Favorite Sister

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It was nearly noon, and then it happened. That wonderful sound every student in the high school had been waiting to hear. The bell was ringing. Lunchtime had finally arrived. The classroom of dead eyed high school students immediately came to life. The newfound wave of energy and joy swept along the students as they packed up their math books and various notebooks. Sixteen-year-old Lincoln Loud was no exception. Unlike most of his classmates, Lincoln took as time.


“One of the benefits of having packed lunches is never having to worry about getting stuck in the back of the lunch line.” The teacher yelled after a student who had darted out of the room just a little too fast. Looked like someone was going to be stuck with detention again this weekend.


Lincoln’s longtime companion and best friend Clyde was already eating at their usual table. “Clyde’s the only other friend I have who also gets to enjoy this perk. His dads are very strict when it comes to his diet. I bet even if he went to a private school like Lisa, they’d still insist on it.”


The two chatted for a bit until Liam and Rusty joined them. “So what’s everyone planning to do tomorrow?” Rusty asked as soon as he sat dawn. “I was thinking we could drive over to the mall, or drive down to the movie theater, or we could even drive up to the-“


“We get it Rusty, you have a learner’s permit.” Liam said rolling his eyes.


“Well, since you’re offering I say we take a nice little drive to…oh maybe Los Angeles?” Clyde suggested while grinning.


“Oh sure, nothing like a nice little drive of two thousand miles.” Liam exclaimed as he rolled his eyes for a second time. “So why go to LA Clyde? It wouldn’t have nothin’ to do with Lincoln’s sister living over there, would it?”


Clyde began scratching the back of his head. “Oh does Lori live there now? That’s so interesting, even more of a reason why we should go.”


“How about you Lincoln, any ideas what we should do this weekend?”


Lincoln shook his head. “Sorry guys, not gonna be able to hang out this week.”


“Don’t tell me it’s Lynn again?” Rusty asked.


Lincoln sighed and nodded.


“Geez Lincoln, she already made you do that three day hike last week. What in the world is she making you do now?”


“There’s a triathlon this Sunday and she insists that I train and enter with her.”


 “Come on Lincoln just tell her you don’t want to go.” Clyde suggested. “That girl has been running you ragged all month.”


“It’s not that easy you guys. Lynn is going to be moving out soon. I’d feel really bad if I didn’t spend time with her.”


“Is it because she’s your favorite?” Liam raised an eyebrow.


Lincoln started slinking down into his chair. “Come on you guys, not this again.”


Rusty chuckled to himself. “Well we still don’t believe you. I mean ten sisters? There has to be one that you like more than the others.”


“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love all of them equally.”


“We know that, we’re wondering which one you like the most. Totally different thing”


Liam nodded in agreement. “We all love our families Lincoln, but I don’t particularly like my little sister all that much. Not that you need to uh, mention that to her or nothin’.”


Lincoln let out an annoyed sigh. Clyde gave his friend a reassuring pat on the back. “It’s cool. You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to.” He grinned and lowered his eyes. “Even though we all know one of them is your favorite.”


This time Lincoln let out an annoyed groan as he banged his head against the table.


“I mean if I had ten sisters, there would definitely be some I would like and some I wouldn’t like so much. Well, I’m pretty sure. I’d just be happy to have any siblings at all.”


“How ‘bout it Clyde?” Liam asked, “You hang out at Lincoln’s place a lot. Got any guesses?”


Clyde immediately entered a dream like state. “It must be Lori. How could it not be Lori? She’s the most beautiful and amazing girl in the whole world…”


Rusty shot Liam a dirty look. “Did you have to ask him that?”


Lincoln let out a content sigh as he entered the house. “There really is nothing better than getting home from school on a Friday. Since I’ve only got six sisters to deal with on a daily basis now, things aren’t nearly as loud in the Loud house these days.”


Lincoln made his way upstairs, heading towards what used to be Lori and Leni’s room. “And as an added bonus, Lisa inherited by old walk in closet- I mean room, leaving me with more space than I know what to do with.” In no time at all, Lincoln was enjoying his time-honored tradition of reading comics on his bed wearing only his underwear. “Well I did get a bigger bed, so that’s one thing.”


The house was quiet, Lincoln had a new comic he was eager to read, and everything was perfect.


So why couldn’t he focus?


Realizing he had been staring at the same panel for a few minutes now, Lincoln put the comic aside. He walked over to the large white board standing near the wall. It was a somewhat mundane, but surprisingly useful birthday present Lisa had given him a few years ago.


