The Long Weekend 2

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He paced back and forth, a drunken looking misstep as he ground the pavement down on a micro level within a micro level, turning on a broken stride as he stared back inside of the establishment - orange lighting filtered out brown like the very coffee they were drinking that he saw everytime he peaked in, before he found himself leaning against it and glancing at a place called Tom's Diner across the street, wondering how they were competing with the new coffee chain.

At least the lights were on -- unlike the pizza joint it used to be.

Or maybe that was just the gimmick this week.

It killed him not to have tried the pizza there, and now it was gone. Pizza wasn't hard to come by, especially when his family left the farm - but any nostalgic connection to Bahia Bay would have been welcomed. He just... wished he had more roots here, but his one time weekend friends were probably the only important memories he needed.

Not to mention his weekend... no. No. Lor was his lifetime girlfriend.

He hoped.

What if one of them spotted him? Gordon wished he was cool enough to smoke. Would at least give him an excuse to be hanging around like a goof outside. He felt like someone on Christmas looking through a frosted window into a happy home because they didn't have one.

It was do or die time, and Gordon tried psyching himself up, puffing up his chest and raising his shoulders. He tried to think of an ice breaker. 'I just flew in from Seattle and boy my arms are tired.' Come on. 'I saw you guys having a good time, thought I'd ruin it.'

The door jingled, throwing him from his thoughts. Expecting Lor, he almost jumped out of his shoes. Instead, it was Tino.

His open hand folded. He ceased all activity, standing stiffly with his hands at his front, that he tried desperately to casually drop. "T-Tino. Hey..."

"I thought I saw a ghost. I mean, with your complexion and everything..."

"Funny." There was a long silence after he said it, the sound of a barking dog off somewhere.

"Is this about the video camera? I was meaning to send it back..."

Gordon just shook his head with good humor. "Nah, that debts already paid."

"So..." Tino rocked in place on the door. "You gonna come in or do you gotta be dragged kicking and screaming?"

Gordon grit his teeth, wiping an eyebrow, a long 'uh' exhaling from his voice. "Does anyone in there hate me?" One, being the operative word.

"Why don't you find out?" Tino pushed the door out more before heading back in. Gordon caught it mid swing, stepping behind Tino onto well varnished wood floors that splashed with low level lighting of the hanging lamps above. There were potted plants, a bicycle on the wall, menus were written in chalk, and some of the tables looked like literal logs that were sanded down to the point where there was no chance of getting a splinter off it. It was very... earthy.

But like before, he had only been looking at them. Seeing Tino, Tish and Carver again up close, they were almost new people.

Tish's hair had grown out much longer, but had the exact same fashion sense with the sweaters, sandals and her pants length skirt nearly touched the floor, but she seemed to fit in here.

Carver was the one experiencing zits the most -- but they were all zittified to some degree. I mean we were teenagers, what were we gonna do?

Most frustrating was Lor... Lor had been turned away from the window, and still, now, it was like she was avoiding him. Like he was a phantasm that had brushed past her neck, not wanting to check if it was actually there.

As he turned the corner to the opposite end of the table, Gordon had gotten himself worked up over what she might look like. As he pulled on the chair, he found himself still looking at the menu - $3 for a coffee? - He turned on a dime and sat.

Lor hadn't changed an iota. Maybe a bit taller, maybe a bit of a longer neck - but he was almost pulling at his own neck at the way her... chest, had expanded. Tits never seemed like such an important feature on a girl until he saw them on Lor, barely held back by that lavender cotton T with silver piping running above where her breasts were.

He couldn't stop himself from leering her way - although she was why he had been apprehensive to even come in. What if she had moved on? He wasn't sure if he could handle it... it had been two years, but... so what, right? He didn't decide to rip himself from her life...

It hurt to think about. So he thought to bring up a subject that could get them all talking. "So you guys have super powers."

"Who told you!?" The cups jolted, as Tino brought his hand down to the table with a smack. "What I meant to say was - you wouldn't have known if Carver hadn't blabbed to the media in that interview."

Tish sighed. "Ah, a heroic nom de plume. It was a nice thing to have... once."

