Conjugal visit

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Conjugal visit

 Azula slowly roused from her light slumber at the sound of heavy footsteps approaching her cell door, the ex-Fire Lord shifting slightly on her knees to ease the ache in them making the shackles and chains that bound her wrists forcing her arms spread eagle rattle

It was the same every time she had a visitor, her straight jacket would be removed and her arms would be shackled to make sure that she couldn’t lash out and harm those who came to see her

This visitor was different however, not some Fire Nation land owner demanding reparations for the good seized by the army when her father was in charge or even her brother trying to talk some sense into her

This time the Avatar himself was coming to visit

As her cell door creaked open bathing her in real light for the first time in days Azula cracked a crooked smile “a visitor? For me? I’m flattered” the prisoner spoke as Aang walked into the cell escorted by a couple of Guards

“Hello to you to Azula” Aang responded with much less glee in his tone, his face stern and serious as he glared down at the fallen Princess “you know why I’m here, the quicker you give me the information needed about the remainder of the pro Ozai rebellion the quicker I can leave”

“Aww, the mighty Avatar needs my help? And here I thought you could do everything” the Fire Bender taunted pulling on her shackles as she grinned wider up at him “you see what your so called peace gets you? Nothing! When my father was in charge this wouldn’t have happened! You haven’t saved the world, you’ve ruined it!” she spat at him trying to goad a reaction but instead Aang simply closed his eyes and inhaled

“Guards, could you give me some time alone with the prisoner?” Aang requested to which the Guards looked at him shocked

“Sir, are you sure that’s wise? Azula is kept in solitary for a reason, if anything were to happen to you...”

“She is restrained and her Bending has been removed, I assure you that I will be quite alright, I just need some privacy with her to get the info that I need” the Avatar explained to which the Guards begrudgingly left

As the cell door was shut behind them Aang sighed and turned back to Azula, crouching down so that he was eye level with her “must you always be so difficult?” the Avatar sighed to which Azula responded by literally spitting in his face making Aang flinch and scowl as he wiped off his face with disgust “don’t do that”

“Or what? You won’t do anything to me, you’re too soft hearted to do anything” Azula spat back with the same demented grin never leaving her face “it won’t be long before my Ozai is able to rise up again and I’ll take my rightful place as ruler of the Fire Nation and there is nothing you can or will do about it”

Scowling down at her Aang took Azula by surprise when his hand suddenly shot up to slap her hard across the face making her head snap to the side and her eyes widen “wha…what was that?!” she then exclaimed glaring at hissing at the Avatar who just took hold of her by the throat making her words catch

“You think I won’t do anything to stop that?” Aang asked, his tone suddenly much firmer and colder than before “I may follow the Air Nomads teaching of all life is sacred and must never be taken but I am bound by my duties as the Avatar, even if it goes against my nature I will do what I must to ensure peace”

Feeling her cheek sting from the hit Azula strained against the shackles that held her wrists wanting nothing more than to hit him back but alongside that anger she felt the strangest arousal in the pit of her loins, no one had ever spoken to her in such a way and gotten away with it and to have someone actually holding power over her had Azula strangely flushing and pressing her thighs together “now I do not wish to have to hit you again so if you would just kindly answer my questions we could just…”

“Fuck you”

The moment the words left her lips Aang struck Azula again on the same cheek making it burn and redden as the prisoner then glared up at him, her eyes still defiant but yeah had a heated mistiness to them that seemed to silently beg him to continue with the abuse

Glaring down at her with his grey eyes strangely cold and steely Aang then sighed “it appears that you’re not going to talk without some persuading”

“Ha! Torture? You actually think you can torture information out of me?” Azula scoffed as Aang then stood up straight in front of her “there is nothing that you can do to make me talk!”

Having expected another hit or even for him to use Bending on her Azula’s eyes widened with complete shock when the Avatar instead simply parted his robes letting his fat heavy cock fall free and slap against her face, her breath catching again as her eyes darted repeatedly from his face to the fat musky cock that rested on her cheek, the heady smell of it making her core clench and her mouth water

“What is…what are you…” she panted as it suddenly became very hard for her to think straight, her groin growing uncomfortably tight as she felt her arousal starting to run down her inner thighs “how dare you?! Get that away from me!” she exclaimed before gagging as Aang shut her up by forcing his fat cock straight into her mouth and down her throat

Retching loudly as Aang pressed her face to his groin Azula wanted nothing more than to bite him but found herself completely unable to do so, the heat and taste of his cock was the most delicious thing she had experienced in Agni knows how long and her glaring at him quickly died down as her eyes fluttered closed with a low muffled moan of arousal

Relaxing her jaw and throat as much as she could Azula moaned louder as Aang took a firm grip of her head and started to roughly fuck her mouth, the sounds of her soft sucking and gagging echoing against her cell walls alongside Aang’s heavy breathing and the jangling of her shackles and chains, her fists clenching as she tugged against the restraints wanting to just grab him by the waist and make him fuck her throat harder

