Getting back in shape

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Getting back in shape

“Come on Odd you pansy! Five more miles!” Yumi demanded as she supervised Odd on the treadmill, sweat pouring down his body as his skinny legs burned in protest, his breathing heavy and laboured as his lungs felt like they were on fire

“This is torture! Inhumane!” Odd protested “I plead the fifth!”

“Odd, this is the first time you’ve come here in a month, you’ve been letting yourself go” the Geisha chastised him as Ulrich smirked from his place on one of the gym mats performing his standard push up routine, the German doing far better than the Italian rapidly approaching five hundred push ups before breaking a sweat

“This wouldn’t be happening if you hadn’t skipped your last four appointments so keep running bitch” Yumi smirked giving Odd a teasing spank as he struggled to continue

“I fuck my wife at least five times a day! How is that not exercise enough?!”

“And I fuck her at least five times a week, I know that she’s been a top for the last month so you just lying there and letting her do all the work isn’t exercise!” Yumi retorted as Odd slammed his hand to the off button bringing the treadmill to a slow halt “ok fine no more running but you’re not getting a break yet” Yumi stated glaring at Odd with her hands on her hips as he rested on one of the treadmills armrests

Rolling her eyes at how ‘soft’ Odd had become Yumi then ran her eyes along his body, despite the month of ‘laziness’ he was still fairly visibly fit with lean muscles lining his arms and legs “I know what you can do, consider it your next exercise and you’re reward for doing well” she stated as she then pulled off her tight black and yellow sports bra letting her huge heavy bimbo tits bounce free

Immediately perking up at the sight of Yumi’s breasts Odd promptly stood up as Yumi then worked her tight spandex short shorts down her long toned legs, her bubble ass jiggling free as she kicked the clothing aside and slid down to her knees “get your cock out and work my tits, I don’t want to stopping even for a second” she instructed as Odd dropped his pants to free his growing erection

Finishing his push ups Ulrich turned to find Odd feverishly fucking Yumi’s tits, the slutty Geisha beckoning him to join them to which the German eagerly complied, dropping his pants and taking his place to Yumi’s side letting her take his cock deep into her hungry mouth whilst Odd fucked her breasts

“Hey, how come he doesn’t have to move?” Odd complained noticing that Yumi was doing all of the work in the blowjob prompting the Geisha to pull away momentarily

“Because he hasn’t been a lazy ass for the last month, this is exercise for you, a reward for him” Yumi retorted poking her tongue out at him before resuming cleaning her husband’s cock orally, her head bobbing briskly along his length as Odd picked up his pace again, his hips burning from exertion but her tits felt so good around his dick he couldn’t bring himself to stop

Humming around her husband’s cock Yumi rested her hands on both men’s lower backs, encouraging Odd to fuck her tits faster whilst taking Ulrich’s dick deeper down her throat, borderline hearts in her pupils as she loved the taste of him alongside the feeling of Odd using her tits to pleasure himself, her arousal dripping onto the gym mat under her as Odd’s cock started to leak precum into her cleavage

Feeling his cock throb between her tits Yumi pressed them harder around his cock making her cleavage tighter for him, the blonde lasting a few thrusts more before he came hard between her tits, flooding her cleavage with his hot load making the Geisha moan around her husband’s cock

As Odd pulled away from her Yumi sucked harder on Ulrich’s cock quickly dragging him over the edge into his first climax, greedily gulping down his cum before pulling away to let the last few spurts of it decorate her face

Giggling at the feeling of her husband’s cum on her skin Yumi then stood up and bent over at the waist, gripping Odd’s hips as she took his cock into her mouth whilst wiggling her ass at Ulrich, inviting him inside to which he quickly accepted making the Geisha moan around Odd’s cock as his freshly lubed cock pushed deep into her tight ass, his balls pressing against her neglected cunt

“Ah fuck” Odd groaned burying his fingers into Yumi’s hair, her pulling on his hips encouraging him to keep thrusting to fuck her mouth as Ulrich thrust deep and hard into her ass, the act of being taken from both sides making her heavy bimbo tits bounce in tandem with their paces “that’s it girl, suck it hard” he panted pulling Yumi’s hair slightly making her hum and suck harder whilst slamming her ass back harder on her husband’s dick

“Fuck yeah…” Ulrich grunted as Yumi squeezed her ass tighter around him, the German spanking his wife hard as his cock reshaped her tightest hole, her thick ass cheeks bouncing and clapping against his groin as her eyes rolled back in sheer pleasure from the action, her tongue working wildly around Odd’s cock desperate to taste his cum

Luckily for her she didn’t have to wait long as her great oral skill had Odd cumming in minutes, his cock erupting in her mouth sending his cum rushing down her throat, the heat and taste making her eyes cross as her body started to shake in orgasm, her toes curling to the gym mat as she then felt Ulrich cum deep in her ass flooding her insides with his hot thick seed

Moaning and shuddering as Odd and Ulrich pulled out to finish their loads on her Yumi then straightened up as much as she could on her shaking legs “shower room” she then moaned/instructed taking hold of both men’s cocks using them to lead them out of the gym and into the nearest shower room

Within moments of the showers hot spray hitting their naked bodies Yumi’s cries of ecstasy were echoing throughout the shower room, bouncing off of the tile walls as she was taking in both her cunt and ass at the same time, Ulrich reclaiming her tight ass whilst Odd took her cunt, both men holding her up making her bounce on their thick cocks

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck yesyesyesyesyes!!!! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Yumi screamed as both her tight holes were stretched to their limits, her eyes rolling back in sheer ecstasy as her toes curled in the air, her lithe fit body bouncing like crazy between them as they used her almost like a stress doll “oh fuck you’re making me cum!”

“God she’s so tight” Odd panted as Yumi’s cunt squeezed like a vice around him as her body shook in orgasm again, his hands gripping her ass cheeks tight, his fingers digging into the supple flesh making Yumi moan and mewl in pleasure as her eyes crossed again

Nodding as Yumi’s ass got tighter around his cock Ulrich then bit down on Yumi’s neck making her cry out in bliss from the feeling of his teeth marking her porcelain skin, the sweet pain making the Geisha drool through gritted teeth as the three then quickly came together, flooding Yumi’s tight fuck holes with their thick hot cum drawing out one more blissful orgasm out of her before they pulled out letting her slide down to her knees

“Now that was a work out” Yumi moaned as she wrapped her hands around their cocks stroking them fluidly to coax out any remaining cum onto her face and hair before the showers spray washed it off, her eyes then looking up to Odd “thinking about skipping your weekly session now?” she smirked at him leaning in to kiss his cock head to which he shook his head “that’s what I thought”

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