CumDumpster Dinner

BY : Mr-Dusk
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Behind the dumpster of the Broadway Theater building in New York city was rising star Benny Hillard, heaving deep breaths against the wall while his lower half was attended to by his rubenesque wife, Luan Loud Hillard.

“Gosh, Luan…” he remarked, “You really do suck.”

Luan rewarded his little jab with one of her own, through his anus.

“Gyah!” Benny stiffened himself straight at the odd feeling jammed up his ass, “Come on, hon, you know you like it when I talk to you dirty like that.”

Luan gave him a “just shut up and let me handle this” look that she gives when she wasn’t in the mood for her husband’s usual playful phrasing.

Hours earlier, Luan had walked into hers and her husband’s makeup room, carrying with her at least two buckets of dark meat chicken from Ohio Fried Chicken. She had just arrived from another night of tough crowds on New York’s stand-up scene. City types were a whole other breed of crowd than the small town stuff she was used to. It was her third night of having to appease the urban club goers eager for a night with a larf and she was tanking the past few nights hard.

After wiping the sweat off her face, she waited patiently for her husband to finish their production of Macbeth, among other plays that he had done lately. With regards to Benny, his acting career really took off after his first big show in the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, and he and Luan have been traveling all over the country to make use of their respective talents, and in many cases, they were received warmly and with much acclaim, though between the two of them, Benny proved to be more versatile and raked in larger bucks than Luan did, though that was no discouragement to her in the slightest, as long as she continued to do what she did best.

But after nearly a year of tours Luan was starting to feel the toll on her, and it was reflected in her eating habits. In the time since she had put up about the same amount of pounds as her old clown school friend Giggles. She had been thinking of getting on a new exercise regimen for some time, but she had neither the time nor the drive to do so, besides, she had her own reasons for not having a care about her weight at the moment…

The door flung open as her husband stepped into the dressing room.

“Oh, hey Luan, I thought you wouldn’t come back until later in the evening.”

Luan wheeled around her seat to face her husband, her face flecked with fried chicken bits and smudged makeup, “Oh, you know, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I’ve been feeling fond for you the whole day, Benny.”

Benny walked up to Luan and sat on her two big ham-like thighs. He leaned on her large and fattened breasts with his elbows and smirked in her face cheekily, “Nice try Luan, but you don’t fool me with that lovey-dovey nonsense.”

Luan blushed as she set the bit of chicken thigh on her hand aside, “Okay, okay, you got me, there’s just no wool to pull over your eyes is there?”

“If I had any, I’d keep you warm every night.”

Luan gave a shy coo as she shifted on her seat, careful to watch her husband’s legs, “You say the nicest things, Benny-boo.”

He playfully slapped the side of her ass, “Don’t call me that, Luan, you make me sound like some kind of Puck-Man Ghost.”

Luan put on a mock pouty face, “Come on, Benny! If you did I’d never go hungry again!” She reached forward and started nibbling on his nose.

Benny cupped his hands on her cheeks as he gently pulled her away from his face, “Come on, Luan, just tell ol’ Benny what’s the matter?”

Luan sighed, “Okay, okay. I had another rough night at the club.”

“Is that all?” Benny asked half-jokingly.

Luan groaned in annoyance, “I’m serious, this has been the third night I’ve had issues trying to yuk it up with these people. City slickers are a tough crowd.” She turned away, looking ashamed and despondent, “I… I don’t think I have what it takes to be a comedienne anymore…”

“Now what kinda quitter talk is that?” Benny brought their eyes looking together, “You’re Luan Loud, the Royal Woods Rabble-rouser, the Maiden of Mirth, Hucker of Hilarity!”

“Maybe in the ass-end of some place like Royal Woods, but we’re in New York, the big city of Big Cities!” Luan sighed, “Maybe comedy’s not really my life’s calling…”

Benny grabbed a hold of Luan’s ear like a parent admonishing their child, “Ow! Hey!”