“Alright since you’re reading this, you’ve obviously watched the show before and are probably wondering the same thing my friends were bugging me about at lunch today. To be honest, I’m starting to wonder about it too. Rusty did make a good point. Loving and liking someone is a completely different thing. Having to pick one of my sister’s isn’t the easiest thing in the world…” Lincoln spun the white board around dramatically as he grabbed a blue marker, “…but I’ll give a shot. Just this once.”


Once the board came to a stop Lincoln wrote out on the top Operation which of my ten sisters do I like the most. “Oh and just so we’re clear, this does NOT leave my room. I don’t even want to think about what they would do to me if they found out I was picking a favorite. Especially after that car seating fiasco!”


Lincoln took a moment to look at the ten names he had written on the bottom. “If there’s one thing video games have taught me about figuring out who’s the best, it’s to make a tier list. But you know, have a bottom tier just feels too mean, so let’s call this the technicality tier.”


He crossed out Lily. “Lily is still really young. Hard to make a judgement call like that on kid who’s only five years old.”


With the first girl down, Lincoln wrote out the remaining nine once again a little farther up. “Let’s see if I can narrow this down a bit more quickly. Instead of who I like the best, I’ll think about who drives me the craziest.”


Lori was the first to be crossed out. “Lori can be way too much of a control freak. I guess when you’re the oldest it makes you think you can just push everyone else around as much as you want.”


Luan was the next to be crossed out. “Luan is pretty nice and loves to make us all laugh most of the time, but when April first comes around…” Lincoln shuttered at the thought of that horrible holiday. “I know I’m not the only one who wonders what kind of dark things are going on in that girls head.”


Lynn was the next to go. “Sorry Lynn. Your competitive nature is just too much for me to handle. And I’ve had to deal with that a lot lately.”


Lola’s name was crossed out next. “Yeah, this one shouldn’t require too much explanation. If anyone in this family is going to be the evil one, it’s gonna be Lola.”


Lisa was the last one to be crossed out. “Lisa’s still got the brains, but these past five years have not done anything to help her social skills. Can’t say I’m very fond of her doing science experiments on me without asking either.”


With that done, Lincoln wrote the remaining names in the middle. “And then there were four.” He took out some more markers, one color for each finalist. Lincoln got to work writing various little notes all over the rest of the white board. It was a good thing Lisa had gotten him a larger size, as he had barely enough room to write down his various thoughts and feelings on his four favorite sisters. Lincoln got deep in thought, not even noticing how much time was ticking by.


“Ok! It has been decided! Drumroll please.” Lincoln tapped his hands against the table before grabbing one of the markers. “And the award for Lincoln Loud’s favorite sister goes to…”


Using what space he had left near the top, Lincoln wrote in larger letters the name of the winner.




For added effect, he incased Lucy’s name in a black heart instead of a circle. Lucy’s color had been black, naturally.


“It took a lot of thinking and consideration, and Lucy has come out on top. Like I said it was not an easy decision. I always have a lot of fun when I’m hanging out with Leni, Luna, Lana and Lucy. In fact, I would love it if Leni or Luna could come back to live here with us again. But as much fun as all of them are, I got to give it Lucy. What puts her at number one is that out of all of my sisters, I feel like I relate with Lucy the most. We’re both stuck in the middle and stick out from everyone else. She’s always given me a lot more respect than our other younger sisters. And I have to admit, I do like that Lucy only comes to me about anything regarding her poetry. Wonder if she feels the same way about me?”


Lincoln went over to his table and grabbed an eraser. “But that shall remain a mystery, for I do not have a death wish.”


Before he could start erasing the forbidden tier list, a loud knocking came at the door. Lincoln nearly jumped out of his skin.


“Hey Lincoln, hurry up and get out here! You’re late.” Came the voice.


“Oh shoot!” Lincoln muttered looking over at the clock. It was 4:30, he was supposed to be out in the back yard by now.


“You know what happens when you’re late don’t you?”


“Yeah yeah, ten extra laps.” Lincoln grumbled as he put on his workout clothes. Once he was done, he opened the door where his sporty older sister greeted him. Lynn wasted no time grabbing him by the arm and pulling him downstairs.




Lincoln breathed heavily letting the barbells drop. He smiled triumphantly at Lynn. “There we go…three set of twelve, my best yet.”


Lynn glared at him with her arms crossed. “Well I did twenty four reps with my weights, so that’s really the same amount of lifting.”


