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Chapter One – An Idea

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"Could you repeat that?" Ann asked, staring at her daughter in disbelief.

Rolling her eyes, Kim Possible's smile beamed with excitement. "Mom." she gave a false groan of irritation. "I said; GJ just accepted me into their training program to become a real agent!" Exclaiming her joy, Kim looked as though she had just won the lottery - literally bouncing with joy. This was a stark contrast to Ann, however, as she continued to stare at her daughter in stunned silence. "Isn't this amazing?" Kim prompted her mother for a response.

Blinking for a moment, Ann's mouth opened but no sound came out. Truthfully, she couldn't believe that this was actually happening. She had just been sitting in her kitchen enjoying a small lunch on her day off when, without warning, her daughter had burst into the room speaking far too fast for her to understand. But as her daughter repeated her news, Ann's face was awash with surprise as she tried to understand everything that it meant.

In her last year of high school, Ann knew her daughter was growing up and was going to be moving on to bigger and better things. But this was nothing like what she had planned. "What about college?" the red-headed mother finally forced out. Staring her daughter in the eyes, Ann's voice was almost pleading.

"Mom," Kim groaned, "GJ has some of the best education available. They have the tech and resources to teach me things other colleges could never offer."

"Kim, that's crazy," Ann dismissed her daughters claim almost immediately. "What kind of job can you get with a degree from a secret organization?" Unfortunately, instead of becoming unsure like the mother had planned, Kim's eyes only seemed to beam even brighter in their green hue.

"That's the best part," she revealed. "Dr. Director nominated me herself so she can train me to take over when she retires! Can you believe it? I mean, it's still going to be a long way away but I'm going to run a secret government agency!"

But she didn't believe it. While Kim looked to be happier than ever, Ann's feelings toiled with dread.

Watching her daughter grow into the young woman that she was today, Ann Possible had spent quite a bit of time thinking of the type of future that Kim would have. In her favorite fantasies, Kim was a doctor just like her and helping people in need. She would go to college, meet a boy, fall in love, and have a family. But this, Ann, shook her head at the path Kim looked to be taking. It was wrong for her. No matter how excited she was now, Ann knew eventually Kim would regret making this decision.

"Kim, no," Ann stated in a firm tone. "You need to go to a real college and get a real job." Reaching forward, she pressed her hand against her daughter's head and gently stroked against its auburn hair. "Trust me, this… agency of yours isn't what your future should be."

Unfortunately, Ann's soothing tone and gentle touch were rendered useless as Kim's face crumpled in pain. "Mom? What are you talking about? Of course GJ is my future. It's everything I've ever worked for! Can you imagine how many people I would be able to help?" Kim's face was splashed with betrayal as she tried to convince her mother. But Ann would not be swayed.

Ann understood her daughter's feelings, but she also understood how flippant teenagers tended to be in these types of situations. Stepping towards the shorter redhead, her expression morphed into one of sadness.

"Kim, I know how much you love to help people, and I love that about you – I do. But there are other, more constructive ways to do that. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to forbid you." Ann wasn't used to ordering her children around. Usually, there was no need. But when she had to, the young mother was more than capable of putting her foot down. Unfortunately, Kim didn't like that one bit.

Kim's face was the picture of pain as she stared at her mother in utter disbelief. "Forbid?" she asked, speaking as if the word itself was the one who had affronted her. "Excuse me, but I don't think I asked for your permission." A redhead through and through, Kim's legendary temper seemed to come alive as her eyes burned with anger.

It was Ann's turn to stare as her daughter's defiance registered in her brain. "Kim" she gasped, disappointment dripping from her saddened eyes. But Kim gave her mother no time to continue as her temper continued to flair.

"I don't want to hear it, Mom," she interrupted, turning her face away. "In a few months I'll be eighteen and I won't need your permission." Looking back at her mother, Kim's anger seemed to deflate a bit as a pleading gaze took hold. "Mom… this is my dream. Why can't you be happy for me? I thought you would be proud."

Because I know better than you,' Ann answered in her mind. Though she knew better than to vocalize her thoughts. Instead, she was forced to harden her features as her sadness and desperation bled through her sky-blue eyes. "I'm sorry Kim," she spoke in a cold tone. "But I don't approve. That isn't what you're meant to do with your life. It isn't what will make you happy."

Kim looked ready to cry. "What I do with my life is my decision," she glared. "And this is what I want." Kim shot her mother one last look before turning away from the older woman and up the stairs to her room.

"Kim!" Ann shouted after her. "Kim!" But it was useless. By the time she was at the foot of the stairs, Kim was already safely locked away, shut up in her room and obstinately refusing to speak any further.