"What what what? I'm not gonna risk my life for absolutely no credit." Before the others could protest, Carver threw up his hand as if blocking their voices. "Gordo, I have sponsorship deals. SPONSORSHIPS!"

"Big whoop - you get thousands of dollars; I want my privacy."

As they argued, he focused on Lor. Her cheddar blond hair held over the side of her face, as well as her hand, as if she was actively... avoiding... him...

"Did you guys decide to do this because of what happened in New York?" The three of them got super tense after that; it even got a reaction from Lor. Gordon: the conversation killer... but it did stop the arguing. He didn't know why he said it, even though it made sense in his head. So much of what happens these days is in response to it, so he thought the group was just taking part in their own idea of duty to the country.

They all just sat, turning inward for a bit; letting out an uncomfortable cough or joining Lor in not looking at him while sipping their coffee. "It's... partially because of that." Tino saved the day. "I mean, you have powers too, right? That's why you came? You want to join us?"

"Right, my powers. Do any of you have a deck of cards?"

Blank stares. Gordon shrugged a little exasperated. "I wasn't sure what I was expecting." He let out a dead fished chuckle. "I'll just use these sugar packets. Now watch carefully, because the key to this is..." His finger circled one then the other, and as he snapped his fingers

his body levitated

"Oh, that's right, I don't know any magic tricks."

They still golf clapped anyway.

Except for one.

"Thank you. Thank you." Returning back, he went for a fake bow, and Gordon nearly fell out of his seat, head reeling back, as those same sugar packets he had been 'enchanting', had started floating up. Did he...?

The culprit and answer came clear when they ripped mid flight over Tish's drink, as she gave a nonplussed stir. Gordon responded with a disregarding clean exhale through his nose.

"I can't really demonstrate mine safely - but if ask me to pull your finger, it won't be coming back." Tino didn't look really any bigger, but he wasn't willing to test it.

"And I really don't want to show off mine. Why did I have to get super speed? Did the universe know I like shoes and want to punish me for it? I have to replace these suckers ever couple'a miles." Carver kept on with his maybe justified whine. "I've been trying to get a science team to develop me some runners that would last me two marathons at least... while still being fashionable."

Gordon was polite. "Any luck?"

"Nah. Something about not being scientifically necessary, or that there's no grant money in it for them."

He didn't want to seem rude in changing the topic, but maybe Tish knew. "Uhm... do we know why we have powers?"

Tino started first. "I heard it was because of that Tokyo nuclear reactor leak, y'know? We live so close to the coast, no wonder." Gordon lived near the coast when it happened, so he nodded like it made sense.

"That doesn't explain people in the mid-west and New York getting powers..." Tish corrected. "Though there are obviously water sources that make it that far..."

Tino changed his theory. "Then it's exactly like Captain Dreadnaught's backstory. We were abducted by aliens at a young age, tested on and given strange new powers as a result - we just don't remember because they mind wiped us."

"That can't be it. I've been gone for two years, and I remember every moment of those seven hundred days." Gordon stared longingly at Lor, over a widening expanse of coffee cups and ivory plates, not even hiding it from the other eyes at the table.

"730 days." Thank you, Tish.

Tino cracked his knuckles. "Welp. I'm pretty tired. Right guys?"

"Right. This was bound to happen..." Tish seemed to whisper something to Lor before flicking back her hair and standing up. They all started picking up their coats, backpacks and any excess stuff they brought - and he felt so confused.

"Good luck." Carver seemed to be offering Gordon his condolences, before making himself scarce.

He swiveled in his chair, opened palm. "Yeah yeah, you drank vats of coffee and now you're all sleepy and gotta go, I'm sure." He raised a finger to the trio that quickly dissipated, not actually meaning anything by it. "Those guys are great." He snorted under his breath as they left. "Really missed you guys."

Lor barely seemed to respond. Giving a generic and quiet 'yeah'. He leaned over, stealing Tish's drink before Gordon relaxed back in his seat - hot drink in hand. If he was gonna be drinking backwash, it was going to be a girl's backwash. He didn't even like coffee, figuring he was too young to enjoy it - but all the cool kids seemed to like it. He stared at his dark reflection.

