Hordak's Slut

BY : FireDragon400
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In the magical land of Etheria, two forces were clashing against each other. The forces of the Horde, lead by their supreme commander Hordak, had taken over most of the land and was beginning to exert their control. However, there was a Rebellion, led by the beautiful blonde woman Adora. By invoking the power of the magical castle Greyskull, she is able to transform into the mighty warrior She-Ra and successfully ward off Hordak’s forces. She was originally a hypnotized servant of Hordak, but once free from his control, became his greatest enemy.

Unfortunately for Hordak, his control over the land was beginning to weaken. She-Ra proved to be more of a thorn than he initially thought and was beginning to rally the sullen citizens to her side against him. He needed some way to bring Adora back to his side and gain the powers of She-Ra for himself.

That was when the Shadow Weaver, a mysterious woman clad in red and one of Hordak’s servants, appeared. She had created a new spell that stole a person’s voice, rendering them unable to speak a sound. Hordak realized the ramifications. If the spell was cast on Adora, she could no longer chant the magical phrase necessary to transform into She-Ra, and without her, the Rebellion would crumble and falter. Shadow Weaver was sent out to enact her plan.

Out in the forest, Adora, along with the archer Bow and two Twiggets, was traveling to a nearby village. She would help inspire the enslaved citizens into joining the Rebellion and taking down Hordak, but upon reaching the town, the villainous Shadow Weaver appeared and cast her spell. The spell took the form of a mist and spread across the area. Adora tried to escape, but was unsuccessful and her voice was stolen, along with the voices of some random villagers. Bow tried to assist, but he was felled by a magic blast by Shadow Weaver. The now-mute Adora tried to rush to his aid, but the sorceress was ready and intercepted the heroine. She tried to fight the villain, but without her powers, she was helpless against the witch and was quickly knocked out herself.

Adora awoke in a dungeon cell a few hours later. She noticed she was naked aside from iron shackles on her wrists and ankles and started to panic. The captured savior tried to shout her catchphrase to transform into She-Ra, but nothing came out. The mute spell was still in effect. Unfortunately, without her sword and voice, there wasn’t much Adora could do about her situation. She feared for Bow and the villagers and hoped they were still alive.

Suddenly, the door to her cell opened and two Horde Troopers, Hordak’s mechanical army, walked in, led by another of Hordak’s generals, Grizzlor. Adora naturally covered up, but in her normal form she was helpless to resist as they grabbed her arms and chained them together behind her back. Grizzlor joked that a mute woman was the best woman as he openly began to fondle her generous breasts. Adora’s struggles began anew as she tried to escape the evil henchman’s grip, but the robots were far too strong and all she did was further her own shame and embarrassment. Grizzlor laughed and slapped Adora across the cheek, leaving a glowing red mark. The four of them left the cell, Adora being dragged against her will.

The Rebellion leader was dragged into the throne room, where the mighty Hordak sat upon his throne. The Horde Troopers locked Adora’s arms to chains attached to some nearby pillars, spreading her arms wide and not allowing her any way to cover her body from her former master. Hordak stepped down from his throne and remarked on Adora’s shapely body, furthering her shame. She wanted nothing more than to spit vile at him, but was forced to remain silent. Hordak stepped up to her and cupped her chin. Her eyes still had a large fire to them, even if she was being overcome by shame. The evil villain laughed and slapped her ass. Shadow Weaver appeared and conjured up a portal monitor, showing Adora’s sword. It was in a separate chamber, being bombarded by evil energy created from Hordak’s master, Horde Prime. The intent was to break the seal of good on the sword and corrupt it, giving the forces of evil access to the power of Greyskull. Trapped as she was, there was no way Adora could get to the sword.