Strolling into the kitchen, Ann's face looked exhausted, mixed with both worry and guilt. In a single swift motion, her hands grabbed a bottle of wine and poured it into a glass on the counter. Cup in hand, Ann walked herself into the family room and allowed herself to fall into the couch, a deep sigh falling from her lips.

It wasn't often Ann allowed herself to indulge in alcohol, but as the fragrant taste of wine splashed against her tongue, she couldn't help but sigh with relief. Nursing her glass in her hands, Ann remained plagued with anxiety as she replayed her and her daughter's conversation. She wasn't trying to upset her, but Ann knew her daughter was making a mistake. GJ… it just couldn't end well. What kind of life could that lead to?

But Ann knew. That kind of job consumes people. It's the kind of career that leaves nothing else to exist in their life. Not friends, not family, or anything. Ann wanted more for her daughter. She wanted her to have a family, children; a real life. But the way things were going, it seemed she was only pushing her strong-headed daughter even further from her true path.

Shaking her head, Ann stole another mouthful of red liquor.

She didn't know what to do, and that left the poor woman fretting as her child's future seemed to be disappearing before her very eyes. Kim wouldn't listen to her, especially after their fight. Ann knew this because she knew her daughter and because Kim was exactly like her when she had been at that age.

Adventure and fun, pushing every limit she could find, that was the life of Ann Possible before she had found the stability of a career and family. Originally, she hadn't planned to be a doctor. And a family had been the furthest thing from her mind. And yet it was these two things that had tied her down long enough to show her how happy they could make her life.

She just wished Kim could understand.

She had allowed her daughter to indulge in her little missions and traveling, only because Ann assumed that Kim would grow out of it and mature. But it seemed that adrenalin run lifestyle would be the cause of Ann's downfall.

She turned sad as she thought of her daughter's choice. And even worse as she realized Kim might never understand the joy of having a family.

Again, she recalled how unexpectedly her life had turned out. To say Kim had been a surprise would be the understatement of the year. A date with one of the cuter scientists on campus had turned into an eighteen yearlong marriage, as well as two more lives being born into the world. Finding out she had become pregnant had shocked her beyond words. Thankfully she had decided to keep the baby and it had turned out to be the smartest decision she'd made up until that point.

With Kim came responsibility. And with responsibility came the stability she needed to become a doctor, as well as the woman she is today.

Taking another sip of wine, Ann's face glowed as she recalled the day of Kim's birth. Holding that tiny baby in her arms had been the single greatest moment in her entire life. It was at that moment that she realized how happy being a mother made her. But Kim might never feel that. And that thought alone made Ann want to actually cry.

Nursing her glass for the next half hour, Ann thought of her daughter and reminisced over all the memories she and Kim had shared throughout her childhood. Try as she might, Ann failed to find any way that could sway Kim from joining the organization. After all, Kim was right. She was going to be eighteen and she didn't need Ann's permission.

Things would be so much easier if Kim could just have a little accident.' Ann sighed wistfully. Slightly buzzed from her wine, the mother pictured her daughter, and imagined Kim going on a date, going home with whatever kind boy she had met and make love with – only to find out days later she had fallen pregnant.

As strange as it seemed, the fantasy left Ann with a glowing warmth in the pit of her stomach. She knew Kim would make a wonderful mother. She was kind and patient, if a little bossy, but she had everything a good mother needed to raise a child. Unfortunately, Ann's little fantasy was ruined as she realized the possibility of this happening in GJ, of all places, was slim to none.

If only there was a way for it to happen before she graduated, Ann mused dreamily. But as she stared into her now empty glass, the mother wasn't sure if her daughter was even interested in any of the boys at her school. It would take a miracle. Or at the very least some extreme interference on her part.

‘If only, if only. If only pigs could fly,’ she pondered her long list of wishes. Laughing a bit at her last thought, Ann's listless expression slowly changed into one of thoughtfulness.

It wasn't… the craziest idea she had ever had. Okay, maybe it was, but she still found herself absorbed by the idea. Be it the slight buzz vibrating through her skull, or the impending future of her daughter, but Ann couldn't seem to free herself of the idea. Getting Kim... pregnant.

Biting her lip, Ann looked anxious taking a nervous glance around the room. She wasn't too much older than Ann was when she had been pregnant. And it helped guide her and gave her the best gift the world had to offer. Not to mention, if she were to become pregnant, GJ would be practically a non-issue. There's no way they could allow a pregnant teenager into a secret agency. She'd be forced to attend a real college, have a real life. Maybe even buckle down enough to stop going on those silly missions…

The more she thought about it the more the idea began to appeal to the red-haired woman. So much so that, before she was even aware of it, she was already beginning to think of a plan.