“Am I earing this right?” Benny asked rhetorically, “What have you done with my wife, you quitting impostor?”

He let go and placed his hands on her shoulders, massaging them gently, “Now listen, Luan, I’ve sat through over a dozen comics doing stand-up, and not to sound nepotistic, but I don’t think there’s anybody that’s churned chortles out of me the way that you have.”


Benny cut her off, “But nothing! The only buts you need to think about are those you use in your jokes.” Benny said.

Luan laughed softly at his butt of jokes quip, and she was starting to feel better. She stared down at her belly, rubbing the flab she’s earned recently.

“I’m sorry about the over-eating, Benny. Guess there was an empty feeling inside that only fried chicken could fill.”

Benny wrapped his arms around Luan, “I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a bad thing. I like how well-rounded you’ve turned into lately.”

“But Benny, look at me!” she said with her arms spread from her, “I’m just a fat, ugly thing.”

Benny smirked, “The only fat-ugly thing here is your attitude, and I know just how to fix it...a diet of me, me, and me."” He said, jutting his stiff against her belly, punctuating his “me” words with each forward thrust.

Luan blushed, “Ooh… Benny, you naughty bugger.”

Benny jumped off of her thighs, and held her hands in his, “Let us away to a more suitable location, my fair lady.”

Benny guided Luan towards outside of the building and to an enclosed alleyway where no eyes could find the licentious couple. Benny took his wife behind the dumpster and began kissing her sensually, slowly helping her undress as she did the same for him.

Benny pulled Luan’s button top down and also quickly undid her bra, letting her massive D-cups out into the cold air, Benny pulled away from the kiss as he hungrily licked his lips, “Take me out to the ballgame, ‘cause I’ve got a hot dog in need of a pair of buns!”

He bent down and began sucking on her left teat, his mouth releasing sloppy wet noises as he drank Luan’s milk. Luan leaned against the wall, enjoying the sloppy wet sensation of Benny’s tongue and salivation on her breast.

“Oooh, ohh… Benny-boo…” Luan moaned pleasurably as she felt her knees buckle under Benny’s groping. Then he reached down and started probing into her snatch with his index and middle fingers.

Luan continued to mewl out perverted noises while Benny messed around with her body for him to enjoy. He stopped his drinking upon feeling that Luan was now lightly moistened in her nether regions. He knelt down and started eating her pink, soppy bud.

“Oohh… Ah… Benny…” instinctively, she started squatting lower, letting her husband taste more and more of her poon, goosebumps parading up and down her spine with each lick and sup of her treasures. She clutched imaginary threads as she could feel the fluids in her reserve push against her barrier. Benny continued to lick, drink and nibble his way through Luan’s erotic inner body while Luan felt herself become weaker.

“Ah… Ah… Agh… Benny… Benny!” she screamed as her trickle of erotic liquid turned into a small deluge that poured over Benny’s face like a lukewarm broth of bitter woman lube.

“Woah-hoa! Looks like someone’s drowned the cat, ‘cause we’ve got ourselves a wet pussy!”

“Benny… Benny!” she called out, trying to stay calm while her libido filled up, “I want… I want to have some too…”

Benny paused and stared upon his wife, “What was that now, milady?”

She smacked her lips like she was craving some delicious thing, “I want… I want a wiener with extra, extra mayo on it.”

“Getting’ a might gluttonous, are we, Lard-an?” he quipped mischievously.

“Come on, Benny, I just want a little bit of that baby gravy, and besides, these past couple of days I’ve been really sucking.”

So the two switched positions, with Benny on the wall and Luan prone on all four limbs, eager to indulge her perverse feast; Benny lowered his boxers to let his manly majesty out to breathe in the urban New York air.

Luan wasted no time and started licking his tip, giving herself and Benny a little appetizer tease as a start. Benny’s little guy twitched ever so slightly as Luan did her work on his spear tip. After about a minute of that, she started putting the shaft into her mouth, lapping her tongue over the surface of his cock. She finally started her work in earnest, sucking off of Benny with vigor.