Adora thought things couldn’t get any worse, but then Hordak walked behind her. She heard rustling and feared what was to come. The tyrannical ruler reached around her body and began to massage her breasts, groping and slapping them as he talked about his plans for her. She was going to be his servant once again, serving as a symbol of the Rebellion’s futility. Without She-Ra, the rebels will be powerless to stop him. Once Etheria is conquered, she would trick her family on Eternia and allow them to defeat He-Man and take over Castle Greyskull, gaining its power and ruling both Etheria and Eternia. When that was done, Adora would serve the rest of her life as his sex toy, her sole concern making sure the evil ruler was satisfied. Her allies would be enslaved, her family defeated, and evil would rule forever. And Hordak assured her that she would help him accomplish it.

The thought of being his sex slave again, combined with Hordak’s fondling of her tits and the constant humiliation of the situation, began to affect Adora’s body. Though she tried to hold it back, her pussy began to get wet and dripping down her leg. None of the vile villains missed this little fact and rubbed her arousal in her face, causing the helpless girl to be humiliated even more. Adora’s mind was in pieces right now as she struggled to focus on escape, futile as it was. She pulled against her chains, but her weak normal form couldn’t break the bonds and Hordak’s manipulations weren’t helping. Adora was starting to become very, very afraid of what was to come.

She was right to be afraid. Soon enough, she felt something thick and veiny rub up against her back and butt, which she soon realized with horror was Hordak’s erect cock. The evil ruler gave an evil smile as Adora’s shocked face thrilled him. He taunted her with his cock, rubbing it up and down her crack as the helpless girl renewed her futile struggles to escape. Eventually, Hordak tired to fondling her boobs and gripped her hips. Adora froze in fear as she realized what was to come. Before she could do anything more, Hordak reared up and slammed his cock up her asshole, causing the fearful woman intense pain as his thick cock stretched her tight hole wider than it had ever been before. Hordak was slightly disappointed that the spell meant that he couldn’t hear Adora’s screams of pain, but her look of utter torment would be enough.

Still in shock over the invasion, Adora could only stand there as Hordak began to pump his cock up her backside again and again, pushing himself farther in with every thrust. She was in unimaginable pain as the rape continued seemingly for hours. The other villains began to taunt Adora for being so weak to be raped by them, but with all her concentration on the pain in her ass, she barely heard them. Her mighty rapist continued pumping in and out of her hole, savoring her tightness, until he could hold on no longer and pumped her body full of his seed.

Pulling out, Hordak wiped his cock off and proceeded to sit back on his throne. Ashamed, humiliated, and violated like she had never felt before, Adora could only stand there, hanging from the chains, sobbing over the brutal rape. She never thought they would do something like this, causing Adora to want to just curl up in a corner and cry. She was awoken from her stupor by Grizzlor as he slapped her face, this time harder than before. Before she could glare at him, Hordak threw a gold slave collar down on the ground before her. Shadow Weaver then stepped up and offered up another portal monitor.

Adora’s own pain was quickly forgotten as she saw Bow, the Twiggets, and the villagers all captured and tied up in a large group. A group of Horde Troopers surrounded them and aimed their laser staves at the helpless citizens. If Adora continued on as the Rebellion leader and opposed the Horde, Bow and the innocent citizens would be slain right then and there, slaughtered as an example to the other villages of Etheria of the price of further resistance. If Adora gave up the title of She-Ra and served as Hordak’s sex slave, however, they would get to live. Shadow Weaver then magically brought up Adora’s normal clothes and She-Ra’s outfit. If she chose slavery, those clothes would be destroyed forever. She panicked as the decision was terrible either way. If she became his slave, the Rebellion’s fighting strength would be drastically reduced. However, she couldn’t very well sacrifice Bow or the others like that. The various bad guys began to pressure her for a decision, their evil faces looming over her, grinning eagerly as they awaited her choice.

Eventually, with fresh tears on her face, Adora nodded her head, accepting Hordak’s enslavement.

