RWBY: Crash Course

BY : WyoRanger
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Blake groaned as she woke, reaching up to feel her throbbing head.  Looking around she realized that she was in a hospital bed with flowers and get well soon cards littering the bedside tables on either side of her. Memories slowly faded in and out of her head, some blurry and confusing while others seemed extremely vivid and clear. 


A bus. She knew that she had been on a bus with other students and several teacher. It had been dark out, and she remembered the rain pattering against the windows. A sharp turn, then nothing. 


Blake held her aching head once more, rubbing her temples as she tried to ease the pounding. It took her several moments to realize that the pounding was from the doorway. Looking up, a weak smile broke out across her face as her girlfriend leaned against the door. 


“What’s up, kitten,” Yang asked, using her pet name for Blake. “Been awake long?”


“Just woke up,” Blake answered, just now realizing how hoarse her voice sounded. Yang made her way over to the bed as Blake asked, “What exactly happened?”


“A botched robbery of a Schnee delivery truck full of Dust.  Your bus rounded the corner and swerved to avoid the mess. Everyone survived the crash thankfully.”


Blake sighed and began to lean back only to pause. A pressure on her bladder signaled how long it had been since she had last used the restroom. Easing herself out of bed, she excused herself and walked on pins and needles to the nearby restroom and closed the door behind her. As she lowered herself down into the toilet, she realized something. 


Lifting her hospital gown, she nearly yelped in shock at the new appendage that hung between her legs. 


“P-Penis?!  Wha-What in the world...?!”


“Blake, did you say something?” Yang asked from the other side of the door. 


“N-No!  Nothing,” Blake quickly lied as she touched the sensitive skin lightly, shivering as the nerve ending lit up like fireworks. She quickly took a deep breath to calm herself before managing to relieve herself. Cautiously, she covered herself back up, making sure that the bulge wasn’t showing, and finished up in the restroom. 


“Alright Kitten, I’ve gotta get back. Ruby is making her well cookies for you and I don’t want her burning the whole place down. Give me a shout on your scroll when they let you leave and I’ll come pick you up on my bike.”


The thought of her riding behind Yang on her bike, her new cock grinding against her girlfriend’s ass combined with the vibrations of the bike, quickly had Blake trying her best to hide her first ever hard-on. Yang didn’t help when she leaned in, her cleavage clearly visible and enticing, to give Blake a passionate kiss before leaving the room. 


Blake sat back and let out a long breath, trying to calm the burning desire between her legs. Unfortunately, she found making the dick soft once more was more difficult than making it hard. Reaching under the blankets she ran her fingers gingerly from the base to the tip, bitting her lip to keep from moaning. Desire took over and she gripped the shaft, stroking slowly at first. Her instincts took over and her hand began going faster and faster up and down the length as her free hand found the balls and began fondling each one in turn. She could feel something swelling up inside, desperately clawing it’s way to the surface and threatening to erupt, when she heard a slight cough. 


“Wha-!  Who?”


Glynda Goodwitch stood in her own hospital gown, her eyes fixed on the tent in Blake’s bed sheets. Her eyes seemed glazed over behind her glasses, her face seemed redder, and her breathing seemed heavy. 


“Miss Belladonna,” Glynda acknowledged, biting her lip eagerly. “It s-seems as if I wasn’t the only one affected by the crash.”


“Affected?  You mean you also have...”


“Oh no. Nothing like...what you have,” Glynda responded, seemingly trying to get a better look as she leaned slightly to the side. “The doctors claim that I am more susceptible to pheromones, seeing as I couldn’t control myself around the male doctors. It seems like you put off an immense amount of pheromones, most likely due to this.”


She reached forward and pulled off the blanket. Blake tried to cover herself with her gown, but her hard-on strained against the material, the precum soaking through the fabric quickly. Glynda licked her lips hungrily before placing a general hand on Blake’s and smiling sweetly. 


“Don’t worry, dear. I can help you with this.” Blake barely resisted as the woman pulled her hands away, lifting her gown to expose the cock. 


Glynda licked along the length of the shaft before taking the head into her mouth. All nine inches slowly disappeared down her throat as she slurped and swallowed noisily. Blake gripped the woman’s head as her body convulsed, the pleasure seemingly too much for her to manage. She nearly cried out as Glynda bobbed up and down, her slick tongue and lips sucking hard on her cock trying to pull the orgasm from her body. 


Blake’s back arched as ecstasy and electricity ran through her body. Lost in her orgasm, she hardly noticed as her cock spasmed as it shot string after hot sticky string of cum down Glynda’s throat. Glynda pressed her face against Blake’s body as she did her best to swallow every drop of cum. 


“My, that was quite the load,” Glynda gasped as she pulled Blake’s cock from her mouth, strings of saliva and cum stretching from her lips to the tip of Blake’s cock. Climbing onto the bed, she straddled Blake’s hips and hovered her dripping pussy over the cock. “Seeing as how you’re still hard, I’ll have to get creative. I hope you’re ready for the fuck of your life.”


Blake rolled, pushing Glynda off of her and sliding down onto the ground. She was about to run, embarrassed and confused, when she caught sight of Glynda still on the bed. Her bare cunt exposed, bent over the side of the bed invitingly. Desire grabbed the controls as Blake pressed behind Glynda and grabbed a fistful of the woman’s hair. 


“You did this,” Blake breathed into Glynda’s ear, pressing her cock against her teacher’s womanhood. “You just had to tease me, please me. I’m not going to stop until I’m satisfied, even if that means using EVERY one of your holes.”


“That’s my girl,” Glynda smiled as Blake tugged on her hair again. A hiss escaped her lips as Blake forced her way inside, slamming balls deep and knocking the air from Glynda’s lungs. 


Each thrust pounded against her womb, threatening to quickly push Glynda over the edge of orgasm. Everything around them seemed to blur as Blake ravaged her body. She hardly slowed down as her cock once again spasmed, flooding the woman’s pussy until the juices spilled out around her cock. 


Winded, Blake flopped back into her bed as Glynda struggled to walk on wobbly knees. Drip after drip of cum splattered down between her legs as she stumbled to the restroom to clean up, much to Blake’s satisfaction. Looking down at her cock she smiled. 


“I could get used to this. I just need to be careful that I don’t let it control me instead.”

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