“Pretty sure it doesn’t work that way Lynn.”


“Go do your late laps right now you loser!” Lynn yelled as she gritted her teeth.


Lincoln sighed and began doing his laps around the house. “Lynn made me her workout buddy three years ago. She says it helps keep her motivated, mainly by being a sore winner when she does more reps. She used to beat me in everything, but she can’t beat me in weight lifting anymore.” Lincoln smiled as he hit his fist against his toned chest. “Being a guy gives me a pretty big advantage. I don’t really like exercising, but getting to beat her in one thing almost makes it worth it.”


Lynn came running by going a bit ahead of Lincoln. “I’m going to do twenty laps, and I’m going to do twice as many crunches. No, three times as many! Your sorry ass can’t even do half of what I can!”


Lynn sped off like roadrunner. Lincoln could only roll his eyes. “Like I said, almost.”


The air vent in Lincoln’s room creaked open. “Lincoln, are you in there?” Lucy asked. She peeked her head out trying to get a good look, but ended up losing her grip. The younger girl let out a little yell as she crashed down on the floor.


“This was so much easier when I was younger.” Lucy muttered as she picked herself up.


To her disappointment, Lincoln was not in his room. “Hmm, maybe Lynn dragged him off somewhere again.”


Her attention was drawn to the large white board. She walked over to it. “Favorite sister?” she muttered, looking over the title. Her eyes wondered across the board, darting at the various names crossed out and written multiple times. When she saw her name written at the top with a heart around it, her own heart began to beat fast. Unbeknownst to the world her eyes widened from behind her black bangs. “Is…is it me? He…did Lincoln pick me?”


Lucy read the various little notes sprawled across the board. Even without the different colors, it would have been obvious who Lincoln was talking about with each one. She couldn’t stop the huge smile that crept up on her face. Lincoln had written so many nice things about her.


Always enjoy the stories she writes

Stuff she likes is much cooler than what anyone else likes

We respect each other

Tries to be stoic, but very sensitive and caring

I relate to her more than anyone else


Lucy could not stop smiling as she looked over the board again and again. “He picked me. I’m his favorite…he likes me more than anyone else…” She closed her eyes and let her body revel in the warm feelings. Her heart was beating like crazy. Everything felt so good. She loved it. Lucy couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so incredibly happy, or if she had ever felt this happy. It was addicting.


She wanted more…


Lynn cheered loudly as she entered the house with her younger brother. Lincoln still didn’t know where Lynn got all of her energy from. Normally this kind of behavior would have him fuming, but he was not in the mood for certain things right now. Walking being one of them.


Lynn was chanting some crazy victory fight song from their high school while banging on the dining room table. Lola looked up from the salad she had been enjoying a moment ago. “What are you yelling about now you maniac?”


“Just enjoying the fruits of victory.” Lynn explained as she grabbed a meatball sub from the fridge. “Sure Lincy can lift just a tiny bit more than me, but I am now and forever the cardio queen! And I am going to completely dominate in the triathlon on Sunday.”


“Neanderthal.” Lola muttered to herself.


Lynn slammed her hand down on the table. “You got something to say to me, shrimp?”


Lola smiled sweetly. “Oh, did you not hear me? I said that you’re the queen of the disgusting, smelly Neanderthals!”


“You don’t talk to me like that, I’m the boss around here!”

“You aren’t the boss of anything other than sweating all over the place!”


Lincoln dragged himself away from the door. His legs barely cooperated as he trudged up the stairs. He could hear the argument downstairs but his brain didn’t feel like registering it. Opening the door felt like a massive undertaking. He knew his body was going to be in complete agony tomorrow. Suddenly he felt a jolt of renewed energy. The white board still had all of his previous writing on it.


Faster than a rabbit, Lincoln grabbed the eraser he had dropped earlier and frantically cleaned the board off.  Once, twice, three times he ran the eraser across, pushing so hard it may very well have cracked. With a sigh of relief, Lincoln allowed himself to fall limp on his bed.


“Wow. That could have been really, really bad. Today must be my lucky day.”


A huge crack appeared on the white board. It spread down the middle, splitting the board into two as it toppled to the ground.


“Dang it!”