And in a flash, Ann's intellectual mind had worked out just how she could get it done. Smiling to herself, the smallest spark of doubt still lingered in the back of her head. This was her daughter after all, whom she loved more than anything else in the world. Was it her right to rule her future like she was thinking, to force her into something as life-changing as baring a child?

And like the answer to her questions, the image of herself staring down at Kim after her birth flashed through her mind. The emotions, the happiness, all of it. And with that, the last of her hesitation faded away.

She might hate me at first, but she'll thank me one day…' Ann mused as she got up from her seat. ‘It's for her own good.'


Kim cautiously approached the kitchen the next morning. After locking herself in her room, the teenager had remained there the entire day, not wishing to see her mother at all. She knew she might have acted a little bit like a brat, but this was her dream. And the fact that her mother had refused her support hurt the young woman more than she could say. She loved her mother; she loved both her parents, which is what made hating them so much harder.

Standing in the room's archway, Kim peered around the corner and saw her mother standing at the stove, pots and pans ablaze with a multitude of breakfast foods. Unsure if she should walk in and confront her mother or simply leave for school, her indecision lasted too long until Ann finally turned around to spot her sneaking oldest.

For a moment, both of the women stood in silence, the only sound being the sizzling of the bacon Ann had been in the middle of preparing. Kim braced herself for the frown, for the anger, for any sign of the long talk she was sure was about to come. Only for Ann to smile with a warm greeting.

"Good morning, Kimmie," she hummed brightly. Giving her daughter a quick smile, she turned back to her food and began to stir a large helping of hash browns around on a pan. "Sleep well?" she asked over her shoulder.

Utterly confused, Kim just blinked, shocked as her mother's good mood completely took her by surprise. "Um, yes?" She dubiously answered. Kim continued to eye her mother, unsure if this was all just one big act to guilt her. Meanwhile, Ann nodded her head, a pleasant hum drifting from her lips as she swayed in her good cheer. It was bizarre and so opposite of what the teenager had been expecting. It left her unable to grasp the situation and even more anxious.  

"Well, take a seat if you're hungry." Kim actually jumped at the sound of her mom's sudden invitation. "Breakfast will be done in just a sec."

Kim looked at the table then back at her mother, conflicted. Truthfully, she was starving. Staying in her room all night had meant no dinner; and considering the light salad she'd had settled for at lunch, her body was currently trying to digest itself. Placing her hand over her navel, she was just in time to feel her stomach rumble.

Face set in a scowl, Kim was unable to help herself as she was forced to take a seat at the table. ‘Stupid Mom and stupid incredible smelling breakfast!' Still, just because she was accepting her food didn't mean she was about to wave any white flags.

The next two minutes were spent in silence as Ann finished cooking the last of the breakfast. Grabbing a dish from the cupboard, she happily made her daughter's plate, delivering generous portions of what she knew to be her eldest's favorites. Placing the offering on the table, Kim took one look at the pile of food and immediately saw the bribe for what it was. Alarms were sounded.

"It's going to take more than breakfast to make me change my mind," she swore, sending a sharp look into her mother's kind expression. Again, the older woman didn't respond as her daughter had expected and just put on a deep frown as she took a moment to consider her words.

"Kim—." But her daughter wouldn't hear it.

"I'm serious," the teen obstinately insisted, "cook as much as you want, you're not going to guilt me out of this." In response, Ann simply sighed before removing her apron and settling into the chair next to Kim's.

"I'm not trying to guilt you, Honey." She spoke tenderly. Ann met her daughter's stare, unblinking in an attempt to convey her honesty and show that her words were true. If only Kim could believe her.

Calming just a fraction, Kim continued to stay wary. Her Mom could be tricky, but a liar she was not. "Then what's going on? Why are you acting like nothing happened?" It was sharp and to the point, though Ann's daughter had never been much for subtly. At that moment, the mother found herself grateful for her daughter's lack of tact. It made things so much easier.

"How about… an apology?" Ann offered, giving her daughter a hopeful look. Kim was left staring at her mother in disbelief.

"Look," Ann sighed, "I've had some time to think and… you are right. You should be free to follow your dream. If you really think GJ is where you belong, then I'll support your decision." Ann Possible looked at her daughter and smiled apologetically. She placed her hand over Kim's and squeezed it affectionately.

"Seriously, you mean it?" Kim asked in a fearful tone, afraid that it was too good to be true. But seeing her mother nod her head, the teens entire body seemed to crumple in relief. To know her mother was back on her side made everything so much better. "Thank you!" Kim exclaimed, getting up from her chair to wrap her arms around her mother. "And I'm sorry for what I said, too. I know you're only trying to look out for me."

