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~ A distinctly French voice speaks from the heavens. "Ah, Goo Lagoon, a place for friends and family to relax, bask in the sun, and- Oh! What's this?!" On one end of the lagoon, away from everybody else, two fish kiss each other fervently, as their fins explore each others bodies.

The female fish, Tina, slowly and softly brings her fin down to Scooter's swimming trunks, pulling them down to expose what is underneath. She grips onto his manhood and strokes in a smooth, repetitive motion. "You like that, baby?" Tina says in a sweet, innocent-sounding voice.

"Oh, this is righteous, dude." Scooter responds in his surfer-vernacular. Tina's strokes pick up speed as Scooter, weak throughout his body, places his fins on the sand behind him so he won't fall over. Fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap. He can barely take it. She increases her speed even further. Fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap. "Woahh, hold on dude, I don't know how long I can la-" Immediately, Scooter is cut off by his own cum, as he experiences what he and his surfer friends call: high tide. His love spurts out into the lagoon as he falls backward in ecstasy.

"Well," the French Narrator continues. "I guess that's why they call it Goo Lagoon." ~


Chapter One: A Day at Goo Lagoon

Far away from the antics of Tina and Scooter, two close friends approach the beach. Sandy Cheeks, the scientist squirrel in an astronaut-ish suit, carries a retractable tent and two small lounge chairs with her. Spongebob, on the other hand, carries two pool noodles and a gigantic sand-castle making kit. Their ideas of "a day at the beach" are clearly different. They set up the tent in an un-populated spot, and worn out from the work, they sit down to catch their breath. "Whew-wee," says Sandy, in her texas-tongue. "It's hotter out today than hickory-smoked sausage!" She leans back on her lounge chair. "But maybe that's good. I'll fin'lly get a tan." Spongebob looks at her strangely.

"But Sandy, how on Earth are you gonna get a tan while you're wearing that space-suit." He gestures to the hard, metallic contraption that Sandy bears.

"I've told ya, Spongebob, it's not a space-suit. It's a Pressurized-Oxygenated Breathin' Chamber."

"Well, I still don't see how you're supposed to get a tan in it." Spongebob shakes his head just thinking about it.

"Well, prepare to have your spongey-brain blown!" Sandy says as she pulls out a small, circular device from her purse. It's definitely high-tech and glowing as such. She places it on her left glove and it immediately begins making a harsh, beeping sound. "You might want to stand back!" Starting with her left glove, the device spreads out, covering her whole body in a thin metal sheet, then…POP! Sandy's entire suit pops off of her and collapses into the small disk, leaving Sandy scantily-clad in her purple-and-green bikini. Covering her entire body, though, is an extremely thin substance. It's so thin, in fact, it's almost invisible to the eye. "Ta-da!" She says as Spongebob looks at her in awe.

"Wow, Sandy! How are you still breathing without your suit?!"

"It's my latest invention! It's able to compact my suit into this disk and cover my body in a very thin latex-material that continuously pumps air into my body!" Sandy attempts to explain through techno-babble.

"Well, I didn't understand one bit of that, but it sure is cool!" Spongebob says in response.

"It's like... a giant invisible condom." Sandy says, laughing. Spongebob's face turns bright red as he becomes flustered. Spotting his embarrassment, Sandy tries to explain. "Oh, you know! It protects me from drowning." Her explanation was of no use, as Spongebob had stopped listening long ago. Never, in a million years, did he think Sandy, of all people, would say something so dirty and so adult. The word echoed in his brain… condom, condom, condom- "The best part is, you can still feel my fur through it! See?" Sandy lays a paw on Spongebob's side. He looks around for somewhere to run.

"Ah, well that's really neat." Spongebob says, trying to remain cool. He backs away, slowly. His eyes scan over the beach and… a-ha! The lagoon! "Well, I better be off! The lagoon's not gonna swim itself!" He preps to run off, at full-speed. "I'm ready!" He shouts as he starts to run toward the lagoon.

"Wait!" Sandy shouts, causing him to screech to a halt. "Aren't ya gonna help me with my tannin' oil?" She holds up the oil bottle. He looks at her wide-eyed, blushing embarrassingly.

"Uh, I don't know, Sandy." He says back to her. "I mean… Isn't it kind of weird you want to TAN anyway? I mean, you have fur! What's it even gonna do for-"

"Oh, you make fires underwater, Squarepants! Now come over here and oil me up!" Spongebob approaches her, reluctantly, as she lays face down on the lounge chair. "Here." She says as she hands him the bottle. "You do the back first, then I'll do the front." He stares blankly at her back, holding the bottle in his hand. This definitely wasn't what he had in mind for today. His eyes drift from the top of her head, down past the strap of her bikini top, all the way down to her tight green bikini bottoms. As Spongebob stares at her behind, which is barely contained in her bottoms, he thinks to himself… there's definitely a reason they call her Sandy Cheeks. Her bottom is perfectly taut and round, like two hypnotizing orbs, drawing him closer and closer and- "Well come on, Spongebob! The sun ain't gonna shine all day!"

"Uh," Spongebob snaps back to reality. "Okay Sandy." He squirts some of the tanning oil into his hands and starts applying it to her shoulders. He very cautiously moves his hands around her upper back, spreading the oil around. Sandy sighs and crinkles her back.

"You can be a little rougher than that, you know?" Sandy tells him. With no choice, Spongebob lays his hands down on her shoulders and presses his palms forward, massaging the oil onto her. "Mmm…" Sandy hums as she continues to be massaged. He digs his palms down deeper, pressing his thumbs down as well. "Lower." Spongebob squirts a good amount of oil into his hands once more, and works to massage the middle of her back. The back strap of her bikini top, he finds, is really getting in the way.

"Uh, Sandy…"

"Oh, just unclasp it. It's alright." Sandy replies. Spongebob gulps, eyeing the back strap. He moves his fingers over to the strap and very carefully un-clasps it. The two sides of the strap fall down on her sides as Spongebob basks in the sight of Sandy's bare back. He resumes lathering the oil onto her body. He lets his hands feel all around her back, feeling the fur fall through the spaces between his fingers. So soft, and… he thought, so beautiful. How had he never seen Sandy in this light before? He always knew her to be smart. Probably the smartest person he knows, he thought. She was definitely strong too, frequently beating him when they duel in karate. But... beautiful? Now, that's something that never crossed his mind. Right now, however, he felt that it was the only word that could adequately describe her. Other than, of course: womanly.

"Little too low there, Squarepants," Sandy says, as he realizes- his hands are on her bottom! Immediately, he throws his hands up and off of her, in complete embarrassment. Sandy brings her hands behind her as she re-clasps the back of her bikini top. She sits up and faces Spongebob, who hides his face from her, shamefully.

"Oh, Sandy, I'm sorry," He says. "I just wasn't thinking, and-"

"Oh, stop your crying, little square dude!" Sandy smiles at him. "We're good."

Spongebob relaxes a little, uncovering his face. "Okay," He smiles back at her. "Well, I think I'm gonna make some sand castles."

"Do your thing, buddy." As Spongebob begins filling his plastic bucket with sand, Sandy lies back and throws on a pair of sunglasses, taking in the sun. Little did they know that both of their minds were racing, thinking about the other.

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