Transformers drabbles

BY : syntheticflame
Category: Transformers > Transformers: Animated > Slash - M/M
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Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers or any of the characters and I'm not making any money doing this just doing it for fun.

 "Primus do I need to take a fragging piss," stated the medic as he and Kup walked towards the waste dissposal unit, "yeah me too" said the sergeant as he rubbed his bulging codpiece.

Once they entered the bathroom, both mech's walked over to a long metal basin, and retracted the panels  of their codpiece's and freed their spikes and moaned as they begand pissing.

Then without warning, Kup grabbed the medic and shoved him to his knees, and turned slightly and began peeing in Ratchet's mouth and giving him a grin as the CMO lapped at the stream and the head of the sergeant's spike with a talented glossa.

"OOOHH frag yes!" exclaimed Kup, as the medic licked his throbbing spike, as well as the piss stream that was flowing from it and after about five minutes the other mech stopped peeing and then got to his knees and without a saying a word engulfed Ratchet's spike. And the CMO gave a sharp grunt, as he began peeing almost flooding the surprised sergeant's mouth. 


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