"Two years huh?" As Lor rested her elbow onto the table, her face askew, her lightly palmed fist pressed into her throat. With her half lidded eyes not anywhere near focused on him, Gordon had to think of something. "You know I never-"

"Why didn't you call?" She interrupted.

Gordon almost seemed to reach for a cap on his head that just wasn't there, as he placed down his drink, trying to drop his casual drinking, faux hipster act -- or whatever the hell he was trying to do. He didn't want to pass the buck. He didn't want to lie. He didn't want to make some excuse.

Yet excuses were the only thing he could offer.

"I never thought I'd see you again."

"Gordon, I thought that too... but only because you never kept in touch." He suddenly wished he wasn't drinking coffee, like the light above was just shoved into his face. He swore he wasn't perspiring, but his chest felt soaked and like it was melding with his shirt. There had to be a way to explain without coming off like a jerk, yet each sentence he concocted then offered to the Lor he imagined was like a mole, and she had the mallet. Even the time to think of a response was telling the real Lor something about how phony this might be.

"I move a lot so I..." He sucked in the front of his lips over his teeth, like he had tasted something sour. "Don't keep in contact with the few friends I've made." His voice escalated with each word.

She sat on it for a moment. "'Kay..."

He could have collapsed into his seat. Gordon felt like a free man and nearly decompressed, but knew to hide that tell from Lor.

"What about girlfriends? What's your policy on that?" He nearly jabbed his coffee off its plate. She wasn't being mean, even though it felt like she had every right to be. She just sounded... hurt. "And be honest with me."

"Okay, I'll be honest... one year away from you, I still stupidly believed I'd see you again. I basically fantasized about all the ways we could get together again. Like maybe we moved back to California and you were a quick bus ride away or that I could stay with my uncle to go to school here. The second year? I realised... just like everyone else I've known except my family... I knew I'd never see you again. I want to believe in true love and crap like that, but... is the person I'm supposed to be with really trapped halfway across the country? If not for these powers, I would have just lived my life without you. So when I got them... I thought they were a miracle..." Gordon tried to look frustrated rather than wiping away tears "Now that I'm here... I realise I made a mistake coming back and dredging myself up." That caffeine must have hit him, because he was up and about to beeline out of there in a heart beat.

But she grabbed his hand. "Don't. Don't leave me again." He did as she requested. "I just... wish I understood better."

He sorta laughed in disbelief, as if he hadn't just explained himself. "Lor I love you, but you would drive me fucking crazy." He pulled up a hand to the side of his face, as he rested against it. "And you did." His voice softened and slower. "My mind you know?" Two fingers swirled clockwise around his temple. His eyes upturned to her. "I get to thinking up all sorts of things you could be doing..." His fingers on the table pulled him in, as he put full attention on her, the spotlight for once being on her. "So be honest with me now... did you mess with anybody when I was away? A guy?"


"A girl?"

"A girl?" She threw the question right back in confusion.

"I thought, maybe you and Tish... y'know..."

Lor sputtered out from behind her hand and coffee cup, not actually laughing, but clearly amused. "Gordon. I have never been interested in my friends like that - but really, seriously, not even Tish."

He wanted it confirmed. He wasn't even trying to be funny. "Seriously?"


They sat quietly for awhile, eye to eye, never breaking except for blinks. The sound of some song on the radio distant and quiet, but there was a long and sad trumpet blowing behind it's words: You know you've said the long goodbye, can you recognize the theme? "I still think about when we left Tino's and went back to my place. The walk there. The way you caressed me, dabbed my wounds and held my hand... and... I think you look nice. As nice as you did back then."

"And you look... bigger."

Gordon reflexively sucked in his stomach, leaning in, trying his best not to cock an eyebrow. "Really?"

"H'well. Yeaaaaah..." She seemed flustered, trailing off.

He held up his arm, giving it a flex. "Warehouse job. Somebodies gotta pay off that video camera, and my allowance sure wasn't gonna cover it." He went from flirty to serious in a second. "And all that stuff with you and the camera... went okay, right?"

"It was a pretty long process... I just hated appearing in court in the first place... it was like a scarier version of school... but... I'm here, I'm happy... because of you."

He nervously laughed. "God, you have no idea how many times I played out this conversation in my head... now I'm here and... and..."

