Love at First Sight?

BY : Lola_BunnyLover98
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It was a boring day at school, the teacher was writing something on the chalkboard and the clock was ticking ever so slowly. Buster, a blue bunny with a red shirt who is also fourteen years old, was staring out the window just waiting for class to end. He looked around the classroom, stared at other students, wondered if this class was ever going to end, but then a knock was at the door. The teacher walked over and opened the door, a tall sleek sexy looking bunny walked in and Buster immediately sat straight up in excitement. She was wearing a low-cut skirt, with a white opened up button shirt that revealed a little too much cleavage. The teacher turned to the class and said.


"Attention class! This will be your substitute teacher for the next week, I am going on vacation and while I'm away I want you to give Mrs., I'm sorry, what is your name again?”


As she turned and looked at the substitute teacher, "I'm MS. Thank you for that. I am Ms. Parker. I just recently moved here and very eager to meet and greet all the students."Ms. Parker replied.


"Okay class, I will see you all in about a week, do NOT give Ms. Parker any trouble. Have fun!"


As the teacher left the room, Ms. Parker turned around and wrote her name on the chalkboard. "M-S-. -P-A-R-K-E-R" then she turned around and said.


"Okay class, now that your teacher is gone why don't we introduce ourselves, I'll go first. You now know me as Ms. Parker or Lola if you like. I just moved here and very excited to teach you guys something important! Now let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves one by one."


As the students were going around the room explaining themselves, Buster was admiring the teacher. He noticed that her shirt was unbuttoned just low enough that you could see part of her breasts. Her skirt was riding up a bit too high, but not high enough to show off the goods underneath. Her fur looked so soft and fluffy, and the way her hips hugged her skirt, was giving Buster some happy feelings. He immediately put his hands on his crotch to cover up the fact that he was getting hard for the teacher.


"Hey, you in the red shirt"


The teacher asked, as everyone turned to Buster. Dazed and confused he looked around and said.


"Are you talking to me?"


"Yes you, can you introduce yourself and tell us something you did this summer?"



"Umm sure I guess... I'm Buster Bunny and I hung out with my friends and play video games all summer..."



Luckily for Buster right as he was about to say more the bell rang.



"Okay that's enough for today, oh and Buster can you stay after? I would like to have a word with you."



The teacher said as everyone was packing up and leaving. Buster packed his stuff up and walked over to the desk. The teacher walked over and closed the door, then walked back to the desk and said.



"Buster is it?"



"Yes." He replied



"Do you know why I am keeping you after class?"



"Did I do something wrong?"



"No, unless you consider the fact for getting a hard-on for your teacher something wrong"



"Shit, Ms. Parker I am SO sorry, I was just so board and then when I saw your amazing body I just couldn’t help myself..."



"Hush... Buster listen I want you to tell me something very important and you have to keep it strictly between us okay?"






"Do you like me? As in would you want to do things with me that are illegal for me to ask and do, but not for you to ask?"



Buster just nodded and smiled. Ms. Parker looked Buster up and down and just pointed to the door. He didn't understand what we did wrong, but Ms. Parker just told him to leave. He left and closed the door. He then walked to his locker and was greeted by Babs, a pink bunny with a yellow shirt and a purple skirt. She asked how he was doing, but Buster just walked away. Babs then stormed off in a huff and Buster proceeded to leave school and start walking home. On his walk home all he could think about was how sexy it would be to be with Ms. Parker and how she looked without any clothes on. He was so distracted that he almost ran right into a "STOP" sign. Buster just couldn’t get that teacher out of his head and the more he thought about it, the more he was confused and aroused. He walked into his house and saw a note on the table that read.



“Hey Buster, I am going to be late coming home today, work called and said they needed me. There are some leftovers in the fridge if you get hungry. I love you and be safe!” signed Mom.