“Gosh, Luan…” he remarked, “You really do suck.”

Luan rewarded his little jab with one of her own, through his anus.

“Gyah!” Benny stiffened himself straight at the odd feeling jammed up his ass, “Come on, hon, you know you like it when I talk to you dirty like that.”

Luan gave him a “just shut up and let me handle this” look that she gives when she wasn’t in the mood for her husband’s usual playful phrasing. Taking her sweet time and savoring the minutes going by with Benny, she was able to push his schlong deeper down into her throat as she coated it with her saliva. The feeling of his tip push into the back of her throat made her gag but she resisted because the sensation was worth the unpleasantness.

Benny sighed with joy as he felt his meat go inside his porky spouse, feeling the pressure of his precum slide down his tunnel and out of his tip in a trickle. Luan could feel it as well, sucking off and drinking, in her mind, his delicious precum and savoring it on her taste buds for as long as possible.

Benny could feel a hole in his dam, but he wanted to reserve it for the hole on Luan that he, in particular, was his favorite to fill up. He slowly managed to push Luan out of his pole, hearing her utter a disappointed sigh, though she still had some tasty precum to indulge stuffed in her cheeks.

Luan leaned back and sat on the dirty ground, partially out of breath and panting slightly. Benny leaned in and stared deviously into his wife’s face, “Full already? I’ve just served the appetizer, it’s time for the main intercourse!”

Benny grabbed Luan’s arm and shoulder and with a bit of effort, he threw her down onto her hands and knees and mounted himself on top of her in order to gain proper access for doing the doggy on her.

He lodged himself in-between her crevice and into her tight cavern. He wasted no time cramming into her interior. “Fuckin’ flapjacks, Luan! All your fat has made your ass tighter than cling wrap!”

Luan gasped when Benny drove himself into her, then she moaned congenially with his fast-paced forward motion. Her eyes turned upwards into her lids, her right eye twitched closed as the titillating pleasure overcame her senses. She continued to moan and gasp in shameless ecstasy.

“Oh yeah, yeah!” Benny exclaimed blissfully, “I’m fuckin’ your crapper Luan! Right out here in the middle of New York, in a filthy alley, you like that, you alley-cunt!?”

Luan couldn’t say anything, she was too engrossed in her ass getting what-for. Instead she just moaned louder and with more feeling with every inch he could penetrate into her. The squishy sound of meat tenderizing against themselves seemed to echo in the close walls of the alley.

“Oh, Oooh! Oof! Luan, I haven’t heard a peep outta you, fresh out of clever retorts, you pigslut?” he asked.

Luan screamed, with all the breath in her lungs, her reply, “JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE ME TO MARKET, FARM BOY!”

“Graah!” Benny bellowed, releasing hot man juices into her ass.

“Kyaah!” Luan screamed in reply, tears and drool flowing from her eyes and mouth respectively as she felt her craphole fill up like cream puffs.

The couple disconnected as Benny fell back and leaned against the wall, while Luan was lying on her knees and chest on the ground, her face contorted with sweet sexual relief, Benny’s excess sperm flowing out from her tight ass.

He leaned on top of Luan, their faces cheek to cheek as he glanced towards her. Luan could not but smile lovingly towards him.

He kissed her cheek, then snickered, “Hope I wasn’t a pain in the ass.

Luan shook her head, “Nah, you know I like it when you cum in backdoor.”

They both had a short, hearty laugh before they gathered up their clothes and walked back inside.

Unbeknownst to the couple doing the business in the back alleys, neither of them noticed the security camera hidden in the shadows just above them.

“Are you sure we can keep this, Hans? Won’t we get in trouble?” asked one of the security guards looking at the monitors.

“Relax Steve, this will just be between us, besides, as long as we take it far away from here, no one should notice.”


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