"It's not as bad as you thought?" She asked inquisitively, but obviously knew his answer.

He sat back, content. "Yeah..."

"It's been so long since we've talked... but it's also just been as long since we've..." The whites of her eyes grew wide, half rolling irises to something, dotting her point with an open mouth smirk. He looked to see what it was:

The bathrooms

It was such a 180. They both had probably come to a point where they wanted to cry during the conversation, but now, she... she wanted him. "Are you serious?" She nodded without hesitation. "Hmmm... how should we do this as covertly as possible?"

"Well... I figure that I'll go into the boy's room. No one will think twice about a girl doing it. Then a couple minutes later, you come and join me."

Gordon couldn't find a way to disagree with the plan. "I can't believe we're really doing this again..."

"I know!" She squeaked, before catching her louder than usual voice. "I mean, I know, right?" She brought it down to just them again.

Lor warmed her hands in a rub, before pushing back off the table, and lifting both her legs and planting them down. They exchanged quick final looks of knowing, as her soft hand wiped against his knuckles as she passed him by, though trying her best to not seem suspicious.

He kept his eyes on the world outside, trying to count people, as he took another sip of his coffee -- but then he nearly threw it down in disgust. Oh crap, his breath... well, she drank it too, so they'd both have coffee breath. He made a mental check note of things. Did he have everything he needed? He tapped his pocket - good, he had something for her and it was still there and... that was it.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi...

Alright, he was going for it. He followed after Lor, the men's room sign clear.

Stepping in, he wasn't sure what to expect.

Lor practically lunged into him, pressing him into the bathroom wall, bridging their faces into a slobbery, excited kiss. The noise of a click brought him out of it for a second, as he watched her lock it behind him, her little index finger pushing the mechanism into place... he got a bit of his bearings while she did. It was for a single person, and the lighting was nice and even, and for some reason, it was brighter and better lit in here than out in the place where you drank coffee, and there was a general cleanliness he didn't expect.

Then they were right back to kissing. He rested his arms on her hips, the slightest hold on her, as she practically kept searching for maybe a switch on the lower back of his neck to turn him on... but what was actually turning him on was how hurried she was about it, their middles pressed together and it was like she couldn't get enough of him.

He couldn't get enough of her either, her lips soft, her body squishy and his hands wandered below... he squeezed her ass through her jeans, and he knew then... she had grown into the woman he had imagined back then.

For some reason, despite being out in public in a coffee house bathroom, there was something that excited him more than the other times and he knew it when she did it: They were locked up together... him and Lor alone. His heart got a little more fluttery. His breathing was a little faster. Like he was gonna have a sexual panic attack at the thoughts of what he could do to her in there, them alone again. He was her predator, and she was willing prey. Sure, there was a chance he could get caught, but he'd have her fucked six ways from Sunday by then.

Despite what she had just done, Lor pulled back and was a watery eyed calf, like she didn't understand the personality shift she just went through. He whipped out his wallet, a circular ring indented one half that he was proud to show off to Lor. "Two years. Two years I've been saving this very condom for when we got back together."

She bit her finger playfully. "Oh my." Though it looked more like she was about to chew her nail off. "Big scary lion, don't eat this gentle lamb, there must be some other way I can satisfy you..." Both hands crisscrossed as they went to the hem of her shirt, peeling it up, her pale tummy had a nearly nonexistent innie, like she was made in a factory. She was thin... but not too thin, a lot of it going into the right places... she wore a white bra without shoulder straps, with a see through floral patterns on the back and as soon as she undid the clasp, the thing popped off in a swing across her, but quick to catch it, Lor pressed her elbow into her side, her breasts on full display. "Do you like them?" She worked them over, jiggly and cone shaped, she nearly pinched them with her thumbs.

"I've been looking at them all day..." Her nipples were as pink as the gum he chewed. Big and pointy, he actually did want to chew on them. The question of surgical enhancement came to mind. Did she have breast implants? There's no way they'd do it at this age, but... he kinda couldn't believe what she was stacked with -- she wasn't like that Pam Anne chick just yet, but it seemed like a role that she could grow into.

Lor running slowly on a beach in a red one piece...

The condom seemed harder to open now.