Buster put the note down and threw his backpack on the couch and walked into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed a can of pop and then walked upstairs and into his room. He opened his computer and was about to get some “alone time”. He typed in his favorite website and stared scrolling away. Buster then unbuttoned his pants and slid them down. He was about to click on the video when his phone vibrated. It was a picture from his girlfriend Babs. It was a picture of her with nothing on, but her underwear with the caption saying “If you like that teacher so fuck, why don’t you come over here and fuck me instead?” Buster hurried up and got dressed and ran out of the house. He was speed walking down the sidewalk on his way to Babs’ house when a car pulled up next to him and stopped. Buster looked over and saw that it was his substitute teacher Ms. Parker.



“Hey there Ms. Parker” Buster said as he waved.



“Hey… Buster is it?” Ms. Parker replied.



“Yeah it’s Buster, what are you doing here?”



“Well I am very new to this town and don’t know my way around yet. Can you help me find something?”



Buster gulped as he was trying to say something. He was so nervous that his palms were sweaty and his knees were shaking. He tried very hard to form a sentence, but nothing was coming to mind.



“Buster, are you alright?” Ms. Parker said.



“Yes… Yes I am alright.” Buster replied.



“Well if you are alright, can you help me find something around this damn town?”



“Yes, what… what can I help you find?”



“Well I am trying to find this specific street, but I just can’t seem to find it. It’s called “West 46 Street” I think.”



“I know where that is, but I don’t because my mom usually drives me around and I usually don’t pay attention to street names, just surroundings.”



“Okay… What if we drove around together and you showed me where it is and then I would drop you off wherever you wanted? Does that sound good to you?”



Buster nodded and climbed into the car. Ms. Parker drove around and pointed street names out and none of it seemed similar to him. He was getting concerned that Babs would want to do anything with him because he was going to be so late.



“Umm… Ms. Parker?” Buster asked.



“Lola, you can call me Lola if you want, but yes?” Lola replied.



“Okay, Lola I really don’t see the street that you’re looking for around here. Can you just drop me off at my girlfriend’s house?”



“Oh you have a little girlfriend?”



“Yeah she’s really something, but I need to get to her house.”



“Oh, you do? Well what are you and your little girlfriend going to do since you are in such a rush?”



“She sent me a naked picture of herself and said, come and fu… sorry for my language.”



“Oh it’s alright sweetie, you don’t have to worry about things like that with me. You’ll find out that I’m much more lenient than most adults.”



Lola then slowly reached over and placed her hand on Busters thigh. Buster confused and surprised just let it happen. Lola slowly slid her hand down and rubbed the bulge in Busters pants. Feeling the length, and size of him, Lola knew that she wanted it.



“Lola… Umm what are, oh fuck yeah, what are you doing?” Buster asked trying not to explode in his pants from excitement.



“Do you want me to stop?” Lola replied.



“No, but just why, oh yeah this is fucking awesome, why are you doing this?”



“Let me tell you something about myself. I love having sex with my students; it’s a fetish of mine. I saw you as an easy target, and low and behold your fucking hung. Now do you want me to pulled this car into an alleyway and give you a blowjob, or would you rather go fuck your little girlfriend?”



Buster in complete shock just sat frozen by what he just heard. With no answer from Buster, Lola took his silence as a yes. She pulled into an alleyway and put the car in park. She reached over and started to unbutton his pants. Buster was left speechless by what was about to happen. Lola then reached in and grabbed his enlarged member and pulled it out to examine it. The solid eight inch member was hard as a rock and throbbing like there was no tomorrow. Lola could tell that this was going to be quick so she just simply leaned over and began to engulf Buster all the way down to the base. Buster stunned just watched as his new substitute teacher was giving him a blowjob in her car in some alley. Her head bobbed up and down on the member, but Buster was not relieving himself like Lola originally thought. She then started to use her hand and stroke it while sucking it; she thought that might make Buster explode.






“Oh fuck… Lola I think I am going to cum! OH, FUCK YES I’M CUMMING!”



As Lola heard those words she hit the base of his rock hard and throbbing member and felt an ocean of warm and salty goo touch her tongue. The sensation of Busters cream exploding into Lola’s mouth was thrilling and as she started stroking it to get the last couple of drops out was she too had an orgasm. She was completely soaked and her mouth was full of Busters cream.


