Tuck's Panty Raid

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Caleb opened the window before climbing into the room with Jerry and Tuck following suit. All dressed in black, the boys tip toed across the room to the dresser. They stacked on top of one another with Jerry on the bottom and Caleb holding Tuck as he opened the top drawer.

“Oooh,” Tuck said as he gazed at the neatly folded and bright white panties.

“We happy?” Caleb asked.

“Oh yeah.”

“Well hurry up and grab ‘em,” Jerry demanded, “My back is killing me.”

Tuck grabbed a few pairs and plopped them on the ground before reaching in the drawer for more. Suddenly, they froze as they heard footsteps and chatter coming from outside the door.

“Abort! Abort!” Jerry whispered loudly.

Tuck and Caleb jumped down to the floor and carried the panties to the window. Tuck stopped at the window and turned to find the drawer was still open.

“What are you doing?!” Caleb asked as Tuck climbed onto the bed.

“We can’t leave any evidence!” Tuck whispered as he jumped from the bed and slammed the drawer shut.

As Tuck landed on the floor, the door knob started turning. Caleb and Jerry wasted no time before climbing out of the window whilst shutting it closed. Tuck then quickly crawled under the bed to avoid detection as the door burst open.

“And then he has the gaul to call me a “stuck up bitch,”” Pteresa said to Brit and Tiff on the phone as she slammed the door, “Behind my back no less, as if I wouldn’t find out-” *plops on the bed* “-So I was like, “Fuck you, you ungrateful piece of shit; we’re through.” Yeah, I actually said that, to his face.”

As Pteresa was talking on the phone, Tuck looked around the undercarriage of the mattress and saw a few stuffed animals, some magazines and a small, purple, rectangular box. As Tuck slowly crawled his way out of the bed, he stopped right at the edge as Pteresa grabbed a magazine from right in front of him.

“Perfect,” she said with a grin.

She opened the magazine and placed a hand in her panties, fingering herself as she gazed at couple pictures of buff men. As she moaned with pleasure, Tuck tried again to crawl out from under the bed without her noticing. He was almost all the way out when he turned and saw her hand reach over her bed. She placed his hand on the back of his head as his eyes widened with fear.

“What the-” Pteresa began before grabbing Tuck by the shirt and holding him in front of her face.

She then took off his mask and yelled, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM???!!!!”

Tuck spouted gibberish as sweet ran down his face. Roller her eyes in annoyance, Pteresa pinched his lips shut, silencing him.

“Start again, this time in English,” she demanded before removing her fingers.

“It was Caleb and Jerry’s idea!” Tuck began, “They were the ones who wanted to sell girl’s underwear so that they could by a PlayBox 180! I didn’t want anything to do with it, but they needed a third person to reach the top drawer any I was the only guy available! Please don’t tell my Mom or Dad!”

Pteresa was about to say something, but then she noticed Tuck’s boner and grinned a seductive grin.

“You caught me in a good mood, kid,” she began lower him to the bed, “tell ya what: you keep your mouth shut and do what I say, and maybe I won’t call the cops. Deal?”

Tuck nodded as he zipped his lips shut, locked them and threw away the key.

“Good boy; lose the clothes.”

Tuck wasted no time before taking off his clothes. He hesitated when he was about to take his underwear off, but when Pteresa raised an eyebrow, he pulled them straight off.

“Lay down on the pillow,” she demanded, “and don’t move.”

Tuck did as she said whilst she grabbed the rectangular purple box from under her bed. After opening the box, she took out a stainless steel ring with a latch and clamped it on Tuck’s cock. He winced as the ring constricted his shaft, but like an obedient child he kept his mouth shut. Pteresa then took out some rope and tide his wrists and ankles to the ends of the bed.

“You a screamer?” Pteresa asked, taking out a black riding crop.

Tuck nodded his head rapidly at the sight of the crop.

“Then you’ll need this.”

Pteresa then took out a red sex ball and a small spray ball before squirting it all over the ball. She then stuffed it in Tuck’s mouth and tide it to his head as he admired the cherry flavor of the mouthpiece. Pteresa then took the crop and held it under his chin whilst grinning evilly. Sweat ran down Tuck’s face as she held the crop back and wacked his right foot with it. He wailed through the sex ball, clenching his fists and feet in pain as she snickered sinisterly.