A smile tugged at the corners of Ann's lips. "That's right, Kim," Ann hummed in agreement, tightening their embrace ever so slightly as she continued in the same even tone. "Because I love you. And because I love you, I'll always do what I think is best."

Stepping back, Kim looked at her mother and returned her warm expression. "I love you too, Mom."

The two shared a smile a moment longer. Satisfied that their relationship had been mended, the mother turned back to the stove, getting three more plates ready. Kim was about to dig into her own meal when Ann's voice suddenly chirped, almost too nonchalant in its idle delivery.

"Besides, nothing's been written in stone yet. Just because you want this now, doesn't mean you'll want it forever. Who knows what can happen between now and graduation? You could find a boyfriend, gain an interest in a career you haven't considered, maybe decide you want to take a year off and backpack in another country, for all we know aliens could end up invading the earth!" She gave a dramatic eye-roll. "You're still so young, your whole outlook on this decision could change completely."

A strip of bacon dangling from her lips, Kim eyed her mother's back with a wide expression – slowly chewing the crispy strip of meat before answering. "Ah, not likely. But… I guess it could happen." She spoke awkwardly, stressing the word ‘could' while her features screwed up into a pinched frown. Honestly, she just didn't feel like starting another fight after just mending their last argument. Ann went back to humming to herself with a knowing smile, an expression Kim missed facing the older woman's back.

"Honey!" James voice suddenly called out, "Have you seen my shoes anywhere?" The two women shared a derisive glance, more amused by their husband and father than anything else. Washing her hands and hanging up her apron, Ann moved towards the direction of her bedroom.

"Kimmie, help your brothers with their breakfast, okay?" With their relationship now patched up, Kim nodded her head happy to move on from the sensitive subject.

Afterwards, the Possible family of five all sat down and enjoyed their family breakfast like it was any other day. Kim argued with her brothers, James read his morning paper and Ann simply sat back enjoying the familiar atmosphere she had grown to love. And after they had all finished, James was quick to gather his briefcase, ushering the two twin boys off into the car.

"Bye, Mom," the twins shouted in unison, smiling as they ran out the door. Immediately afterwards, James came from behind giving his wife a quick peck on the cheek and saying his own goodbyes. Staring after the men in her life, Ann's heart and expression throbbed with love. Soon after, her daughter jumped down from her room, a backpack firmly strapped to her back.

"Bye, Mom." Kissing her mother on the cheek, Kim started for the door. "Off to school." But before she could make it, Ann called for her attention.

"Kim." Seeing her daughter stop and turn, Ann smiled warmly. "Don't forget to finish your milk." She held up a large glass of white liquid. Kim looked from the drink to her mother, an auburn eyebrow raised.  She'd noticed the glass during breakfast but had opted for juice instead, never much of a milk drinker.

Ann's expression didn't change as she approached her daughter, all but ignoring the queer stares. Kim blinked suddenly finding the glass thrust into her hands without any chance of argument. "If my daughter's going to be some kind of secret agent, she's going to need strong bones, isn't she?" Ann explained after another few heartbeats of silence. Her daughter still looked at her like she was crazy but seemed to accept the explanation if only with a hint of exasperation.

In the end, Kim ended up shrugging her shoulders at the woman's expectant gaze. This was just what a kid could expect when their mother is a doctor, it seemed. If only to satisfy her, Kim allowed the large glass to her lips before pouring the pure white liquid into her mouth. Rich and creamy, for a moment Kim thought she noticed a slightly bitter flavor hidden. But after another swallow and another mouthful, the taste became less and less noticeable, urging her to dismiss the brief irregularity.

After five seconds and several deep gulps, the glass was finally empty. Which looked to make her mother very happy. Unseen by her, Ann's eyes had been glued to the picture of her drinking the entire time, watching critically at each and every drop. And as Kim sighed, whipping the little milk that remained on her upper lip, her expression relaxed into a more subdued pleasure. 

With a breath of fresh air, Kim coughed. "Happy?" she asked, only sounding a little sarcastic.

Unperturbed, Ann gave her a bright smile before taking the glass from her hand and brushing her finger against Kim's lips striking a missed drop. "Ecstatic." she remarked, tickled pink.

Kim simply rolled her eyes at the weirdness, having long ago accepted that her family would never be close to normal. But time was running short, urging her to quickly grab her bag from the floor and continue towards the door. She waved her mother a goodbye, and this time Ann just returned the gesture wishing the young woman a wonderful day.