“Oh, wow Buster… That was defiantly something I didn’t expect some a student. You are a stud, any girl would be lucky to have you!” Lola said as she wiped her lips clean.


“Yeah that was really awesome, but now I just cheated on Babs… Do you think she’ll dump me if she finds out?” Buster replied.


“NO YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” Lola replied.


Buster confused and a little scared asked. “Why’s that?”


“Because NO ONE is going to find out that this EVER happened, do I make myself perfectly fucking clear?!”


Buster just nodded and proceeded to say something, but interrupted by his phone ringing. It was Babs, but Buster didn’t want to answer it. Lola looked over at Buster and said.


“Hey Buster look, I’m sorry for yelling at you like that, but you have to understand that NO ONE is allowed to know this ever happened. I will be put in jail and you don’t want me to go to jail now do you?”


“No I don’t want you to go to jail, but how am I supposed to not say anything to anyone?” Buster replied.


“Sorry sweetie not my problem, now get out of my car I was supposed to be home twenty minutes ago.”


And with that Lola kicked Buster out of her car and drove off, leaving Buster all alone in the middle of an alleyway. He decided to start walking and eventually he would find his way home. On his walk back home he was greeted by a mysterious man with a trench coat on and a black baseball cap with black sunglasses.


“Hey kid?” The mystery man said.


“Are you talking to me?” Buster replied.


“Yeah come here for a minute.”


“My mom said to not talk to strangers.”


“What if I told you it was something about that new teacher of yours?”


“Ms. Parker? What do you know about Ms. Parker?”


The man then walked up to Buster, handed him a note then walked away. The note read an address, a time and a date. Buster even more confused just continued him walk home. On Buster’s walk home he noticed the new homes that were just built, they weren’t amazing, but enough for an average size family to live in. As Buster walked along and looked at the houses, he saw the back end of a car that looked familiar. Buster walked over and noticed that it was Ms. Parker’s car. Buster walked over and started to look around. The house was just recently built, so it had a nice clean design to it. And the gate leading into the back yard was locked. He then decided that he wanted to see the inside of the house, so Buster climbed over the gate and walked into the back yard. He noticed that it was all fenced on, the grass was cut and there was a decent sized swimming pool and Jacuzzi. There was also some recently bought furniture, and one glass sliding door. Buster walked over and pulled on the handle. To Buster’s surprise it was unlocked. He walked in, but before he could get more than a step inside the house, he heard a loud noise. Buster immediately closed the door and ran back on the side of the house. When Buster got there all he saw was someone leaving in Ms. Parker’s car. He thought it was Ms. Parker so he went back into the house. At first glance everything was nice and neat, nothing was out of order and nothing was dirty. He walked out of the kitchen and explored the house some more. He looked around for a while, then proceeded to head upstairs. Up the steps were three doors. Two of them kind of close together, then the other one was further down the hall. Buster decided to go into that one first. He walked down and opened the door. It was someone’s bedroom; he saw a big bed, dresser with a TV on top, other door off in the corner, and one nightstand. Buster walked over and pulled the first drawer of the nightstand out. He was shocked to see that it was empty. He then pulled the second drawer out and found a small black box. Buster sat on the bed and opened the box. Inside was a pink vibrator, a bag of something that smelled skunk like and was green, a lighter and some papers. Buster put the box back and walked over to the door in the corner. As he walked over, he heard another loud noise coming from inside the house. Buster then ran and hid underneath the bed. He waited patiently for someone to come in, but fifth teen minutes passed and no one came inside the room and just as Buster was about to crawl out the door opened. Buster could tell by the feet and legs that it was Ms. Parker. He crawled a little more toward the end of the bed and could get a look at what she was doing. She went into the other room, but as quickly as she went in is as quickly she came out. Buster noticed that she was wearing back yoga pant and a sports bra. She sat on the bed and pulled the drawer with her black box in it out. She then paused and yelled.


“Okay, whoever you are, and where ever you are you are fucking dead! Do you hear me? You are fucking dead; no one comes into my house and fucks with my stuff!”


