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Author's Notes:

This story was inspired by a picture by AmonzOne, where Lincoln is trying to play games and Lynn can't help but push her foot in his face. It was so adorable and all I could see was the love in her actions and pose. I ended up going a little farther than planned, and there's a chance I might continue this with another chapter, but I have other things that need to be written.

I'm starting to get my writing energy back. :D

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2019)


It was another lazy Saturday for everyone at the Loud house. But Lynn didn't want to be lazy. She was boooored.

Lynn Loud was PUMPED and ready to get going and do something!

But she just didn't want to go alone.

She tried Lori, but she slammed the door in her face cause "muh Bobby." Whatever, sis.

She went right across the hall to Luna and Luan, but they were busy prepping for some gig they were gonna do together. And, no, Lynn, they didn't need your help carrying junk. Chunk got it.

Lynn frowned as she went down the hall.

Eh, Lucy was a no go. Getting her to get PUMPED was like trying to poke a dead body and make it come to life and eat brains or something. It just wasn't gonna happen. So, she moved on.

The twins were in the middle of a deathmatch; which looked fun, but they'd wear out quickly.

Lisa was too much of a nerd to go out for a quick game of basketball or something.

She stopped at the top of the stairs, hummed, then headed down to the living room.

Lynn paused and looked to the right.

Lincoln was on the couch playing one of his video games.


She looked left, into the dining room, and she saw Leni carrying a scarf.

The young teen was about to go ask Leni what she was doing, so she wouldn't have to bother Lincoln, but the ditzy blonde suddenly tripped on air, flailed her arms everywhere, stepped onto a banana peel, and starting sliding straight into the kitchen.

Lynn just watched as Leni left her sight, screaming this high-pitched wail, with a bored deadpan.





Lynn sniffed.

Yeah, she'd be alright.

She did an about-face, and grinned as she stared at her one and only, most favorite brother in the whole entire world.

"Lincoln~" she slipped up beside him, falling back and bouncing on the couch cushion.

The boy grunted, paying more attention to slaughtering hordes of radical alien terrorists than to his space invading sister.

Lynn leaned toward him, putting her arms behind her back, wiggling, being all cute and flirty like she'd seen Lori and Leni do all the time when they really wanted something bad.

But Lincoln was more interested in fighting this ugly ass alien thing than paying attention to how cute Lynn was trying to be.

So, fine. Since he wouldn't respond to overwhelming cuteness, it was time for plan b.

She got her feet up on the cushion and leaned back against the arm of the couch.

"Lincoln~" she called to him before poking his arm with her toe.

"Hey, Linc! Hey!"

Her toes walked up his arm to his shoulder.

Lincoln groaned and wiggled his arm, knocking her foot off.

"Knock it off, Lynn, I'm trying to play a game."


Annoying him with her feet seemed to get a desirable reaction, so Lynn decided to up her game.

Instead of teasing him, she just went straight for the kill.

Taking her socks off, she put her foot against the side of his head. Her whole sole molded around his cheek and ear.

"Play outside with me, Lincoln~" she teased him, tapping her toes on his temple.

Lincoln started growling, but didn't surrender.

He was gonna kill this muthafukin alien scum and no older sister was gonna mess it up for him.

Her toes wiggled and squirmed and squeezed around his hair, giving it a pull.

He yelped and yelled, "Get off, Lynn! Seriously, I want to play this damn game in peace!"


Lincoln turned his face to call back, "BUT, MOM-" and muffled his reply as Lynn shoved her foot right onto his mouth and nose.

He grabbed her ankle and held her foot off to the side, growling with angry eyebrows.

Lynn just grinned and stared at him, daring him to do something, anything.

This was starting to get fun.



And dad just pulled the united parents card on him. Great.

At least he wasn't grounded. This time.

He took her foot and threw it against the back of the couch, and went back to his game.

Lynn chuckled as her ankle bounced off the back and went riiiight straight for his shoulder blade.

"Hey, Linc," she teased as her toes moved toward his neck, "I think you got something on your back~"

The boy made this deep, hateful sound like he was about to take a chainsaw to that foot.

Lynn just grinned as wide as she pleased as her toes slipped up and over his hair...

And slipped right down the front of his face.

The boy sputtered and slapped her foot away.

And in that split second where his attention was drawn away from his boss fight, his character was literally torn in half.

Lynn just laughed.

"Wow, you suck at this game, Lame-O!"

Lincoln just dropped the controller, clenching his fists, snarling.

His sister was laughing so hard, clutching her sides, doubling over and rolling on top the couch.

He jumped at her, and she screamed.