As the clock struck midnight all was quiet in the Loud house. No one stirred, except for a certain mousy goth girl. Lucy silently entered her brother’s room. The small amount of moonlight creeping in from the window was more than enough for her to make out Lincoln’s sleeping form. She stood there for a moment enjoying the happy feelings flowing inside. The silence broke temporarily by a tiny moan as she let her hands move down her slender, naked body. Lucy shivered as she thought about what she was going to do to her big brother tonight.


Without a sound, Lucy slid under the covers. Lincoln lay still on his back. The boy was completely dead to the world. Lucy noted that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, much to her delight. She put one of her small hands on Lincoln’s flat stomach. She slowly moved up, lingering on his toned chest. As she felt up his muscles, Lincoln began to stir. Lucy moved closer until her face was nearly touching his. Her arms wrapped around the sleeping boy.


“Lincoln…” She whispered softly into his ear.


“Lucy?” Lincoln asked groggily as he recognized his sister’s voice. “What…is, is everything ok?”


“Everything’s fine.” Lucy responded. She shifted over, now lying directly on top of him. She couldn’t help but move back and forth slightly. The feel of his bare skin on hers felt heavenly.


Lincoln became very aware of what was going on now. He tried to sit up, but Lucy softly pushed him back down. “I was in here earlier today. I saw what you wrote down.”


Before Lincoln could respond, Lucy leaned down and kissed him. Neither of the two teens had much experience in kissing. Once the initial kiss was over, Lucy kept her lips hovering just over her brothers. She dove back in, giving him small, soft little kisses. Lincoln lay still and allowed Lucy to continue her small movements. Not just her lips, he could also feel her soft skin against his chest. His dick had gone rock hard. It pushed straight up against his pajama pants. Lucy stuck her tongue out just barely and carefully licked Lincoln’s lips a few times. Once it retreated, she went for another round of soft kisses before pulling her face back.


“I feel the same way. You’ve always been my favorite.” Lucy moved her hand to Lincoln’s face, her fingertips running across his cheeks and lips.


Lincoln’s heart beat like crazy. This was far more intense than anything he had ever done. He could barely breathe, let alone say anything. His eyes had starting adjusting to the darkness around them. Lucy’s pale white skin stuck out against the blackness. He reached his hand out to touch her shoulder. Lucy shivered at the contact. With her free hand, she took Lincoln’s and guided him down to her breasts. Lincoln had thought about girl’s breasts plenty of times, but this was his first time touching one. Even though it was small, it was very, very soft. He thought about how it was softer than the rest of her milky white skin.


Lincoln let go when he felt Lucy’s leg brush up against his cock. He had no choice but to grab at the sheets. Lucy threw off the blanket and tugged at the pajamas. Once they were off, her hand immediately went to his dick. She stroked it gently. Soon her other hand joined in, fingers rubbing every bit of his throbbing member.


Lincoln breathed heavily as he began moving his hips. He couldn’t help it, Lucy’s hands felt so good the boy could barely think straight. He wasn’t able to notice that Lucy had begun grinding up against him. Her juices flowed along his leg and onto the sheets. Lincoln’s hips stopped when Lucy finally released his dick. She climbed on top of him. She kept darting in for quick kisses while maneuvering herself so that Lincoln’s dick was trapped between her legs. As she came down for another quick kiss, Lincoln caught the small girl, holding her against him. He kissed her deeply. Lucy responded wildly, pushing herself up against her brother as much as she could. She kept wiggling around, her pussy pushing against his erection. Lincoln loved that feeling.


Lucy suddenly stopped and sat straight up. She positioned herself above Lincoln’s hips and guided herself onto his cock. In the brief moment of clarity, Lincoln thought about how aggressive his little sister was being. He knew Lucy could get passionate when she wanted to, but he had never given that aspect of her personality much thought before. His light musings were interrupted when Lucy allowed gravity to take over.


Once the head was in Lucy stopped for a second, then continued downward. Once he was all the way in, she kept still while trying to control her breathing. Lucy was a master of stealth and generally being silent. Having her big brother deep inside of her was just too much for the young girl. Little squeaks and moans escaped her lips as she slowly rocked back and forth.


Lincoln could see Lucy clearly now. Her skinny little body stood over him so temptingly naked and inviting. Lucy let out a small gasp as Lincoln began tracing his fingers along her stomach. They moved up just below her breasts, and back down again. Lincoln took his time exploring her hips and tummy. Finally, he reached up and began playing with her small breasts. Lucy could not stop her moans as Lincoln felt each one thoroughly as though he was memorizing their small dimensions. It sounded like she was trying to say something, but the younger girl couldn’t form the words properly. Her rocking began to speed up.


