The More, the Merrier

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Disclaimer: I do not own Phineas and Ferb or its characters. I made no money from writing this story. No yoga class I've ever taken turned out like this.

The More, the Merrier

by George Glass

Summary: Sequel to “Hot Yoga.” Jenny’s “yoga club” adds three new members—and turns up the heat.

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Chapter 1

Jenny usually tried to live in the moment, but she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of anticipation as she dismounted her bicycle and walked it around behind the Hiranos’ house. This would be the fifth session of the “yoga club” that had formed six weeks earlier when Jenny, using her parents’ special incense, had inadvertently turned her yoga class into an orgy. The group had been meeting semi-regularly since then, and now it would be growing: The dozen members of the group had chosen today to add a few new faces—to speak only of their faces—to the mix.

Jenny pushed down the kickstand and left her bike near the back door. Then she knocked, and Dr. Hirano opened the door.

“Come in,” the woman said. “Stacy and Coltrane are getting the living room ready.”

Dr. Hirano turned and led Jenny to the living room. Walking behind Dr. Hirano, Jenny noticed the woman’s tight black yoga pants, which showed off her voluptuous ass in all its plushness. Despite not yet having had a single whiff of the special incense that Jenny brought to every session, the girl felt warmth in her chest at the sight.

Entering the living room, Jenny found Stacy and Coltrane moving the furniture up against the walls.

“Hey, Jenny,” Stacy said.

“Looking forward to ‘class’ today,” Coltrane added.

“Hi, guys,” Jenny replied. “Where’s Ginger?”

“Phineas and Ferb are shooting some kind of ‘Christmas in July’ special,” Stacy replied, “and Ginger had to go sing backup for Isabella.”

“That kind of thing seems to happen a lot,” Coltrane added.

“But she’ll be along soon,” Stacy said. Then, with a wink at Coltrane, she added, “Today’s a special day for her.”

The doorbell rang, and Dr. Hirano opened the front door to admit Monty Monogram and a young girl whose name Jenny didn’t know but whom she had seen around town. The girl was perhaps seven years old, small, and fair-skinned. She wore black exercise pants and, in her pageboy-cut red hair, a purple bow that matched both her T-shirt and the purple stripe across the front of her white sneakers. All in all, the girl looked sweet, innocent, and delicious, or so Jenny thought.

“This is Sally,” Monty said to everyone as he brought the girl into the living room. “She’s the daughter of one of my mom’s friends, and she’s here to check out our yoga class.”

“Welcome, Sally,” Jenny said, trying to keep any hints of sexual curiosity about the girl out of her voice.

Jenny knew why Monty had brought Sally: In that life-changing first yoga class six weeks earlier, Monty and Vanessa had discovered that they shared an attraction to young girls. Sally would be their youngest yet.

There was another knock at the back door, and Dr. Hirano greeted another new arrival.

“Welcome, Pedro,” Jenny said to the tan-complected ten-year-old as he walked in, wearing a dark-blue T-shirt and black sweat shorts.

“Hi,” the black-haired boy replied as Dr. Hirano led him to the living room. “Thanks for inviting me.”

Jenny had invited Pedro—whom she had been tutoring in math—to the group, not just for her own sake but for Melanie’s. The mayor’s assistant had revealed her passionate interest in young boys at the yoga club’s first session, but thus far, Balthazar Horowitz had been the only preteen male in the group. And although Jenny hadn’t told Pedro exactly what went on in her “yoga class,” she strongly suspected that he would enjoy it; she had noticed the boy stealing glances at her developing teenage body on several occasions during their tutoring sessions.

There was a knock at the back door, and Jenny accompanied Stacy to the kitchen to let in Adyson and Gretchen, who were just doffing their bike helmets. Adyson had on her usual yoga attire—a blue T-shirt and black bike shorts—but Gretchen was wearing a new, white tank top and pink spandex shorts tight enough to make every detail of the little girl’s ass plain to see. Looking at it, Jenny couldn’t help but think of a ripe peach, ready to be bitten into.

Apparently noticing the direction of Jenny’s gaze, Adyson said, “I picked those for her myself.” Then, with a naughty smile, Adyson added, “Made her ride in front of me all the way here, too. You know, for the view.”

Gretchen, for her part, looked over at the new boy and said, “Oh, hey, Pedro.”

“Hey, Gretchen,” the boy replied. “Hey, Adyson.”

“You guys know each other?” Jenny asked.

“Pedro comes to some of Phineas and Ferb’s stuff,” Adyson explained.

“We met when they made the roller coaster,” Pedro added. Chuckling, he went on, “I brought the flyer with me to try to get a discount. I didn’t know the roller coaster was going to be free. Or, you know, incredibly dangerous. But at least now I can say I’ve been to France.”

Jenny was about to reply when the doorbell rang again. Dr. Hirano again opened it, revealing Melanie and, at her side, Roger Doofenshmirtz.

“Come in, Melanie, Mr. Mayor,” Dr. Hirano said.

“Oh, no need to be so formal,” the man replied with his trademark charm. “Please call me Roger.”

Dr. Hirano shook his hand, smiling. “Well, it’s nice to have you, Roger.”

“I’m honored to be invited,” Roger said. “From what Melanie has told me, this ‘yoga class’ is…special.”

“Oh, I think you’ll like it very much,” Dr. Hirano replied.

“As much as I do, I’m sure,” Melanie added. Then, with a small but wicked smile, she asked, “Is Balthazar here yet?”

“No,” Dr. Hirano said, “but he should arrive any minute. Vanessa said she would walk over with him.”

