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Marinette pushed open the door to her apartment with her hip, her arms burdened with three overstuffed garment bags, two bolts of fabric, her purse, and her keys. Shuffling inside, she kicked the door shut, depressing the lock with her elbow, and toed off her pumps with a relieved sigh. She dumped her cargo on the counter of her modest kitchenette, then turned down the short hall to her bathroom to undress.

Tikki lay asleep in her purse, gorged on a dozen chocolate chip biscuits from Tom's and Sabine's bakery, and remained unbothered by the rough handling. It had become a habit to stop by the bakery on her way home to see how they fared, and each time Tikki was spoiled with a selection of sweet treats. Marinette wished her own problems could be solved as easily.

She'd had a long day of measuring, sewing, and stress as the deadline for the next Gabriel fashion show came upon them. A large part of Marinette's stress came in the form of Adrien Agreste, whom she had had to fit for the event. He had stood in her studio, smiling benignly as she fluttered about him, wearing nothing but his underwear.

Marinette shook her head at herself as she dropped her clothes in the hamper. All these years later and he still made her swoon.

'Yeesh,' she muttered as she peeled off her damp panties.

Marinette turned to the tub and drew a bath, adding her favourite oil, and digging a matchbox out of the vanity drawer to light a scented candle. She then sank into the water, letting the heat and gentle aromas relax her.

Thoughts of Adrien's muscular chest and back floated to the forefront of her mind. She'd touched his skin as she'd taken his measurements; it was warm and soft, belied by the taut musculature underneath.

Marinette's hand drifted down her body as images of Adrien flashed in her mind's eye. His broad shoulders, large hands, and tight arse that remained hidden by his boxer briefs. She exhaled slowly as she rubbed her clit.

'Ouch,' she gasped, pulling her hand up to inspect her fingernails.

They had grown long enough to become uncomfortable, and the work she had done that day left the edges rough, and made the quick start to peel.

Marinette groaned as she let her head fall back to rest against the side of the tub. Seeing no sense in letting the warm water go to waste, Marinette remained there until the water began to cool. She hoped that while she sat there, her thoughts of Adrien would subside and she would cam down enough to get a full night's rest. Alas, her libido had awoken and demanded satisfaction.

Marinette pulled the plug and towelled off, walking to the end of the hall to her bedroom, naked. She yanked open the drawer in her bedside table and retrieved her dildo. Originally a gag gift from Alya, it had become Marinette's sole form of release the last two years. It was of an average size, black, and featured a clit tickler that never failed to make Marinette's toes curl.

Testing to see if the batteries still had life in them, Marinette smiled. She then grabbed her satin dressing gown from the closet, and slipped it on as she went back down the hall and into the lounge room.

She considered the couch as she idly slapped the dildo against her open palm, then turned to the sliding glass door and the table and chairs sitting to the right side of her balcony. Marinette smiled and pushed the door open. It thunked over an unseen obstacle in its track.

The night was balmy and the slight breeze felt refreshing. Marinette slid into the closest of the two chairs and perched her feet on the balcony railing in front of her, her dressing gown falling open to drape over the sides of the seat.

Marinette was on the eighth floor of her apartment block, and the surrounding buildings on her side of the street barely reached six levels, so she didn't have to worry about being seen. Even if there had been neighbouring buildings tall enough, the front wall of the balcony was solid concrete. No one could peek, accidentally or otherwise.

Marinette leaned back and closed her eyes as she began to stroke her pussy with the dildo, opening her legs wider as a familiar heat began low in her belly.

Memories of Adrien's body and soft smiles swam in her mind. She imagined it was his hand gently kneading her breast, his breath on her lips, and his cock sliding against her body. Warm wetness tickled her skin as Marinette rubbed her clit. She hummed quietly, pleased with how quickly her body responded.

Her hips twitched when she pressed the dildo firmly against her clit. She sighed as she moved the head to her opening and swirled it around, coating it in her juices. She then ran its length along the damp trail, before slowly pushing the tip in.

Marinette's hips tilted upward, her weight supported by her feet on the balcony rail, as she pushed the dildo in completely and turned it on. She began to pump it with small, angled thrusts, the tip moving against her upper wall and hitting her g-spot, while the clit tickler never moved too far from its target.

Her mouth fell open, her breathing heavy as sweat beaded her skin. She gripped her breast with her other hand, pinching and rolling her nipple between two fingers.

She moaned when a pleasant heat began to build inside her pussy, covering the sound of something large landing on the left side of her balcony.

'Well, if that isn't the prettiest sight in all of Paris,' purred a deep voice.

Marinette shot upright with a shriek, snapping her legs shut and bringing her knees to her chest as she pulled her dressing gown around herself.

'Aw, there's no need to stop on my account,' Chat Noir pouted, as Marinette glared at him.

'What do you think you're doing? Get out of here,' she hissed, her face crimson.

Chat Noir shrugged. 'I was just out for a run, minding my own business, when I happened to see a beautiful woman sitting, naked, on her balcony. Imagine my surprise when I realised it was you, Princess.' He winked lasciviously at her.

She felt her cheeks burn, but Marinette couldn't help but notice the tented bulge in Chat Noir's crotch. She quickly dragged her eyes back up to his, before he saw where she was looking. He was grinning, wickedly.

'Like what you see?'

Marinette harrumphed. 'How long were you watching, you pervert?'

Chat Noir leaned back, resting his elbows on the top of the rail, one leg crossed loosely over the other. 'Long enough.'

They stared at each other for a drawn out moment. Of course, the other blond problem in her life would appear now.

Over the last several years, Chat Noir had grown up and filled out. He was considered by many to be the sexual icon of the century, a title he wore proudly. Marinette couldn't disagree. He had a firm, chiselled jaw, broad shoulders, and a muscular body. His suit did nothing to hide the details of his figure, except for his groin, which was protected by a reinforced layer of armour. Marinette hoped the size of the bulge wasn't all due to the suit.

The suit itself had undergone some changes as well. He now had a hood, with slits in the top to allow his ears to poke through, and his belt looped around his middle twice before it led into a tail. His claws had grown longer and sharper, too. Capped with silver, they also appeared on his boots, but were now fully retractable. His bell had vanished completely, to be replaced with a dog tag with the words, Chat Noir inscribed on the front and, if found please return to Ladybug, on the back.

As Marinette grew, she came to appreciate Chat Noir's good looks, but it took a while longer to admit to herself that he was equally as good looking as Adrien. After that moment of self reflection, Marinette's libido had taken over. She began to respond to his flirtations, even liked it when he made suggestive, sometimes even lewd, comments. More and more frequently, he had left her as hot and bothered as if she had spent the day with a partially naked Adrien.

Marinette came back to herself with a jolt. 'Why are you still here?' she demanded, her face flaming.

Chat Noir pushed away from the railing and reached her side in a single stride. This close, the bulge in his pants was unmistakable. He crouched down to look her in the eye. 'The way I see it, you have three options. One, continue as you were while I watch. Two, you let me help you. Or, three, insist that I leave. The choice is yours, Princess.'

There was a moment of heavy silence while he awaited her answer.

'Get out of here, you nasty pervert,' Marinette yelled.

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