Lincoln’s hips started moving along with his sister’s and he was unable to stop them. He moved his hands down and grabbed her waist to help keep her steady. Lucy looked to be in an utter trance as her moaning increased. The familiar feeling of an impending orgasm started to creep up on Lincoln. He was caught off guard when Lucy let out a squeal. Hearing his normally stoic little sister make such a girly sound seemed to put everything on pause.


Once she came down from her orgasm, Lucy lifted herself off her brother. She lay on top of him, once again trapping his dick between her legs. It did not take long for Lincoln to get off and shoot out a powerful load. The two siblings simply lay there together. Lucy slowly began to curl up around her brother. Her arms and legs wrapped across his body. Lincoln put an arm around his younger sister while trying to think of something to say. He didn’t get the chance, as sleep once again took hold.


Since it was nearly noon on a Saturday, Lincoln did not have a line to worry about for the bathroom. Currently he was lying in the shower, which doubled as a tub, letting the warm water fall over him.


“Lucy wasn’t there this morning. I mean she does have a habit of disappearing, but I was hoping we could talk a little bit before Lynn drags me out for more training.” He sighed, closing his eyes. “Maybe it was just a crazy dream…”


Lincoln opened his eyes when he heard the sound of squeaking feet. Lucy’s naked body stood over him in the tub. She smiled as he stared up at her with wide eyes. The water draped along her pale skin. “I could use a shower too.” She said as she grabbed the nearby bar of soap.


Lincoln instinctively held her as his younger sister fell on top on him. “How did you like last night?” She asked. Her leg shifted, rubbing against Lincoln’s hard on. “Guess I don’t really need to ask.”


“Of course I liked it. I loved it. How couldn’t I?” He responded.


Lucy gave out an approving moan while hugging him tighter. “I’ve liked you for a long time, Lincoln. I know we’re brother and sister but…” She reached up to run her finger along his face. “It just turns me on even more.”


The sibling’s lips met in a passionate kiss. Lucy sat up slightly while slowly pulling back from the kiss. Taking the bar of soap, she began slowly rubbing it over her chest. Her hands worked the soapy suds all along her breasts, tummy and arms. Lincoln felt his dick throbbing slightly as he enjoyed the view. Lucy lay back down, connecting their bodies together. They resumed kissing as Lucy slid herself back and forth across her older brother. “Mmmm…that feels nice.” She whispered into his ear.


“Lucy…this is amazing.” Lincoln said once he caught his breath. He gave her another long, passionate kiss. “You’re so sensual. Now that I think about it, I’m glad that you, uh…”


Lucy giggled softy. “That I’m not biting you with fangs and pouring blood everywhere?”


“Um, yeah.” Lincoln responded with a goofy smile. He pulled her closer. “This is so much better.”


The two jumped when they heard a loud knock at the door. “Lincoln are you in there?” Came Lola’s voice.


“Yeah uh, I’m…I’m in here.”


Lucy put on a devilish grin as she grabbed his dick. Her mouth pressed against his as he moaned. Her soapy, skinny body continued to wiggle against him.


“Have you seen Lucy this morning? Mom’s taking us to the mall later and wanted to know if she wants to come and buy weird, creepy black stuff.”


Once Lola finished talking, Lucy started licking and kissing Lincoln’s neck. He took deep breaths in an attempt to stay in control. Lucy’s soapy hand worked along his shaft. She darted along his neck giving him little kisses. He was getting close. Way too close.


“Haven’t…seen her…” He managed to yell out.


“How long are you gonna shower this morning anyway?”




Lucy kissed him fiercely as she sped up her grinding.  The two remained lip locked as their orgasms hit. Lincoln held his little sister tenderly as they came down. “You are really bad.”


“I’m very bad.” Lucy said as she kissed him.


Lisa stood next to Lincoln as he ate his cereal. She stared at him through her glasses while wearing her usual dull expression. Lincoln looked at her while he chewed. He looked left and right then swallowed. “Hey Lisa do you need something?”


“I do have an inquiry for you if you don’t mind.” She said flatly.


“Uh sure, what’s up?” He asked while eating another spoonful.


“Have you engaged with Lucy recently?”


Lincoln chocked on his cereal. He hit his fist against his chest while having to spit some of it out.


“You really shouldn’t eat while talking. Over ninety percent of chocking related deaths are the result of improper consumption of food.”


After coughing a few times, Lincoln looked back at his sister. “Why uh, why do you ask?”


