Night jogging

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Night jogging

“I’m going out running, you want to come with?”

Looking up from his magazine Ulrich raised an eyebrow at his wife he stood stretching at the living room doorway “it’s ten thirty at night” he deadpanned whilst admiring how Yumi looked in her incredibly short and tight spats shorts and sports bra which strained to contain her considerable bust showing off both cleavage and underboob at the same time

“It’s the best time for it, it’s nice and cool out and there’s next to no one out there” Yumi explained “you should come along babe, it’s been ages since we went running together” she stated to which Ulrich agreed, it had been too long since he had properly exercised with his wife as it had used to be their favourite shared pastime together

That was all that was needed to convince Ulrich to join Yumi on her late night jog, the German changing into a pair of sweat pants and a vest before heading out with Yumi towards their local park where she liked to jog, the area mostly deserted save for the odd late night dog walker and people coming home from work giving them both plenty of privacy for their late night exercise

Upon arriving at the park Yumi took the chance to get a few more stretches in, enjoying the cool night air on her skin as she extended one of her long smooth legs to limber up the muscles in it, a smirk on her lips as she knew her husband’s eyes were on her and how her position made her already skimpy clothing show off even more skin, her sports bra even popping up for a moment causing her heavy EE cup breasts to bounce free for a moment before she quickly corrected her clothing only giving her husband a teasing glance

“Ok, change of plan, how about a race?” the Geisha then suggested turning to her husband who was beginning to do his own stretches “first one around the park gets to do whatever they want to do with the loser for the night, what do you say?”

Ulrich raised an eyebrow at Yumi as he weighed up the option, she easily had him beat in speed as she was easily the fastest in their group and had been ever since their days back at Kadic but whilst she was built for sprinting he was built for a marathon, she would easily tire herself out before she got even half way around the park which gave him a major edge if he kept his pace and didn’t burn himself out in one go

“Sure, why not?” Ulrich grinned as he and Yumi set their places, the Geisha giving him a flirty wink before setting off in a flash the very moment she said go, actually making a draft behind her as Ulrich sighed and rolled his eyes setting off at his much more reasonable pace

As expected Yumi had run off so fast that Ulrich could not see her in the low light of the early night, simply jogging after her around the borders of the park when the sight of something lying haphazardly in his path caught his attention

Yumi’s sneakers

Had she run so fast that they had fallen from her feet? Pondering it for a moment Ulrich quickly picked up the footwear as he passed them knowing Yumi would want them back

Running a little further Ulrich was then shocked to find Yumi’s sports bra dangling off of a branch of a tree on the side of the path, the total lack of tearing on it showing that it had in fact been taken off willingly rather than ripped off of his wife calming Ulrich’s immediate thought that she had been attacked “she’s running it risky” he sighed as he came to realisation that Yumi was now running topless through the park

Grabbing the bra as he went passed it wasn’t long before Ulrich found her spats as well bringing him to the realisation that Yumi was now jogging completely naked through the park, the thought both worrying him and making his cock harden in his sweat pants as he picked up his pace hoping to catch up and find his wife before anyone else did, especially the park keeper

Hiding behind a tree a few dozen yards ahead of her husband Yumi bit her lip as she waited for him to catch up, her heart pounding with excitement as her arousal ran down her inner thighs “best idea ever” she moaned rubbing her thighs together, now fully able to see why Aelita went streaking two to three times a week, the Geisha cupping one of her breasts squeezing it firmly as her breathing got heavier with the approaching sound of Ulrich’s footsteps

The moment Ulrich got within reach of her Yumi all but pounced on him, knocking the air from his lungs as his back hit the dirt hard, his eyes meeting her wide almost manic ones as her hand shot down to cup his groin, rubbing and caressing him to erection before hastily yanking his pants down to free his cock “this wasn’t about jogging was it?” he sighed as Yumi almost frantically started to stroke his cock before leaning down to kiss and lick along his length

“Fuck no” she panted as she then took his entire cock down her throat, sucking hard on him before pulling back and encasing him between her huge heavy breasts “don’t lie to me, you know you were thinking about fucking me here the moment I suggested coming here”

She had him there, the German being unable to deny it as the moment she had started stretching in her skimpy workout clothes he had wanted to jump her then and there uncaring of who could have walked by and seen them, at least Yumi’s way they had some semblance of privacy with the tree line