Ms. Parker walked out of the room and yelled throughout the house for Buster to come out, but he hid very well. When he noticed that she was downstairs he crawled out from underneath the bed and down the hall into one of the other doors, which was a bathroom. Ms. Parker must have heard Buster because she yelled.


“I know you are up there you motherfucker! I will break your fucking legs and knock out your fucking teeth if you try anything funny, you cock sucking mother…”


She stopped mid sentence because she opened the door to the bathroom and pulled the curtains back to find Buster kneeling down and scared.


“Buster, is that you? What in the fuck are you doing in my house?” Ms. Parker yelled.


“Sorry Ms. Parker.” Buster replied.


“I just thought we had something special. You know something that two people in love only have.”


Ms. Parker just stood there and stared at Buster. She looked very upset and was about to yell, but didn’t she simply asked.


“I’m sorry; did you just call me Ms. Parker?”


“Yes I did, why?” Buster replied.




“Okay, okay…I’m sorry Lola, I just forgot it really isn’t that big of a deal don’t you thi-“


Before Buster could finish his sentence Lola slapped him across the face and yelled.




Buster, holding the side of his face, looked up and said.


“Did you just ask me if I want to see you naked?”


“Well… not exactly… I mean if you want I can undress and act like you’re not there” Lola replied.


Buster was over the moon excited to finally see Lola naked, he was thinking that this was his opportunity to make his move and see about going to third base with his teacher. Lola pushed Buster on the bed and told him to enjoy the show. She slowly pulled her black yoga pants down and bent over to give Buster the “presidential view.” She was wearing a black laced thong and her ass looked so smooth and perfect. The roundness to it and the way that she walked it jiggled a little made Buster feel even more excited. Next she slowly pulled up on her sports bra only for her breasts to drop down and it was like she was an angel sent from heaven. She seemed to glow in just the right way that it was like Buster was in heaven, her breasts were perfect, and her soft white fur highlighted her pink nipples. She walked over and stood in front of Buster and simply asked.


“Do you like what you see?”


Buster, too shy and in awe to respond, just nodded. He thought she was perfect, in every way, shape and form possible. Buster reached out to feel her, but Lola slapped his hand and told him he is going to have to wait. Lola then kneeled down and was eye level with Buster’s crotch. She reached out and started feeling the bulge in his pants. The more she rubbed and move across it the hard and bigger Buster’s bulge got. Lola slid her hand up and off of Buster and reached for his belt buckle. She was like a pro getting his belt undone with just one hand. Next she proceeded to slowly pull his zipper down and reveal the throbbing erect member. It was covered by his underwear so Lola knew that those would have to go. She pulled the elastic band on his underwear and pulled them down, only to expose the monster that was hiding in between Buster’s legs. Lola was shocked by how much bigger it looked this time compared to the other time. It seemed a lot thicker and seemed to get longer. It was throbbing and Lola knew that this wouldn’t take long. She then started stroking it up and down real slow like. She even started sliding her fingers all around it to see Buster jump in excitement. She then started going a little faster stroking the baseball sized bat around then leaned in and spit on it. Buster knew that this was go time! 


“Oh, yeah, you like when I spit on this huge fucking cock?” Lola said.


“Oh, fuck yes Lola!” Buster replied.


“Yeah you like it when I stroke this monster cock with my soft white hands? Me feeling this thing throb as I run my fingers underneath it. You like that baby?”


“Fuck yes! Lola this is fucking awesome! I can’t believe this is happening… again!”


“Well I wouldn’t want to upset my most favorite student now would I?”


“No you would… Can you by chance… Maybe start I don’t know…”


“You mean this?”


And with those words Lola wrapped her lips around the erect shaft and started slurping back and forth. Her tongue was rubbing on the underside of Buster’s member and he could feel the inner walls of her mouth collapse all around. She then started to rotate her tongue all around the shaft and as she bobbed her head up and down. The backed off for a moment to get her hand on it and started to stroke and suck Buster off at the same time. She was thinking about how his member tasted so good, and when the warm felling of Buster’s salty cream was about to fill her mouth was overwhelming for Lola. She thought that any minute now Buster was going to explode, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Buster was relentless and Lola was determined to pop his top! She sucked and stroked with all her might and just when she was about to give up, Buster whispered.