“That’s for sneaking into my house, you little pervert,” she said with an evil smile.

She wacked his other foot, causing him to wail louder through the mouth piece.

“That’s for trying to steal my brand new panties, you little thief.”

She wacked his right foot again, ultimate causing the boy to cry a river.

“That’s for ease dropping while I was fingering my cunt, you insensitive prick.”

Tuck whimpered through the mouthpiece as tears ran down his face.

“Be honest, am I being too mean?”

Tuck shook his head and in response Pteresa wacked his left foot, causing him to wail through the mouth piece.

“I said be honest,” she said sternly, “am I being too mean?”

Tuck nodded as tears flew off his face.

“I’m sorry, honey,” she said, putting the crop down, “would you like me to make you feel better?”

Tuck nodded.

“I’m going to change into something more comfortable-” *takes a few things out of the box* “-don’t go anyway, okay?”

She exited the room and closed the door behind her, leaving Tuck alone by himself. Tuck then struggled to get loose of the rope, but the knots grew tighter as he struggled. He then used his finger nails to scratch the rope. As he was beginning to make progress, Pteresa slammed the door open, causing Tuck’s heart to skip a beat. She wore a black harness with silver nipple rings as well as a sinister smirk on her face.

“Did you miss me?” she asked rhetorically as she closed the door behind her and walked towards him.

She climbed on to the bed and grabbed his cock before shoving it in her mouth. She smacked her tongue around the shaft whilst he moaned through the mouthpiece. She then removed her mouth and replaced it with her tight, wet pussy, causing Tuck to moan loudly as her vagina squeezed every inch of his cock.

“Ooh yeah,” she cooed, “You like that, don’t ya?”

Tuck nodded.

“Good, now don’t cum until I say, got it?”

Tuck nodded rapidly as she began riding his cock like a sit-n-bounce ball. He clenched his fist as she bounced on top of him, causing the springs in the bed to squeak a rthymic tune. Pteresa moaned ecstatically as she pulled on her nipple rings.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed, “Yeah! Like that!”

Tuck moaned through the mouthpiece as his cock was being constricted by her pussy. The blood stuck in his shaft made every second both eccelerating and agonizing as he felt as though his cock would burst like a balloon if he didn’t blow his load soon. To make matters worse, he heard the rope stitches on his left wrist starting to rip as Pteresa continued to bounce on top of him.

“Come on!” she exclaimed as she was nearing orgasm, “Just a little more! A little more!”

As she came blissfully, the rope on his left wrist snapped and smacked her in the face. She place a hand on her face and glared at Tuck as he sat there frozen like ice. He tried to reach for his mouthpiece but she pinned his hand down to the bed before he had the chance.

“You tried to escape, didn’t you?” she asked, angrily.

Tuck remained motionless, prompting Pteresa to smack him across the face.

“ANSWER ME!!!!” she yelled.

Tuck sobbed through the red ball as he nodded.

“You know I was going to let you go after you gave me an orgasm like that, but now-” *snickers* “-now I’m going to fuck you like a pig.”

She untide the ropes to his wrists before tying them together behind his back. She then untide the ropes to his ankles and flipped him over before taking out a strap-on from the box. She held it to his face whilst he gawked in horror at the sight of it. It was a thick as his arm, scarlet red color coated, and had a pig head imprinted on it. She took it back and slipped it on before drenching the tip with lube and holding it against Tuck’s anus.

He pleaded through the mouthpiece for her not to put it in her, but his pleads were in vain as she shoved it inside him. Tuck screamed through the mouthpiece as began pounding his ass. As he sobbed through the mouthpiece, she grinned an evil grin as she huffed and puffed with each thrust.

Deep down the strap-on was causing him to feel pleasure as it was hitting his rectum. As she thrusted faster, the pain in Tuck’s anus slowly turned into pleasure. Ultimately this lead to him cumming like a fountain, spewing his sperm all over the bed. Pteresa then popped the strap-on out of him as he tried to catch is breath. She then untide the rope and removed the mouthpiece from him before throwing his clothes on top of him.

“Now get dressed and get out,” she demanded.

Tuck did as he was told, whilst wincing as he put his underwear and pants on. He then limped all the way to the door before turning back and glaring at Pteresa, who was casually filling her nails. He didn’t say a word as he closed the door behind him.

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