Violet's Teacher

BY : Redfields
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It was not lost on the middle school students that Mr. Belding’s name was one letter off from balding, a word that would adequately sum up the man. A little short, pudgy, balding with a bad come-over, late-forties, out-of-style glasses, a bland but lined face. In total, a forgettable teacher that was so unremarkable, students could barely remember taking any of his classes. The kind of man no one had a crush on. The type of man no schoolgirl fantasized about. A truly boring man.


And he’d just flunked Violet Parr. Well, not for the whole semester. It was just one test. Violet would’ve loved to make the excuse that she didn’t have time to study since she was busy saving the world, but that would’ve been a lie. Oh certainly, superheroing had eaten into her study time, but she just couldn’t remember anything about Social Studies at all. Mr. Belding’s droning voice had gone in one ear and out the other while Violet daydreamed about Tony.


Still, it was a shock to see the test returned with a red F in the top right corner, circled just to add salt to the wound. Violet stared at it, unblinking, shock running through her system. She’d always been good at school. Always. How could she explain this to her mother? Her family? She’d never flunked anything.


“You can understand why I’m worried, Ms. Parr.” The voice seemed to come from far away. Mr. Belding had asked her to come to his classroom after school. It was then that he’d returned her test, so as to not humiliate her in front of the rest of the class.


“The other teachers all say you’re straight A student. To see you fail this test so spectacularly, I have to ask – is there anything I should know?” Violet tore her gaze away from her test to see the concerned face of her teacher looking at her. Glumly, Violet shook her head. Her eyes were drawn back to the red F like iron filings to a magnet.


“Well … there is something you can do …” Mr. Belding said slowly.


Hope flared in Violet. “Yes?”


“How about an oral exam?” Mr. Belding asked, and Violet’s hopes sank to the pit of her stomach again. She was sure that she’d do as bad on an oral exam as she’d done in class. She simply couldn’t remember anything they’d covered in class. But the red F seemed to burn itself into her mind, and so she nodded her head.


Mr. Belding stood up and unbuckled his belt. Violet’s brow crinkled in confusion, then her eyes widened in surprise and alarm as his pants and underwear dropped to the floor and his penis flopped out. She was stunned into inaction, her thoughts screeching to a halt.


“It’s an oral exam, Ms. Parr. I expect you to use your mouth.” The voice jarred her, and she looked up to find Mr. Belding leering down at her. Obeying as if in a dream, she got off the chair and onto her knees, his penis mere inches from her face.


She reached up to touch it, but heard Mr. Belding. “I’m not grading you on your hands, Ms. Parr.” He said sternly. She lowered her hands, resting them on his thighs, and inched her open mouth closer to the tip of his dick. Finally, it was inside her mouth, and she closed her lips around it, doing her best to keep her tongue away from the vile intrusion. She wondered what to do next, with this fleshy intrusion poking at her mouth.


“Go on, suck it, girl.” She felt more of the penis slide into her mouth as Mr. Belding slowly thrust his hips forward, so she pulled back. She felt hands on her head, fingers intertwining in her hair, and then her head was forced forwards onto his penis.


“Mmmmph.” She resisted, but the teacher reminded her of what was at stake.


“Do you want fail or not, Ms. Parr?” Violet stopped struggling, and let Mr. Belding set the pace. He started pulling out, and she thought she was done, but then he pushed in again, far enough that she could finally taste it. It tasted like … Flesh? Sweaty Armpit? Nothing good, but nothing heinous, either.


“Use your tongue.” Mr. Belding instructed. Violet had no idea how, so she just started rubbing her tongue over it, licking it like candy, as the teacher continued to thrust in and out of her mouth. He picked up speed, but not much, and worked on length.


Surprising her, with one powerful stroke, he thrust his entire 5-inch length into her mouth. It reached her throat and triggered her gag reflex. She almost lost her lunch, but made a tiny forcefield in her esophagus to keep her gorge down. It didn’t stop her eyes from watering. She hoped Mr. Belding wouldn’t notice her superpowers.


“You little slut. Deep-throating already.” Mr. Belding’s voice was admiring, even as he pumped away. Her throat made disgusting glurking sounds when he pushed in. Violet was glad she hadn’t worn makeup today, or it would be running down her face as the tears finally leaked from her eyes.


Mr. Belding thrust in and out several more times. The forcefield in Violet’s throat gradually disappeared until she didn’t need it anymore. Finally, the teacher pulled out. Violet cough and sputtered, taking deep breaths.


“Do I … Do I get an A?” She asked quietly, once her breath was back.


“Ha … no. That was a blow job. B for blow job, I think. But I can give you an A, if you want. Just do a little more …” Mr. Belding replied.


“I – okay” Violet replied stoically.


“Good. Now stand up and take off your clothes.” Violet paused. Partly in shock, but also because she had her Incredibles uniform on underneath her school outfit. Could she take it off without Mr. Belding noticing?