Pressing her tits harder around her husband’s cock Yumi started to pump them along his length as fast as she could, holding her thick ass high in the air for him to admire as she pleasured him, her breathing heavy as she inhaled his heady musk with every breath “fucking fat delicious dick” she panted taking his cock head between her lips again, sucking hard and wet as she moved her tits faster

Groaning with pleasure Ulrich ran his hand down her back before spanking her ass hard, the sound of his hand smacking her bubble ass echoing through the cool night air as she moaned around his cock head, her lips stretching out as she tilted her head “so deliciousss” she slurred as she drooled heavily lubing up her tits for him

Moving his hand lower to gently tease her wet slit with his fingertips Ulrich started to buck his hips to fuck his wife’s breasts in tandem to her moving them, making the Geisha moan and pant louder around his cock head as her eyes rolled back with perverted pleasure, the very fact that they were fucking in total public bringing her to the edge of orgasm via arousal alone desperately sucking harder on his cock head trying to make him cum before she did

As hard as she tried to hold on though it proved to be futile as Ulrich pressed a calloused thumb to her clit setting off her powerful climax, the Geisha moving her breasts to completely deepthroat her husband’s cock to muffle her cries of ecstasy, the vibrations of her screams setting off his climax as well making him groan as he came hard in her mouth and throat

Greedily swallowing her husband’s cum Yumi continued to bob her head along his cock sucking hard to coax out every drop of his warm salty seed as she could, the taste of his seed completely intoxicating to her as she hallowed her cheeks as much as she could to add as much suction as possible hoping to make Ulrich cum a second time in her hungry mouth

Ulrich had other ideas however as he took hold of Yumi’s head pulling her off of his cock making the Geisha whine with disapproval, the feeling not lasting long as Ulrich then dragged Yumi to her feet and pressed her face first against a nearby tree, the bark abrasive against her sensitive breasts but it only acted to turn her on more “god yes…fuck me…” she panted pressing her ass out to bare her tight fuck holes to him, her cunt dripping onto the grass beneath their feet as Ulrich lined himself up

“Dirty girl” he husked making his wife whimper with need as he then slowly pushed into her dripping core, the German gasping with pleasure as she squeezed around him tighter than ever before “god damn, you’re wet as hell” he panted as he then started to thrust hard and deep into his slutty wife

Gasping sharply as her husband’s cock plunged deep into her needy cunt Yumi dug her fingers into the bark of the tree, the Geisha desperately bucking back against him making her ass clap against his groin “oh god…harder…HARDER!” she screamed losing any care for getting caught, hell the idea of being caught only turned her on more at that moment, her breasts bouncing wildly as she pushed back against him in tandem to his thrusts “fuck me fucking stupid!”

Reaching forward with one hand Ulrich grabbed hold of Yumi’s hair pulling it back hard making her gasp as the sudden stinging sensation mixed with the overwhelming pleasure his cock brought her set off her second climax, her toes curling in the dirt as she let her jaw fall slack and her tongue hang out as she panted and moaned like a bitch in heat

“Holy shit” Ulrich grunted as Yumi squeezed even tighter around him, spanking her thick ass hard as he then gripped her right leg and lifted it high, turning Yumi onto her side balancing her on her left foot as he began to fuck her sideways, her right leg high in the air as he strove towards his release

“Yessss…yes harder…faster...fuck that cunt up!” Yumi screamed as her third orgasm started the moment her second ended, her breasts bouncing harder as Ulrich buried his cock balls deep inside of her, the Geisha screaming in ecstasy as she felt his cock erupt inside of her flooding her to the brim with his hot load “oh fuck yes that’s it!” she keened, her toes curling in the air and dirt as her mind went blank with pure pleasure

As much as she wanted to stop and enjoy the feeling of his hot cum burning her insides the sounds of approaching footsteps forced the couple into action, Ulrich pulling out of her and fixing his pants as Yumi hurriedly covered herself as much as possible before they both bolted out of the park as fast as they could heading straight home before they could be caught

Upon reaching home Yumi found that she had a new message on her cell phone, picking it up to find that it was a picture text from Aelita

A picture of her and Ulrich fucking in the park barely fifteen minutes early with the message ‘I see you had the same idea as me ;) xx’

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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