The Natural

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"So, you want this crown, Monkey Boy?" King Bob twirl the prankster prince crown around his finger. He dragged the fourth grader to the private club house underneath the jungle gym, ordering Jordan and Jerome to keep guard.

"I do. I mean, I did win it." TJ stood in front of him awkwardly, not understanding why he had to do all this to get his crown. the little red jester styled thing was still in King Bob hand when it should be on his head, that was bad enough, but he didn't even have a chance to put his clothes back on, just that blue wrap thing they forced him to wear.

"That you did. That doesn't mean I'm just going to give that over to you so easily. If you want it so bad, then you have to work for it," the King said.

"What else do I have to do?"

"Suck me off."


"Get on your knees, open your mouth, and suck my cock."

Robert unzipped his pants and reed his hardened cock. He had only seen his own up to now. Roberts was much more massive, a healthy 8 inches, thick, veiny, and bobbing in the air, with a set of heavy balls to match. The sight of it made him stop breathing for half a second. It made him feel. . .he couldn't put words to it. A warm, tingly feeling grew in his lower stomach and down his pelvis as he stared.

"Did you hear me, Monkey Boy?" Robert leaned over him, using his height to intimidate, and unknowingly, arouse. "Get on your knees." He felt his knees weaken at those words, and was on them in a split second. "And open your mouth." Robert grabbed his hair, pulling him forward until his aching cock was right in front of him. mouth agape at seeing it up so close, Robert took the chance and stuck his cock inside, and he only did what came natural.

He ran his tongue along the under side, not used to the taste, he hummed as he let his tongue roam the intrusion, but it wasn't an unpleasant feeling. Having it, something big and warm in his mouth, prodding the back of his throat left nice in a way he couldn't put words to. But it wasn't bad, not in the slightest. It felt. . .good? interesting? Whatever it was, he wanted more of it, an focused on enjoying the throbbing cock in his mouth and down his throat.

Robert let out a deep moan at the wetness of the younger boys mouth. It felt better than he ever thought it would. He guided him by grabbing the back of the fourth graders head and guided him back and forth as he thrust deeper into his mouth, shivering with every movement. He didn't hold back fucking his face as the pressure built up, and he couldn't hold back any more.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Robert moaned, with uneven breaths. With one final, hard thrust, he came hot, thick streams into the younger boys throat. "Goddamn, Detweiler. You've got a real talent." Robert looked down and watched the fourth grader swallow his seed without hesitation. Robert dropped the small paper crown on his head. "There, you earned it. But I might have to borrow you again, got it?"

". . .Yeah, I, uh, got it," said TJ, wiping his mouth.

The school bell rang, signalling the end of recess. The two of them climbed out from under the secret 5th and 6th graders club.

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