"Hey! No! What are you doing!? No-n-not there, ahahaha-ah! Linc!"

She squealed as his fingers went under her arms and started tickling her till she couldn't stop shrieking.

He was bearing down on her, still fuming and relentless in his assault on her tickle spots.

Lynn kicked at him, and he just grabbed her feet. Both of them. He trapped her ankles under one arm, and hovered a hand above her soles.

"L-Linc, what are you- no. No, don't you dare!"

He cocked an eyebrow as he dove right in, tickling both of her feet, and holding on tight as she bucked and kicked and screamed with laughter.

She lost balance and literally fell off into the ground; Lincoln came tumbling right after her.

A panting mess, Lynn laid there on her back.

Before she could react, he was straddling her.

She looked up into his eyes, still breathless from laughter, and just smiled at him.

"Soooo, wanna play with me now?"

Lincoln shook his head.

"Nope, but you can leave now."

She waited for him to get off her and start toward the couch before she jumped up, ran up to him, grabbed his face-

"Lynn, what are you-"

And she licked him from jaw to temple.

"-EWWW, God! What is wrong with you!?"

Lynn laughed as she ran to the front door; her heart was pumping so fast now. She turned to look at him, and eeped as her brother was already on top of her. She tried opening the door, but he slammed her into it; holding her tight against it.

Trapped like a mouse.

"I'm gonna whip your ass if you don't stop," he whispered so mom wouldn't hear.

Lynn smirked at him, her eyes lidded, and one brow cocked.

"I'd like to see you try, Lincoln~"

She noticed him lean toward one side, and she took that chance to slip her foot between his and kick his other leg out from under him.

He toppled backward, letting her go-

And Lynn was out the front door and off!

She ran to the road, and spun around, and yesss he was so freaking pissed off at her she could see the red in his eyes.

She laughed as she ran down the sidewalk.

"Catch me if you can, nerd!"

Lincoln just growled as he reached DEEP inside for some extra umph.

She got too cocky and sure of herself... or maybe she secretly wanted to get caught...

Either way, he wrapped his arms around her waist, and one second later they were on the ground, rolling into piles of dirt, grass, and leaves.

He planned to have her pinned under him, where he was gonna slowly torture her until she peed herself from laughter.

But once the final roll happened, she was left sitting on his chest.

"Mph," he groaned, trying to move his hands but they were trapped under his body, "Get your- fat butt off me."

Lynn smiled great big as she wiggled her lean glutes over his ribs, making him gasp and groan.

"Make me~"

He squirmed under her, but it was futile.

He wasn't limber enough to kick her head, and his arms were useless.

Lynn put her hands on his chest, then his arms. Her fingers tip toed up to his shoulders, then his neck.

He gasped as she lightly tickled him.

Her fingers moved up to his hair, where she started toying with his cowlick.

He grunted as she shifted around. Seriously, her fat caboose was like something Ace Savvy would have to fight for the good of the world.

Lynn leaned down closer to him.

"Play a game with me, Lincoln."

He glared at her smiling face.


"You made me do this, Lincoln," she spoke in a whisper as she put her hands on the ground and leaned further down.

"What are you gonna do?"

He gasped as her knee prodded a rib as she moved to straddle him.

Lynn was draped over his chest now, her mouth an inch from his.

She poked her pink tongue out.

"No, Lynn, don't-"

She started her attack by touching her tongue to his chin, and then she jerked it up, catching his open mouth and his nose.

"EWW, gross, Lynn! Bleugh, you got my mouth!"

She laughed as he gagged.

"What's wrong, Linc? You don't like getting a kiss from your sister?"

He growled at her.

"You licked me!"

Lynn chuckled, then replied softer than before.

"So? A lick is still a kiss with a tongue. Same thing."

Why was she trying to argue over this? It was still freaking disgusting!

"Just get off me, Lynn, I'm done playing."

Lynn poked his nose.

"Nuh uh, if you don't play with me, then I'll kiss you... for real this time."

Lincoln glared at her.

"Gross. No."

She grabbed his face with her hands and held him still.

"Last chance, Linc. Play with me or I'll kiss you."

His eyes were unwavering in their annoyance, whilst hers were still glimmering with mirth.

"Fuck off."

She grinned as she brought her lips in and swallowed his "Eww!" with her mouth.

Lincoln fought under her, glaring at her with wide eyes.

Meanwhile, Lynn's eyes closed and she nearly hummed as she let the kiss go on and on.

She pulled back, and gasped for air.

"W-wow," she gave him a teasing smile again, "Wanna play now?"

Before he could even say "no" her lips were already back on his, but this time was much worse than before.

