Patrick comes to visit

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Patrick comes to visit

“So Patrick’s coming back to Kadic for a visit”

Normally when family came to visit from out of town it was a fairly awkward affair, uncomfortable silences between forced questions about each other’s lives whilst both the host and visitors counted down the minutes until the visitor could leave

Not with Patrick though, ever since they reconciled back in Kadic Academy Jeremie and Patrick were as close as brothers despite being cousins, close enough in fact that the last time he came to visit Jeremie had told him about the Pact and that the group was so comfortable with him that he was free to join in if he so chose

Of course they had both had a couple of drinks so Patrick hadn’t believed him when Jeremie had told him thinking that he was just joking around

That was until the present day when he turned up and after a warm greeting from his cousin who then let himself out stating that he had stuff to do leaving Patrick to make himself at home to which he headed straight for the guest bedroom to get settled

Only to find Aelita and Emily naked on the bed with their limbs tangled, their tongues wrestling as they feverishly kissed leaving Patrick standing shocked in the doorway dropping his bags

The sound of his bags hitting the floor drew the girl’s attention, both of them breaking the kiss to smile deviously at him showing that they had been waiting for him “it’s about time you turned up” Aelita breathed with a heated moan as Emily ran her tongue along her throat, both girls parting slightly so that Patrick could see their tits and cunts

“Jeremie wasn’t lying was he?” Patrick asked to which both sluts shook their heads in unison, both beckoning him over with curled fingers prompting him to approach them as if on autopilot, the girls moving to sit on the edge of the bed before they both took hold of his pants and belt, undoing them both in mere seconds showing their extreme skill in the act

With his pants and boxers to the floor freeing his fat aching eight incher they both leaned in to show it full love and attention, Aelita taking him deep into her mouth as Emily kissed lovingly around his groin “oh my god” Patrick groaned as Aelita throated him with ease, his cock sliding down her gullet until her nose was pressed firmly against his groin, her hands moving around to cup his ass to pull him in deeper as she fluttered her eyelids up at him

“She’s good isn’t she?” Emily purred as she ran her tongue along Patrick’s groin “she loves to swallow so feed her as much cum as you want” she encouraged him as she then ran her tongue along his abs whilst Aelita briskly bobbed her head along his cock

Shuddering with pleasure as Aelita’s tongue worked him with the skill of a porn star Patrick buried his fingers in her hair as Emily moved back down, moving under Aelita to lap and suck on his balls feeling them tightening up already and pleasingly heavy on her tongue showing that his first load was going to be a big one

Hollowing her cheeks as she sucked harder Aelita’s eyes rolled back in delight as she quickly made Patrick blow his first load, him firmly grasping her head holding it in place as he almost doubled over, his cock exploding down her throat as she zealously swallowed everything that he gave her “oh god, fuck!” he gasped as he came harder than ever before, emptying most of his load directly down Aelita’s throat before she suddenly pulled back to let Emily take over letting her swallow the rest of him

“Mmmmm so thick and hot” Aelita moaned as she licked her lips clean of him, Emily moaning with the same vigour as she pumped her head along Patrick’s cock making sure to suck every last drop of his release out of him “you can have first go on him since I got to swallow first” she told Emily who was eager to get started, the raven haired girl pulling her mouth off and taking hold of Patrick’s hand to guide him to the bed sitting him down on it

With Patrick seated Emily then turned her back to him to sit down on his cock reverse cowgirl style, her eyes crossing for a moment as he fit inside of her snugly making her groin bulge a little bit “oooh fuck that’s good!” she keened as she rolled her hips, squeezing tighter around him as she reached back to clutch his arms to help herself balance

“Holy shit you’re tight!” Patrick groaned as Emily then started to dance on his cock, grinding and rolling her hips making her ass press hard against his stomach before starting to bounce as fast and hard as she could, her breasts bouncing in tandem as she bit her lip

“Yeah I’m fucking tight, I’m a good piece of pussy aren’t I?” Emily mewled as she tightened up even more for him “am I a good fucking whore?!” she then cried out as his cock slammed against her sweet spot sending a jolt of ecstasy rushing up her spine

Watching as Emily rode herself stupid on Patrick’s cock Aelita reclined back on her elbows on the floor to get the best angle to watch, able to see every inch of Patrick’s dick disappearing into Emily’s sopping cunt every time she slammed down on him making her own core ache with need

Biting her lip as Emily ran her hands through her hair and shook her tits whilst rolling her hips Aelita ran a hand down her front letting out a little gasp as her fingers touched her sensitive clit, slowly rubbing herself as Patrick reached around to grab hold of Emily’s bouncing tits

As Patrick grabbed hold of her breasts Emily lifted her feet to balance them on his knees, giving herself more leverage to ride him harder and faster, her ass clapping against his groin louder as he squeezed and groped her D cup tits making her moan and pant louder, her glasses hanging loosely from her ears as she worked her hips as hard as she could “I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum!” she keened as her pussy got even tighter for him

As Emily orgasmed hard on his cock Patrick started to thrust up into her feeling his second release building up, his frantic movements prolonging her climax making her eyes cross and her tongue hang out as her mind became a hazy mess

Moments later Patrick came hard, his entire body shaking in his most powerful release yet as he emptied himself deep into Emily’s spasming cunt, the hot feeling of his cum flooding her making her toes curl and her back arch as she screamed with absolute ecstasy

“Fuck yesss” Aelita hissed massaging her clit faster and harder as she watched Patrick empty his second load inside of Emily, her cunt aching and practically screaming for his cock and luckily for her Patrick was more than happy to oblige, lifting Emily off of his cock and making his way towards Aelita who promptly moved her hand away and laid back for him spreading her legs wide

Taking hold of her ankles Patrick spread her legs wider as Aelita reached down to take hold of his cock, stroking it as she guided him to her needy entrance before letting out a moan of relief as he pushed inside of her balls deep “oh yesss, so deep” she moaned as he then moved his hands to her tits groping them firmly

“Fuck you’re so tight, Jeremie’s a lucky guy” Patrick groaned as her core felt like it was crushing his dick in a velvety wet vice, his fingers digging into the flesh of her perky tits as he thrust in hard and deep, his balls beating against her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist, his entrance and deep thrusting bringing her to orgasm within the first minute, her pussy squeezing him even tighter making him gasp and shudder with pleasure

“Oh fuck…fuck yes…cum in me, I want to feel you cum!” Aelita begged as she ran her hands down Patrick’s front, teasing his skin with her nails as she dug her heels into his lower back desperately trying to push him in deeper for when he came

And when he came Aelita’s mind went blank, her eyes wide with manic pleasure as her back arched and her head rolled back, a breathless cry escaping her lips as her toes curled and uncurled in the air, her pussy clenching tighter desperate to keep him inside until he had emptied his balls completely inside of her

With his release finished Patrick collapsed forward onto Aelita who wound her arms and legs around him whilst Emily moved to kneel beside them rubbing his back “you know…I should visit more often” he panted making both girls titter

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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