Lor threw her shirt and bra off onto the handle near the toilet, bouncing with every step. Just as Gordon figured out the packaging with his teeth, it jumped out, and the crusty old condom hit the ground - though disgusted, he picked it up and gave it a once over before tossing it, while spitting out a bit of plastic. Guess they'd have to do it the old fashioned way...

The way they used to do it...

Lor palmed the wall ahead of her, as she took hold of the handle. She reached back, pulling down her jeans, as they crumpled in front of the toilet. Like before, the only really girlish thing about her was underneath; the set of panties she wore - candy pink with white lining and small polka dots scattered all around her ass. She looked back at him.

"You're not gonna try and dunk my head, are you?"

"What? No."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Yes."

She gave a confirming 'okay', before going even lower, cinching off her panties as she did. Lor's spine bent in the most optimal of ways she could present herself to him. She gave her ass an awkward wiggle for him that he appreciated, her pale tail was clear in the strong bathroom lighting. Nothing was left a secret between them and he knelt a bit to get a look at her hungry wrinkle.

But like he had suspected when he was groping her: Her ass had gotten a little bigger, and now her entrance wasn't as exposed as before. He held her right cheek spread open and she did likewise for her left, reaching back, and he liked the way her little hand looked trying to hold the appealing fat she had there, her hand still on the shirt that wrapped the handle near the dispenser for support. He gave her another squeeze, the flesh nice as opposed to the feel of her tight jeans roughness.

Her pink hole centered in a v of a white highlight, the rest of her body a little more tanned. She stretched between their hands, but not too far - he'd be doing that real honors on that soon enough. She looked like a virgin again... she had to have been telling the truth earlier.

And just below that, mentally he had been away so long, he had overwritten a slit here, but seeing it again, and her shrunken up size... it didn't bother him in the slightest that it was there. The porcelain must have made her cold... Gordon noticed that Lor had her head looking between her legs to him, she was moistening her lips in anticipation until she noticed him looking her way - they exchanged a furtive glance.

Unlike Lor's body, he was ready for it. His rod poking hard. He reached into his pants and took hold of himself. His spongey head pressed close, and Lor trembled at its touch. Except for a little bit of wetness that he brought, they were both bone dry down there. Still, he tried to guide it in with just his thumb pressing down on himself, which popped back out, but using three fingers, his tip breached her, then he tried to push further into her to no avail - all while Lor wanted to sound like she was into it despite being in obvious pain. "AhoohowoowoohoowowowoowooowmygoD". She was trying to be the obedient girlfriend, whinnying back and forth in a wavering pattern.

He was sure if anyone else but him heard her, she'd break their hearts. The reason he wasn't worried about how she sounded was that they'd done it before, so Lor knew her limits, so if too much was too much, she'd tell him. There was one thing he liked about the way she sounded though: That it was impossible to fake.

He kneaded her ass once again, before taking hold of her bony hips and giving her a grunty stab. With each thrust against her, he just stroked her arched back if any of her particular yelps sounded painful. And no, he wasn't gonna last - her ass suctioning around him - it felt like he was gonna break off inside her.

He spurted deep down her hot hole, he had tried to think about anything else, but all thoughts returned to Lor being his bitch. Only a few more sporadic motions into her left him as he leaned on her lightly, rubbing his hands all over her body, almost thanking her or apologizing. Getting out was much easier, his cock now greased, her hole springing his leak. Gordon then watched himself drip down her thigh, as he listened for her shivers and quakes. He thought he would do something for her, trying to wipe up his mess on her leg, but the consistency grossed him out.

Lor brought her knee up onto the lid, before she rotated into a collapsed, sitting position, looking absolutely wound up, and he heard little droplets hitting water. She picked up some toilet paper, leaning forward, as she slipped it underneath herself.

He looked at his hand. Then looked at a wiping Lor. He drew the fluids in streaks across her face. She looked up at him confused, strands of her hair now stuck to her. "Why'd you do that?"

"Uuuuuhm..." He didn't really have an explanation. "I think... you look better with it?"

She stood up, flushing. "Whatever, Gordon."

"We should probably get dressed and get going."

Her hand hit just below her throat in offense. "Hey, I'm the only one naked here." She was right. Lor washed her face and body before slipping on her stuff. He just washed his hands.