Her tongue poked into his mouth, and he let it wiggle inside, and eww she was licking him everywhere.


Why are older sisters so gross? he thought to himself as his body relaxed and his mouth started moving with hers.

This time when she pulled back, they were both panting and flushed.

Lynn laid down on top his chest and listened to his heart race.

"Hey, Linc?"

He groaned.

"Wanna play a game inside instead? ...maybe up in my room?"

She turned her eyes onto his.

They were glimmering.

He looked down at her pink lips.


Lynn beamed.


As she helped him up, she started practically bouncing back home in her excitement.

"Hey, Linc, I'm your favorite sister, right?" she blew a kiss at him, trying extra hard to be cute and enticing.

Lincoln deadpanned.

Seriously? After today?

"You're pushing it, Lynn."

Before they entered their house, she casually pushed him against the door and pressed herself into him.

"You're right," her breathy voice puffed over his lips.

"I can't help being a little pushy sometimes," her fingers curled around his neck, skimmed through his hair.

"If it gets me what I want, Lincoln~"

She tilted her head and claimed his lips again, and his arms circled around her waist; both moaned as they savored this final kiss before they had to part ways.

"I'll see you in my room?" she asked him, tugging on his cowlick.

"Sure," he pecked her lips before stepping into the doorway, winking at her, "After I finish my game."

Now, Lynn growled and fumed.

"Not funny, Linc-"

He walked off, ignoring her.


UGH! Why were brothers so annoying!?

A few weeks passed in relative quiet and peace; or as much as could be found at one very loud house on 1216 Franklin Avenue.

In that time, Lynn thought a little bit about what had happened.

She quite liked spending time with her favorite brother.

He gave her attention like no one else did. Plus, he was around all the time, and he was super understanding (even if he was a mushy Lame-O).

So, already he was a preferred partner over Margo - who couldn't be around all the time - and virtually any of her sisters.

She sat down on her bed and idly bounced a soccer ball on her foot.

Up, down, up down.

Lucy was sitting cross-legged on her bed, just staring. Waiting. Reading. Sighing.

"What are you doing?" came her gravelly monotone voice.

Lynn let the ball drop to the floor, where it rolled under her bed.

She flopped back onto her sheets, throwing her arms out and groaning.

"No one gets me like Lincoln does. I mean," she looked at her sister for a second, "You get me, yeah, but you're not athletic."

Lucy nodded, getting out her book of poems and holding out her hand.

Fangs casually swooped down, dropping an inked quill into her hand, before flying back up to the ceiling fixture.

Lynn shivered as its beady little eyes gazed down at her from above.

"Tell me more, Lynn."

Lynn sighed and started, her mind filling with memories and emotions.

"He can actually keep up with me when he wants to. He's fun, he's energetic... um..."

She rolled onto her side and put her chin on her hands.

"He's also smart and has a good idea every once in awhile."

She sat up, sighing and holding her knees; looking down at the floor.

"But he's not always into doing stuff with me. I just want to play around with him, but he'd rather do stupid stuff like shooting aliens and dressing up like rainbow colored superheroes and other boring stuff."

Lucy paused, "Lynn... what are you even worrying about?"

Lynn looked at her before throwing her hands up and groaning.

"I want him to play with me!"

She got up and started tromping around the room.

"I want him to go on walks with me to the park, ride bikes together, play ball..."

She grabbed a baseball bat, slid her feet into position, stared at an invisible pitcher, and pretended to hit some home runs.

"I want to take him out to games and have chili dog eating contests!"

She laid her bat in the corner and grabbed a set of barbells, leaning against the wall and pumping some iron.

"I just... I really want to do stuff with him! But he's always busy nowadays. I don't get it..."

Lynn got rid of her barbells and started pacing the floor.

"Does he not like me?" she asked herself, "We were always so close..."

She turned her eyes on Lucy, big, round, almost watery...

"What can I do?"

Lucy hummed as she put her hand out.

Fangs swooped down, latching onto her finger and dangling downward.

She casually petted her best friend as she looked at her sister.

"Have you tried talking to him?"

Lynn rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, ok, Luce... you're talking to me. I'm not good at talking about my feelings."

"Well... you did pretty good talking to me just now. What's different?"

Lynn instantly opened her mouth to reply, but then clamped it shut.


He's why it was different.

For some reason she really needed things to work out. She needed their mutual connection to remain strong... to get even stronger than ever before...

Lucy sighed at her sister's silence.

"Ok, since you can't talk to him about it, then have you tried showing him how you feel?"

Lynn leaned against the wall and lifted her head up. Just staring at the ceiling, she hummed.