Watching her daughter leave, Ann's happy expression grew until she was sure her daughter was truly gone. At this time, she leisurely made her way over to the sink and began to scrub the milk stained glass liberallyall the while humming a cheerful tune.

She had been worried for a moment that her daughter had noticed the difference in taste, but it seemed to have all gone perfectly. It was funny to think just that morning when she'd been preparing the cocktail, her emotions had been a nervous wreck, constantly stressed and second-guessing her every action as she added the different vitamins and nutrients to mix into the white liquid. And yet, the moment she watched Kim start to actually drink it, a kind of warm glow had started in her belly, reassuring her that everything was happening as it had to.

This was just the first step in her plan. It hadn't been anything too extreme. Just a few things Kim's body will need to stay healthy and prepare her for her upcoming motherhood. And, maybe, just a drug or two to help with the more stubborn problems. Just the thought alone sent a spark of excitement through her very core.

Smiling happily, she continued to wash the cup until all traces had been wiped clean. And with that done, she put it aside, a content sigh lifting from her lips. 

Alone in the house, she still had fifteen minutes before she needed to leave for work. just enough time to move onto the second phase. It was the only time she could rely on her daughter's absents, hence, leaving her bedroom completely unguarded.

Since becoming a mother, Ann had sworn to herself she would never be the kind of parent that invaded her children's privacy like so many others jumped at the chance. But as of late she'd found herself behaving in a lot of ways she'd never considered.

Casual as ever, Ann's feet moved with confidence she climbed the stairs and entered Kim's room. The space was familiar in its pink and purple colors with only a few discarded clothes crumpled on the floor. Careful not to disturb anything and leave clues of her meddling, she had to take into consideration how perceptive her oldest could be. Thankfully, standing in front of Kim's dresser, she knew exactly what she was looking for.

A grand colorful display of bras and panties greeted her as she opened the top drawer. Most were the comfortable sort, soft cotton bikini styles varying in color and design. A little deeper, Ann raised her eyebrow at the discovery of a pitch-black thong of all things, surprising her in a way that was more proud than disapproving. Kim really was growing up. But digging around in her daughter's underwear drawer, she wasn't actually looking for undies. And it was only after her fingers searched the very back of the furniture that she felt a smile start on her lips.

Ann's eyes widened with a gasp of triumph. Grabbing her prize, the object in her hands was a small disk-shaped medical container, one that any woman or teenage girl would recognize as birth control. She hadn't known for sure if her daughter was actually taking them. But a quick snap of her fingers opened the top, revealing a ring of small white pills, each day clearly labelled. And sure enough, counting the number of empty pockets, it seemed as though her daughter was very careful in this circumstance.

With Kim's birth control in hand, Ann moved quickly and empty the small white pills into her hand. In her pocket, she revealed a new medication, a key aspect of her plans if she was really going to go through with this. But searching inside of herself, there was none of the anxiety or indecision she'd expected. Rather, staring down at the label, Ann's eyes dance with excitement as she read its effects: Fertility Treatment.

They were left over from when she and James had been trying for their second baby. Considering she'd ended up with twins, she could personally vouch for their efficiency. Without knowing how many chances she would get to impregnate her little girl, she felt that she really couldn't over prepare. If there was only one opportunity to make sure she became a grandma, then she would rather the medication was too powerful than not enough.

Uncapping the lid, Ann emptied a handful into her palm and compared them to Kim's real birth control pills. The fertility drug was a little bigger, and the coloring was a little off, but luckily Ann felt confident that Kim would be none the wiser. Lining the new pills in the appropriate slots, she grabbed all the real birth control and stashed them in her pocket. In their place, Kim's new drugs now rested safely, just waiting to wreak havoc on her young, bountiful body.

Carefully replacing the disk back where she had found it, Ann quickly folded any of the panties she'd displaced to cover her tracks. In a matter of seconds, she finished closing the drawer and was walking back downstairs to continue with her day. A glance towards her watch explained she still had another five minutes to enjoy her morning and contemplate what had just happened. Ann did so after grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, settling into the same chair where she'd first concocted this entire scheme.

With her mug in hand, Ann settled her back against the cushion, swirling the dark liquid in her mug with a spoon. She took a drink, smirking in undeniable triumph. In her head, all she could picture was Kim swallowing her new pills completely oblivious to the real effects the tiny medication would unleash. As much as she hated the idea of abusing her position, Kim trusted her, and Ann needed to use that trust in order to do what was right as a parent.

Closing her eyes, Ann's smile grew. Part one and two had both been completed without a problem. Unfortunately, it would be a while before she was able to take anything any further. But as Ann pictured her daughter's stomach swollen with child, she knew it would all be worth the wait.

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