growing attachment to her and found that, with the further consumption of alcohol, she was beginning to struggle with trying to assert her curious eyes away from the teen's perky breasts.

“Ugh, you little twerp! C'mere!” cried the drunken babysitter, snatching the troublesome tomboy into a cuddle, causing the two to laugh at the rough housing.

Buttercup was beginning to feel dizzy and the girls finally settled down, with Lisa pinching the bottle for an un-lady-like swig, before setting it down on the coffee table.

Both of the girls faces burned brightly from intoxication and the budding intimacy. Lisa had never felt so close to someone in a short amount of time and as she pulled away from the sincere cuddle, she couldn't help but stroke the younger girls face softly, cupping her cheek and slowly bringing her in for a kiss.

By the time Lisa's concious had caught up to her, having vacated the premises of her noggin for a party and had now hurriedly dashed home to amend the dignity and morality of her actions, she gasped to find the younger girl reciprocating the action and even venturing her tongue into her mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Lisa held a hand to her chest, taking deep breaths, processing what had happened. "What... w-what am I... what are we doing?..." she verbally stumbled, pressing the coolness of her palms to her flushed cheeks.

But, Buttercup didn't stop and moved forward, pressing the babysitter further into the couch with a quiet squeak and gasp of surprise. Their lips met again, more hungrily this time and the teenager shivered pleasantly, feeling the kid unbutton her shirt to find her full breasts cupped in flowery lace design, screaming too much femininity for Buttercup's tastes. Lisa was horrified to find herself already so wet, as the girl urged them on further, moving her mouth from hers to the erecting nipples on the exquiste matured mounds on her chest.

Protests came uselessly, stumbling out of the panicking teens mouth, as she pressed a hand to her forehead, trying to pry her away, as she ravaged her breasts. "Stop! Please... this isn't right... you're just a kid... I..."

But her pleas found no responce, no indication of being heard and, with that and the assertion of the younger girl's dominance, Lisa surrendered and slowly found her hand wondering to her own privates, fondling her clit and labia, as the Powerpuff suckled and chewed on her nipples.

Hearing the restrained moans and whimpers, Buttercup tore herself from the luxerious, hypnotic grasp of her own sex drive and noticed the older girl masturbating. Manuevering down from her spot, she positioned herself between Lisa's legs and watched as the student rubbed and teased herself over her own panties.

“Ohh, Buttercup” moaned the teen, looking down at the curious and ravenous darling. “Don't tell your daddy about this...”

“Don't tell him I watched a zombie movie” panted the puff back with a cheeky grin.


A loud ring of Lisa's cellphone gave the two a heartattack. Angrily, the older girl snatched the lousey thing from her hand bag, fumbling with the security code, seeing it was a message of apology from you-know-who.

“Scarier that the damn movie” mused Buttercup, making them both laugh nervously.

“Scram Jeff, ya god damn sack of crap” grumbled the frustrated teenager, making Buttercup laugh harder, before she was snatched and brought into a hard kiss. The two resumed making out, their tongues rubbing wetly, exchanging heated moans of sexual excitement, as Lisa continued to touch herself.

End of Part One


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