“Agni fuck…can’t…think…tastes so…good…” she moaned internally cursing Katara for having access to such a godly cock at a moment’s notice, her nipples starting to chafe in her rough prisoner shirt as they pebbled to hard as diamonds

Seemingly to notice the slight discomfort Aang moved one hand from her hair to her shirt and with one harsh twist and pull tore it open freeing her breasts along them to bounce and jiggle in tandem to his thrusts to which she gave an appreciative hum, the ex-Fire Lord drooling heavily around his cock letting it run down her chin and onto her heaving breasts

Just as she felt him throb against her tongue and tasted his warm salty precum Aang suddenly pulled away making Azula gasp, her eyes wide with confusion and almost panic as she tugged at her restraints trying to take his cock back into her mouth to which he just cupped her face “are you willing to speak now?” he questioned, his tone as hard and cold as before as Azula just panted heavily, her eyes still darting from his face to his cock over and over again

Slowly licking her lips Azula just gave him another crooked grin “fuck you” she spat leaving her mouth open for him and to her delight she was immediately ‘punished’ with another hard mouth fucking, her throat bulging with every thrust as her eyes rolled back with masochistic pleasure

As his pace got steadily harder and faster bruising Azula’s lips and making her breasts bounce harder before he suddenly reached his limit, his thrusts stopping as he buried his manhood balls deep in Azula’s mouth, making her eyes cross as her mouth and throat was filled with his hot potent seed

When his climax ended Aang then pulled out of Azula’s mouth to which she pursed her lips tight, her golden eyes glaring up at him as she held his cum in her mouth, her expression giving the impression that she was simply refusing to swallow when in fact she was just relishing the taste and texture of his seed, her tongue swirling around her mouth as her cunt dripped even more with arousal, the prisoner already making plans to capture Aang and make him her concubine when she escaped and retook the Fire Nation

Aang’s hand grasping her throat drew her from her thoughts however and looking him dead in the eye she finally swallowed, letting his cum run down her throat with one leisurely gulp before opening her mouth and almost mockingly waggling her tongue as if to say ‘is that all you’ve got?’

To Azula’s delight Aang had a lot more in him and after her pants were torn open her cell was filled with her screams and cries of pleasure alongside the clattering of her chains as Aang bounced her along his cock, her legs hung over his shoulders with her knees to her own shoulders causing her to hang from her arms from the chains

When was the last time she had felt sexual pleasure? How long had she been locked up? Both questions she didn’t remember the answer to, all she cared about at that moment was Aang and his cock reshaping her insides, even the constant thoughts and plans of her escape disappeared from her mind as she focused on the sheer masochistic pleasure of being used in such a fierce uncaring way

“Fuck…is this…how you treat…all your prisoners?” she panted staring down watching how his cock plunged deep into her soaking wet cunt over and over “so…weak…you need to…be more…violent…” she moaned before gasping as Aang grabbed hold of her throat again, squeezing as his pace got even harder turning her screams of pleasure into short choked gasps as her cunt squeezed tight around him

Grasping at the chains that held her wrists Azula tried her best to use them to swing in tandem to Aang’s thrust so that she could fuck his cock back, her abdomen starting to tighten as her first orgasm in what seemed like years started to build up

Just before she got close enough to cum however Aang suddenly stopped making her gasp and stare at him in shock as he then took hold of her chains, using Fire Bending he proceeded to melt through the chains causing Azula to fall off of his cock and land with a dull thud on the hard stone floor

Moments after she hit the floor Azula then found herself on her feet and bent over with her face pressed against the stone wall as Aang took her from behind, her ass clapping loudly against his waist as her nails dug into the cold stone of the wall

As the Avatar claimed her desperate needy core Azula steadily lost the rest of her fragile mind to sheer masochistic pleasure, a wide crooked grin on her lips as her eyes rolled back yet again in ecstasy, she was close, oh so close to an earth shattering orgasm and by the way Aang’s cock was throbbing he was close too

Would he cum inside her? Impregnate her? Oh the shame it would bring him, the mighty Avatar copulating with the ‘enemy of the free people’, he would be forced into hiding and she would carry his strong bloodline after she reclaimed the world that was hers by right

Regaining as much thought and control as she could Azula was determined to make him cum inside of her, pushing back against him as best as she could as her stomach coiled painfully tight, she was close, oh so painfully close, all she needed was one last push and…

Just as Aang came inside of her Azula felt an icy wash of liquid splash over her jolting her awake, her golden eyes wide as she rapidly looked around, she was still in her cell, still clothed and still chained up, it had all been a heated dream bringing a low growl of frustration from her throat

“Rise and shine Princess, you’ve got a visitor” the guard who had infuriatingly woken her sneered “try to behave this time” he then quipped as he turned to leave taking the water bucket with him, opening the door to reveal none other than Aang stood waiting to enter

Her eyes widening at the sight of him Azula grinned crookedly at the Avatar as he entered the room “what a coincidence” she chuckled dryly “I’ve been dreaming about you”

“All the ways you wish to kill me I assume?” Aang retorted with a raise eyebrow

“Perhaps” Azula grinned wider to which Aang just shook his head

To this day she still confused him to no end

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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