“It’s nothing serious. I ran into her on my way downstairs and was taken aback by her demeanor. She looked elated and jovial. A far cry from her usual apathetic conduct.”


“Oh. Well that’s good to hear. Something must have cheered her up then.”


“Yes it is refreshing to see her in a more positive state. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for girls in her age group. Her generally dreary outlook does concern me at times in regard to her mental health.”


“Aww that’s nice that you worry about her, Lisa.”


Lisa cracked a small smile at the compliment. “Well I just thought you might have some knowledge of the cause. The two of you do have a special bond within our family unit.”


It was a good thing he had not starting eating or Lincoln would have chocked again. The ever socially oblivious Lisa did not notice the uncomfortable look on her brother’s face as she went into the TV room. Lincoln let out a sigh of relief. “I have got to calm down. Sure it’s only natural in such a large family for everybody to constantly get in everyone else’s business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a few secrets. I guess when you have one as major as this though, you’re going to be a little paranoid.”


Lola’s voice came screeching from the other room. “WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME YOU WEIRDO?”


“I do have an inquiry for you if you don’t mind.”


Lincoln went back to eating his cereal. “Yup, just me being paranoid.”


Lynn’s hand suddenly came crashing down on the table. “There you are Lincoln, do you think I don’t know what goes on in this house?” She said angrily.


“Uhh…” Lincoln felt his blood run cold.


“Trying to avoid training by hiding in the shower, is that the best you can come up with?” She grabbed his arm and pulled him out of his chair. “You just bought yourself an extra twenty laps for the lamest escape attempt ever!”


Lincoln hit the alarm in his phone. He groaned into his pillow. It was Sunday.


The hallway was quiet and empty. He looked over at the bathroom. Taking a shower now was pointless since he would be spending the whole day covered in sweat and dirt. “Ugh. Why did I agree to enter a triathlon? I’ll probably end up dead last. Lynn will have a field day. What if I can’t finish it at all? Lynn will never let me live it down.”


Lincoln made his way to the stairs. He entertained some thoughts about running away from the house and hiding at Clyde’s. He quickly realized that Lynn would already be training out in the yard. Maybe if he hid in a bush and slowly edged down the sidewalk…”




He let out a yell and turned to see Lucy behind him. “Oh Lucy, it’s you.”


She took his hand in hers. “There’s something I want to show you.”


Lucy led her brother near his old room. She pulled down the entrance to the attic and they made their way up. Lucy pulled the stairs back up while Lincoln pulled a nearby string. With the light on, he saw that a large coffin was sitting open near the corner. It looked fairly fancy with dark purple cushioning lining the inside. “Where did you get this?” He asked.


“I stole it from the morticians club.” Lucy stated.


Lincoln raised an eyebrow. “You stole it?”


“I’ll give it back when I’m finished with it.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around her brother. “There’s something I need to tell you.”


Lincoln smiled and hugged her back. “what’s that?”


“You’re not going to that triathlon today, because I’m stealing you.”


Lynn threw her phone down. She let out another angry yell. “What the Hell!? Nobody knows where he is. Where could he have gone?”


“Beats me.” Lana said from the couch.


“I’ve looked everywhere. If I don’t find in like ten minutes then we’re gonna be late!”


“It seems he is no longer on the perimeter.” Lisa chimed in. “My theory is that he ran far, far away. A rather ironic method to avoid an athletic event.”


“What a load of bull! And you!” Lynn pointed at Lana. “I told you two to make sure he didn’t sneak out.”


Lana shrugged. “Me and Lola decided sleeping in was better.”


Up in the attic Lincoln and Lucy could faintly hear Lynn’s frustrated yells. “Sounds like she’s pretty mad.” Lucy said softly into her brother’s ear. She gently blew a little air into it, causing him to shiver slightly. “She can have you back when I’m finished with you.”


The two were sprawled out in the coffin, completely naked. Lucy returned to planting kisses across Lincoln’s neck. Her slender body clung onto him making as much skin contact as they could. Lincoln had his arm around her, his hand enjoying the feel of her soft little ass. Her slim legs entangled with his. While running her tongue along his neck Lucy’s hand freely explored her brother’s toned chest. Occasionally she reached down to enjoy the feel of his hand cock.


Lincoln led Lucy to his lips, sharing a loving kiss with her. “She’s gonna have to wait a while. I’m going to be spending a lot of time with my favorite sister from now on.”

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