There was no more pretense, they both left the bathroom. He let Lor get ahead of him, the front door jingling as he threw down a dollar bill, buying up a newspaper on their way out.

Strong hands and arms wrapped around his neck as soon as he was outside, as legs leapfrogged up around his middle. He would have collapsed to his knees if it were anybody else, as Lor kissed his face before jumping down from him, inviting him to chase her, as they ran off into the night with screams and shouts, him always reaching for her flailing hand that he just couldn't reach.


"This is where we part." Lor seemed to pull back at that, both physically and in her response.

She had been pulling at him for the past half hour, pointing out things. Landmarks and places that meant something to her - or were brand new to him. He hadn't felt her powerful way of guiding since that day after school... and he indulged her. They even passed the beach, and he identified where he lost his digital watch when he "accidentally" pushed Tish into the water.

She just asked him how he "accidentally" did that.

"Where are you gonna be staying?"

"Don't worry about it, okay?" Lor didn't accept that answer. "I'm staying somewhere way ahead of here, and if you keep walking with me, you'll have to backtrack a long ways, and I don't want you to do that." She did the patented girlfriend sway and offered up an 'okay'.

He stood as she walked off, her arms locked to her sides. Lor turned around, looking his way - and he waved. She took a few more paces, then did it again. He just repeated himself. Then he walked for a bit up the path, before he trampled crispy grass, going underneath the shade of a nearby tree, hiding from lamp posts. He watched her disappear behind a building, and once he knew she was totally gone, he sighed, resting head to elbow against the tree.

The thought of even flying more than a mile again today made his eyes even heavier - especially after being... indisposed, with Lor. He had considered a rooftop, but there wasn't much to sleep on, usually, not to mention he had also never fallen and broken his bones before and he wasn't willing to risk it being so far away from home. The park bench was just an easier solution. The wood had give, so it was the most comfortable thing available, easily. He used the sports section as the first layer on the bench to cover up the gaps and make it feel less like he was gonna fall through.

The rest he just did his best to hold over himself, as he tucked a bit of the poking edge of the paper to his chin. The lamp was bright, but that was okay, it acted like a shield. He skimmed through the comics... oh that orange cat... then set it as his pillow.

It wasn't cold, but his goosebumps were still shot up like it was. He tried to shift under his makeshift covers, crinkling the paper over himself as some sections fell nearly silently to the parks pathway -- he only wished he had brought a stapler. Or maybe a jacket... but he had to keep reminding himself it wasn't cold, that he was just weak, or that the coffee messed with his body heat or whatever. He huddled with his knees up.

He finally relaxed...


Her voice was like a starter pistol as he got up in a rush, even though she wasn't yelling or screaming or anything - just talking like Lor usually did - maybe a little disbelief in her alto, but even in his stupor, he knew getting caught like this wasn't a good thing. With the light blinding him, he at least didn't have to look at her directly. He wiped his eyes as he pretended to yawn to add to the effect. In fact, his hands were all over himself, wiping them on his jeans, sometimes ruffling his hair or wringing the back of his neck.

"Lor... hey... what's up?" His voice scratchy and tired. "I was just..." He looked back to the mess he made. "Reading. I must have fallen asleep..."

"Why aren't you staying at your Uncles?"

Time ate away again as he tried to come up with excuses that made sense in his head fast enough. He felt the world getting smaller, so the truth came out. "He moved. I think he lives in an RV now."

She exhaled in frustration, her face partially fell into her hand, as she covered part of her nose and mouth, turning an angle away from him. "Why didn't you say something earlier? Why do you have to act retarded?"

"I... I didn't want to be a burden."

"Gordon, you've been like... a burden ever since we met."

Maybe she noticed his face quiver, the b word hitting him hard, because she was quick to explain in a softer tone. "Being boyfriend and girlfriend is a burden, but not as like a bad burden. I think about you, you think about me. Right?"

She waited for him. "Yeah."

"And taking care of you is a burden - but so is thinking about you and not being able to touch or talk to you - but now I don't just have to think about you anymore..." His bowed head began to lift, as she met him with a well meaning and reassuring smile. "I have you."

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