Grabbing the bottom of both her shirts carefully, she peeled out of them, leaving her topless. Still too young to get a bra, her breasts just barely rose above the rest of her chest. She could feel Mr. Belding’s leering eyes on them, but she tried to put that out of her mind. She toed her way out of her sneakers, gulped, then pulled down her pants and uniform bottoms all at once. Closing her eyes and mentally steeling herself, she pulled down her underwear as well.


She glared at her teacher, but his eyes were roaming her body. Her stepped closer, and she stonily looked away as his hands took over from his eyes, running over her body. She grimaced when his fingers pinched her nipples, but she was otherwise silent at his groping. Soon, one hand was sliding down her stomach, brushing over the fuzz that was just starting to grow below it, and dropped to her groin. He ran his fingers along her vulva, and she gulped again.


“Turn around.” She obeyed, presenting her backside to her teacher.


“Bend over the desk.” Again she obeyed, closing her eyes and fearing the worst. The fake wood of the desk felt cold against her chest. Then she felt warm breath on her labia. Something slimy touched it, and she almost jumped. It ran up between her lips, then pushed in deeper and did the same thing. This … this wasn’t so bad. Just a little confusing.


“Do you want to get an A?” Mr. Belding asked. The voice came from higher up, and she couldn’t feel breath on her privates anymore.


“Y-yes.” Violet stuttered.


“Well, A is for anal.” He replied. Then she felt something push against her butthole.


She let out a confused “huh?” before pain exploded from her rear. She tried to shriek but a hand was covering her mouth, muffling it. She kicked helplessly, but he was pinning her against the desk. Her hands were free but useless, beating fruitlessly against the desk.


“Shhhhhh” the teacher said into her ear. “We wouldn’t want anyone to hear you.” She tried to keep her sobs down as her pushed further into her, but every inch hurt more. The last inch was the worst, and she cried out again, until he was completely inside her bottom


“See? You did it.” He whispered in her ear. She just whimpered in reply, and hoped that this was the end of it. It seemed her wished were answered when he started to pull out, only to be dashed when he pushed in again. He repeated the process a few times, each time it might be the last, but he kept on thrusting back in. At least, at least the pain wasn’t agonizing anymore. She still whimpered and cried.


He began using more force, pounding into her, and she nearly shrieked again. She managed to keep her mouth closed, making it only a muffled squeal. Whatever tears had dried on her face were joined by fresh ones as pain blossomed anew in her rear end.


Mr. Belding was going with enough force to shake the desk. Again and again. The pain lessened, but spread, until her whole bottom just hurt. Her thighs did too, digging into the edge of the desk. But all the pain was centered on her poor abused butthole, no longer virginal, stretched wide around the penis violating her bowels.


Mr. Belding’s thrusts got even harder. Wouldn’t this ever stop? Violet cried in her head as tears leaked from her eyes. He was even grunting now, disgusting sounds into her ear. Then, with a loud groan, he thrust in and stayed buried in her. She could feel something warm filling up her backside, a liquid maybe. Is that what sex was? She wondered, hoping against hope that this was the end.


Mr. Belding stayed atop her, smothering her hopes again. But then he straightened and pulled out. Violet clenched her butt, feeling like she was going to poop right there on the floor, but nothing like that happened. She stayed bent over the desk.


“Well, that’ll get you an A.” Mr. Belding said. Violet was so worn out, she couldn’t even be relieved. “Just one more thing.” He added.


“What now?” She said wearily, standing up from the desk.


“I need you to clean my cock.” Violet was a little confused, but it was clear what he meant.


“With what?” The same dull tone of voice.


“With your mouth, of course.” He replied. That was enough to shake her.


“But it – it’s been in my … my …” she couldn’t quite get the last word out.


“Yeah, and it’ll keep smelling like ass until you suck on it.” His voice was almost cruel. Violet again sank to her knees, echoing her first try at this. She closed her eyes, gulped, and took his penis into her mouth again. It was easier when it was soft, she noticed, but it tasted awful. She almost threw up again, and had to rely on a forcefield in her throat once more. She used her tongue to wipe off his dick, desperately trying not to taste what was on it.


“Yeah, you’re a little ass-to-mouth whore, aren’t you, bitch?” He taunted her. She didn’t reply, hurriedly cleaning his manhood and then backing off. She sat on the floor, naked, arms around her knees. She swallowed saliva, trying to get the taste out of her mouth.


He pulled up his underwear and pants, then glanced down at her as he buckled his belt. “You can get dressed now.” He said dismissively. He pulled out the white-out and dabbed it over the red F that had started this whole thing.


Carefully, she put her clothes back on, doing her best to hide her superhero outfit. By the time she was done. Her F was an A+. She snatched the piece of paper and left the room, desperate for a bathroom she could throw up in. Or poop in, she thought as her intestines sloshed. Either way, next time she’d just take the F.

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