"I've tried getting him to do stuff with me, but it's gotten to the point where I have to pester him until he's frustrated and then chases me..."

"Lynn, have you tried doing something he would like doing?"

The older girl groaned.

"Luce, I'm sooo not gonna put on some sparkly tights and pretend to fly and shit."

The younger girl sighed.

"What if you took him to the comic book store, or to the arcade?"

Lynn grabbed her face, pulling her cheeks down with a major groan.


"What about laser tag?"

Lynn was about to knock that one off, too, but paused.

She thought to herself for a moment.

"I could get some good cardio running around..."

Lucy nodded.

Lynn grinned before running up to her sister.

"Not the hair-" Lucy started.

Lynn threw her arm around her sister and then proceeded to run her knuckles over Lucy's scalp.

"Thanks, sis, you're the best!"

Lucy just sat there, her hair messy now and her clothes wrinkled.


"Linc! Hey, Lincoln!"

The boy groaned as he burrowed himself deeper into his comic.

Lynn burst into his room with a grin on her face.

She stared at her brother, in his undies and socks with some sterile gloves on so he wouldn't infect his comics or whatever.

She bounced over to his bed and grabbed a leg, tugging on him.

"Come on! We're gonna play laser tag! Get dressed!"

She was pulling him off the bed, and he wouldn't have that.

"Hey, get off!"

He kicked at her, and she let go.

"Let me finish my comic, then we can go."

Lynn opened her mouth to tell him to come now, but then she remembered Lucy's advice and she stopped.

"Ok, that's fair," she spoke easily.

Lincoln stared at her.

"That was awfully easy... are you up to something?"

Lynn smiled and sat down on his bed.

"Nah, I'm just gonna wait around till you finish."

He quirked an eyebrow, but relented and leaned back to resume perusing his limited edition comic book.

Lynn hummed for a bit, looked at his lean legs for a bit, twiddled her thumbs, looked at his abs, kicked her feet back and forth.

She ended up deciding to lay down like he was, and then crawled around to his side.

The brunette scooted up next to him, laying her head on his pillow to get a view of his comic.

"So, what's going on?"

Lincoln was smiling as his eyes scanned over the page.

"Oh, you'll love this! The Card Shark just put Ace Savvy in a steel cage and he's giving a big monologue, finally revealing why he became a villain in the first place. He's about to dip Ace into a vat of boiling acid, but-"

He paused and looked at Lynn's smiling face.

"Since when do you care about what happens in comics?"

She felt her cheeks start to burn, and her heart fluttered for a second, but she soldiered on.

"I just want to spend time with you, bro."

Lincoln watched as her eyes turned down to the comic book. He watched her a few seconds longer before looking back as well.

"So, how did Ace get trapped anyway?" Lynn quietly asked.

Lincoln hummed, already flipping back to the first page without a single hesitation.

"You see, One-Eyed Jack has been missing for two issues now, and Ace got a lead that led him to an abandoned warehouse down at the docks, where he-"

Lynn listened to him talk, and moved her head to a comfier place on his arm. She slipped a hand over his waist and cuddled him.

Yeah, it wasn't the most interesting thing in the world to listen to, but she loved hearing the passion in his voice. And she really liked slowing down for a few moments to just hold him.

Her brother was really quite warm, she realized, as she nuzzled her face into his collarbone.

They had their tickets bought and their gear was strapped on.

Brother and sister were pushed into the fray, immediately running off to the right.

"Stay close, Linc," Lynn called over her shoulder as she ran through the smoky fog to a small room.

She held her pistol grip in both hands, raised and already aimed, as she stepped into the room.


Lincoln came in behind her, slamming his back against the wall.

Lynn looked through the door.

"It's quiet..." her eyes squinted, "Too quiet."

Lincoln was steadying his breath as he re-gripped his pistol.

Lynn looked over at her brother.

He wasn't smiling, but his cheeks were glowing. He looked... content.

It made her smile.

Then, she saw something move from the corner of her eye, and she turned to face it.

"Get ready, Linc, I think we've got company."

He nodded and crouched down, ready to go low as she went high.

She scanned the fog until she saw a pair of blue lights in the distance.

"Take the shot, Lincoln," she told him as she held her own breath, steadying her finger over the trigger.

Like a soldier, he pivoted toward the opening, dropping on one knee and aiming down the sights.

He fired away, and less than a half-second later Lynn followed.

They hurriedly hid back inside the room to keep anyone from seeing their lights, but they snickered as they heard Luna and Sam bickering in the distance.

"Oh, come on! Seriously?"

"What! At least I didn't shoot you this time!"

The two growled and tromped back to the starting base, and Lincoln and Lynn just slid down their wall, side by side, in a fit of giggles.

