Return of the doppelganger

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Return of the doppelganger

“You’re so cute, you look just like Aelita” Brynja breathed as she gently cupped Taelia’s face, both girls sat naked on Odd’s bed as they ‘got to know each other’

Believing he would have the house to himself for the day Odd had resigned himself to a day of relaxing, watching movies and playing video games only to be surprised when Brynja called him claiming to be bored and needing some attention so obviously he invited her around

When she arrived however Odd was surprised to find that she had company, Brynja believing that she had bumped into Aelita on the way over and invited her to come along only to find upon Odd opening the door and explaining that Taelia was just a look alike of Aelita’s that had gone to the same school as them

After everything was explained and sorted out Brynja was just as eager to get to the action and the fact that she was making a new friend in the process only sweetened the deal, the girls now sitting naked facing each other on Odd’s bed with their clothes strewn across the floor whilst Odd watched from the foot of the bed enjoying the show

“I get that a lot” Taelia tittered back as her hands ran up Brynja’s front to cup her large heavy D cup breasts making the blonde purr and bite her lip “it’s been too long since I last hung out with these guys, looks like I’ve been missing out on all the fun”

“You have no idea” Odd growled lustfully making Taelia smirk as she leaned in to press her lips to Brynja’s throat drawing a heated moan from her, her hands cupping and squeezing the Norse girls breasts making her moan louder as she sucked a hickey out of her neck

As Taelia groped at her tits Brynja reached around to grab hold of her full firm ass, spanking it hard making the maroon haired girl purr against her neck before squeezing her ass cheeks firmly, the maroon haired girl giggling against Brynja’s throat before pulling back and leaning in to kiss her deeply, their tongues promptly starting to wrestle as Odd decided that he couldn’t just watch anymore

Dropping his pants Odd freed his throbbing cock before proceeding to mount the bed, approaching the girls as he stood with his cock level at their faces, pushing it between their connected mouths making her moan and titter against it as they continued to kiss around it, the blond holding both sluts heads as he then began to thrust between their lips

“That’s it, good girls” Odd praised them as Taelia and Brynja lavished his cock with love and attention, breaking their kiss to run their lips along its length, kissing and licking wherever their mouths touched before Brynja took the head and Taelia moved down to tend to his balls

Planting a heated loving kiss on his cock head Brynja then eagerly took Odd’s dick deep into her mouth and throat, her eyes rolling back for a second as she relished his taste before pursing her lips tight and bobbing her head as briskly as she could intent on making him cum as hard as possible whilst Taelia lapped and sucked at his balls

Groaning with pleasure Odd buried his fingers into the girls hair, making them titter and simper around his cock and balls sending blissful vibrations through him, soon rewarding Brynja with a taste of his precum making her moan louder around his shaft

Feeling his balls tighten against her tongue Taelia moved back to his shaft, sucking and licking along it alongside Brynja then they felt it throb even harder, both of them then moving to kneel in front of him as they both placed a hand around his cock, stroking him in unison until they were rewarded with his hot thick load all over their faces

Moaning and simpering at the feeling of his cum on their skin Brynja and Taelia hungrily stuck out their tongues to catch as much as possibly before proceeding to lap up the cum from each other’s faces and breasts as Odd continued jerking his cock to finish the rest of his load into their hair

“Tastes so good” Taelia moaned as she licked up a long trail of cum from the blonde’s cheek making Brynja giggle at the feeling before returning the favour making Taelia purr at the feeling of her tongue “I need his dick in me”

Grinning lustfully at her moan Brynja looked to Odd who was more than ready for another round, the Norse girl moving aside so that Odd could take her place on top of Taelia, the maroon haired girl eagerly spreading her legs for him exposing her dripping cunt, her eyes full of eagerness and lust as she clasped at her ankles to spread her legs even wider for him, her ankles at her shoulders as she bit her lip watching him press his cock to her soaking slit

The scream she let out as Odd buried his cock inside of her was music to his ears, the blond grunting as he forced himself in balls deep “fuck, you’re as tight as her” he groaned as her cunt squeezed like a vice around him, just another feature that made Taelia near identical to Aelita as the maroon haired girl shook with pleasure under him, her toes curling in the air as her breathing came out in short heavy pants

Biting her lip as she watched Odd start to thrust into Taelia as hard and fast as her cunt would let him Brynja let her hand slide down between her legs, gently rubbing her clit to tide herself over whilst her other hand massaged one of her cum covered breasts “so hot” she keened sliding two fingers inside of her aching cunt as she watched Taelia’s perky tits bounce in tandem to Odd’s thrusts

“Yes…yes…fuck me!” Taelia panted rolling her head and arching her back as a surge of pleasure coursed through her body, her toes curling tighter as her orgasm washed over her making her cunt squeeze even tighter forcing Odd to stop as Taelia rode out her climax, the slut getting so tight that her groin bulged out around his girth

Panting harder as sweat began to run down her skin Taelia rolled her hips as her climax began to die down “more…again…” she moaned before gasping as Odd then rolled her over and raised her hips as he moved to sit up on his knees, Taelia letting out a sharp squeak as he spanked her ass before starting to pant and moan again as he then started thrusting into her from behind making her ass clap against his groin

Biting her lip harder Brynja soon found her fingers no longer enough to satisfy her, the Norse girl crawling in front of Taelia so that the maroon haired girls head was between her legs, her warm breath on her slit sending shivers up Brynja’s spine as the blonde then took hold of Taelia’s head pulling her mouth to her cunt

As Brynja brought her core to Taelia’s mouth the maroon haired girl quickly got to work, pushing her tongue deep inside as her moans echoed through Brynja’s body making the Norse slut roll her head back with a purr of ecstasy

With a few more thrusts Odd reached his second climax, his pace speeding up until he forced his entire cock into Taelia’s cunt with one last powerful thrust forcing her harder against Brynja’s cock as he unloaded inside of her, making her eyes roll back in ecstasy as he filled her womb with his hot thick load

“Oh god, mmm eat me deeper slut” Brynja purred before gasping as Taelia was suddenly pulled away, the blonde not getting a chance to complain however as Odd took his place between her legs, pushing her back onto the bed before forcing his cock into her cunt making her cry out with pleasure, her huge tits starting to bounce immediately as he hammered into her

“OH MY GOD YES!!!” she screamed as her head hung back over the edge of the bed, letting her body go completely limp so that Odd could fuck her as he saw fit “I’m cumming!!!” she then shrieked as her cunt exploded in orgasm, her legs kicking by Odd’s sides as he powered through her climax showing her no mercy making her brain go completely blank and hazy, only able to feel the mind numbing pleasure of Odd’s cock as he fucked her through to this final climax flooding her cunt and womb completely full as well

Laying completely blissed out on her front Taelia watched as Odd pulled out of Brynja and sat back to rest, the sight of his cum dripping out of the Norse girls cunt looking absolutely beautiful to her as she could feel his cum dripping out of her own pussy

“I definitely need to drop by more often” she thought to herself as she let her eyes fluttered closed, she would definitely need some rest before she could remotely move her legs again

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