The portal disappeared, and Adora was finally freed from her chains. Shadow Weaver kept her end of the bargain and immediately set both sets of clothes on fire, evaporating not only Adora’s normal outfit, but her mighty She-Ra armor as well. She immediately collapsed on the ground and began to cry, but was brought back to reality by Hordak, who ordered her to put on the collar, crawl before him, and begin to worship her new God. Regaining her composure, Adora tearfully picked up the collar and attached it, cementing her new status, and thus began to crawl on all fours before the evil ruler. She looked off to her side to see the remains of her clothing and felt guilty that both her normal and heroic lives were now over. She-Ra would likely never appear again. Adora tried to tell herself that she was doing it to save Bow and the others, but unbeknownst to her, it didn’t matter, as after the portal closed the Horde Troopers proceeded to slaughter Bow and the villagers anyway.

The former She-Ra finally reached her new master, and after a little hesitation, tearfully placed her hands on his erect cock, stroking it a few times. Hordak began to get impatient and ordered her to suck it. She was fearful at first, but eventually Adora swallowed her pride and put her new owner’s rod in her mouth, giving her first of many blowjobs. As she began to slurp the mighty tool, Hordak sneered and snarked that this was a much better use for her mouth than speaking. This stung the former princess hard, as fresh tears began to escape from her eyes, but she didn’t stop slurping Hordak’s thick cock.

After about 10 minutes, Hordak ordered his new slave to stop and to give him the only thing she still owned: Her virginity. The broken heroine glumly nodded and rose up, sitting on his lap. All the stimulation and humiliation had done a number on her body, as her pussy was gushing, which didn’t go unnoticed by her tormentors. Adora couldn’t have been more humiliated as she guided her conqueror’s cock into her pussy lips before slamming her body down, giving her virginity to her most hated enemy. Because of how much her pussy had been gushing, his thick cock slid in easily, breaking her hymen and pushing all the way home in one stroke. Adora tried to yell out in pain, but the spell assured that nothing came out. Hordak then order her to begin pleasuring him, and after a few seconds to collect herself, the defeated heroine began to bounce up and down, humping her master. Her tight pussy clenched his rod as hard as it could, which greatly pleased Hordak and caused Adora even more humiliation. As she bounced up and down, Adora prayed that her remaining allies would be able to rescue her on their own, but she feared that she had sealed Etheria’s fate.

She was right to fear. Without She-Ra, the Rebellion lost their main symbol of strength, causing the members to lose some hope. Furthermore, the destruction of the village resonated with the other towns under Hordak’s control. They ratted out the Rebellion to the Horde whenever the former surfaced, causing the rebels to go into hiding. But the true turning point came when Horde Prime managed to successfully break the seal on Adora’s sword, corrupting it into an evil version of itself. Hordak, endowed with the power of Greyskull, completed his assault, and crushed the Rebellion and completing the conquest of Etheria. Most of the Rebellion was slaughtered by the Horde Troopers, but Glimmer, her mother Queen Angella, Castaspella, Frosta, and Netossa, the only members of the Rebellion still alive, were enslaved by Horde Prime and turned into concubines. Adora was horrified to see her friends and allies serve as sex slaves, but was powerless to do anything to help them.

To hide her shame at being the reason for the Horde’s success, Adora began to throw herself into serving Hordak. He raped her body constantly, particularly after every successful body, and she began to anticipate his needs. Months after the Horde Empire was fully established, anything remaining of the old Adora was gone. She was now happily Hordak’s slave, if only as a coping mechanism to make the best of a terrible situation. Not wanting to take any chances, the mute spell was never broken, however. Adora would never speak, and thus never become She-Ra, again.

But soon enough it was time to test Adora’s loyalty. She would travel to her brother He-Man’s realm of Eternia and lure the royal family there into a trap by the Horde. By using the power of He-Man, along with Adora’s old sword, Horde Prime would be able to break into Castle Greyskull, absorbing it’s vast power and become the undisputed God of both Eternia and Etheria. If Adora played her part, the forces of good would be rendered powerless and the Masters of the Universe would be defeated for good.

Evil would emerge with their ultimate victory.

The forces of good would be extinguished.

Darkness would rule over both planets until the end of time.

And it was all because of the failure of the Princess of Power.

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