Sure enough, it was only a minute or two later when there came another knock at the back door. When Dr. Hirano opened it, Vanessa was talking with Balthazar, who had brought his golden retriever, Midas, along on a leash.

“…just remember what we talked about,” she was saying, “and everything should work out.”

“Thanks, Vanessa,” the boy replied. Then he looked up at their hostess. “Hi, Dr. Hirano!”

“Hello, Balthazar, Vanessa,” the woman said. “Come in.”

By this time, Jenny had finished setting up, and most of the other participants had unrolled their yoga mats on the living room floor. So Vanessa and Balthazar quickly found the spots saved for them by Monty and Melanie, respectively, and unrolled their own mats.

Jenny took her place in front of the living room’s bay window, whose heavy velvet curtains were closed. Kneeling on her yoga mat, she placed the incense stand behind her and lit a stick of incense with a wooden match. Then she turned to face the group.

“Welcome, everyone,” she said. “Let’s go through our warmup stretches.”

This was part of the group’s ritual, and it served a few different purposes. It gave everyone something to do while the incense took effect, and it enabled them to call their sessions “yoga classes” without being completely untruthful. And, just as importantly, it limbered up all the participants for the exertions to come.

“It smells funny in here,” little Sally declared as everyone lunged forward in the warrior pose.

“It’s just incense, sweetie,” Monty replied. “Just take some nice deep breaths, and pretty soon, you’ll like the smell.”

As usual, Jenny led everyone through the Sun Salutation three times, then had the participants pair up for partner stretches. She put Pedro and Sally together, as they were of somewhat similar size, and she coached the two young newbies through the stretches. Jenny had stretched at home before coming to the Hiranos’ house, so she was able to focus entirely on the other participants.

For the initial stretch, half of the participants sat on the floor with their legs apart, stretching forward while their partners assisted them by pushing on their backs or shoulders from behind. Jenny liked watching everyone do the partner stretches, as it gave her a foretaste of how the participants would behave later when the incense took full effect.

“C’mon, Gretchen,” Adyson said, pushing the grunting, gasping girl farther down into her stretch than was comfortable. “You know how this works. It’s pain now, or pain later.” Leering, she added, “You’re gonna need to be good and flexible today.”

Balthazar was partnered with Melanie as usual. Being smaller than she, the boy didn’t use his hands to push her down in her stretch but rather leaned his whole front against her back so as to push with the weight of his whole upper body. Jenny noticed that as Balthazar did this, his crotch ground against his sitting partner’s ass, and the smile that Melanie was sporting despite the discomfort of the stretch suggested that she was well aware of it.

“Ah…” Vanessa half grunted, half moaned as Monty pushed her down. “Yeah…just like that…”

“Harder…” Stacy gasped to Coltrane, whose broad hands pressed gently down on her back. “Really open me up…”

“Oh, I’m definitely gonna open you up,” Coltrane replied, pushing down harder.

Dr. Hirano, gently pushing on Roger Doofenshmirtz’s back, said, “That’s it. You’ll want to be good and warmed up; this ‘class’ can be surprisingly strenuous.”

“I can only imagine,” Roger replied with a hint of eagerness.

Jenny turned back to Pedro and Sally. Pedro was helping Sally stretch, but as he did so, his hands moved around unnecessarily on the young girl’s back.

He’s exploring her, Jenny thought. Yes, he’s going to like this class.

Jenny had the partners switch places. Now, she was feeling decidedly randy herself, so she turned around and snuffed out the incense stick. The smoky vapors already hanging in the air would be enough to get everyone in the room into the right mood.

As she might have expected, Jenny noticed that the new members of the group seemed particularly affected by the incense. Roger and Pedro now sported erections that were clearly visible through their exercise pants, and little Sally had a glazed look in her eye as she pressed her front against Pedro’s back and, perhaps subconsciously, rubbed her body against the boy’s.

When everyone had done the forward stretch, Jenny led the group through a couple more partner stretches. She combined these with a deep-breathing exercise, both to help everyone relax and to make sure they all took plenty of incense smoke into their lungs.

Once these exercises were complete, Jenny glanced around the room, and it was clear to her that all of the participants were well and truly aroused. Not only did everyone have a flush on their face and neck that could not be attributed to exercise alone, but every male in the room now had a clearly defined bulge in his pants—a sight that nearly made Jenny salivate. And then there was Dr. Hirano, whose thick nipples protruded quite visibly through her blue yoga tank top and bra. Likewise, Vanessa’s black aerobics top, stretched over her small breasts, neatly showed off the hardening nubs on their surface. And a patch of dampness had begun to form in the crotch of Melanie’s plain gray sweatshorts.

“All right, everyone,” Jenny said. “We can go ahead with our free activities now.”

“Free activities” was perhaps the euphemism of the century, but all of the initiated knew what it meant.

Monty came over to Sally, took her hand, and led her over to his and Vanessa’s spot on the floor. Vanessa’s eyes, although hazy with her growing lust, blinked at the sight of the little redhead.

“Sally,” Monty said, “this is my girlfriend, Vanessa.”

Sally pointed at Vanessa and said, “I know you! You’re that mean girl who took my Mary McGuffin doll!”

Monty’s eyes widened. “What is she talking about?”

“I’ll explain later,” Vanessa replied before turning back to Sally.

“Yes, I took your doll,” the teen said. “But now I’m going to make it up to you.”

The girl’s pupils were dilated from the incense as she looked at Vanessa. “H- how?”

“Come sit on my lap,” Vanessa replied, “and I’ll show you.”

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