Love at First Sight?

BY : Lola_BunnyLover98
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It was a boring day at school, the teacher was writing something on the chalkboard and the clock was ticking ever so slowly. Buster, a blue bunny with a red shirt who is also fourteen years old, was staring out the window just waiting for class to end. He looked around the classroom, stared at other students, wondered if this class was ever going to end, but then a knock was at the door. The teacher walked over and opened the door, a tall sleek sexy looking bunny walked in and Buster immediately sat straight up in excitement. She was wearing a low-cut skirt, with a white opened up button shirt that revealed a little too much cleavage. The teacher turned to the class and said.

"Attention class! This will be your substitute teacher for the next week, I am going on vacation and while I'm away I want you to give Mrs... I'm sorry what is your name again?'

As she turned and looked at the substitute teacher.

"I'm MS. Thank you for that. I am Ms. Parker. I just recently moved here and very eager to meet and greet all the students."

Ms. Parker replied. 

"Okay class, I will see you all in about a week, do NOT give Ms. Parker any trouble. Have fun!"

As the teacher left the room, Ms. Parker turned around and wrote her name on the chalkboard. "M-S-. -P-A-R-K-E-R" then she turned around and said.

"Okay class, now that your teacher is gone why don't we introduce ourselves. You now know me as Ms. Parker or Lola if you like. I just moved here and very excited to teach you guys something important! Now let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves one by one."

As the students were going around the room explaining themselves, Buster was admiring the teacher. He noticed that her shirt was unbuttoned just low enough that you could she part of her breasts. Her skirt was riding up a bit too high, but not high enough to show off the goods underneath. Her fur looked so soft and fluffy, and the way her hips hugged her skirt, was giving Buster some happy feelings. He immediately put his hands on his crotch to cover up the fact that he was getting hard for the teacher.

"Hey, you in the red shirt?"

The teacher asked, as everyone turned to Buster.

Dazed and confused he looked around and said.

"Who me?"

"Yes you, can you introduce yourself and tell us something you did this summer?"

"Umm sure I guess... I'm Buster Bunny and I hung out with my friends and play video games all summer..."

Luckily for Buster right as he was about to say more the bell rang.

"Okay that's enough for today, oh and Buster can you stay after? I would like to have a word with you."

The teacher said as everyone was packing up and leaving. Buster packed his stuff up and walked over to the desk. The teacher walked over and closed the door, then walked back to the desk and said.

"Buster is it?"

"Yes." He replied

"Do you know why I am keeping you after class?"

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, unless you consider the fact for getting a hard-on for your teacher something wrong"

"Shit, Ms. Parker I am SO sorry, I was just so board and then when I saw your amazing body I just couldn’t help myself..."

"Shh... Buster listen I want you to tell me something very important and you have to keep it strictly between us okay?"


"Do you like me? As in would you want to do things with me that are illegal for me to ask and do, but not for you to ask?"

Buster just nodded and smiled. Ms. Parker looked Buster up and down and just pointed to the door. He didn't understand what we did wrong, but Ms. Parker just told him to leave. He left and closed the door. He then walked to his locker and was greeted by Babs, a pink bunny with a yellow shirt and a purple skirt. She asked how he was doing, but Buster just walked away. Babs then stormed off in a huff and Buster proceeded to leave school and start walking home. On his walk home all he could think about was how sexy it would be to be with Ms. Parker and how she looked without any clothes on. He was so distracted that he almost ran right into a "STOP" sign.

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