“Lola… I think I am going to… Oh fuck yes!”


“Mhm… ahh mhm…” Lola replied with her mouth full.


Buster then placed his hand on the back of her head and forcefully shoved his log down her throat and groaned really loud. The warm sensation of Buster’s cream was making Lola wet by the second. Her panties were soaked at this point and she stroked the last drops out of Buster and then looked up at him. She winked and proceeded to swallow the entire load. The salty and warm goo slide down the back of her throat and into her stomach made Lola get goose bumps. Her hair was standing on end and a feeling of enjoyment and relief shot all throughout her body.


“Wow Buster! I never remember how much you can actually cum until you do.” Lola said as she wiped her face.


“Thanks Lola!” Buster replied.


“That was awesome and fantastic as usual.”


“Oh is my big… thick handsome young MAN done playing with me?”


“Well when you put it that way… I may have another round in me yet.”


“Good because I’m not done with you yet! I still need you to fuck me, but that will come after.”


“What will come after?”


“I want you to eat my tight… wet pussy. I want you to devour that motherfucker like there’s no tomorrow. I want to be sweating and sitting in pool of my own cum after you’re done. Now do I make myself perfectly fucking clear?”


“Crystal… There’s just one thing.”


“What’s that?”


“I don’t exactly know what to eat pussy. I’ve seen it in porn, but I’ve never done it before in real life.”


“Okay then… Just do your best and don’t stop until I tell you too!”


Buster then got off the bed and switched Lola who was kneeling on the floor. She was now on the bed and ready to be satisfied. Buster reached out and grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them down. He exposed her already soaked slit, but surprisingly no pubic hair. Babs always had pubic hair and it grosses Buster out, but luckily for him Lola is clean. He left her panties hanging on one of her ankles and proceeded to “work his magic.” He started by rubbing the lips and feeling the outside of her. Feeling the wet and slimy like juices all over his fingers was making Lola gush even more. He then pushed two finger inside of Lola, feeling the bumpy like insides of her and kept feeling her tense up and relax on his fingers. She was soaked and Buster wanted to do anything to make his teacher, or new lover, happy. He started to push all the way in and pull almost all the way back out. He repeated this motion over and over again until he made Lola start to moan.


“YES Buster!” Lola yelled.


“This is EXCALTY what I wanted and this is making me so fucking hot!”


“Yeah keep going baby! Make me cum again… Please I want to cum while your fingers are inside my tight little wet pussy!” 




Buster now full speed going inside and out of Lola was really pushing himself to make her orgasm. Lola continued to scream in enjoyment, but Buster was almost at his limit. His arm was getting tired and ten to fifteen minutes had already past. Lola, what seemed to orgasm like twenty to thirty times, and she still wanted more! The bed was soaked with her juices and Buster was about to give up and try something different, but before he could Lola yelled and said.




And with that command Buster went in head first. He lapped up the juices and went straight for her soft and wet lips. He used his tongue and virocusly attacked her. Lola loved every second of it and wanted nothing to ruin this moment. Buster was eating Lola out like there was no tomorrow. The further his tongue went inside of Lola the more she was enjoying it. He then decided to put his two fingers inside of her at the same time he was eating her out. Lola’s eyes then rolled in the back of her head and let out a scream no one has ever heard before. 


“OH, MY FUCKING GOD!” Lola screamed.




There was a slight pause then Lola screamed again.




And with that Lola squirted her juices all over Buster’s face, on the bed, some even projectile on the floor. Lola lied there in a pool of her own fluids and was breathing very heavily was thinking of something.


“WOW!” Lola thought.


“That was THE best orgasm I have EVER had! I’ve never felt that before and it was incredible! The way my toes curled, my eyes rolled in the back of my head and the way I just continued to just keep cumming… it was overwhelming, but at the same time was the BEST experience I have ever had with someone. Could Buster be the one that I’ve been looking for my entire life?”

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