Their legs were touching as they sat down together.

Lynn turned to look at him, and her eyes widened.

"Oh, hold on, Lincoln, your gear is-"

Her hand reached out for a loose strap right as his own hand was lifting up.

Their hands collided and clasped together.


Lynn's cheeks blushed as her fingers twitched and then closed around his.

Lincoln's mouth parted as his own fingers closed around hers.

They were looking at their locked hands, and then turned to look at each other's eyes.

Then, Lynn put a leg over his lap and faced him.

"Lincoln..." she breathed.

Suddenly, both were remembering the kisses they shared only a few weeks ago.

Lincoln touched her cheek, bringing her closer.

Lynn moved onto his lap, placing her bony knees beside his thighs. She settled onto him and leaned closer.

Their hands were still clasped; his free hand was bringing her face closer to his; her free hand was on his chest, stroking him through his shirt... sliding up to his neck, latching onto his shoulder for balance.

Lynn wet her lips as her eyes fell deeper into his.

"Lincoln, do you want to... play with me?"

He nodded, breathing hotly against her cheeks.

Lynn tilted her head slowly.

"Good, I..." she gasped.

It was getting really hot in that tiny room.

"I want to play with you, too~"

She pushed her head closer, brushing her nose against his before finally planting her lips on his mouth. She moaned and squeezed her thighs around him.

Their hands were shaking from how tightly they were being held.

Lincoln's hand moved around to her shoulder. He pulled her closer, groaning as her chest pressed against his.

Lynn grinned in the kiss as she wiggled a bit in his lap. She simply couldn't contain her excitement!

Her tongue poked into his mouth, and this time her brother greedily accepted it.

Ahhh, Lincoln must have been thinking about it, too!

He really wanted her!

They pulled apart to suck in some oxygen, and then slammed their lips back together.

Their tongues danced together as their sweaty bodies began to stick to each other.

Her ponytail was getting slick from laying on his wet skin. Their clasped palms were squishing from the perspiration.

And then the worst possible thing that could happen... happened.

Lynn pulled off his lips and wiggled her crotch.

She looked down.


Then, looked at him with a deep blush.

Lincoln looked to the side to hide from her eyes.

"L-Lincoln, did you-"

But neither could deny it. Her crotch was propped up on his erection. And her wiggling was only making things worse for them both.

Lynn got off her brother and sat down beside him, looking away.

Their sweaty hands parted.

"W-wow..." she whispered, "I-I can't believe you'd do that..."

She looked at his red face; her own was on fire as well. Her eyes naturally descended to his groin, and yeah... those jeans were a little tight down there.

A small smile graced her cheeks as she moved closer to him, brushing his leg with her fingers.

"Y-you're a perv, Lincoln," she breathed, getting closer to him.

He looked at her, his face miserable and teary. His eyebrows furrowed as he realized she was actually smiling.

She got onto her knees and grabbed his hand, bringing it closer to her body.

He watched as she moved his palm until it was hovering over her chest.

What was she-

"Do you want to keep playing with me?"

Already tilting her head and moving in for another kiss... Really hoping for the right answer.

He answered by pressing his lips to hers, and Lynn responded in kind by holding his hand against her breast.

Something so soft and gentle... a perfect handful for him... Something he didn't expect to find on his sister's body.

Lynn moaned through the kiss as she squeezed his hand, giving him the cue to actually play with her chest instead of being a benchwarmer.

Lincoln didn't move his hand much, but he cupped her and squeezed her and brushed his fingers around her mound. He felt something hard pop up and he rubbed his palm over it.

When he did that, Lynn shook against him, gasping into his mouth before deepening their kiss.

He figured she must have liked it since she was making those excited noises, so he adjusted his grip until his fingers were pressing on her peak. He began rubbing her, slow and then fast, and Lynn was quaking against him.

"L-Lincoln, I..."

She could barely breathe, she-

"What the hell are you two doing!?" yelled a security guard, brandishing a nightclub.

The two siblings pulled apart and ran for it; darting around like bees racing back to their hive.

As they passed a group of teenagers, one recognized her, and she hurriedly pushed Lincoln in another direction so that they wouldn't see the obvious spit and lip marks all over her own brother's face.

Ten minutes later, the two had snuck outside. They were breathing heavily and still a bit flushed.

Their hands on their knees, Lynn and Lincoln looked up at each other. Both were grinning.

"Wow, I can't wait to play with you again, Lynn," her brother said sincerely.

Her heart skipped as she registered everything that one sentence could possibly mean.

"I can't wait either."

Lynn couldn't possibly smile any wider.

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